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Runtime: 26:49


ian Vass
ian Vass - 4 dager siden
ward-prowse has an inform
FreakyGames - 3 måneder siden
It's funny how the video is more enjoyable without hearing that rubbish accent
Zachary Mcdermott
Zachary Mcdermott - 3 måneder siden
Tryna diss Albion bro ?
M0nkeyman69 - 3 måneder siden
I got so pissed when James didn’t use tots gael clichy
Daniel McMahon
Daniel McMahon - 3 måneder siden
‘Turn around you melon mandallah’ ItsJames 2020
Daire Reel
Daire Reel - 3 måneder siden
I’m really annoyed Andy didn’t use futmas Murillo
Callum Bear
Callum Bear - 3 måneder siden
Bro Charlie died his hair and it’s now brown again but he’s dying it back for the next season in the prem p.s ik this cause he’s my uncle
Mikail Nurmohamed
Mikail Nurmohamed - 3 måneder siden
James packed his cousin 😂😂😂😂
matty Buttimer 11
matty Buttimer 11 - 4 måneder siden
Andy packs lewa and Messi in same pack wow u got mina and Calvert lewin
Always talk Wrestling
Always talk Wrestling - 4 måneder siden
I have a debate and when u said that who would watch e sports but instead watch this I am using ur point 100 percent
SebTube09 - 4 måneder siden
I think i fractured my finger clicking on the video
Aaron Doran
Aaron Doran - 4 måneder siden
Yes lad love the content
C C - 4 måneder siden
I’ve never seen anyone get as excited to get PIQUE as Andy did
Hari Jones
Hari Jones - 4 måneder siden
Nathan Osborne
Nathan Osborne - 4 måneder siden
As if he mugs off Albion that much when we have been promoted and played sick 95%
of the league🤦🏻‍♂️
August Lind
August Lind - 4 måneder siden
Can you Please do a sbsd om Hero akinfenwa
C7L - 4 måneder siden
in my new vid i use the sweatiest fifa 15 team in fifa 20. check it out if ur arsed lmao
DonkeyGuru - 4 måneder siden
when james said hello in the intro it sounded like the turtle from those asdf things
Adithya 09
Adithya 09 - 4 måneder siden
West Morgan has 29 pace 💀
Ksports - 4 måneder siden
Hero Akinfenwa next?
Tyler Carrig
Tyler Carrig - 4 måneder siden
Imagine Andy not showing us who James got in the discard pack
Maxj00hns Johns
Maxj00hns Johns - 4 måneder siden
Dylan - 4 måneder siden
I think a good idea would be if u took the best teams in the prem built them as best as u can and like with a few people did a tournament so like say u went Man City u could use 95 foden
Alan Silva
Alan Silva - 4 måneder siden
Bro just post this daily we love it
Adam Persson
Adam Persson - 4 måneder siden
I laughed sooo hard 22:30 🤣, couldn't catch my breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
XJokermanX - 4 måneder siden
Frost. - 4 måneder siden
SBSD On the new semedo? Like if agree
blzmo leo
blzmo leo - 4 måneder siden
Do prank and play
Adam Lambden
Adam Lambden - 4 måneder siden
cant wait for krovi and austin to stick 3 past everton next season
Boggo WilmYT1912
Boggo WilmYT1912 - 4 måneder siden
Andy chatting smack about West Brom mentally hurt me. 😔
hasmmaaab - 4 måneder siden
Souza has a TOTSSF
Ariel A Villanueva
Ariel A Villanueva - 4 måneder siden
Where did Andy's eyes go 7:10 😂
It’s Dan
It’s Dan - 4 måneder siden
Andy mate the cards are tradeable you don’t need to sit and swap them ahahah
Bob Bilder
Bob Bilder - 4 måneder siden
Mate your hole teams is shit
Rishi gamer
Rishi gamer - 4 måneder siden
Do a sbsd with james
Mistic - 4 måneder siden
Hey to the 1% reading this please subscribe and enjoy your day
Erik Veldman
Erik Veldman - 4 måneder siden
“Pique is not messi” really smart
Sniper Dann
Sniper Dann - 4 måneder siden
The exposure on James camera
George Jones
George Jones - 4 måneder siden
Day 17 of predicting andy's next video, summer heat sissoko squad builder show down
player history
player history - 4 måneder siden
Clichy is a tots not a flashback
XYZzZzZ - 4 måneder siden
I did 4 and got smalling Robertson Gomez and Havertz
Liam Wells
Liam Wells - 4 måneder siden
I got kimmich pozuelo and osimhen is that a W
Fredy Fish
Fredy Fish - 4 måneder siden
Is Andy high how is pique good he is dog shit
mini master786
mini master786 - 4 måneder siden
Andy should've picked rodrigo fut birthday
Albin Hjellström
Albin Hjellström - 4 måneder siden
Name a more iconic duo
cliff67 b
cliff67 b - 4 måneder siden
Show the pack PLEASE
cliff67 b
cliff67 b - 4 måneder siden
James laughs SO much he laughing while he's raging😂😂😂
ISC XD - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else thought it was calfreezy in the thumbnail
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman - 4 måneder siden
14:28 sounds like a disaster
Wolf 1503
Wolf 1503 - 4 måneder siden
We need itani back on the channel
Adam Trembirth
Adam Trembirth - 4 måneder siden
9:09 he's class mate 🔴⚪🔴⚪
Wolfie - 4 måneder siden
Andy the tots is pink because of the toty nominees so you don't get mixed up
GhostPhantom YT
GhostPhantom YT - 4 måneder siden
Nils Wallström
Nils Wallström - 4 måneder siden
I did 2 and packed Henderson(94) and cazorla. W or L?
