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The marquee player for today's Pack And Play is whoever I get in a GUARANTEED PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM OF THE SEASON SBC!!! #Fifa20 #TOTS #PackAndPlay
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Runtime: 22:41


Emma the tiler
Emma the tiler - Måned siden
Love the inbeetweenwers reference.
adam feras Gaming
adam feras Gaming - 3 måneder siden
What's your number
Josh Morris yt
Josh Morris yt - 4 måneder siden
I wish you could trade players between the two of you
Noah Morichovitis
Noah Morichovitis - 4 måneder siden
Doesn’t Joe Gomez have a team of the season?
Jayden Kullmann
Jayden Kullmann - 4 måneder siden
Hey you what you doing wasting your time like my comment yeah that little thumbs up press it and you make my day the bets
SebTube09 - 4 måneder siden
This video ks ruined cause he used kevin de bryne
Its ruined!
Dor Gannot
Dor Gannot - 4 måneder siden
Damn James laugh is more contagious than coronavirus. Always smiling when James laughs
Mikey Healy
Mikey Healy - 5 måneder siden
My six year old brother packs dybala and de jong and then there’s me : ohhhhh!!! Lingard!!!
Sunderland.1987 - 6 måneder siden
oh how the turns have tabled
Ryan Samurai
Ryan Samurai - 6 måneder siden
pause at 3:00
Ayrton10Football - 6 måneder siden
This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen
Qolumbia - 6 måneder siden
boly sounds like "Molly!" from I think Brimstone in Valorant when he use that one ability
Aov Beast
Aov Beast - 6 måneder siden
What are u on about Henderson tots is incredible in this game
Sebastian Edgar
Sebastian Edgar - 6 måneder siden
moly is what brimstone says when he fires his Molotov in valorant
The_Maestro - 6 måneder siden
Why doesn't James just put a 3 CM formation for full chem on Gini...
Sam Exell
Sam Exell - 6 måneder siden
Are you allowed to position change - Andy changed adama to rf
Rasse B
Rasse B - 6 måneder siden
Fifa Burnaaa07
Fifa Burnaaa07 - 6 måneder siden
Quitting fifa hit me up if you want 1m :)
Braderz834 Fsfrgrg
Braderz834 Fsfrgrg - 6 måneder siden
How the turns hav tabled
Machio - 6 måneder siden
Just a question couldn't James have changed Wijnaldum to a ST to get better chemistry or is that not allowed?
Liam Donoghue
Liam Donoghue - 6 måneder siden
He still says soyununchoo ffs
Luke Man Utd _
Luke Man Utd _ - 6 måneder siden
James never does the guaranteed player pack he just does what Andy gets ,he does that all the time the nob
casperplayzz - 6 måneder siden
5:00 song name?
Tystar - 6 måneder siden
Nobody :
James: 11:28 oh how the turns have tabled 😂
connor_ryan2002 - 6 måneder siden
i got richarlison, 1 milly profit
max hoffman
max hoffman - 6 måneder siden
U should both use a different packed player to make it more unique
Domino Bros
Domino Bros - 6 måneder siden
Andy: concedes a goal
James: *laughs in kettle*
Jordy goossens
Jordy goossens - 6 måneder siden
Reece Bedford
Reece Bedford - 6 måneder siden
Why didn’t Andy pick maguire instead of bolt to get his inform
Joedapro2009 Gaming
Joedapro2009 Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Hey andy how is lockdown going for you? Love watching your vids they make me forget all about the dark times we're living in. Keep working hard and brightening up my day.
Bourne Hunt
Bourne Hunt - 6 måneder siden
Got Trent AA out of the guaranteed pack, the problem is that I already had his 95 rated card from last year which is also untradable. Gutted.
