HALF A MILLION COIN 50/50 DISCARD!!! Fifa 21 Rule Breakers Nainggolan Pack And Play

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Runtime: 19:25


Ibrahim Alkhudari
Ibrahim Alkhudari - 2 dager siden
It is james but not James Rodriguez
Emma the tiler
Emma the tiler - 11 dager siden
James love your jumper were did you get it??
Emma the tiler
Emma the tiler - 11 dager siden
Andy love your laugh 😆 ♥. And please please give us more of your everton manager of the month please been 4days since the last 1. And really invested. Lol 😂
Ollie Bracks07
Ollie Bracks07 - 23 dager siden
Anyone know the white/gold kit andys using
Ada Sayli
Ada Sayli - 8 dager siden
I think its the icon kit
Zak Lackenby
Zak Lackenby - 23 dager siden
Noah Lipsett
Noah Lipsett - 23 dager siden
I’ve noticed watch the head of the player and u can see where they are shooting
Sumron - 24 dager siden
"Backpass Pen Ref" would have been a Indirect Freekick but yeah...
Michael Castellino
Michael Castellino - 25 dager siden
Simple fix to play with only packed players just play max chemistry matches
Elliot Vent
Elliot Vent - 25 dager siden
How does James not have 100K yet he is such an underrated YouTuber he’s so good
Marwan Abdo
Marwan Abdo - 25 dager siden
You should do it if you use your wild card player, if you lose you have to discard an extra player but doesn’t have to be the wild card player. Thumbs up if you agree
Henry Shaw
Henry Shaw - 27 dager siden
Andy pls do those sniping videos u used to do
Tom Price
Tom Price - 27 dager siden
All I want to know is where James got that jumper?
Luke Scanlon
Luke Scanlon - 27 dager siden
I packed Sergio Ramos in a 2 rare players pack yesterday
Frankie Dewhurst
Frankie Dewhurst - 28 dager siden
They are literally wearing the exact same glasses
James Johnson
James Johnson - 28 dager siden
Yay James is now on 100k
CityOfIce2 - 28 dager siden
Anyone notice the nutmeg in the first half
Sir Sizzle
Sir Sizzle - 28 dager siden
So sorry Andy just realised I have been watching your videos without being subbed!
ItsJack - 28 dager siden
The highest I scored when I was doing it was 39
Blondiejoey1 - 28 dager siden
The best duo on fifa
Zackees - 28 dager siden
James could've used 433 to get full chem on many players
Trav TDS
Trav TDS - 29 dager siden
James most goals in beginner SB was 37? Mine was 49 lol
Liam Osborne
Liam Osborne - 29 dager siden
I had rule breakers Douglas Costa in a two player pack 🤩
Jayke Kennedy
Jayke Kennedy - 29 dager siden
Do a sbs with ChrisMD
We Walshy
We Walshy - 29 dager siden
He said 34 or 37 I got 50 every time
alangaming101 - 29 dager siden
They should just remove chem styles
Jason Wood
Jason Wood - 29 dager siden
MattHD probably clicked as fast as his fingers would let him!!
Rohan Purandare
Rohan Purandare - 29 dager siden
I really like James’ sweatshirt
Jimmy Gamez
Jimmy Gamez - 29 dager siden
Andy I need your help I just got in fut champs for the first time and need advice about my time and my play style
Pablo Vazquez-Herrera
Pablo Vazquez-Herrera - 29 dager siden
I gotta say i havent really enjoyed fifa 21 but i still realy enjoy these vids keep at it guys
Makes my day
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant - 29 dager siden
"You're doing a good job and your hair looks nice"
- Mr dinosaur
J Phillips
J Phillips - 29 dager siden
I got IF depay as my best player from the two player packs so far this FIFA and went to sell him but realised he’s untradeable 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ he’s actually so good though as a super sub!
