ONE OF THE BIG 5 IN GUESS WHO!!! Fifa 20 Guaranteed TOTS SBC Guess Who Discard Challenge

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MULTIPLE GUARANTEED TEAM OF THE SEASON SBCs... If Oaks doesn't work out who they are THEY ARE ON THE LINE TO BE DISCARDED... And we packed ONE OF THE BIG BOYS!!! #Fifa20 #GuessWho #PackOpening
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Runtime: 24:45


Zachary Mcdermott
Zachary Mcdermott - 3 måneder siden
Why weren’t soyuncu in search and discard ?
Mason Rolph
Mason Rolph - 3 måneder siden
I’m just saying the chances of Andy getting three English players in a row the chances are very low
TheMaxisexy - 3 måneder siden
Why can’t he just purposely get them all wrong
Shawn Russell
Shawn Russell - 3 måneder siden
trent axalerander arnold
Mary Anthony
Mary Anthony - 3 måneder siden
Salah is on left center mid
Mary Anthony
Mary Anthony - 3 måneder siden
its Salah
Callum Sneath
Callum Sneath - 3 måneder siden
My like took it to 6k 😁😁
Oregan 2000
Oregan 2000 - 4 måneder siden
Starts at 2:19
Reshirex - 4 måneder siden
Robbie Green
Robbie Green - 4 måneder siden
i’m so sad i got a duplicate richarlison out of a two player pack
MangaStranger Yoh
MangaStranger Yoh - 4 måneder siden
If anyone knows these packs the PL packs have a 90% chance of getting an English player. Like it’s just known
JMF 115
JMF 115 - 4 måneder siden
Trent exalerander Arnold 😔😂😂
Aleksander org
Aleksander org - 4 måneder siden
Well just gonna leave it here 17:00 17:50
Fraser G
Fraser G - 4 måneder siden
ex-alexander arnold?
Nicholas Rieth
Nicholas Rieth - 4 måneder siden
joe gomez is also english and liverpool so it was 1/3 chance
žiga cmon
žiga cmon - 4 måneder siden
Really? Did a really just watch a whole video for you to discard 1 player in a squad with 4 tots ( 3 of them are stinky) .... BS
Nick Oubre
Nick Oubre - 4 måneder siden
Where’s team of the season de gea? He’s the best Chelsea player ever
HRV - 4 måneder siden
Do a Sbsd with Manny
Brendan Aldred
Brendan Aldred - 4 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown with manny
Hashtag CK
Hashtag CK - 4 måneder siden
chrlie11 - 4 måneder siden
Trent exelexander arnold
Mr Woo
Mr Woo - 4 måneder siden
"No obviously I haven't got Mo Salah, Oakley
We've got Trent Axeleranda Arnold"
Gene Shi
Gene Shi - 4 måneder siden
uh where is the stinky left back for leichester city?
Timothy Perez
Timothy Perez - 4 måneder siden
Let’s go!!!
HansXCIX - 4 måneder siden
Chat and comments: Andy, you need to have a good pokerface for this game
Benjy_Fifa - 4 måneder siden
7:29 Oakley asks if he plays for liverpool or united and rashford points to the united emblem
Finley Howitt
Finley Howitt - 3 måneder siden
And nods when he says man united
Jack Wright
Jack Wright - 4 måneder siden
That is so clean
Sam Berman
Sam Berman - 4 måneder siden
trent axalerander arnold
Dynamo 60fps king
Dynamo 60fps king - 4 måneder siden
Make this a serie! Make this comment blow up so Andy can we it
Shivam Handa
Shivam Handa - 4 måneder siden
17:00 Trent axalerander-Arnold??
Daniel Broni-Phillips
Daniel Broni-Phillips - 4 måneder siden
He missed Jiminez
akoshrichie - 4 måneder siden
Heung min son scores the exact time i hear oakley say his name, thats mad
Dan Svensson
Dan Svensson - 4 måneder siden
Tom and Jack should do this instead, a lot of places to call safety and Jack to ask:
- Is he english?
- No
- Is it a defender?
- Is it Trent?
Xpertraze - 4 måneder siden
He’s watching andys stream .. he keeps looking left as soon as the pack opens, look for instance at 11.20
King Comiskey
King Comiskey - 4 måneder siden
That’s just his tv he looks at. Why would he cheat it’s not even his players to lose and be so boring to cheat . Ruin all the fun
Gwimlim How Jones
Gwimlim How Jones - 4 måneder siden
7:26 That timing!
