GUARANTEED INFORM SBC!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play

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Runtime: 20:44


YouAreTrash - 2 dager siden
9:37 KSI
Ethan Etherington
Ethan Etherington - 3 dager siden
I’m watching it when neuer has an inform 🤣
Brad Horn
Brad Horn - 7 dager siden
I actually really like Oakley, I wish he was better at Fifa so I can kind of celebrate when he scores
Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey - 7 dager siden
I got TOTW Rashford from one of these
Stevie P
Stevie P - 7 dager siden
9:38 he packed baldski
Declan MIFFY
Declan MIFFY - 7 dager siden
My packs are horrible
LKP3030 - 8 dager siden
Can you try get Castro on for a Squad builder showdown it will be pretty funny
sammy hardy
sammy hardy - 8 dager siden
Andy when David Beckham's rolling back the years card comes out are you gonna do a squad builder showdown on him?
Connor R
Connor R - 8 dager siden
The reason why Andy scored 4 in the second half in that SBSD is because he was going easy and then decided to actually play.
Leo Ward
Leo Ward - 8 dager siden
We need fut crunch on sbsd
Stealth_ Eoin
Stealth_ Eoin - 8 dager siden
I packed Jamie vardy 87
Recon - 8 dager siden
Pls do a SBSD on David Beckham
shush65 - 8 dager siden
Andy. For Christmas calander you should do a big sbsd tournement. Everyone you know who knows the rules can play in an immediate knock out stage or group stage. And every time someone wins they go on to the next rounnd until someone goes to the final vs someone else.. And you can come up with a reward for the winner. And bragging rights
Hamid Bouchnak
Hamid Bouchnak - 9 dager siden
u should open more packs with the pack and play so the teams get a bit better makes it more fun to watch and play
vez p
vez p - 9 dager siden
Oakley should have put rttf correa
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Higgins - 9 dager siden
Andy brags about getting kimmich every 10 seconds then as soon as Oakley gets excited about RTTF grimaldo Andy shuts him down. Guys a fucking prick
Legitprogamer_YT - 9 dager siden
9:42 imagine packing ksi
Juho Musakka
Juho Musakka - 9 dager siden
not with james?
manmade gamerz
manmade gamerz - 9 dager siden
Is it me or did I just see Oakley play a formation with a LF/RF without any wingers in his team...
Jontu R
Jontu R - 9 dager siden
10:17 😂
Sean Teague
Sean Teague - 9 dager siden
Oakley: there’s no one left to upgrade
Corea: am I a joke to you
Jonathas Plein
Jonathas Plein - 8 dager siden
@Sean Teague I know, but what I meant to say was that he was an objective and I dont think Oakley has done that objective. Sorry for being unclear.
Sean Teague
Sean Teague - 8 dager siden
He didn’t upgrade him
Jonathas Plein
Jonathas Plein - 8 dager siden
Dont he has him tho
Shalan Nareen
Shalan Nareen - 10 dager siden
You should rather play without a goalie to make it more interesting You're just Maaad scared Bro
That’s FIFA
That’s FIFA - 10 dager siden
You should be able to guess the player the other one buys
MeAg4in - 10 dager siden
Kinda glad you done a pack and play guess who is getting super dead as a series
Literally consists of
Top 4 leagues whittle it down
83-84 or 86 and over
Rinse repeat just a bore
Mr Edits
Mr Edits - 10 dager siden
Do bamba potm sbsd
Greg Everett
Greg Everett - 10 dager siden
Can someone tell me who’s series this is cause everyone does it 😂
Arnav Goyal
Arnav Goyal - 10 dager siden
When's the rice sbsd coming out?
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke - 10 dager siden
Going into my first WL this fifa, any tips anyone? Apart from don't lose your head 😂
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke - 7 dager siden
@Da very best Oliver N Thanks :) I still need to learn how to deal with Werner effectively, something about him just ruins me everytime 😂
Da very best Oliver N
Da very best Oliver N - 7 dager siden
@Your Mate Luke that’s sick for ur first week
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke - 7 dager siden
@Da very best Oliver N I got gold 3, sorry only just seen your reply, I'm happy with it, maybe deserved to win a few more games but I'm not too upset, it's a solid start and hopefully I'll do better in the future
Da very best Oliver N
Da very best Oliver N - 9 dager siden
What’s ur record at the moment? Also tip is don’t quit games as if u do u will play better players than If u don’t quit
Tejmal Odedra
Tejmal Odedra - 9 dager siden
Same kinda looking forward to it l...
Eric Neumann
Eric Neumann - 10 dager siden
Andy lets make it when you pick your player at the end you cant pick a gk to make the vids more fun
Navaneeth Divyesh
Navaneeth Divyesh - 10 dager siden
ISL starts today
Cooper Kelly-Williams
Cooper Kelly-Williams - 10 dager siden
Just ignoring the fact Oakley cheated by changing ST Angels position to CM
TR3YVI0N10 - 10 dager siden
Andy packs KSI at 9:33
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz - 10 dager siden
Do a pack and play with the cheat itani
mateusz - 10 dager siden
you can bring back discards, but just make sure everyone you play against has used their 3 discard recoveries
Rehaan World Travels
Rehaan World Travels - 10 dager siden
Who else wanted Andy to upgrade Niane to his POTM
Kenzohh - 7 dager siden
he actually did lol, you can see he is 84 rated at half time.
