RULE BREAKERS REUS!!! Fifa 21 7 Minute Squads

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Seven Minute Squads on RULE BREAKERS MARCO REUS!!! #Fifa21 #Merseyside #7MinuteSquads
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Runtime: 21:07


AntRNF-Gaming - 9 dager siden
Listen to his rating 15:57
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson - 9 dager siden
Is this 1 depth shit actually a legit strat, if anyone reading this who uses 1 depth delete fifa you pleb
Alma Hindic Kukolj
Alma Hindic Kukolj - 18 dager siden
Krish Kothari
Krish Kothari - 23 dager siden
This should have been done with reev
that-guy-calum - 27 dager siden
Only people who watch castro know who cui linho is!! What a god at the game
Marius Dragomir
Marius Dragomir - 28 dager siden
Hoffenheim play wingbacks instead of wingers, hence why not real RM in the team.
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 28 dager siden
Dude how i have never packed a walkout from all rewards, gold 3 every time and 60 euros into fifa points
Swift Jae
Swift Jae - 29 dager siden
Great video Andy! But you should have done someone else with Jack so you could do Reus with Reev as he is the Reus to Glory man.
Denny607 - 29 dager siden
Anyone knows how to do* look back* celebration on xbox ??
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - 29 dager siden
He just quick sold klosterman bruh
danna salayi
danna salayi - 29 dager siden
Shame you didn't do it again reev
Shaks 100
Shaks 100 - 29 dager siden
Do sbsd with fifa manny
SskieransS Gaming
SskieransS Gaming - 29 dager siden
bit of a coincidence that theres a red paper formation hanging out the jar then jack gets the red one and isnt a bad formation
Josue L
Josue L - 29 dager siden
U shouldn’t have been to cocky about Everton
Lauren Amlin
Lauren Amlin - 29 dager siden
You should definitely do a rule breakers akinfenwa card sbs
Connie Brook
Connie Brook - Måned siden
Did you get your brother to do your first video because I just watched it and it can’t be the same person 😱
Nate FTR
Nate FTR - Måned siden
Not worth the price
Zach Simpson
Zach Simpson - Måned siden
joe aveston
joe aveston - Måned siden
Jack listscarding an inform for 10k who sells for 12k...
Klemen Šuligoj
Klemen Šuligoj - Måned siden
Eclipse 1473
Eclipse 1473 - Måned siden
You should have done this with reev
PaBLo GrmZ
PaBLo GrmZ - Måned siden
Why havent you done a sbsd with Reev and Reus
Vanzh / Tom
Vanzh / Tom - Måned siden
Hey Andy! What sort of videos could I make as an aspiring Fifa Content creator ? I obviously can’t do series like this because it’s your series haha, just squad builder? Rtg sort of thing?
4M Nuqman Faqeeh Umair bin Shahril Nizam
15:57 nice
Arian Amini
Arian Amini - Måned siden
Hope all is well! We love you Andy! 💖💖💖
Gino - Måned siden
Take a drink every time Jack plays with his hair 🤣
Sean Mcgrenaghan
Sean Mcgrenaghan - Måned siden
Aj I packed Ronaldo twice this fifa and messi one and lampard aswell
John Stones
John Stones - Måned siden
These rules are so shit lmao
Max Sutton
Max Sutton - Måned siden
I love Andy and jack's individual content but I'm not a fan of 7ms
Matt Young
Matt Young - Måned siden
Jack list carding a inform for 10k when he bought him for 12. Idk that seems a bit dodgey mate.
Lee Ferguson
Lee Ferguson - Måned siden
putting him in an sbc would give him nothing though, so kinda does
Jef - Måned siden
Discarding him would be for 9k so it wouldnt really make a difference
Bilal-Ahmed Ali
Bilal-Ahmed Ali - Måned siden
He should have done areola lenglet and sergio roberto
Evan Salazar
Evan Salazar - Måned siden
Only the real ones know Cui Lin
Sam Malson
Sam Malson - Måned siden
Andy just wanna say u are one of the nicest, entertaining creators on the platform, keep up the regular vids they are class 👍🏻
Tristan 13
Tristan 13 - Måned siden
do inform danny ings
Drew Bryant
Drew Bryant - Måned siden
Should’ve done it with reev
pikaafifa - Måned siden
does anybody only watch one person's squad building and they're like oh shit I don't even know what he did
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If andy put in texiera he would have 5 leagues
Eric Duarte
Eric Duarte - Måned siden
@XX HIHI XX Doesn’t really matter, concept is there. Another CSL striker from Brazil like Jonathan would’ve done the same.
