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THE FUT BIRTHDAY PART BAG SBC CAME IN BIIIIIIIG!!!! Fifa 20 Pack And Play goes off!!! #Fifa20 #PackAndPlay #FUTBirthday
Lockdown Edition Playlist -
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Runtime: 27:19


Charlie Britton
Charlie Britton - 2 måneder siden
Shut up b a f
turu memer
turu memer - 2 måneder siden
9.56 any 1 noticed James controller is turned off
Sharron Roberts
Sharron Roberts - 2 måneder siden
My man says futmas and not foot bday
TheGaming CAT
TheGaming CAT - 3 måneder siden
No one is gonna mention that James said futmas instead of fut birthday and Andy didn’t realize
Fletcher Falvey
Fletcher Falvey - 3 måneder siden
Ben mee over
manolist190 - 4 måneder siden
you ruined that greek name
100 subs with no vids Challenge
100 subs with no vids Challenge - 4 måneder siden
Fgs Yuri berichiche has a totsff
Carter Waissen
Carter Waissen - 4 måneder siden
Andy is stinky Andy is stinky
FaZe Cumshot
FaZe Cumshot - 4 måneder siden
9:07 bend me😂
Julius p
Julius p - 5 måneder siden
You trash I'm not a member
SKFC - 6 måneder siden
Out of everyone james deserves the pack luck
Joshua Humphries
Joshua Humphries - 6 måneder siden
Isn't it pack upgrade play
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown - 7 måneder siden
MaxBOY Highlights
MaxBOY Highlights - 7 måneder siden
Main Account
Main Account - 7 måneder siden
I think James would win in a fight against Andros.
Daniel Knafel
Daniel Knafel - 7 måneder siden
Andy, here's an idea for you:
Each of you opens 5 packs and chooses 3 players from each, to make a squad for himself.
1v1, not full-chemistry mode, the loser discards his squad!
Linda Barber
Linda Barber - 7 måneder siden
Why are you not linking to James' channel?
Josip Lipovac
Josip Lipovac - 7 måneder siden
No one:
Andy:"Oh yes Ben(d) Mee" xD
Big Boi
Big Boi - 7 måneder siden
Andy this is very important that you look at this comment: jack and Oakley are planning something as a prank against you in jacks latest video so just keep ur guard up and watch his video so u can know what is happening
Peter Scofield
Peter Scofield - 7 måneder siden
The fact James didn’t use torreira uel upset me
tom vye
tom vye - 7 måneder siden
Pro clubs tournament?
Bot Botty
Bot Botty - 7 måneder siden
Pls do pro clubs
Jack Mathieson
Jack Mathieson - 7 måneder siden
Yes Pro clubs team please
Trigger **
Trigger ** - 7 måneder siden
Imagine getting excited over a player with 70 finishing
thegtplayers 2
thegtplayers 2 - 7 måneder siden
stop hating on the saudi league
Kieran Handford
Kieran Handford - 7 måneder siden
Ben Mee is just quality in game and real life
Jonas Crabber
Jonas Crabber - 7 måneder siden
What's James's channel called
mstluo - 7 måneder siden
Jonas Crabber itsjames
Nathan James MCCARTHY
Nathan James MCCARTHY - 7 måneder siden
Why every video that James is in he’s sucking off andy and breaking down crying every joke
Daniel Fenton
Daniel Fenton - 7 måneder siden
this is better then squad builder showdown
Gabriel Nedu
Gabriel Nedu - 7 måneder siden
Andys impression of the comments better than James' coin situation 😂
Jack Harding
Jack Harding - 7 måneder siden
RIP headphone users at 9:47
Jakob Bryce
Jakob Bryce - 7 måneder siden
No one else gonna pick up on the fact he said futmas not fit birthday?
Ronnie Mulv
Ronnie Mulv - 7 måneder siden
This isn’t squad builder showdown lockdown!
Klas - 7 måneder siden
i got Cancelo out of my Party bag... two of my friends got Limbombe lol
Infernal Turk
Infernal Turk - 7 måneder siden
thank you to its james for your great service and all u do
Abdulrahman Altaher
Abdulrahman Altaher - 7 måneder siden
Andy: now everyone is going to think that I’m stupid
Viewers: We don’t think you are stupid you are stupid
James Turner
James Turner - 7 måneder siden
23:09 Coolest save ever
George Fryer
George Fryer - 7 måneder siden
you should do a search and discard with your best players
El Gordo
El Gordo - 7 måneder siden
Why does James sound like Elmo when he laughs
jordon Bennett
jordon Bennett - 7 måneder siden
i think andy should make other videos away from fifa even though i love the content just something to shake things up maybe do a q&a or something like that
jack preston
jack preston - 7 måneder siden
I packed 98 pele yesterday, mate couldn't breatheeee
K9R - 7 måneder siden
Andy: how is your team looking?
James: It looks real bad then you have got TOTW Moments Guaita Futmas Sissoko and futmas Douglas Costa
Andy: ignores the fact that James said futmas instead of fut birthday
Alex Fields
Alex Fields - 7 måneder siden
It's futmas birthday lads not futmas
Robin den Boer
Robin den Boer - 7 måneder siden
To be fair, if it was racism, there are worse things to be called than a doctor
Noah Burrill
Noah Burrill - 7 måneder siden
I died when andy said he killed him when daniel james got knocked over😂😂
JNBST2hg - 7 måneder siden
Nah I pray you do pro clubs cos it is massively underappreciated
Finlay.Dxdd12 - 7 måneder siden
17:00 what’s up with the pack or is it just me
JMcC McC - 7 måneder siden
Sissoko is team one too
DeTommo - 7 måneder siden
Do an SBSD on this channel, and their series on the guests channel
Alex King
Alex King - 7 måneder siden
Maybe a SBSD cup, less pressure on you to make daily videos and more content for all of us to enjoy
Paddy Malone
Paddy Malone - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for the great content Andy this video made me laugh so much🤣
Conor O'Donnell
Conor O'Donnell - 7 måneder siden
Start a pro clubs team with people you do sbs with
Ekenoaken - 7 måneder siden
Andy couldn't you make a wheel of games so everyday you spin that with a guest to see if your playing sbsd or something else like pack and play?