John Tanner
John Tanner - 9 dager siden
@michael gudgeon it would have taken too long to get them and @Reehan World Travels he did
michael gudgeon
michael gudgeon - 9 dager siden
Oakley should've upgraded Mollet to his special and Correa to his RttF
FaintDeluuqze - 10 dager siden
Can you do a pack and play turnament?
Abdelrhman Aldeeb
Abdelrhman Aldeeb - 10 dager siden
all the players in both squads are stinky so discarding anyone isnt a big deal
you should make something GOOD in the line
Isac Vestholm
Isac Vestholm - 10 dager siden
Why does andy’s pronunciation of Watkins bug me so hard
ScVids - 10 dager siden
Denilius123 - 10 dager siden
17:49 why is Ollie Watkins balding? 😂
BTW Oakley could’ve upgraded Mollet 🤦🏽‍♂️
Denilius123 - 9 dager siden
@A T jeez it was just a joke, calm down. Don't have to go around calling people who are smarter than you, idiots.
A T - 10 dager siden
It’s just the light reflecting off his hair you idiot🤦🏾‍♂️and Oakley prolly doesn’t have a better mollet
Ricky Triana
Ricky Triana - 10 dager siden
you should make a rule that if u pack bender or akinfenwa or phil jones or jesse lingard or any meme plaher that then instead u can wack in an icon
Luca Fiore
Luca Fiore - 10 dager siden
Do a sbsd around capradossi he’s back in serie a with spezia
Dara Browne
Dara Browne - 10 dager siden
6:07 i think Andy just realised he left his dog in the car
Dara Browne
Dara Browne - 9 dager siden
@Joseph Salazar thanks
Joseph Salazar
Joseph Salazar - 10 dager siden
underrated comment
Angielski Lad
Angielski Lad - 10 dager siden
Koziello was such a future star and now hes silver playing for nacional
Angielski Lad
Angielski Lad - 9 dager siden
Sean Teague
Sean Teague - 9 dager siden
Oakley: there’s no one left to upgrade Corea: am I a joke to you
Miles Wolahan
Miles Wolahan - 10 dager siden
Can we get a pack and play with only bronze packs and you get to pick an icon at the end?
Theeboe - 10 dager siden
And correa
István Stuth
István Stuth - 10 dager siden
You should do a squad builder showdown on Dominik Szoboszlai's 81 rated hero card. He's really decent.
Rhys David
Rhys David - 7 dager siden
@István Stuth I'm a swansea fan I was making a joke 😂
István Stuth
István Stuth - 7 dager siden
@Rhys David bit stinky? Mate, he got 8th place on the golden boy award. He passed by dudes like vinicius, greenwood and more
KRISH VASANDANI - 9 dager siden
@István Stuth arsenals the move cause they need him more
Rhys David
Rhys David - 10 dager siden
Bit stinky for sbsd André ayew on the other hand now that's a player
István Stuth
István Stuth - 10 dager siden
@Knicksboncho yeah i saw that he will have a transfer soon but we don't know where he's gonna go. Some say Ac Milan...
Theeboe - 10 dager siden
Noooooooo. Bro Niane, the inform striker andy packed, has a potm and mollet has a upgrade asweøl
Theeboe - 10 dager siden
Just finished the vid. He did upgrade niane
Renaldo Doeman 20
Renaldo Doeman 20 - 10 dager siden
Loving the content!!!from Jamaica 🇯🇲!!!!
Tomato Mayonnaise
Tomato Mayonnaise - 10 dager siden
new rule for pack and play: you can pick three players that aren’t in your team, to go on the bench and they can come on at half time or later
Ryan Kempthorne
Ryan Kempthorne - 5 dager siden
thats a terrible rule then they will will ruin the point of packing the players
young pharoh
young pharoh - 10 dager siden
Baldski 9:40
Ben Ainsworth
Ben Ainsworth - 10 dager siden
Love the content, keep it up 👊
Audun Paulsen
Audun Paulsen - 10 dager siden
Love you Andy
Rhys Waggitt
Rhys Waggitt - 10 dager siden
Do you have POTM Niane? You could have upgraded the 3rd inform
Siim L
Siim L - 10 dager siden
He noticed and did it right before the game
SpacePanda - 10 dager siden
Wtf that lm looks like ksi i cant Lie lol
Slippy Masterr
Slippy Masterr - 10 dager siden
Who else was annoyed that Oakley didn’t upgrade mollet
PromzKingz - 10 dager siden
@Rory N no shit sherlock
Rory N
Rory N - 10 dager siden
He probably just didn’t do it
Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews - 10 dager siden
Loving the content, and the banter between you pair is next to known.
