INFORM BRUNO FERNANDES!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play JustEat Challenge

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Starting off Fifa 21 Pack And Play with a HUGE video and some absolutely INCREDIBLE PACK LUCK!!!! #Fifa21 #PackAndPlay #SponsoredByJustEat
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Runtime: 25:10


Aaron Hazlehurst
Aaron Hazlehurst - 12 dager siden
I am the friend of the guy who asked for a chip
FGFR6 - 15 dager siden
james was high when filming
Marwan Walie
Marwan Walie - 19 dager siden
Aringuiz orangnees
Barca Boy
Barca Boy - Måned siden
Snoop dog be like how the hell are you
LIAM_PLAYZ 21 - Måned siden
They said Bruno Fernandez and all I thought of was Bruno fer-nann bread
Sillymoose _123
Sillymoose _123 - Måned siden
I’m a moose...
Harry Fysh
Harry Fysh - Måned siden
James : I don’t think I have anything that will improve my squad (swipes a Everton player to discard)
Aj3 : when edits it (starts crying)
Adam McKinney
Adam McKinney - Måned siden
How do you do the thumbs up celebration
Marianne Johnston
Marianne Johnston - Måned siden
Mate Andy big up I am an EVERTON FAN and yes our team is sick😀😃
Rambo FPS
Rambo FPS - Måned siden
I packed Ronaldo off a 2 player pack lol I never bought FIFA points I’m gonna upload it tomorrow too just to prove it it has my reaction
Me to 10k subs
Me to 10k subs - Måned siden
Me to 10k subs
J B - Måned siden
Why didn’t Andy use mason greenwood?
Conor Hallas
Conor Hallas - Måned siden
Fish chips and pleas..... missed a sitter
DannyOcean148 - Måned siden
How about Eric Dier as Deer as Venison?
Brocen Gaming
Brocen Gaming - Måned siden
What more could I ask for:
United player
And Food Players
james lee
james lee - Måned siden
When he got fonte. I put chocolate fonte on the cake
Spud Mad
Spud Mad - Måned siden
Get delivery like a g
Cole Delport
Cole Delport - Måned siden
You making me hungry
CazzCH - Måned siden
Bruno Fernaandes
Alyn Jones
Alyn Jones - Måned siden
Who reckons Andy should do a squad builder on Miura 59 rated japanese cf aha no cap hes a god
Rudtube 123
Rudtube 123 - Måned siden
Andy you’ve gotta change the bottom of your description it still says fifa 20
mad about trains
mad about trains - Måned siden
Just eat James tackles
Jordan jervis
Jordan jervis - Måned siden
Yellows looking kinda sus ngl !!!
LayZ - Måned siden
"I thought it was geeza chip"
James - fifa 21 XD
Haider Malik
Haider Malik - Måned siden
Just eat had to ruin the vid
Håkon Høyem Olsen
Håkon Høyem Olsen - Måned siden
Really? you guys missed hot-dogbia?
Aidy Wonder
Aidy Wonder - Måned siden
Pau lopez could have had them chinese dumplings a pao
jade walsh
jade walsh - Måned siden
Can u Do an Idiots Rtg On Fifa 21 i really loved that series
covgaz - Måned siden
I am on fire just packed aubeyang
Adrian Cosma
Adrian Cosma - Måned siden
He could have had paulista at cb but he kept kondogbia
David A
David A - Måned siden
Can’t wait for the new Xmas sbsd
Matthew Bye
Matthew Bye - Måned siden
I never got a starter squad because I packed mid inzaghi and Joe Gomez in my pre order pack so I had 350000 within 10 minutes of getting home on Friday night
Róan O'Halloran
Róan O'Halloran - Måned siden
Just got a deliveroo ad before this video
MINIGRAZ - Måned siden
In Australia its called menu log
Ryan Brigham
Ryan Brigham - Måned siden
In Australia just eat is called menu log
Niklas J Bruun
Niklas J Bruun - Måned siden
you know it is new fifa pack and play when James dont use the whole time looking for random informs :D
Samuel MR
Samuel MR - Måned siden
Bro “ just eat” is called menu log in Australia and they’re saying “did somebody say just eat” and it’s the exact same in Australia but menulog with the snoop Dogg ad and all. This blew my mind
HMKD PlayZ - 14 dager siden
Aussie gang
Arsham Bahroudi
Arsham Bahroudi - Måned siden
It's called skip the dishes in canada haha
Jack Diehm
Jack Diehm - Måned siden
Did somebody say menu log?
Jonathas Plein
Jonathas Plein - Måned siden
Unfortunately, Andy did not notice Spinachzola (aka Spinazzola).
ben davies
ben davies - Måned siden
Apparently snoop dogg got payed like 2mill for that just eat ad
Ryan Payne
Ryan Payne - Måned siden
Ginter bread instead of ginger bread
Max Davenport
Max Davenport - Måned siden
Bruno FerNaandes
DC Builds
DC Builds - Måned siden
Could of used Babel and had Babel and squeak for the food pun 😜
Diamond - Måned siden
I dont understand your food jokes
Maybe because english is not my 1st language
Chiiiaro - Måned siden
I didn’t think anything could be worse than Andy’s Iain Sterling impression, then I heard James’ Iain Sterling impression
Ricky Triana
Ricky Triana - Måned siden
lol im american and i kept hearing andy saying chips n gravy and then i saw it an it was french fires n gravy
Hayes Herren
Hayes Herren - Måned siden
pack and play is my favorite series here lol
DVDZ Football
DVDZ Football - Måned siden
This Video is too good...
Has to subs and like
Good Work Andy👍
C4J - Måned siden
bruh is just eat just a uk version of menulog?
CRAZYCRAFTER - Måned siden
James packed bale I would have gambled it and said horses eat hay bales sooooo it’s a food
Kerem Saz
Kerem Saz - Måned siden
Which team does James support? Does anyone know ?
blank _
blank _ - Måned siden
lovely how i got a deliveroo ad on this video
Maher Ahmed
Maher Ahmed - Måned siden
Do co-op pack and play
Aaron Witt
Aaron Witt - Måned siden
Get your own chips lad
Frankie Johnson
Frankie Johnson - Måned siden
Packed mbappe last night out of a gold players Pack! 😃🙂😂
Charlie cockshutt
Charlie cockshutt - Måned siden
Andy its time for the player of the month Calvert-Lewin squad builder showdown
Rishabh das
Rishabh das - Måned siden
Can u do more volta bingo
Budd Dwyer
Budd Dwyer - Måned siden
I always eat my chicken with mahrez
XLogan PX
XLogan PX - Måned siden
Anyone live in WA and know that just eat is called menulog
mattturnbull7 - Måned siden
Can this finally be the year where Andy learns to pronounce Dier and Aubameyang please?
Aksel the lad
Aksel the lad - Måned siden
How do u do that celebration you like
Wizard_Winger *
Wizard_Winger * - Måned siden
In Australia it’s “did somebody say menulog”
cino - Måned siden
@IQ_GoCrazy where’s my pay cheque then
Immense Fart
Immense Fart - Måned siden
@Wizard_Winger * considering the earth is flat I should be able to look right at Australia but I can't dumbass.
Immense Fart
Immense Fart - Måned siden
@Wizard_Winger * I'm not blind but I can't see Australia so how can it exist
Wizard_Winger *
Wizard_Winger * - Måned siden
Immense Fart probably because ur blind how have u forgot
Immense Fart
Immense Fart - Måned siden
@Wizard_Winger * if Australia is so real then why can't I see it?
Sebastian Edgar
Sebastian Edgar - Måned siden
In australia the jingle is "did somebody say menu log" because just eat is menu log in australia
Ethan Norman
Ethan Norman - Måned siden
The Aussie just eats is menulog
Big tobes
Big tobes - Måned siden
‘The gravy from K.. that establishment’ top save there James
Leo The Goat
Leo The Goat - Måned siden
Andy when u packed Dier u could have said dier coke
Jason Amaral
Jason Amaral - Måned siden
Batman and Robin
Messi and Suarez