Christopher Solvig
Christopher Solvig - 7 måneder siden
next time play zagadou, mukiele and schwolow
Luc 2002
Luc 2002 - 7 måneder siden
I don’t believe what your saying Andy!!! Sbsd never gets stale
Alexander Foreman
Alexander Foreman - 7 måneder siden
This isn’t squad building showdown lockdown
PeNg Destiny
PeNg Destiny - 7 måneder siden
Keep it up I love these and sbsd
Bryce Womelsdorf
Bryce Womelsdorf - 7 måneder siden
I love your vids Andy
9867Rafraf Chowdhury B
9867Rafraf Chowdhury B - 7 måneder siden
Do draft challenge
Bryan - 7 måneder siden
The way James laughs kills me man 🤣
Ashton Dixon
Ashton Dixon - 7 måneder siden
I would really enjoy if Andy would switch back and forth from sbsd to pack and play because it would definitely make it less stale👍
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan - 7 måneder siden
Wheres the lockdown sbc
176372 - 7 måneder siden
Well done my 2 favorite fifa youtubers. Start a fucken podcast. if you have already good job.
Mohammad Larib
Mohammad Larib - 7 måneder siden
This isn't squad builder showdown
Lucian - 7 måneder siden
Pick 'n Pay
Grayson Brooks
Grayson Brooks - 7 måneder siden
A pro clubs series with you, James, Jack and someone else would be so good
Alexander Colreavy
Alexander Colreavy - 7 måneder siden
Richarlison>Salah, Calvert lewin >Mane, Baines>Robertson, Pickford>Allison, Jagielka>Van dijk
XxMicah_DrumCoversxX - 7 måneder siden
i wonder if james gets any fan girls while he's working
XxMicah_DrumCoversxX - 7 måneder siden
bruh both hernandez bro's have FUT birthday xD
XxMicah_DrumCoversxX - 7 måneder siden
poor James sounded so sad during the intro
ISXO_GOD - 7 måneder siden
I really like James he’s so cool I subbed to him few months ago
Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler - 7 måneder siden
why did James call it FUTMAS
Michael R
Michael R - 7 måneder siden
In America people have been shot for shopping with doctor scrubs
jf c
jf c - 7 måneder siden
you are already so bad at playing fifa, pls do your position changes properly!!!!
BIG JOHN - 7 måneder siden
Should've called the bonus round the Itani
Ciaran Hill
Ciaran Hill - 7 måneder siden
Just cos he has 97 strength doesn't mean he can't get tackled you tit
Brvdders - 7 måneder siden
Is it just me or does James’ laugh make you laugh aswell I love it 😂
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 7 måneder siden
tHiS ISn'T SqUAd BUIldEr LoCKDoWn EdItIOn!!!
John Forrest
John Forrest - 7 måneder siden
Squad builder showdown ?
Korilla - 7 måneder siden
My favourite channel guest of all time
kevin mejia
kevin mejia - 7 måneder siden
James always forgets to record
jack Chisholm
jack Chisholm - 7 måneder siden
Best youtuber there is both of you
Christopher Skawiniak
Christopher Skawiniak - 7 måneder siden
Could you please continue squad builder showdown lockdown edition 🥺🥺🥺
Keith Wan
Keith Wan - 7 måneder siden
We want SBSD!!!!
Sqeo - 7 måneder siden
12:10 futmas btw
Ewan Porter
Ewan Porter - 7 måneder siden
i got areola from that
Hessan, Lery and Bahales Vlogz, Gamez and Prankz
UP THE TDL - 7 måneder siden
FWM Fifa
FWM Fifa - 7 måneder siden
Do sbsd with canisports
Leon Gent
Leon Gent - 7 måneder siden
Who else wants to get corona so they get to meet James 😂
Skriv シ
Skriv シ - 7 måneder siden
Loved this idea!!! Great Job Andy!!!
Hamzy9320 - 7 måneder siden
Andy if an Everton player gets a storyline card, will you start playing fifa 😂
Faris_981 - 3 måneder siden
This aged well lol
Seb Jackson
Seb Jackson - 7 måneder siden
Who else looked at the clock waiting for it to change. LOL
Tadgh Phelan
Tadgh Phelan - 7 måneder siden
Was that last pack called the “Itani pack”
Keanan Burns
Keanan Burns - 7 måneder siden
Do a career mode
Zelo 15
Zelo 15 - 7 måneder siden
Really love the videos Andy! Need to do one of these pack and play with Itani and Harry (w2s)
Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis - 7 måneder siden
No one:
Literally no one:
Ollie Hambling
Ollie Hambling - 7 måneder siden
12:11 Fut Birthday Sissoko and Douglas Costa not Futmas😂
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham - 7 måneder siden
Keep up the good work, making everything better
Luke Man Utd _
Luke Man Utd _ - 7 måneder siden
These pnp between these two are never what they say they are coz one of them always fucks it up and it pisses me off “oh we will just both have sissoko”