XX HIHI XX - Måned siden
Jack had him written down tho.
Dat Apo
Dat Apo - Måned siden
I am disappointed ure doing a video on a crazy good Marco Reus without Reev. :(
BryndenRivers - Måned siden
Why does Jack use Atlético Mineiro's shield as his team's?
Faris_981 - Måned siden
Why not
William Bagnall
William Bagnall - Måned siden
jack makes up all the rules on the spot too funny 😂
HollaRams - Måned siden
Contender for best content on YouTube??
Jonas Jonas
Jonas Jonas - Måned siden
16:12 wtf is that celebration😂
Mikael Skúli Atlason
Mikael Skúli Atlason - Måned siden
Why not make a Reus video with Reev?
Kxng R14
Kxng R14 - Måned siden
Legend says Aj3 will like this comment
daniel keelan
daniel keelan - Måned siden
Another great bake off tonight Lotti showing off as normal!!
Arlinda Tepelena
Arlinda Tepelena - Måned siden
Soren Matsuoka
Soren Matsuoka - Måned siden
Didn’t Jack only have 4 nations?
Topias Kilpeläinen
Topias Kilpeläinen - 12 dager siden
That's what I was thinking too
Michael Hsieh
Michael Hsieh - Måned siden
there needs to be a penalty for using icons in 7ms. its too easy to stick in an icon for chemistry
olle wallen
olle wallen - Måned siden
Im 67th
Jason Wood
Jason Wood - Måned siden
I love how Andy was more concerned about his Talisca than his Reus
Dylan Repetto
Dylan Repetto - 28 dager siden
Talisca is so good as well
Fifa Stevens
Fifa Stevens - 29 dager siden
@Kristian Fjelde wawwsswwwwwwwwwwww
Kristian Fjelde
Kristian Fjelde - Måned siden
Talisca is an SBC he will never get back, reus he can buy... Of course he is more worried
Dylan Russell
Dylan Russell - Måned siden
Freddie Kempson
Freddie Kempson - Måned siden
Andy I’m a Birmingham fan and I’m so glad to see Jude at where he is now fair play to the kid
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner - Måned siden
do a co op SBSD pls sick idea
D64Gaming - Måned siden
Do an sbsd with kirbz
The Richardson's
The Richardson's - Måned siden
Jack only used 4 nations.
English, Brazilian, English and I can’t think of the nation but it’s the right CB, RB, and ST
Henry Rodin
Henry Rodin - Måned siden
Nah the CDM and RB are from Mali, the striker is from Senegal. The CDM and RB don't have a star on their flag, the striker does
Boris - Måned siden
You could put chinese league brazilian striker
Theme Parks and FPL Theme Park and FPL
When your to early to steal someone's comment.