James and Andy
Pinapple Wax
Pinapple Wax - Måned siden
It’s called menu log in australia
Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron - Måned siden
Can’t believe they missed “creates a a perfect link to bueno Fernandez” 😂😂
Jonno Y
Jonno Y - Måned siden
Erm k erm establishment fc
That Pokemon Pop-Tart
That Pokemon Pop-Tart - Måned siden
I just started fifa 21 today I got the champions edition and out of one of my packs I pulled Gabriel Jesus get in boys!!Should I sell him or keep him?
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
How much he worth
BigMaz - Måned siden
Just Eat sounds so weird haha! we call it menulog in the land down under aye
P0WII - Måned siden
Dcl squad builder showdown!!!!!
It’s ur Hotshot
It’s ur Hotshot - Måned siden
Been watching for 4 years ever since a little before the April fools prank on reev you’ve come so far love the vids
IB4K3RZ - Måned siden
I love this duo...
Bryce Bradnick
Bryce Bradnick - Måned siden
I packed ones to watch ake and sold him for 65,000
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - Måned siden
How much was he worth before
Wizteen - Måned siden
when James realized Andy got Bruno Fernandes sent off XDDD
Parva__ - Måned siden
U had a Mason greenwood why dint u use him
Ryan - Måned siden
is JustEat the UK version of uber eats and grubhub
Arun Peiris
Arun Peiris - Måned siden
You could have done salsa valverde
Emannnen - Måned siden
Riley wolfenden
Riley wolfenden - Måned siden
Could have said u wanted a ginterbread man
Jake Butler
Jake Butler - Måned siden
What is the price range of the starter squad
Jake Butler
Jake Butler - Måned siden
My son was born on Wednesday and I don’t really have the money to buy fifa hahaha
Connor R
Connor R - Måned siden
Where i live we don't get just eat or anything, I've either got pizza shops, Chinese or Indian😂
tate anderson
tate anderson - Måned siden
Description says “subscribe for more Fifa 20 videos” 😂
SASHTv - Måned siden
never been so hungry watching a fifa vid
ColTurner13 - Måned siden
mate chill you ordered a KFC haha
William O'Shea
William O'Shea - Måned siden
No Thomas no partey
Ehsan Alodat
Ehsan Alodat - Måned siden
This video is basically a fifa mukbang
Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes - Måned siden
“Packing some packs” 🤣🤣
Its Militant
Its Militant - Måned siden
You should do a road to glory co op
Will Garnett
Will Garnett - Måned siden
real ones in his last stream:(
Hypex James og
Hypex James og - Måned siden
Correction penandes
Markaza - Måned siden
It’s 2 am and now I’m hungry ...
thank you AJ3 (
Jan Gibas
Jan Gibas - Måned siden
Andy, you made me hungry and I'm poor student so I shouldn't buy fast food 🤤
Yobamakeanos - Måned siden
im like 1:00 in and if they dont say bruno fernanbread imma be pissed
Harry Orton
Harry Orton - Måned siden
Watching this at 10pm why is it making me hungry ? lol
Timon Stoppe
Timon Stoppe - Måned siden
arangeze or how you spell him os a new meme
Will G
Will G - Måned siden
how did one of you not say babybale :)
Ledge - Måned siden
James using Kondogbia at CB instead of Paulista lmao
Ben Rhys-Hill
Ben Rhys-Hill - Måned siden
Andy pls can you make it so that if a player or just marquee player gets sent off they get discarded