J Skeels
J Skeels - 29 dager siden
Andy can you please tell James he is so nice to make time for YouTube everybody sub to James he's a key worker
Mouloud Beddar
Mouloud Beddar - 29 dager siden
Corey Darragh
Corey Darragh - 29 dager siden
I can’t be the only one who loves James’s jumper
Luke Murray
Luke Murray - 29 dager siden
James should have 100k
hrearo - 29 dager siden
I got naingolan rulebreaker and mane in the same two player upgrade
Isiah Sarne
Isiah Sarne - 29 dager siden
James should’ve went 4-3-3 with Kolarov at LW as a LWB for maximum chemistry
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 29 dager siden
Did you make your brain bigger in the thumbnail
Brian Little
Brian Little - 29 dager siden
James shirt made me feel good
Reece. davo
Reece. davo - 29 dager siden
Max Sutton
Max Sutton - 29 dager siden
Andy don't you think cause it nainggolan they should have just had a guillet club card cause that is rulebreaker, plus keep up the content as this atm is a daily highlight been in a bad place for a while but it makes my day
saud cozyn
saud cozyn - 29 dager siden
I can’t play fifa 21 cause I played on the companion lol and now the companion is down so sad lifeeee some one help me plz cause I wana play it I play on ps 4 but can’t play cause don’t have the game
Shifty - 29 dager siden
Does Andy reply to comments?
nuckinfuts s
nuckinfuts s - 29 dager siden
Questionable jumper choice by Dr James.
Captain Neon
Captain Neon - 29 dager siden
How have people been getting good stuff from two player packs, best I got is ndombele from about 11 or so of them.
Huton 14
Huton 14 - 29 dager siden
Revanchist806 - 29 dager siden
I still don’t understand the point of pack and play but I like listening to their banter 😂
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami - 29 dager siden
James: because xavi links to dani olmo
Frodo Fred
Frodo Fred - 29 dager siden
Nur der HSV!
Koi Karp
Koi Karp - 29 dager siden
After a hard days work there's no better way to spend your time than watching these two put a smile on your face
Tronka Bricks
Tronka Bricks - 29 dager siden
'defence is the best form of defense'
Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science
Obey Trashy
Obey Trashy - 29 dager siden
U guys r the best duo
mohammed 283
mohammed 283 - 29 dager siden
Andy since this was a rule breaker card shouldve played the no rules game mode
Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews - 29 dager siden
Banger written all over it with the dream team
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner - 29 dager siden
i dunno what u think Andy but u could do a co-op SBSD vs someone like mav and wolfie as usually u do it as a 1v2 now u can do 2v2 just pick someone for ur team and play together i think would be sick mate
Helen Scott
Helen Scott - 29 dager siden
harry and baston who will win?
Ubemin - 29 dager siden
Shrek The ogre
Shrek The ogre - 29 dager siden
Bringing on James isn’t good content
Rangers Everyday
Rangers Everyday - 29 dager siden
Anyone else thought James had a snazzy sweater on?
haron kiptoo
haron kiptoo - 29 dager siden
Just wanted to thank Andy for showing me Fotmob... very helpful mate 💯🔥
Tomás Tahta
Tomás Tahta - 29 dager siden
Andy you should do that you can add a player at the end but he can't be an icon......it would be more balanced and not so broken. Also you should make it so that you can't add a goalkeeper
Søren Hartner Terp
Søren Hartner Terp - 29 dager siden
Andy a backpass is an indirect freekick ;)
Atticus Walker
Atticus Walker - 29 dager siden
The new rule makes it not pack and play. I came to see you build a team of players you packed. I didn't come to see a different sbsd.
Radiant HD
Radiant HD - 29 dager siden
I didn’t even know nainggolan got a rule breaker before this video 😂
Sam Clark
Sam Clark - 29 dager siden
James' laugh is incredible (10:10)
Arjun Kapur
Arjun Kapur - 29 dager siden
Big Bhoyzone
Big Bhoyzone - 29 dager siden
Hi Andy
I love Ur vids and who u do it with but could u try to do some more stuff with reev
BigBoyBackpack - 29 dager siden
An AJ3 video? What is this? FIFA 20? ;)
Jack Petchey Winner Franclean Rajalingam
You are the best Andy!!
Foysal Khan
Foysal Khan - 29 dager siden
Why do youtubers really want dead subscribers who wont view their video, thus giving the video negative click through rate, resulting in the algorithm to boost that creator's video less and less?