Javier Fierro
Javier Fierro - 4 måneder siden
Andy just wined because fifa wanted 😂
Tasnim Randeree
Tasnim Randeree - 4 måneder siden
Pack and pele with w2s he packed the prime
Howitzer - 4 måneder siden
I got a 94 Henderson from one of these. And then I packed a 92 atal from a 5k fit draft loss reward pack 😂
Timothy Perez
Timothy Perez - 4 måneder siden
Let’s go!!!
Matthew Burnham
Matthew Burnham - 4 måneder siden
I got di Maria
Junior morea then varatti and I chose Draxler and tetra so that's good
Tūtaki Christensen
Tūtaki Christensen - 4 måneder siden
What team does James support?
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 4 måneder siden
No one:
James: MELON
Zachary Eldred
Zachary Eldred - 4 måneder siden
I got zaha out of one of mine
Sajman - 4 måneder siden
Why is James complaining about getting someone from the Japanese league. Isn't that his favourite league?
10k without video challenge
10k without video challenge - 4 måneder siden
I got cesinha im so happy he is incredeble
Angel S
Angel S - 4 måneder siden
Hey don’t disrespect Ochoa 😤😤
Mark Corrigan
Mark Corrigan - 4 måneder siden
I got Ben yedder out of mine
WBA Videos
WBA Videos - 4 måneder siden
Andy, i love your videos mate but mugging us off that much is stupid😂😂
Dan JM
Dan JM - 4 måneder siden
Why does James remind me of James may? 😂
Zach Simpson
Zach Simpson - 4 måneder siden
Do A Sbsd with the new aknfnwa
Eoinoc05 - 4 måneder siden
I got van de beek zaha soyunco and Daley blind and the other 3 where stinkers
Eoinoc05 - 4 måneder siden
Can you please do a sbsd with manny he said he would go on if invited
Dark DMG
Dark DMG - 4 måneder siden
Switching tradables with tradables
Harry Hodson
Harry Hodson - 4 måneder siden
James got so salty🧂😂
The Communist Fly
The Communist Fly - 4 måneder siden
You know its bad for james when Charlie fucking Austin is actually good
super max max max super max
super max max max super max - 4 måneder siden
Cant wait for members only perks!!! Just renewed my membership love the content Andy!
AJ3 - 4 måneder siden
Joe Chamberlayne
Joe Chamberlayne - 4 måneder siden
Andy: optimistic for west brom to have an inform...
Also Andy: (next year when West Brom bear Everton) ummm
Rone - 4 måneder siden
When James doesn't even realize Nakagawa is 5'1, the shortest professional footballer in the world
Brandon Bustos
Brandon Bustos - 4 måneder siden
James complains too much, we all know the game sucks just play it ffs
Samuel Scott-dearing
Samuel Scott-dearing - 4 måneder siden
I got depay in mine
Barry Scott
Barry Scott - 4 måneder siden
Imagine thinking pique is good???
SI HD - 4 måneder siden
WHAT YOU ON ABOUT !!!!!!!!! We got promoted mate so we don’t have a bad team and we should have more but the efl hates West Brom
Louis Schellhammer
Louis Schellhammer - 4 måneder siden
Pls open more and better packs. The squads are bad and boring. Its the end of fifa. Noone cares about it anymore
Jax - 4 måneder siden
Andy: *breathes*
Jack:Well it’s raining and a Thursday and Andys last name begins with a C so I get a 7 goal head start
Seriously where’s rob
Calum Nolan
Calum Nolan - 4 måneder siden
Pack and play with 11 prime icon packs. Any duplicate you put in the lowest gold with the same nation and position as the duplicate icon
Quoted Gnome
Quoted Gnome - 4 måneder siden
How dare James not play the japenese Gordon banks in goal
Yehia Emad
Yehia Emad - 4 måneder siden
Andy gets a Everton player he says he should of had a tottsf
Yehia Emad
Yehia Emad - 4 måneder siden
Andy gets a Everton player he says he should of had a tottsf
Connor Ozsanlav
Connor Ozsanlav - 4 måneder siden
James if it makes u feel better I got 3 consecutive Kruse TOTS
Sebastien Ryter
Sebastien Ryter - 4 måneder siden
Andy, did you recently learn the phrase "having a bit of a mare" you have said it constantly in your last few videos and I have never heard you say it before,
Tanvir Radhoa
Tanvir Radhoa - 4 måneder siden
You should always have a big card like SBSD so discards are more intense
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin - 4 måneder siden
Wow I didn’t even realize I was early lmao
gobrosk8 - 4 måneder siden
0:46 when your mum asks how you are doing
Distant Button57
Distant Button57 - 4 måneder siden
Love the streams ima be coming in with bits and sub in a couple days 😊
hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm - 4 måneder siden
Andy you should make a vid with mcjell
Greg_ Clark
Greg_ Clark - 4 måneder siden
It says hamedallah on his shirt when his name is hamdallah
Jack Woods
Jack Woods - 4 måneder siden
Who does James support?
gina alvarado
gina alvarado - 4 måneder siden
ochoa is like one of the best goalies of all time andy he hi insane
GIGA_HIGGZ2008 Playz
GIGA_HIGGZ2008 Playz - 4 måneder siden
I packed Kimmich from one of these oacks
MyUsernameTrash - 4 måneder siden
I can't tell whether I am being bullied or not in this vid...
Hej Hej
Hej Hej - 4 måneder siden
This is THE BEST duo on FIFA youtube! No 🧢