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A new take on an old school Fifa series! Fifa 20 PACK AND PLAY ON SHAPESHIFTERS KANTE!!! Fill you squad with players you pack and the loser has to discard... #Fifa20 #PackAndPlay #Kante
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Runtime: 25:39


Pryse Okojie
Pryse Okojie - 2 måneder siden
andy looks like andy robertson and sounds like him
Callum Thorpe
Callum Thorpe - 3 måneder siden
shockwavettv - 3 måneder siden
I just payed 8 mil for 99 rated st
He should be amazing right
Also that 99 rated st player: 21:25
Rileymc7lfc Fortnite
Rileymc7lfc Fortnite - 3 måneder siden
*comment section voice* AnDy MiSsEd FeRlAnD MeNdy
Ian Ross
Ian Ross - 4 måneder siden
Who saw Andy discard Phillip he could of had his 92
Thomas Jeckells
Thomas Jeckells - 4 måneder siden
Ian Ross how would he fit him in and plus he couldn’t have afforded him
Mateo Santos
Mateo Santos - 5 måneder siden
Best birthday gift
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry - 5 måneder siden
Hella late but Guilavogui and Dembele would’ve been better than Aranguiz and Da Costa
Kit crew 123
Kit crew 123 - 5 måneder siden
You forgot dembele
Connor_ Mcdonald
Connor_ Mcdonald - 5 måneder siden
Andy boss idk if u will see this because this vids 3 months but u and James best fifa you tubers out there rn so can u do more content together and 100% more regular pack and plays please mate
Shyam Ravalia
Shyam Ravalia - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else notice at 18:32 the players list comes up saying undefined for all players 🤣🤣
This is why i stopped playing
Fifa is Broken
Oliver McKimmie
Oliver McKimmie - 6 måneder siden
Player pick pack and play
PiaNose - 6 måneder siden
I wish he uploaded just a little bit more cuz he makes the best videos
hasmmaaab - 6 måneder siden
Andy- Work
hasmmaaab - 6 måneder siden
QUESTION OF THE DAY: can Bürki play RW?
Aidan Soulby
Aidan Soulby - 6 måneder siden
Andy you should have put da Costa at RB and kalou at RW
Jason Issamdar
Jason Issamdar - 6 måneder siden
Man said ackee! 😂
Adam Jaballah
Adam Jaballah - 6 måneder siden
Y didn't Andy play dacosta and kalou at rw
Aidan Du Preez
Aidan Du Preez - 7 måneder siden
Corona their player ain’t bad
Aidan Du Preez
Aidan Du Preez - 7 måneder siden
Ross Barkley
Aidan Du Preez
Aidan Du Preez - 7 måneder siden
Mason mount future stars
Reece Prior
Reece Prior - 7 måneder siden
14 18 James packed Corona 😂😂🤣🤣
Swept - 8 måneder siden
Anyone getting annoyed seeing Andy get tah and not playing him with yer stegen
martin blecko
martin blecko - 8 måneder siden
Hello Peoples
Hello Peoples - 8 måneder siden
Why u didn’t play kalou ,honestly I don’t have a kalou
Daniel Dunleavy
Daniel Dunleavy - 8 måneder siden
Andy should’ve used Jorginho instead of ndombele
Gabriel_isaac_gaming Curry
Gabriel_isaac_gaming Curry - 8 måneder siden
Anyone know the kit Andy wears ?
