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PUTTING IT ALL ON THE LINE FOR THE FINAL SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN OF FIFA 20!!! We take on new Fnatic PRO PLAYER Harry "NotHashtagHarry" Hesketh #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Pro
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Runtime: 46:12


my nan
my nan - 2 dager siden
Brokke beats Btw
Brokke beats Btw - 2 dager siden
17:13 emil Forsberg
Bailey Cooper
Bailey Cooper - 8 dager siden
Trent isn’t good defensive oh wow just stop 😅😂
Mikhail Aliyan
Mikhail Aliyan - 15 dager siden
NVasquezHazim - 22 dager siden
from the future and calvi lewis got a player of the month fifa 21
5pin or Spinxddd
5pin or Spinxddd - 26 dager siden
Chatting on arsenal but has Everton won a trophy 😂😂
KARIM SHUBAIR - 27 dager siden
It says pim not prime
harvey mack 123
harvey mack 123 - Måned siden
Harry talk for too long ..........anyone agree
super owen
super owen - Måned siden
for a second i thought that andy had misspelled prime
Tanya Baldwin
Tanya Baldwin - Måned siden
8:21 TOTY Neymar????????
Luke John123
Luke John123 - Måned siden
Aj3: guesses one right
Harry: send me a picture
Stayniel Herbayn
Stayniel Herbayn - Måned siden
Imagine being an Everton fan and sayin the arsenal invincibles aren’t top 5 prem teams
supreme xd
supreme xd - Måned siden
Liverpool good team Best team
MR ATV Vlog - Måned siden
No way Harry predicted Calver Lewin will get a POTM!
黄先生 - Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I say Neuer is better than Alisson.
Martin Donnelly
Martin Donnelly - Måned siden
Hi Andy hi Harry I'm not a arsenal
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
I legit had an epilepsy attacks from the futmob thing
MARIO SANDU FC - Måned siden
7 2
tiger guardian
tiger guardian - Måned siden
Neuer is actually is the best keeper in the world after besides lev Yasin because he is the only keeper after lev yashin who nominated for Ballon d'or
Hoeseph - Måned siden
£5 for this shit
Zeyad Ibrahim
Zeyad Ibrahim - Måned siden
Liverpool 7
Stewart Moore
Stewart Moore - Måned siden
With the magical 40 point mark for survival, you can go invincible and get relegated. No1 would celebrate that
The Commentator
The Commentator - Måned siden
Andy wants someone silver or gold when the opposition can't find a fitting card but he forces the opposition to put the bronze one in no matter what happens...
Jayzha - Måned siden
could you play a horror game on your second channel that would be funny?
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce - Måned siden
You think Everton are hard done by look at Rangers ratings and the run we had in Europe to get the disgraceful ratings we have now.
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
@Andrew Boyce not even prem teams have all gold teams though
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce - Måned siden
We should have an all gold team at least look at the ratings we have two gold players.
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
@Andrew Boyce but like I said a team outside the top 5 isnt gonna have 80+ players, if teams in the top 5 only have a few, also it's not like anyone uses the cards from the Scottish league anyways as there are no standouts or linkable players on fifa,
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce - Måned siden
Honestly dude that just isn't true our best player last year was Alfredo Morelos and in the europa league he was top scorer until the lockdown. On top of that nearly everyone was given a downgrade despite the fact we reached the semi finals in Europe.
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
Theres a reason for that though, obviously everton are a premier league club and rangers arent even top 5 leagues so they wont have high rated players, and your best player was prolly kent who was on loan from liverpool
- HD
- HD - Måned siden
You two are so biased and embarrassing especially considering Everton finish like 13th every season
Alex Fielding
Alex Fielding - Måned siden
James Rodrigues' physicals drag his rating down, if they were all base 75 then he would be around the 85 mark.
Sam Robert
Sam Robert - Måned siden
Kimmich>TAA and Neuer>Alisson
Bryn Lambe
Bryn Lambe - Måned siden
The pass for the final goal was offside 40:41
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
Its inside put it on 0.25 speed and you can see
Uh Aphex
Uh Aphex - Måned siden
Their knowledge on football is awful
Craig Tunstall
Craig Tunstall - Måned siden
Anyone else remember whe Andy uploaded more than once a month!
