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THE LOSER DISCARDS PLAYERS FROM THEIR DRAFT!?!!? Sorry... Who's idea was this!?! Fifa 20 Top Swaps Draft #Fifa20 #Draft #TopSwaps
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Runtime: 29:27


Alan V
Alan V - 2 måneder siden
Lol I love the reactions
Dublin Brown
Dublin Brown - 4 måneder siden
Andy... James... you should have to call the reverse before saying the stat because then it’s harder to win. If you call the reverse after you call the stat that’s an automatic win. That makes it boring. Call the reverse before the stat is called
Callum Greenwood
Callum Greenwood - 4 måneder siden
The terrible audio reminds me how far andy has come as a YouTube
Joe OVENS - 5 måneder siden
You should add a power up called skip where you get to pick one player even if they are good
Ayrton Bet-Mansour
Ayrton Bet-Mansour - 5 måneder siden
Fekir at RB
Ayrton Bet-Mansour
Ayrton Bet-Mansour - 5 måneder siden
Felipe,at rb
Lav Kapoor
Lav Kapoor - 5 måneder siden
Chinese man common go back to China don’t bring your chinavirus
Boyko Videnov
Boyko Videnov - 5 måneder siden
That ricegum laugh.
He even looks like him.
Catici Pete
Catici Pete - 5 måneder siden
Do a prank on someone instead on draft swaps M8
Nik Jošt
Nik Jošt - 5 måneder siden
Wait andy was complaining about the fact that the discard is from the draft after he made that suggestion at the start of the series? 😂
NathanYT - 5 måneder siden
In this series you should have to go with the same position like attacker, midfielder, defender or GK, then the stats will be more comparable
Ethans A BitAsian
Ethans A BitAsian - 6 måneder siden
George Crayton
George Crayton - 6 måneder siden
The audio wasn't that bad just had to turn it up
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson - 6 måneder siden
I think what would be a cool rule is the discards are based on how much you lose by but in brackets of points 1-2 points 1 discard and a range of them like that so you get like 5 for a crazy game so it represents well still
official gamer
official gamer - 6 måneder siden
Draft king
KiiNGZZ96 - 6 måneder siden
First time watching this series, really fun!
PiaNose - 6 måneder siden
Andy if you want to get better get good
Patrick Fawlk
Patrick Fawlk - 6 måneder siden
has he never played the fifa 15 search and discard? no gameplay no squad builder just pure discards
Iorgo Pamblica
Iorgo Pamblica - 6 måneder siden
Hey andy can you do a sbsd on the new tots martinez from the mls
Michael 1
Michael 1 - 6 måneder siden
6:07 police at the door
The twisted banana skid
The twisted banana skid - 6 måneder siden
What about search and discard?
Manjul Prasad Joshi
Manjul Prasad Joshi - 6 måneder siden
What the hell is this!!!
FRIXIO - 6 måneder siden
Oh my god Andy why on earth did you take alba over puyol who would’ve linked with both sarabia and Ramos and given you way much more chem my head still hurts
Matthew Heap
Matthew Heap - 6 måneder siden
Nice to see James not on dial up
Patrick McClung
Patrick McClung - 6 måneder siden
Was it just me or did andy actually curse in the video
javier atteen
javier atteen - 6 måneder siden
Make the cap 5 then it is more fun, or you can have a cap of 3 for chem and whatever for rating
KingMatthew1882 - 6 måneder siden
Hi ItsAndy love the vids
Adam Doria
Adam Doria - 6 måneder siden
Eminem is the best Ffhhh
Eminem is the best Ffhhh - 6 måneder siden
Hi Andy could you please do sbsd with pieface
Thumbs up if you wanna see sbsd with pieface
Javier cruz
Javier cruz - 6 måneder siden
Raise the cap it would make it more fun
Skinny Boy Joe
Skinny Boy Joe - 6 måneder siden
26:18 when Andy was moaning I low key thought that was my stomach growling
1k Subscibers With No Videos
1k Subscibers With No Videos - 6 måneder siden
New celebration in fifa. Jay Cartwright on the motorbike Nyum nyum nyum
Lewis Chapman
Lewis Chapman - 6 måneder siden
New SBSD rule/life line - If you have a pick that is very obvious or you just really want in your team you can automatically have them but your opponent will start a goal up!