Archie - 8 måneder siden
I love squad builder showdown. It's the BEST!!!:)
Archie - 8 måneder siden
Please your my favourite NOburnr
Archie - 8 måneder siden
Aj3 can you replie
Cillian Boyle
Cillian Boyle - 8 måneder siden
Mohammad Omar Chagani
Mohammad Omar Chagani - 8 måneder siden
I honestly love James' laugh 😂😂😂
Noah Williams
Noah Williams - 8 måneder siden
imagine playing fifa for a living and cant afford future stars tomori
Lucas Ozimec
Lucas Ozimec - 8 måneder siden
Fam his laugh 😂
Mark Jones
Mark Jones - 8 måneder siden
Should have out Jorginiho in at CM I stead of Ndombele and would got kante and pulisic full chem
Војин Костић
Војин Костић - 8 måneder siden
Gregor Sepp
Gregor Sepp - 8 måneder siden
Andy you could have used TOTW Jorginho
Haakon Valdes
Haakon Valdes - 8 måneder siden
why did you just not put in dembele and guliavogioiilogojoddjofjdnøsid
Bryan - 8 måneder siden
Andy should have put Jorginho over Ndombele for more chemistry 🤦‍♂️
Volume Prey
Volume Prey - 9 måneder siden
You should’ve gotten inform pulisic instead of otw because the otw is more expensive and they have the exact same stats
Nikolas Las
Nikolas Las - 9 måneder siden
I got normal Kante
Ashton Dixon
Ashton Dixon - 9 måneder siden
Andy, if you see this comment, I would really enjoy if you did more of these pack and plays. They are very entertaining!
Ryan Briddon
Ryan Briddon - 9 måneder siden
I love these videos but I do feel that it ruins the point of a pack and play if you can upgrade the players
Callum Jocelyn
Callum Jocelyn - 9 måneder siden
Anyone else who used to watch GLADIATORS?
Ethanos0608 - 9 måneder siden
Is Andy from Scotland?
trentbateman - 9 måneder siden
James makes Andy even more bori g
Evøid Ółłèŷ
Evøid Ółłèŷ - 9 måneder siden

Is James taking a pic of andy
MPlays - 9 måneder siden
Tag for Hernandez and ter stagen in goal
Youssef Moataz
Youssef Moataz - 9 måneder siden
he missed maddison instead of ndombele
Andrew Tavey
Andrew Tavey - 9 måneder siden
Play a game on max chem so the teams aren't so boring
JournaIiste - 9 måneder siden
19:33 one of my favourite Mark Goldbridge quotes
Casper Jankowski
Casper Jankowski - 9 måneder siden
I have to lower my volume every time he starts laughing
That Frog
That Frog - 9 måneder siden
Video: ends at exactly 2:00pm

*Everyone liked that*
Boodi AZ
Boodi AZ - 9 måneder siden
waiting for a rooney squad builder showdown
Bill Stanley
Bill Stanley - 9 måneder siden
James’ laugh is nearly as contagious as the corona virus.
Keane Williams
Keane Williams - 9 måneder siden
Why don’t you play on max chemistry so the lack of chemistry in the team doesn’t matter :)
bananaisgood - 9 måneder siden
14 ping is pretty good.
Curtis Metcalf
Curtis Metcalf - 9 måneder siden
Love the pack and play series
Jakob Ristesund
Jakob Ristesund - 9 måneder siden
jordan tyrell
jordan tyrell - 9 måneder siden
just remember ur first player and set yur club search to newest
wizzooo jr
wizzooo jr - 9 måneder siden
Andy :talk to me game
Me:I dont think fifa can talk
eo.se17 - 9 måneder siden
*Itani would like to know your location*
Leonardo Vincenti
Leonardo Vincenti - 9 måneder siden
I swear everyone puts their best Player at Right striker or Rw in the Search and Discard at the end
Jasper Daschot
Jasper Daschot - 9 måneder siden
Kanté should get a LB card
CT7-Christian - 9 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this video, could you please keep doing this ‘pack & play’
Eoin Begley
Eoin Begley - 9 måneder siden
Eoin Begley
Eoin Begley - 9 måneder siden
19:55 🤯🤯😳😳
Sid The sith
Sid The sith - 9 måneder siden
Sbsd on sanchez
James - 9 måneder siden
Sommer is extinct because Castro bought all of the ones on the market and discarded them
kroop - 9 måneder siden
Asian Reev basically
Seb GSY - 9 måneder siden
You could have played Farmann and tah for more chem
Egg Leg
Egg Leg - 9 måneder siden
the reason everyone in the first half was missing for james is because they were all everton players
Wilf Curran-Kovesi
Wilf Curran-Kovesi - 9 måneder siden
James could have used the SBC sanchez because it looks quite good
GetClappedツ - 9 måneder siden
It’s always legendary when it’s with kante 😂
Phoenix Dean
Phoenix Dean - 9 måneder siden
I'm just saying he got tah so he could of put ter stegan in
Fabian Soto Muniz
Fabian Soto Muniz - 9 måneder siden
Got corona virus from watching this😞 fucking James
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen - 9 måneder siden
You could have used Hradecky, Tah, and Aranguiz for extra chem
BAKER - 9 måneder siden
Tip: take a photo of the players you pack!
