MY BEST PACK OF FIFA 21!!! Guess Who Discard Challenge

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I CANT BELIVE I PACKED THIS IN GUESS WHO!!! Fifa 21 Guess Who Discard Challenge where I pack my biggest player of Fifa 21 #Fifa21 #PackOpening #GuessWho
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Runtime: 16:28


Oscar Morgan Jones
Oscar Morgan Jones - 12 dager siden
'Liverpool United'
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 19 dager siden
normal people: rock paper scissors shoot
andy: rock paper scissors... go?
Doishkin - 27 dager siden
Nice pack
Mustafa Bhaiji
Mustafa Bhaiji - 28 dager siden
Are we just gonna ignore Andy packing 6 goalkeepers in 1 pack 😂😂
ECX Blindz
ECX Blindz - Måned siden
ECX Blindz
ECX Blindz - Måned siden
Jordan Woodbridge
Jordan Woodbridge - Måned siden
I feel like putting the player into an sbc is a bad punishment, should just discard it, so you don’t get anything from losing
BotGaming - Måned siden
I got inform rashford ina small electrum players pack
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - Måned siden
Boys it's hype packed 88 George best in a 7.5k pack tradable sold him for a mil
Eric Stefan
Eric Stefan - Måned siden
its "top 5 leagues" and ligue 1 is part of it smh
James Frazier
James Frazier - Måned siden
His description says subscribe for more Fifa 20 content just a heads up
Anaru Patrick
Anaru Patrick - Måned siden
11:17 the time is 1.57 when Andy starts his turn and 2.01 when he guesses, 4minutes 😂😂😂
Matthew Hughes yeoman
Matthew Hughes yeoman - Måned siden
2 of the best youtubers/streamers heres
Rios - Måned siden
There’s no way Andy got Acuna, I swear some of these squad building showdowns and other things Andy does is somewhat fishy. Do they stream when they do this ?
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman - Måned siden
First one not fair, literally every wolves player is Portuguese
RSE VIbez - Måned siden
I got mbappe out of my first pack on the game lol 😂
Sweaty598 - Måned siden
When is he doing a RTG
Misko Kasko
Misko Kasko - Måned siden
Andy's reaction in KDB :D. I got same reaction when i packed him from merquee metchups 1 week ago :).
Oakelfish - Måned siden
What can I say, old habits die hard. I couldn’t resist 😂
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson - 5 dager siden
You got him so good lmao
Tim Walters
Tim Walters - Måned siden
Beautifully executed
Matthew Hughes yeoman
Matthew Hughes yeoman - Måned siden
Yoooooo the best streamers/you tubers going
CptObvious - Måned siden
Bro I rewatched that bit at least 20 times, well played sir
Roomie - Måned siden
How do you not have more likes?!
Average Hero
Average Hero - Måned siden
Can someone here please help me I'm trying to do the low driven cross objective for week 2 gold I've held r1 tapped it twice n scored 3 times I've lit done everything and it wont do it someone help please
Ethan Georgeou8
Ethan Georgeou8 - Måned siden
How do you do the thumbs up celebration
Jimbo0411 - Måned siden
Oiiii that ‘ Does your player play in red ‘ question was a banger
Bendik Aarthun
Bendik Aarthun - Måned siden
2:25 every 6 duplicates were goalies
DJ EXCLUSIVE - Måned siden
This is 🔥 bro, new video now live would appreciate if you could check that⚡️
Hamish CB
Hamish CB - Måned siden
How many people have packed the 81 rated CDM from west ham over and over?
Millie Hood
Millie Hood - Måned siden
Liverpool united
Casey Floyd
Casey Floyd - Måned siden
Jack pulls KDB in a Guess Who vs Oakley. Then Andy pulls KDB in a Guess Who VS Oakley. Can I please play Oakley in Guess Who? Lol
Yohaan Alexander Thomas
Yohaan Alexander Thomas - Måned siden
Technically Alderweireld plays in red for Belgium..