Jay Allen 17
Jay Allen 17 - Måned siden
NGL, I agree a little with the arsenal thing, even as an arsenal fan, 12 draws was a bit too much to be considered a dominating performance.
jamie Parks
jamie Parks - Måned siden
Wheres carrear
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis - Måned siden
Should've given him Gianfranco Zola at RCB
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis - Måned siden
Why does everyone call him " Endombele" rather than "Ndombele". It's the same as "Embappe", it starts with "N". You don't say "Enick", you say "Nick" I don't see the difference.
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
Also if you say the letter M and N you say E before it 😂😂
Dfrus - Måned siden
Whats really funny is how Andy thinks we care about what kit he's wearing like we don't give a shit
FPL FIECO - Måned siden
Wear the blue LIVERPOOL kit
Wilhelm I
Wilhelm I - Måned siden
Neuer probably had the biggest impact ever on a team. He won Bayern the Champions league and both Supercups.
CreativeCity - Måned siden
Knew he was going to pick both Rb and Lb
Neil Harte
Neil Harte - Måned siden
I feel so bad that your an Everton fan 😂
Jonpaul Colangelo
Jonpaul Colangelo - Måned siden
Lad it’s not aalf time it’s half time
Damien Burke
Damien Burke - Måned siden
Ye probaly already know but the rating is based on last season(he barely played last season)
Zyphon Plays
Zyphon Plays - Måned siden
It isnt based of last season, cr7 and messi had worse season than lewan, and lewan is lower...
nick meredith
nick meredith - Måned siden
Harry said Toty nemar looool
Kieran Owen
Kieran Owen - Måned siden
Invincible haters inject it🤣🤣🤣💉💉💉💉
LASAGNA DIARRA - Måned siden
Dunno if I want to watch this channel now after they said that the invincibles aren't in the top 5 ever. They never lost in the league when they had to play one of the best united teams ever. Disrespect at it's highest
Odhran Hinds
Odhran Hinds - Måned siden
Police: you were going 100mph
Harry: send a picture
Three Plus One
Three Plus One - Måned siden
You need to do the Luis Suarez transfer to afletico midrid squad bulider show down
michael smith
michael smith - Måned siden
Something to note to arsenal fans you scraped a draw against Portsmouth and had to cheat to win a penalty, deserved to lose that game which negates the "unbeatable" status imo. Wouldnt have gone unbeaten with VAR in place
FJG _ - Måned siden
“We won’t lose” minutes later, “it’s about points not having less losses” 🥴
Conor Hughes
Conor Hughes - Måned siden
You can go invincible and get relegated!!
Chris Graham
Chris Graham - Måned siden
Isnt great defensively 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 let’s stop this now
Elite Beddz
Elite Beddz - Måned siden
@aj3 dcl
ErZr88 - Måned siden
you should change the rules. If you guess someone it gets replaced but if the bronze/gk gets discarded then the initial player has to go away. Then it would be MUUUUUCH more interesting in the discards even if someone plays with bronzes and they will be interested in building a good rest of the squad anyway.
Bony The G.O.A.T
Bony The G.O.A.T - Måned siden
I think Harry is strong because i’m a Arsenal fan
CallMeNyx YT
CallMeNyx YT - Måned siden
Mate the invincibles are the second or third best prem team of all time
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren - Måned siden
Burn the Liverpool shirt after you do SBSD
Linx 94
Linx 94 - Måned siden
I’m sorry but these 2 are stupid Everton fans
Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman - Måned siden
The Everton fans act like Henry wouldn't destroy their team
Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond - Måned siden
I’m still waiting for another team to go invincible...
David Thompson
David Thompson - Måned siden
37:42 .. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tactics for every Manchester United game.. - Måned siden
haven’t heard this much waffle in my life...
Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson - Måned siden
How can you win the Xbox
Notorious MiGZ
Notorious MiGZ - Måned siden
Arsenal Invincibles > Liverpool last season.
Khaotic Magic
Khaotic Magic - Måned siden
Arsenal have never won a major trophy, they are a mid league club at very best
Sjoerd Prins
Sjoerd Prins - Måned siden
The oldest pro player, Kazuyoshi Miura, is 53 years old and will be in FIFA 21. Maybe an SBSD on him?