I'm watching Andy's video for 5 years now without subscribing. Yeah bring all the hate at me now cmon
Willoughby 63
Willoughby 63 - 29 dager siden
They make more revenue from subs as brands want to sponsor them and you can find their videos quicker
Alex Seaden
Alex Seaden - 29 dager siden
Gotta love James' jumper thing :)
Gabriel Del Cid
Gabriel Del Cid - 29 dager siden
I subscribed to james
Jozef Pawlukiewicz
Jozef Pawlukiewicz - 29 dager siden
I scored 54 goals in one match for the objective 😳
F A D E T E M P E R - 29 dager siden
Nainggoalin the goal machine🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Rhys Waggitt
Rhys Waggitt - 29 dager siden
The best 3 things about these pack and plays:
1. Andy's bad and inbetweeners jokes
2. James laughing at the jokes
3. Andy
simon finaly
simon finaly - 29 dager siden
@Rhys Waggitt Yeah I know but were there any this episode?
Rhys Waggitt
Rhys Waggitt - 29 dager siden
@simon finaly there is most episodes
simon finaly
simon finaly - 29 dager siden
Were there any inbetweeners references?
Jeff Beasley
Jeff Beasley - 29 dager siden
That walkout gave me flashbacks of "Netball THIS!" Love the vids keep em coming
Dave Myers
Dave Myers - 29 dager siden
This one was special 😂
I love the PEN REF scream.
Joe Robertson
Joe Robertson - 29 dager siden
Been waiting to see James's reaction to that 50/50 all day hahaha
Miles Wolahan
Miles Wolahan - 29 dager siden
Where is SBS?????
Sujal Regmi Year 6
Sujal Regmi Year 6 - 29 dager siden
more like Jerome Boeteng getting slapped by Messi
Jamie Carr
Jamie Carr - 29 dager siden
I’m a simple man: Andy+James+pack and play= instant click
John Stones
John Stones - 28 dager siden
Shut up
Lewis W
Lewis W - 29 dager siden
That’s a lot of ands
Dylan Kelly
Dylan Kelly - 29 dager siden
It is
Zac Jones
Zac Jones - 29 dager siden
It’s not only instant click it is instant like
owengaming 10110
owengaming 10110 - 29 dager siden
Haven't watched already know its a banger
Connor a
Connor a - 29 dager siden
Did itshaber upload his sbsd far too soon lol 😂
Keshava Purcell
Keshava Purcell - 29 dager siden
anyone gonna talk about james's top
OG Yummy
OG Yummy - 29 dager siden
The new rule can you make it that it is the same rating as team so if it is 83 rated team you can take like a Zaha or so on
Marcus Linnen
Marcus Linnen - 29 dager siden
and also whoever sees this please enjoy the rest of your week
Marcus Linnen
Marcus Linnen - 29 dager siden
does anyone else enjoy the laughter that james and andy hve together in these videos
tru tv Impractical jokers
tru tv Impractical jokers - 29 dager siden
I started watching aj3 4 years ago I still love his vids
Upton Wheatley-Richardson
Upton Wheatley-Richardson - 29 dager siden
JAKE HAMILTON - 29 dager siden
Piaras Casey
Piaras Casey - 29 dager siden
You better be wearing that Derry Girls jersey next vid 😂😂
AJ3 - 29 dager siden
Tricia Maharaj
Tricia Maharaj - 29 dager siden
I've never been so early. Good thing I'm subscribed lol.
Faris_981 - 29 dager siden
A special card for nainggolan and not gullit gang???? What the hell happened to nainggolan 🤪
Diego Cabrera
Diego Cabrera - 29 dager siden
JkR Sam
JkR Sam - 29 dager siden
Early gamg
archie noble
archie noble - 29 dager siden
finally some pack and play
TEEMU RANTANEN - 29 dager siden
romelu lukaku
romelu lukaku - 29 dager siden
There like brothers not just with there seagulls but also in there looks. Oh also if u know u know...seagulls
Arthur Mulcahy
Arthur Mulcahy - 29 dager siden
Hamzy9320 - 29 dager siden
Havent watched the video yet but I can guarantee Andy somehow ends up linking the topic to Everton
Blake F
Blake F - 29 dager siden