maria skoulataki
maria skoulataki - Måned siden
Oakley i love u😂😂😂😂😂
Lorcan Buggy
Lorcan Buggy - Måned siden
Jesus Christ there knowledge is so bad considering it’s their job
slslsk spslba
slslsk spslba - Måned siden
How do you not know any other clubs than the top 3 from the La Liga?! 😆 Therees loooads of boards
slslsk spslba
slslsk spslba - Måned siden
How do you not know any other clubs than the top 3 from the La Liga?! 😆 Therees loooads of boards
Casual Rager
Casual Rager - Måned siden
mihnea serban
mihnea serban - Måned siden
Oakley got you gooood! Sooo funny :)))))
Twisted Tonic 1990
Twisted Tonic 1990 - Måned siden
So Andy doesn't know any ratings ie the spurs boards he asked about but knows that acuna is a position change LB that's transferred, obviously cheating and checking futbin he's always looking at his screen
Twisted Tonic 1990
Twisted Tonic 1990 - Måned siden
Annoys me how little these 2 idiots know about the game they base their YouTube on, Spurs boards lo celso who's 82, Davinson Sanchez who's 81 then Oakley says yeah he's 84 like seriously get a grip
Jamie - Måned siden
That bit when Oakley baited aj was gold
Tharish Ravin Ranjit
Tharish Ravin Ranjit - Måned siden
Cristian Iacob
Cristian Iacob - Måned siden
Wasn't it Oakley's turn when Andy guessed acuna though ?
Aziz Elsadig
Aziz Elsadig - Måned siden
Who else always thinks oakelfish looks like oxlade chamberlain
MARIO SANDU FC - Måned siden
How do you fell that james is geting a otw
Spaceboii - Måned siden
Jack Swindlehurst
Jack Swindlehurst - Måned siden
I would never use Andy as a phone a friend on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the time he takes to do anything is painful. Also I don't know him.
Rasmus Bjulf
Rasmus Bjulf - Måned siden
This cheating mug ass fish gotta learn to discard when he loose a round. I wanna shank him man
RX Fishy
RX Fishy - Måned siden
Oakley fish is triggered when you guessed acuna
Jason Wood
Jason Wood - Måned siden
I think Oakley is having flashbacks thinking davinson sanchez is 84 rated
james fisher
james fisher - Måned siden
STOP CALLING LO CELSO LO CHELSO FFS. Stop tryna think you’re clever by over pronouncing players names. It’s just plain wrong
Ricardo L.
Ricardo L. - Måned siden
Bruh!...That was amazing! Proper content lads!
Angus ian Morrison
Angus ian Morrison - Måned siden
Oh the stream for this was amazing
Advit Aggarwal
Advit Aggarwal - Måned siden
Who else watched this on stream?
אהד קשי
אהד קשי - Måned siden
This video was dope
diego el ciego
diego el ciego - Måned siden
JEEEEEEZ, The editing on this video is sick!
Dani Gomezz
Dani Gomezz - Måned siden
I packed Van Dijk NO CAP
mooly gettingpro
mooly gettingpro - Måned siden
normal people: rock paper scissors shoot
andy: rock paper scissors... go?
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
As if tierney played for a spanish club
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
Here for the algorithm
faris fdc
faris fdc - Måned siden
Andy actually packed 5 goalkeepers in one pack😂
l Ethereal l
l Ethereal l - Måned siden
Maybe Andy will pack POTM DCL

oh wait.....
Chase Richardson
Chase Richardson - Måned siden
Andy 100% cheated that last round, ah well whats new this fifa with him lol
Beast Mode
Beast Mode - Måned siden
This year seems like the year for a 32 or 64 YouTuber massive sbsd tournament
Pierson Ede
Pierson Ede - Måned siden
Hey Andy have you ever played FIFA mobile, it’s dope and has the exact card designs
Pierson Ede
Pierson Ede - Måned siden
@Andrew Shore oh, I had that two seasons ago I just restarted when the next season came. just delete the game and download it again, the next season starts on november 3
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
@Pierson Ede just wont let me
Pierson Ede
Pierson Ede - Måned siden
@Andrew Shore that sucks. why not?
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
I cant play fifa mobile anymore
176372 - Måned siden
That was a great troll.
No Tottenham Trophies LOL
No Tottenham Trophies LOL - Måned siden
Imagine they pack that partey in the sbc pack
Mitchell van Weerdenburg
Mitchell van Weerdenburg - Måned siden
Cuess wh?
Mark _
Mark _ - Måned siden
Does Andy use his computer to help cause you can see him looking while Oakley doesn’t ?