Gavin Wade
Gavin Wade - 6 måneder siden
James' screen is too zoomed in
Raz Fxntz
Raz Fxntz - 6 måneder siden
What was the fusion thing by cap gun Tom ?😂
Alfie Shorland
Alfie Shorland - 6 måneder siden
Puyol would have strong linked ramos and sarabia
Joshua Treglown
Joshua Treglown - 6 måneder siden
Why did he not pick puyol so dumb
camolambo X
camolambo X - 6 måneder siden
You can troll the poop out of someone in this series
mo al
mo al - 6 måneder siden
Absolutely boring. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Christian Milligan
Christian Milligan - 6 måneder siden
Can someone please explain the rules
nuclear tripod
nuclear tripod - 6 måneder siden
Kinda boring when andy just picks players that are cheap so he doesn’t care if he discards them
Christian Milligan
Christian Milligan - 6 måneder siden
This actually is a cool idea it's like a mix of rock paper stat and the discards of sbsd
dzlfc - 6 måneder siden
*james did not like this*
Machio - 6 måneder siden
This series makes no sense
BOMBITUS SKITE - 6 måneder siden
I need an explanation of this game can someone help me
Railey Cooks
Railey Cooks - 6 måneder siden
Second to last reserve was sissoko wasnt it?
Riley Patten
Riley Patten - 6 måneder siden
You know they should make the discards the difference between the two ratings
IncontrolgamingHD - 6 måneder siden
That was such a strange transition to the better mic 😂
Caelin Carter
Caelin Carter - 6 måneder siden
Andy would have a god squad if the game was about picking james' best player
Robin den Boer
Robin den Boer - 6 måneder siden
Maybe it would be good to make it that you have to discard any special card of the player. Reduces the chance of absolutely ruining someone's account if you had to discard baby Socrates rather than prime moments or something
Alexander H
Alexander H - 6 måneder siden
When is that q&a??
Ruben - 6 måneder siden
Reverse doesn’t work because you can just use it when someone says defending to get a guaranteed win kinda dumb
Melvin Krusberg
Melvin Krusberg - 6 måneder siden
Good mic counter 😂😂😂🍾
Skriv シ
Skriv シ - 6 måneder siden
I’m just waiting for the day someone packs ronaldo from the upgrade pack
John Macmillan
John Macmillan - 6 måneder siden
You should make it a cap of 3 and then for every ten ratings worse than that is another discard just to stop people tanking
4M Nuqman Faqeeh Umair bin Shahril Nizam
I swear james laugh can cure cancer
Tom Osborne
Tom Osborne - 6 måneder siden
How does James not have more subs than oakley he doesn’t same ladies and gentlemen dude bro mate every second
Hasta La Vista
Hasta La Vista - 6 måneder siden
OH GOD, I just realised I am subbed to the cheat itani, but not james!
Patrick Beniah
Patrick Beniah - 6 måneder siden
tbh the reverse rule is just stupid. It basically the same as you can not have your player. Nice series btw
Numnumy - 6 måneder siden
I feel like you should be able to protect a player in the discards in exchange for an extra pick
Troy Sander
Troy Sander - 6 måneder siden
Andy could have taken Puyol and got 100 chem double strong link to ramos and sarabia
coblan - 6 måneder siden
what is the annoying screen effect he has
John 378378
John 378378 - 6 måneder siden
danielacti - 6 måneder siden
Why did Andy want to lose a round? Surely he doesn't have to choose the highest rated card even if he wins
Rikhil Majithia
Rikhil Majithia - 6 måneder siden
andy please sort out your coloured paper in the background lmaoo
llEasyyy - 6 måneder siden
Andy picked players that gave him chem?🤷‍♂️
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - 6 måneder siden
The rule should change where if you lose the opponent gets to select from 1-5 out of your draft cards so the other person won’t keep picking the lowest rated ones and it’ll be more fun to watch!