Nikkosol - 6 måneder siden
Can you do this again but with fex the WL rewards? :D
Main Account
Main Account - 6 måneder siden
Maguires head alone would have saved you goals.
mo al
mo al - 6 måneder siden
Piss off with the false annoying
Oliver Timpson
Oliver Timpson - 6 måneder siden
It's James : 'My team is very slow'
Adama : 'Am I joke to you'
Rachit Chhabra
Rachit Chhabra - 6 måneder siden
Who's the real winner,a person who packed Henderson in his Guaranteed TOTSSF pack rather than Traore
Finlay Harvey whiting
Finlay Harvey whiting - 6 måneder siden
james's laugh cracked me up so funny
Ethan Noah Paddock
Ethan Noah Paddock - 6 måneder siden
Finlay Harvey-Whiting if he had bolt his centre backs wouldn’t have been slow.... might have kept up with Traore with bolt 😂😂
Arne Thoné
Arne Thoné - 6 måneder siden
james shoulda done 433
32T Spy
32T Spy - 6 måneder siden
I'm screaming why doesn't he put doly rb
Edit:Now I know why
Fn_OdD Squad
Fn_OdD Squad - 6 måneder siden
Andy could’ve upgraded gomez
Brvdders - 6 måneder siden
Maybe you could use the spare players on the bench as super subs for next time you play? Just a thought great video!
The og Goat
The og Goat - 6 måneder siden
My friend packed 99 VVD in the pack
dylan mack
dylan mack - 6 måneder siden
I haven’t packed anything this year, opened a 15k pack from Draft, got TOTSSF Van Dijk! 2.3 mil, did the PL Guaranteed and got Rashford, absolutely buzzing
Iudex Dave
Iudex Dave - 6 måneder siden
do an sbsd with prime yashin at striker on full chem mode :D
Tazzarboi 1644
Tazzarboi 1644 - 6 måneder siden
For SBSD join a zoom call then when u r guessing turn ur video off then u can see each other
But it’s just a suggestion please take this into consideration have a good day :)
Alexander Rubin
Alexander Rubin - 6 måneder siden
Why dosen’t James swap hos formation to 433? And Andy to 433(2)
Nicholas Friedlander
Nicholas Friedlander - 6 måneder siden
Who does James support?
Ruben - 6 måneder siden
I also got adama traore he’s only worth like 280k😂
Chandar - 6 måneder siden
11:05 hands on head
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan - 6 måneder siden
Nobody appreciates how good Andy’s editing is, the timing on when the music cuts off to highlight something they say to make it funnier is just so spot on, and the way it resumes right at the right time to when andy starts to baffle. The videos wouldn’t be the same without it!
Villa.till. idie
Villa.till. idie - 6 måneder siden
You should have upgraded Gomez to totssf
Shock Oggy
Shock Oggy - 6 måneder siden
Turnes have tabled 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arda Baykara
Arda Baykara - 6 måneder siden
Adama is a bad pack
David Wright
David Wright - 6 måneder siden
Another amazing video Andy👍🏼
That Football Kid
That Football Kid - 6 måneder siden
I got aguuerrrooooooo
Jason Rodas
Jason Rodas - 6 måneder siden
Upload squad builder showdown u wanker
Sam Marino
Sam Marino - 6 måneder siden
Sam Marino
Sam Marino - 6 måneder siden
Your comment person accent is like my accent lol
Dunno - 6 måneder siden
Lol Andy got excited over an L in Adama
Tauseef Ali
Tauseef Ali - 6 måneder siden
I got mane from my tots pack
Kevin Hitchcock
Kevin Hitchcock - 6 måneder siden
You should say any posistions you dont get you have put in the worst bronze for that posistion
Emmett KIndler
Emmett KIndler - 6 måneder siden
Why didn’t James play 4-3-3
Zakk Woodland
Zakk Woodland - 6 måneder siden
The fact that Andy used boly over 2nd inform Maguire actually made me so frustrated
Sidra Azam
Sidra Azam - 6 måneder siden
i packed ramos totssf in a 2 player pack
my first tots
Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson - 6 måneder siden
I am wanting to become a member of Andy’s channel, he’s one of my best YouTubers but I can’t see an option on the YouTube app enabling me to become a member, is it only available on the actual website? Can someone give me some advice of how to do it? I may be being stupid which isn’t uncommon so sorry guys but I just can’t see anything.