Jonathan T
Jonathan T - Måned siden
Leo The Goat
Leo The Goat - Måned siden
Jared Hatt
Jared Hatt - Måned siden
Pause it at 8:34. It looks like Andy is having a heart attack.😂😂🤣🤣
abandonship - Måned siden
Cuess wh
Adam McKinney
Adam McKinney - Måned siden
How do you do the thumbs up celebration andy does
calhan lane
calhan lane - Måned siden
3mins in, great editing
Adem Yilmaz
Adem Yilmaz - Måned siden
Just packed puskas unreadable around a week ago 1 week later I pick untradeable rewards and pack 92 puskas 😂
Sean Peek
Sean Peek - Måned siden
Love Andy but definitely not a fan of the new editing at all
Jack Murray-Hill
Jack Murray-Hill - Måned siden
Sanchez is 81 rated
david wolfe
david wolfe - Måned siden
I packed baby ronaldinho and mid dalglish from my marquee matchup rewards. Always do the marquee matchups
Noah Stojkovski
Noah Stojkovski - Måned siden
oakel literally has no clue about any player ratings lol
Noah Stojkovski
Noah Stojkovski - Måned siden
@Jack Humphries well thats rude no need for that
Jack Humphries
Jack Humphries - Måned siden
and that geeky dude looks like harry potter
Jack Humphries
Jack Humphries - Måned siden
he is a curly haired fart head
iKanoodle - Måned siden
Still thinks he's on 20.. Saw a video where he said Hamsik is 84 😂
KMTS Modz - Måned siden
you should the scores Andy
motasem arqoub
motasem arqoub - Måned siden
andy andy , the last guess was very very good from you
OSBW14 - Måned siden
Bring back pranks
L A - Måned siden
Andy I’ve just got him in the same pack hahahha
Paul Jasso
Paul Jasso - Måned siden
Nice vid
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez - Måned siden
Rashford 84 😐
Henry Rincavage
Henry Rincavage - Måned siden
Andy naming multiple players in Spurs line up that aren’t at least boards
RecinoRemix - Måned siden
I love Oakley so much
Oliver Olsen
Oliver Olsen - Måned siden
Just packed CR7, keep or Sell?
Oliver Olsen
Oliver Olsen - 23 dager siden
@ben Yeah sold at 1.35 mil
ben - 24 dager siden
I hope you sold him 3 weeks ago when he was a mil
ben - 24 dager siden
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
Aquatik Clarify
Aquatik Clarify - Måned siden
i’m 89th
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - Måned siden
Rashford is 85
Troy Sander
Troy Sander - Måned siden
Is it strange that I miss itani 😂😂😂
Edgar Jr Escoto
Edgar Jr Escoto - Måned siden
That’s a nice champions league controller in the background
Andy = 🐐
TutDaNoob - Måned siden
Oakley: this is instant karma for me

The karma that took ten minutes to hit:
Timon Stoppe
Timon Stoppe - Måned siden
Dave Myers
Dave Myers - Måned siden
Oakley: Got emmm😂
Vega 1872 YT Minecraft Gaming
I got one in my starter pack no jokes untradable
Beau Bounds
Beau Bounds - Måned siden
In the most positive way possible, love yah Aj/editor, but it seemed like the cuts made the video fast paced and I couldn’t keep up! Keep it up though!
OneEvilCarrot - Måned siden
AGAIN with the “ch” he’s gonna start saying Dominich chalvert lewin
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - Måned siden
Verratti is the most depressing walkout in fifa 21
Curtis Holland
Curtis Holland - 15 dager siden
Jadon Sancho: Am I a joke to you?
Saif - Måned siden
Sommer: Am I a joke to u?
Anonymous Zyro
Anonymous Zyro - Måned siden
Not just 21 every fifa
Louie Andersen
Louie Andersen - Måned siden
Thomas Müller: Am I a joke to you ?
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker - Måned siden
Di Maria: Am I a joke to you?
simon finaly
simon finaly - Måned siden
10:44 don't think that should be allowed since it gave oakley the clue that it was a proper big guy
XD SJEFEN - Måned siden
Oakley always acts like he is better then the other guy when he loses. Ffs
XD SJEFEN - Måned siden
@Leo Spa yeah for sure. Like i dont mind being called a hater. I Just know am right
Leo Spa
Leo Spa - Måned siden
@XD SJEFEN totally agree. As soon as he looses and andy wants to celebrate the win and KDB oakley has to go and like kill the mood by just being a smartass
Chuckey Chort12
Chuckey Chort12 - Måned siden
@XD SJEFEN sore loser
XD SJEFEN - Måned siden
@Daniel Alegre in this case maybe he did. Buuuuut. I mean more i general. Like why cant he Just let the other guy enjoy it without explain ing why he didnt win. Like cmon now
Daniel Alegre
Daniel Alegre - Måned siden
i mean i feel in this case he did play better
Ryan Atherton
Ryan Atherton - Måned siden
That was great when oakley trolled andy. i died 🤣
Daniel Linder
Daniel Linder - Måned siden