antdan96 - 9 måneder siden
Fking shit
Jake Macmillan
Jake Macmillan - 9 måneder siden
19:36 Andy: That’s not where I passed it!! EA tracker: but as you can see here.
Niall Schofield
Niall Schofield - 9 måneder siden
So is someone not saying that they discarded it
Sian Chelsea Azarcon
Sian Chelsea Azarcon - 9 måneder siden
8:39 the only person in FIFA history who was happy to pack Sommer 😂😂
TRA H & A - 9 måneder siden
Ur lucky you can’t get corona through air pods
Stan Nicol
Stan Nicol - 9 måneder siden
Andy u guys should just take photos of ur players u pack on ur phones
Kam Bahra
Kam Bahra - 9 måneder siden
Why didn't you open 100k packs as well
EG 5
EG 5 - 9 måneder siden
A week or so ago 😂 I check it was a month ago 😂😂
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey - 9 måneder siden
Why don’t you use max Chem and just use the best players you get
Connor Grzywacz
Connor Grzywacz - 9 måneder siden
He should’ve used kalou at right wing and then da costa at right back
Dudu - 9 måneder siden
Andy just gave up editing his videos, they’re all too long
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones - 9 måneder siden
Harry - 9 måneder siden
Andy coulda sacrificed Hernandez for tah and played ter Stegen in net
Peter DiEgidio
Peter DiEgidio - 9 måneder siden
Andy you should have put Da Costa at rb and kalu at rw
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater - 9 måneder siden
Me and my house mates started singing ZaaaaaGaaaDuDuDu and exactly the same time as you guys 😂 rate this new game type, another great video 🤙🏻
KitKatKiller - 9 måneder siden
Do this with Bateson
Magnus Ellis
Magnus Ellis - 9 måneder siden
gorginio cm would have gave pulsic more chem
Kieran Freeman
Kieran Freeman - 9 måneder siden
Absolutely love pack and play. It's all luck based rather than picking just high rated expensive cards. But I think you should try and intigrate one bronze upgrade pack (two silver players) into it and then 5 gold upgrades and you have to make a squad of what you get but 1 gold player misses out.
Stalin Zumba
Stalin Zumba - 9 måneder siden
19:54 if you wanna get turned on
Edwin - 9 måneder siden
i absolutely love James' laugh😂
i laughed so hard when i heard his laugh, it was so funny😂😂🤣
Richard Yu
Richard Yu - 9 måneder siden
Andy could have played both kalou and da costa lol played wolf big F
Dylan Jenkins
Dylan Jenkins - 9 måneder siden
U could just use the newest tab
Suisse Jehesbb
Suisse Jehesbb - 9 måneder siden
I got purse from my mid icon pack 😭all that grinding for shit
FE 13
FE 13 - 9 måneder siden
You could have used jeorghino instead of ndombele to get Kante and Pulisic on full chem+he has an inform
Ragnar Davidsen Nielsen
Ragnar Davidsen Nielsen - 9 måneder siden
You and Itani broke up ?