TomYorke - 6 måneder siden
why does everyone shit on hendo, he’s 600k and in the Gullit gang?
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly - 6 måneder siden
Can we get a holy moly counter for James
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 6 måneder siden
11:25 Don't think that's how it goes
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 6 måneder siden
aNdY YOu'Ve RuiNEd THe ViDEOjhdfbv;wejrbv;wer;rej;kjh;kh; r h jherhjehwj;krg;jkweh;rj;hjwegh;jrgj;hkrewghejh;krh;jkr;h
George Towers
George Towers - 6 måneder siden
Couldn't andy have used his favourite formation 433(2)? instead of 4141 which is awful...
Clemence Argdale
Clemence Argdale - 6 måneder siden
Should I’ve got Itani on this prem themed episode he’d of been right at home 😂😂😂 fr though great vid
Kabbe1 - 6 måneder siden
Get Haber on SBSD.
Elis Halliday
Elis Halliday - 6 måneder siden
would love an Andy and James podcast.
We Will make u laugh
We Will make u laugh - 6 måneder siden
Umm baldis basics maybe u meant that
Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose - 6 måneder siden
Hey Andy I opened my guaranteed pl today and I got richarlison which I was buzzing about
Strykking - 6 måneder siden
As if james didnt switch to 433 or 4321 ????? nutcase
Lemon akai
Lemon akai - 6 måneder siden
Haven't even watched yet but I liked and ready to watch with my breakfast 🍳
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 6 måneder siden
*in the commenters voice* “you didn’t do the correct commenters voice!”
Sudipta S Maji
Sudipta S Maji - 6 måneder siden
Harry Potter?
TGA 108
TGA 108 - 6 måneder siden
James’ laugh is priceless 😂
Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith - 6 måneder siden
How many times James does the winston dog AWWW YESSSS thing😂
Carter Lusty
Carter Lusty - 6 måneder siden
Great videos keep them up❤
Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva
Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva - 6 måneder siden
Is it only me or do they have the exact same glasses?
Lorenzo Jones
Lorenzo Jones - 6 måneder siden
If only Andy got walker
Joe Tinkle
Joe Tinkle - 6 måneder siden
Yeah let’s upgrade the TAA to a shapeshifter....
Oh wait he’s A TOTSSF!!!🤣
Angus ian Morrison
Angus ian Morrison - 6 måneder siden
I got Adama as well from mine
boymore moreboy
boymore moreboy - 6 måneder siden
do a sbs with josh zerkaa
Alex Montgomery
Alex Montgomery - 6 måneder siden
Should have put boly in goal instead of zouma
Luke Staniforth
Luke Staniforth - 6 måneder siden
Adama is bad
Belsfc9999 - 6 måneder siden
James? Are I stupid? Why did u not play 433?
S3MX FIFA - 6 måneder siden
go watch my recent video to see me review totssf rashford!!!
KeaKiwi - 6 måneder siden
I got richarlison in my guaranteed pack
ItsOJT123 Mate
ItsOJT123 Mate - 6 måneder siden
Bro hendo is insane
Kirby Orrick
Kirby Orrick - 6 måneder siden
Andy jinxed himself
Zanny - 6 måneder siden
When you said boly it sounded like brimstone saying molly 😂
IDK - 6 måneder siden
I got Mahrez out of the pack
Cameron Bhatti
Cameron Bhatti - 6 måneder siden
I was waiting for the inbetweeners reference there Andy.
Hvghvh Jbhh
Hvghvh Jbhh - 6 måneder siden
James looks shattered
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 6 måneder siden
Who else watching this while they wait for 6ix9ine to go live 😂
G_ SQUAD - 6 måneder siden
Invite W2S on sbsd he mentioned on his live stream he would