Trent Meikle
Trent Meikle - 4 måneder siden
There's no way Oakley wasn't looking at the stream for the Rashford one
King Comiskey
King Comiskey - 4 måneder siden
Why cheat that takes all the fun out of it
Lee Gardner
Lee Gardner - 4 måneder siden
Deffo watched the stream
Jack Gamblin
Jack Gamblin - 4 måneder siden
Imagine celebrating rashford
Krish Lambah
Krish Lambah - 4 måneder siden
Pogba summer heat sbsfd pls
Fraser Mann
Fraser Mann - 4 måneder siden
will wilson
will wilson - 4 måneder siden
most people get rashford
eldoktore - 4 måneder siden
4:20 to start the video! Cheers Andy!! ;)
Xarhs Lumperhs
Xarhs Lumperhs - 4 måneder siden
whats up everybody and welcome to another video
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson - 4 måneder siden
Andy gives it away when he answers the questions. He sounds very excited when it’s a good player
Anonymous - 4 måneder siden
If I was the host when Andy got Salah I would of took controller back and put him in my team and left 🤣🤣
jimmytipsTV - 4 måneder siden
And notice the pathetic questions when it’s a stinker which Andy is happy to discard 😂😂 such a fixed vid makes it dead
jimmytipsTV - 4 måneder siden
So you have any one of these 8 players....I think you have alisson....have you got Vardy 😂😂 yeah sure thing 👍👍 surely the obvious answer is a GK! He does this too often in vids having a punt at Like 5-6 players and gets it right everytime it’s a player Andy wants to keep! Literally everytime
Vinstar Playz
Vinstar Playz - 4 måneder siden
Here after people have said that they watched this on stream

P.S. I watched this on stream :)
King Comiskey
King Comiskey - 4 måneder siden
Why watch it again?
Chetan Ruparell
Chetan Ruparell - 4 måneder siden
There are no prem rm
Tomáš Cepek
Tomáš Cepek - 4 måneder siden
Everyone from the stream knows that OAKLEY'S A CHEAT. Even Itani in the chat😂
HadhamZ - 4 måneder siden
Comment section voice: on the first Henderson gk, Oakley wasted a question cause there are no rm in prem tots
jamie o' donoghue
jamie o' donoghue - 4 måneder siden
HadhamZ that helped him tho
Harshaavardhana Singh
Harshaavardhana Singh - 4 måneder siden
Oakley is cheatinggggg
James McGrath
James McGrath - 4 måneder siden
Capgun Tom: Safety
Oakely: Cheat
Andy: cHaT
James McGrath
James McGrath - 4 måneder siden
"I'm not gonna look over there"
Looks over there for the rest of the video
James McGrath
James McGrath - 4 måneder siden
100% watching the stream for Rashford and Henderson
James McGrath
James McGrath - 4 måneder siden
And all the others
Lucas Franck
Lucas Franck - 4 måneder siden
Didn’t tag Oakley though :(
United Giggsy
United Giggsy - 4 måneder siden
Imagine making one of your shittest videos yet and it was all because of Oakley cheating embarrassing it's the end of fifa no one cares anymore
Ivan Sawaya élève
Ivan Sawaya élève - 4 måneder siden
9:57 Gomez Henderson and Trent. 33.3%. He prolly forgot Gomez
Manchester United
Manchester United - 4 måneder siden
Gomez is community tots isn't he
Courtney Del Cid
Courtney Del Cid - 4 måneder siden
Say gosh
Joey Haneine
Joey Haneine - 4 måneder siden
My man Vards! 🔥
Bubblo is not racist
Bubblo is not racist - 4 måneder siden
At the start he made a discard value squad and majority of the players were from Everton
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 4 måneder siden
Literally everyone got Vardy, and szcezney from serie a
TutDaNoob - 4 måneder siden
mitch goddard well gg
mitch goddard
mitch goddard - 4 måneder siden
I got lautaro Martinez and mahrez
AlexMetcalfe7 - 4 måneder siden
He was obviously cheating
Hussain taha 123
Hussain taha 123 - 4 måneder siden
I also packed Vardy 😂😂😂😂😂
Danh Phạm Thành Công
Danh Phạm Thành Công - 4 måneder siden
Do the Summer Heat Pogba SBSD. He's awesome
Ruben Oosterhof
Ruben Oosterhof - 4 måneder siden
Great time to watch this😂
Jonno Y
Jonno Y - 4 måneder siden
I feel like we were all being low key conned there! It’s to coincidental that he guesses a flat gold then asks what was in the salah position! And one pick?! That’s not a search and discard!
Akio. - 4 måneder siden
he said he got a hell lot of notifications of people saying where Salah is
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke - 4 måneder siden
Andy should have had "I'm sorry" written on his whiteboard which he could've held up
Frank 1
Frank 1 - 4 måneder siden
Elon Musk:nothing
Barrack obama: nothing
Tom: SaFeTy
Jeff Beasley
Jeff Beasley - 4 måneder siden
The first one he is 100% watching the stream
Max Nathan
Max Nathan - 4 måneder siden
if the first question isn’t “are they english” you are doing this entirely wrong
Max - 4 måneder siden
Kanye East if they said no then it would
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander - 4 måneder siden
@LigochaStyle well that wouldn't narrow it down
LigochaStyle - 4 måneder siden
I would actually ask if they play for Liverpool because almost the whole team of Liverpool is there :D
Zack Lee
Zack Lee - 4 måneder siden
Mohammad Shaikh
Mohammad Shaikh - 4 måneder siden
I was screaming that the entire vid
Boii Law
Boii Law - 4 måneder siden
Love Andy’s videos just can’t stand Oakley man 🙄
Freddie Francis
Freddie Francis - 4 måneder siden
Mcjell for an sbsd
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 4 måneder siden
Andy: No i didn't pack Mo Salah because that would actually be good.