SamNez - 6 måneder siden
"THE MOST RIDICULOUS SERIES EVER INVENTED!!!" has Andy forgotten Fifa roulette?
Liam Is smart
Liam Is smart - 6 måneder siden
Andy you need to get Brooksy HD on a SBSD
Tf77 1802
Tf77 1802 - 6 måneder siden
27:20 is it just me or was that sissoko??
Pete Sabbus
Pete Sabbus - 6 måneder siden
YES, I HAD SOME SHITTY THAUTHS RN AND NEEDED A FUCKING FUN VIDEO. Thank you and i am thinking maybe it would be better to stop living rn so i NEED THIS. thank you love this shit
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker - 6 måneder siden
the cap is too low in my opinion, at least make it 5
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming - 6 måneder siden
ill definitely come back for some of your fututre uploads ❤️
Glegs - 6 måneder siden
Think the cap should be 5 tbh. Love the video
Thetruth - 6 måneder siden
The reverse rule should definitely only be used by the one chosing the stat
HumFifa - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for inspiring me to create my own channel Andy
Elis Williams
Elis Williams - 6 måneder siden
I’m sorry but top swaps is so dead, I clicked for Andy
Ledge - 6 måneder siden
The double mind game when you reverse and you're about to blow it but pick the 1 card with more stats and win it anyway
CrazyPanda - 6 måneder siden
btw we like that microphone better
Yeet468 - 6 måneder siden
27:50 James laggin out
Ali Mt
Ali Mt - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else more entertained by the good mic timer at the start then the actual vid?
Ann Greene
Ann Greene - 6 måneder siden
No one literally no one
Andy : Yessssss I can’t have inform ronaldo
espben360 - 6 måneder siden
I dont why but at 5:00 for a good minute or 2, I thought that was future you doing a voiceover!!! 😂😂
Tommy Hurst
Tommy Hurst - 6 måneder siden
don't even play Fifa, love your vids, sick
mnt alan
mnt alan - 6 måneder siden
Y did u pick jordi alba
Harvey Williams
Harvey Williams - 6 måneder siden
Get birdie on SBSD
Oliver BIckel
Oliver BIckel - 6 måneder siden
Day 2 of asking Andy to do a sbs with CaniSports
T - 6 måneder siden
Personally just not a fan of this series, wont be watching anymore but that’s just me
TheMoneyTeamAngel - 6 måneder siden
I’m not liking this series but I’m the type to not like any that don’t have gameplay
Arjun Radia
Arjun Radia - 6 måneder siden
Does anyone else still not understand the rules
ThePapajane - 6 måneder siden
U know what, I'd quite like to see Brooksy on SBSD!
Sudsy - 6 måneder siden
Puyol wouldve gave you full chem at RB ._.
Brendan Maree
Brendan Maree - 6 måneder siden
It would be a good idea if you could match in the same game and play the game and then how many goals you win/lose by is how many discards you get. (Like so Andy can see this!)
Jack Woods
Jack Woods - 6 måneder siden
19:05 There is Raheem Sterling and you pick *KYLE WALKER* ,disgraceful behaviour Andy
Ian Nadeau
Ian Nadeau - 6 måneder siden
Andy is awful at picking, he always picks James’ best cards 🤣
spaghett1 123 with 0bama
spaghett1 123 with 0bama - 6 måneder siden
if he took puyol he would have 2 green links
Daniel Moura de Andrade
Daniel Moura de Andrade - 6 måneder siden
This series Is stupid
The rules don't make sense
Shane Dempsey
Shane Dempsey - 6 måneder siden
This is enjoyable
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown - 6 måneder siden
James you cheated on your reverse... If he picked Isco you would have lost.
Ayman Sarwar
Ayman Sarwar - 6 måneder siden
Get harry on an sbsd ffs