Eivor Gudmundssøn
Eivor Gudmundssøn - Måned siden
You’re *
Dzzi - Måned siden
Too early *
Alexei - Måned siden
Ter stegen in goal
Lenglet + dest
More nations for Andy
MLZ - Måned siden
How dare u do this without reev
Glockishnock - Måned siden
Jack only has 4 leagues and a icon
Jayden Pyne
Jayden Pyne - Måned siden
only 3 prem bundas and Ligue 1
Jamie Carr
Jamie Carr - Måned siden
Andy only had 1 csl player
Myron Chetty
Myron Chetty - Måned siden
Should put the locked players below the face cam during the squad picking
Ibrahim Hashim
Ibrahim Hashim - Måned siden
Yo andy, this vid is 3 weeks late
Sebastian Rudas
Sebastian Rudas - Måned siden
I feel like jack makes all this rules up so that he can get an advantage
Sir Sizzle
Sir Sizzle - Måned siden
Series I mean ha
Sir Sizzle
Sir Sizzle - Måned siden
Well actually he created the seris
Hacwoolls - Måned siden
ye series is a shambles
I’m a Wise Teen
I’m a Wise Teen - Måned siden
I have his normal card, and it's class
Bahta Boyz
Bahta Boyz - Måned siden
RIP that Klostermann discard
Theme Parks and FPL Theme Park and FPL
Quite spoiler alerting
Farah Gure
Farah Gure - Måned siden
barak avni
barak avni - Måned siden
It's a shame that jack didn't do it with reev
ITS Gesti
ITS Gesti - Måned siden
3:05 discardet klostem youuuu bott
Nathan E
Nathan E - Måned siden
Andy could of just put Kurzawa instead of bernat
Joshua Limon
Joshua Limon - Måned siden
If andy put in texiera he would have 5 leagues
Rashida Jabeen
Rashida Jabeen - Måned siden
bruh you commented 43s how do you know the rest of the squad
Alex Lane
Alex Lane - Måned siden
Ayo I'm here when there's only 32 comments thats mad.(btw I love your vids andy they make my day
Alex Lane
Alex Lane - Måned siden
Forgot to close bracket
asap _vxn
asap _vxn - Måned siden
Bruh I wish it was reev
Joseph Nagle
Joseph Nagle - Måned siden
Does this dude honestly think that combover looks good?
Tjolle Boiz
Tjolle Boiz - Måned siden
Early people gang 👉
Obey Trashy
Obey Trashy - Måned siden
Ayy 167th like
Andy Ferari
Andy Ferari - Måned siden
Andy did a video on reus without reev
Joe Samman
Joe Samman - Måned siden
What's up Andy!!! Huge fan
JJ5FSZ - Måned siden
Too much Reus for today @Reev 👀
Stealth Rift
Stealth Rift - Måned siden
how only 900 views in 6 minutes??
Callum O'Kane
Callum O'Kane - Måned siden
Say Hi if your a toffee
Abi_ OnYt
Abi_ OnYt - Måned siden
Orly Diaz
Orly Diaz - Måned siden
im from America and were screwed :)
To Tall
To Tall - Måned siden
AYE! consecutive uploads!!! Thanks Andy
patrick hill
patrick hill - Måned siden
How many rules is jack going to make up this video 🐟🐟
Gareth Rolland
Gareth Rolland - Måned siden
Love the videos andy mate, can you suggest to EA to give jack a rulebreakers cards considering thats all he does is brake his own rules😂
Were do you think Everton will finish in the league
The Tdl Window
The Tdl Window - Måned siden
what are those shelves in the background
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson - Måned siden
Imma admit it
I’ll never be first😢
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson - Måned siden
@Le French Dog you do realise it’s a joke don’t you?
Le French Dog
Le French Dog - Måned siden
Ok, why are you crying over it!?
daniel fleming
daniel fleming - Måned siden
When the vid pops stright up on my phone gotta go and watch it
M CITY ÅLAND - Måned siden
Hello from Finland btw love your videos
FM Comps
FM Comps - Måned siden
Almost first
Timeka Cline
Timeka Cline - Måned siden
aw dang almost first
Crinx - Måned siden
drevil - Måned siden
Jediboo !
Jediboo ! - Måned siden
Almost first
Safwan Ahmed
Safwan Ahmed - Måned siden
Le French Dog
Le French Dog - Måned siden
Nope, sixth
YMA7 Gaming
YMA7 Gaming - Måned siden
Close to first
DxntFlex HD
DxntFlex HD - Måned siden
Le French Dog
Le French Dog - Måned siden
Nope 4th
Patrik Vozila
Patrik Vozila - Måned siden
Le French Dog
Le French Dog - Måned siden
Nope, third
John Clark
John Clark - Måned siden
Liam Farrar
Liam Farrar - Måned siden
Le French Dog
Le French Dog - Måned siden
True, you actually are, but no one cares
Safwan Ahmed
Safwan Ahmed - Måned siden
No one cares
Liam Kelly
Liam Kelly - Måned siden
No one cares