A minute later: Packs Salah
Andy: *surpised pikachu face*
Wdap - 4 måneder siden
Lol he was definitely watching the stream for the first ones
Connor R
Connor R - 4 måneder siden
Nah he didn't, that would be so shit, playing a game but knowing the answer, just takes away all the fun.
Léo Franck
Léo Franck - 4 måneder siden
Honestly I feel like he had open the whole time but it still made a great vid lol!
Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler - 4 måneder siden
Oakley was 100percent cheating he keeps looking to his right he defenetly was watching the stream
lxdazzlexl - 4 måneder siden
Really no point of these videos if you always give it away when its a good player
Cillian Swaz !!
Cillian Swaz !! - 4 måneder siden
Oakley forgot about Leno
Amir Choudhury
Amir Choudhury - 4 måneder siden
But Leno is in Community Tots not PL tots
XJokermanX - 4 måneder siden
Michaël - 4 måneder siden
So where is the link to Oakley's channel?🤔🤔
Sam O'Gara
Sam O'Gara - 4 måneder siden
He probably forgot, but you should know his channel by know
XJokermanX - 4 måneder siden
I enjoyed the longer video Andy thanks
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman - 4 måneder siden
watched the stream might aswell watch it again
DJ5 - 4 måneder siden
Its so obvious that he is cheating, asking the questions thats spot on and playing that he doesnt know
SempiternaL - 4 måneder siden
Oakley is a boss! Enjoying his smarts
DJ5 - 4 måneder siden
Rashford is one of the worst if you ask me
Daniel Moura de Andrade
Daniel Moura de Andrade - 4 måneder siden
And Andy's overreacting, why's he reacting to Salah like he's won the lottery ffs😂😂
The Communist Fly
The Communist Fly - 4 måneder siden
Hey Andy cheers for opening my pack man, been enjoying my TOTSSF Jordo
FrozenSoul379 - 4 måneder siden
Daniel Moura de Andrade
Daniel Moura de Andrade - 4 måneder siden
Oakley could've asked waay better questions and there's like 23 plrs so how can 3 questions be sooo hard smh
james smith
james smith - 4 måneder siden
Love how oaks laughs when got salah wrong but it was him would be crying haha
Lewis mooney
Lewis mooney - 4 måneder siden
Mate to be honest I can’t stand any fifa series other than SBSD
King Comiskey
King Comiskey - 4 måneder siden
Ssbd and guess who are great . Others suck
no - 4 måneder siden
@Ralf Syrett imo I like pack and play the most
Ralf Syrett
Ralf Syrett - 4 måneder siden
Sbsd is the pinnacle but others are ok
Léo Franck
Léo Franck - 4 måneder siden
Then don’t watch
Dolphin - 4 måneder siden
Then just don’t watch this
Fifa Burnaaa07
Fifa Burnaaa07 - 4 måneder siden
By the way guys, everyone watches Andy's stream now when making a video with him.
mnt alan
mnt alan - 4 måneder siden
8:56 that face tho
J F - 4 måneder siden
I think is he English is a good question
Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds - 4 måneder siden
Loves this 😄😄
Joshua Caunt
Joshua Caunt - 4 måneder siden
Can u do a Vardy squad builder showdown?
Banani - 4 måneder siden
David lopez
David lopez - 4 måneder siden
Hey Andy, Vidal SBSD Squad Recommendation from me.
LF Insigne TOTS
ST Mertens Headliners
RF Lozano Birthday
CM (any icon cm)
LB Semedo IF
LCB Kondogbia SS
RB Mariano TOTS (or Emerson FS)
GK Cillesen IF
David lopez
David lopez - 4 måneder siden
Ok, if u don't like petros and maicon, switch the RCM, RCB, and RB out and make a green triangle. I went with the Saudi league because its the Saudi league and I get a little perfect link too.
CS7Simmo - 4 måneder siden
That is utterly shit
Fifa Burnaaa07
Fifa Burnaaa07 - 4 måneder siden
That, is, terrible.
rtplat3 - 4 måneder siden
Thank u so much Andy u have helped me through such a hard time 👑
Destiny ZachPlayz9
Destiny ZachPlayz9 - 4 måneder siden
50 50 Henderson or Trent (Where is Gomez in that)
Cheeseyass Cheek
Cheeseyass Cheek - 4 måneder siden
You twat Gomez is community
Shaarvin Ramkumar
Shaarvin Ramkumar - 4 måneder siden
Gomez is community tots
Clan_Drismoxo !
Clan_Drismoxo ! - 4 måneder siden
Imagine texting each other the answer 🤡🤡🤡
Joshua Davies
Joshua Davies - 4 måneder siden
Hello Joshua Davis without an e
simply otaku
simply otaku - 4 måneder siden
why the hell did I think he was with Ben yedder