A piss up with you pair would be legendary
Emir Duranovic
Emir Duranovic - 10 dager siden
Gulachi?🤣 Mate you are shit at pronouncing players names
Alex Messiz101
Alex Messiz101 - 10 dager siden
Kieran Ruddick
Kieran Ruddick - 10 dager siden
You should do max chemistry with pack and play
Kenz0113 _
Kenz0113 _ - 10 dager siden
That’s true but it’s a good idea and that gives them no excuse about chemistry
Arne Thoné
Arne Thoné - 10 dager siden
no takes away the point
Adrian Wright
Adrian Wright - 10 dager siden
Love the videos I'm still buzzi g packing a road to the final card
Patrick Lopresti
Patrick Lopresti - 10 dager siden
Lmaooooo 17:28
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva - 10 dager siden
Pack&play should be full quem
Vibbesz - 10 dager siden
I packed if kante in rivals rewards
Jugi - 10 dager siden
dominating first half and then losing 6-5 in the second half is called scripting by EA
Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens - 10 dager siden
Any video with andros is a quality video
James Norton
James Norton - 10 dager siden
1.6mill in the bin in 1 week 😬
lid50 - 10 dager siden
Play more with harry
Mihajlo - 10 dager siden
9:38 he packed baldski
Elyass Rafie
Elyass Rafie - 7 dager siden
@Kayden McCloskey i bet your like 10
Kayden McCloskey
Kayden McCloskey - 9 dager siden
@Rhys David shh kid
Rhys David
Rhys David - 10 dager siden
@Anggi Abdurrahman I was joking.....
Anggi Abdurrahman
Anggi Abdurrahman - 10 dager siden
@Rhys David racist by calling someone bald?
Rhys David
Rhys David - 10 dager siden
Racist shame on you
Darius.ML - 10 dager siden
Tell me why watching aj beat oakley over and over some how got me to be a div 2 player
Ted Karlsson
Ted Karlsson - 10 dager siden
U talking like its big time
Rafa Kommu
Rafa Kommu - 10 dager siden
Niane has a POTM! Why dint Andy put it in?!?
A Collett
A Collett - 10 dager siden
thanks for making the vids AJ3 i really enjoy them tere really good
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 10 dager siden
Im sorry but did andy actually say "kimmich is arguably one of the best players on the game"????
The Beast
The Beast - 10 dager siden
yh hes sick
Skrt Clan
Skrt Clan - 10 dager siden
I love you Andy
Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey - 10 dager siden
Play with rob
Claus Larsen
Claus Larsen - 10 dager siden
Holy shit Andy talks a lot..
Joel Jebeleb
Joel Jebeleb - 10 dager siden
Up the villa
qprtom - 10 dager siden
ive done 7 of these packs and not got anything over 81. And Im on a RTG :(
Super soccer Videos
Super soccer Videos - 10 dager siden
Can you see oakleys big pimple on his nose
Domino Bros
Domino Bros - 10 dager siden
jake drury
jake drury - 10 dager siden
Mark C
Mark C - 10 dager siden
Looks like the 50th minute shoot was going to row Z 🤣🤣
SHIVAM_HANDA2000 - 10 dager siden
Saige Casoojee
Saige Casoojee - 10 dager siden
This duo is always amazing 😻
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell - 10 dager siden
Love your vids keep up the cracking work
Go juju crock, n 98skskdk
Go juju crock, n 98skskdk - 10 dager siden
Yes Andy love you're videos and streams and the Everton career mode 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ethan Roth
Ethan Roth - 10 dager siden
I’m 20 th
TPW 1 - 10 dager siden
Oi oi ya little belter
Conor Jones
Conor Jones - 10 dager siden
Since when does oakley have a nose piercing?
Alfredosoccer - 10 dager siden
For a while lol
Kyle PRF
Kyle PRF - 10 dager siden
Isco heading to Everton in Jan
Plexus - 10 dager siden
Oakley guessing all the players when it’s not even a guess who....
saud cozyn
saud cozyn - 10 dager siden
I don't have fifa 21 and I'm on ps4 littttttt life and I'm early
JA15 - 10 dager siden
So lucky at 16:39
Vinstar Playz
Vinstar Playz - 10 dager siden
Another Oakley vid?!
I mean I'm not complaining
Vinstar Playz
Vinstar Playz - 10 dager siden
@Benjamin Backhholm that's kinda mean ngl lol
CianC07 - 10 dager siden
@Benjamin Backhholm 😂😂
Benjamin Backhholm
Benjamin Backhholm - 10 dager siden
I am
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson - 10 dager siden
You have to love when aj3 uploads
Finley Ricketts
Finley Ricketts - 10 dager siden
Alpha male
MyGuyNotUrGuy - 10 dager siden
No dislikes let’s keep it that way
angela mitchell
angela mitchell - 10 dager siden
itsYahBoiShrimp 123
itsYahBoiShrimp 123 - 10 dager siden
Is it just me or would AJ be a great commentator in a football/soccer game.
Kai Bunyard
Kai Bunyard - 10 dager siden
No views 28 likes YouTube’s on crack again.
Kiwi - 10 dager siden
Very original , Kai .