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Måned siden
Keep up the great work mate, see you next fifa
Stefan Hobson
Stefan Hobson - Måned siden
Bitter blues😂
Daniel Molton
Daniel Molton - Måned siden
You guys do realise Bayern lost 4-1. “No one ever scores against Neuer comment aged well;)
Abid Miah
Abid Miah - Måned siden
I’m an arsenal fan and I disagree with Harry
So I guess I’ll leave a like
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
I would like a ps4
SynSquash - Måned siden
Dissappointed with no Harry Sibide meme
Brandon Hinks
Brandon Hinks - Måned siden
No wonder you guys support Everton. You know absolutely nothing 😂
Samuel Barnes
Samuel Barnes - Måned siden
Disliked the video for the arsenal comments (Chelsea fan) THEY DIDNT LOSE HHAAH
ArsenalClips HD
ArsenalClips HD - Måned siden
Crusty ass Everton fans
Mustafa Gaffer
Mustafa Gaffer - Måned siden
Dear Aj3, Everton hate liverpool but liverpool don’t hate you they have historical rivals like united and they have city nowadays
Mustafa Gaffer
Mustafa Gaffer - Måned siden
It should have totw calvert lewin in fifa 20
JTMGames - Måned siden
Did you know your last name in Welsh means castle
Harry Lev
Harry Lev - Måned siden
the mighty boro beat the “invincibles” love harry’s knowledge on that one. UTB
Connor R
Connor R - Måned siden
At first I thought you had to wear the Liverpool kit on fifa like in game but then I realised you have to wear it yourself, brilliant!😂
Jude Hill
Jude Hill - Måned siden
doesnt james have like 50 pace lol cos fifa is blind
AS1an Jaguar
AS1an Jaguar - Måned siden
invincible would smoke anyone u guysss clearly are just fifa content creators and dont know anything on real football still like you Andy big fa loving the content
Ryan Bayes
Ryan Bayes - Måned siden
I could find a Swedish player to link to him. Forseburg am I a joke to u
Kavitha Manigandan
Kavitha Manigandan - Måned siden
he guessed Neymar twice
Ellis Baker
Ellis Baker - Måned siden
Andy u forgot the sidibe clip of Harry 😭😭😭
Harry Castle
Harry Castle - Måned siden
Everton fans talking Smack about other teams winning the league, when evertons best achievement is finishing top 10
Harry Edmonds
Harry Edmonds - Måned siden
Forgot to put R in prime
Max Moor
Max Moor - Måned siden
Stick to YouTube Harry 😂
Sultan AlHarthi
Sultan AlHarthi - Måned siden
Harry had kante at RCB, he switched the position with the bronze
KayyTheGamer - Måned siden
I can’t believe Harry said a team who went a whole season unbeaten in the prem isn’t top 5 all time teams in the prem. I’m an Arsenal fan but I’m also honest and the only team I’d say could compete with that squad was the treble winning utd squad. Chelsea 05 were insane to. Liverpool are a fantastic side and I give them full credit for their achievements but every other top team has been awful in a lot of areas and that’s what makes Liverpool stand out above any other team right now.
Sultan AlHarthi
Sultan AlHarthi - Måned siden
Harry had kante at RCB, he switched the position with the bronze
Loki Din
Loki Din - Måned siden
In case what happend with Maldini should Andy just give the player and just need to sub him off to the bad player for example maldini will start but corbo will be subbed on like so he can see
MzpandaGaming - Måned siden
Andy: I couldn’t find a Swedish player from the bundesliga
Abdul - Måned siden
united treble winners are the best prem team
ryan Lea
ryan Lea - Måned siden
To lighten the blow, you could wear the blue Liverpool kit? 🤷🏻😅
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - Måned siden
I'd say the top 5 teams in the prem of all time are Utd, Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool and city, you can't say arsenal shouldn't be top 5
tim cocquyt
tim cocquyt - Måned siden
Do a sbsd on the new everton midfield trio
Joe McMillan
Joe McMillan - Måned siden
Hate harry sorry just super cocky
Zak AK
Zak AK - Måned siden
Gaming and random videos
Gaming and random videos - Måned siden
I swear arsenal is the only club that went unbeatable and the only team with a golden Premier league trophy and 12 draws isn't that bad out of 36 games 🏆😂 people ho say 12 is bad are deluded
Sizzy Snow
Sizzy Snow - Måned siden
Andy couldn’t find a Swedish midfielder from the bundwsliga. Foresburg be like🥺