GUARANTEED ICON PACK!!! Fifa 20 Pack And Play

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PACK AND PLAY TAKEN TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! The team is built from packs, but now the marquee player is from a GUARANTEED ICON PACK!!!
Check out Oaks' crazy icon pack -
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Runtime: 22:28


Sniped - 6 dager siden
15:13 reminds me of among us
Swoosh boy Fc
Swoosh boy Fc - 11 dager siden
Am army
Ashventer - 3 måneder siden
The way Oakley said "Piątek" had me laughing. I understand he can't read polish names, but still soooo funny.
R8Freddie - 3 måneder siden
Andy: I need a keeper Me: You got an 82 la liga one
Dragonlion_0 PS4 player
Dragonlion_0 PS4 player - 5 måneder siden
He got Eusebio
Leeds Till I die
Leeds Till I die - 5 måneder siden
Meslier is a beast in real life
Zex - 5 måneder siden
2:05 lineker is way better than owen
Ashton_YT - 5 måneder siden
My mate did mid icon pack for 300k and got 89k trezeguet rip in chat ❤️
Joe - 6 måneder siden
Joe - 6 måneder siden
cow cowcowcowcow
Jack Briggs
Jack Briggs - 6 måneder siden
Lanier is an sac
Ollie Taylor
Ollie Taylor - 6 måneder siden
I thought this was James’ game
The Donnie
The Donnie - 6 måneder siden
Eusebio Oaklfish
jordan salisbury
jordan salisbury - 7 måneder siden
How do you get all those ultimate packs
Jakob Bryce
Jakob Bryce - 8 måneder siden
Ngl I had owen and he was sick played 112 scored 96 assisted 28 and was clinical in div 5
DistractionZ - 8 måneder siden
Plz play on Max chem so you can just use the best possible players you pack
Jack - 8 måneder siden
what's the point in being able to upgrade who you pack? I feel like the point in this is to literally use the players you pack, you could essentially pack 11 non rares who all have mad special cards. It would make packing an OP 82 much better than packing a 78 with four in forms from months ago.
Leo Vincent
Leo Vincent - 8 måneder siden
More packs
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - 8 måneder siden
Don’t waste one of these bangers by doin it with Oakelfish
James Daniel Dawson
James Daniel Dawson - 8 måneder siden
Andy’s squad name was Owen goal😂
Thomas Schepers
Thomas Schepers - 8 måneder siden
I really like the pack and play, but maybe use some better packs or during events
The_Maestro - 8 måneder siden
Andy: "That little Kalinic guy..." 6'7 👀
Jenson Devlin
Jenson Devlin - 8 måneder siden
maybe like one more pack but a good one
Sam Vasta
Sam Vasta - 8 måneder siden
Oakly opened extra packs like 2 player packs where he got the Alexander-Arnold
Mohammed Alaamir
Mohammed Alaamir - 8 måneder siden
min bror e skyttekung som michael owen - Asme ''14'' if you know you know swedish hehe
Harry Laker
Harry Laker - 8 måneder siden
It was Joaquin not tello
Fxdozzy Drimp
Fxdozzy Drimp - 8 måneder siden
Andy quick tip:
Switch up your content because you have over 2000 squad builder showdown
Eilin Gillesen
Eilin Gillesen - 8 måneder siden
Andy you should do a sbsd where you’re only allowed to use goalies and then play the game mode max chemistry
Dylan Payne
Dylan Payne - 8 måneder siden
I think you should do more packs but only acouple more then you do now should do a lockdown squad builder showdown and lockdown pack and play
The 3 Amigos
The 3 Amigos - 8 måneder siden
I packed peter schmichel out of my icon pack .... he’s terrible
Max Lomas Gaming The 2nd
Max Lomas Gaming The 2nd - 8 måneder siden
No else gonna state that Andy got an 82 rated la liga goalkeeper and you larssonier
Y-Roken Jnr
Y-Roken Jnr - 8 måneder siden
Oakley is so bad at fifa
Stizey oo
Stizey oo - 8 måneder siden
14:06 Andy your rating was low because of your subs
Zac Waterman 7
Zac Waterman 7 - 8 måneder siden
Use more packs, the teams weren't that good
Jack Vaughan
Jack Vaughan - 8 måneder siden
20:14 "little kalinic"
He's 6ft 7 😂
Sam YT
Sam YT - 8 måneder siden
Use more packs like ultimate packs instead
Ruan Venter
Ruan Venter - 8 måneder siden
More packs
Arif Ali
Arif Ali - 8 måneder siden
More packs please
wizent - 8 måneder siden
please more of this
Zwei WING - 8 måneder siden
Do the same amount of pack and also open a silver pack that must use one player in the pack
Mustafarab YT
Mustafarab YT - 8 måneder siden
the game screens are bugging out
Rian Norrby
Rian Norrby - 8 måneder siden
Y didnt andy use inform zagadou
XDBOIZ Montages
XDBOIZ Montages - 8 måneder siden
I got all notifications on and this wasn’t in my youtube notifications?? How dare they try and separate me from the youtube channel
Ryan West
Ryan West - 8 måneder siden
Andy Could've taken a 82 rated keeper in one of his first packs 5:55 David Soria was in his duplicates
Ollie_Brown - 8 måneder siden
I got nakata from my mid icon pack 😂😭
EG 5
EG 5 - 8 måneder siden
He's good tho
Booky da beast
Booky da beast - 8 måneder siden
I swear Oakley opened more packs
Leanne Joyce
Leanne Joyce - 8 måneder siden
Unlucky Andy
TommoPalmer20 - 8 måneder siden
Andy said ‘pack’ more than itani says ‘wow’
Glen Marley
Glen Marley - 8 måneder siden
Andy if I can guess who the base card was in that 2 player pack what do I win? Great video as always
FinJC - 8 måneder siden
Andy bro, I got lehman😫
Ethan Warren
Ethan Warren - 8 måneder siden
Andy packed la liga 82 rated goal keeper in the same pack as Foden
Henry Sekzenian
Henry Sekzenian - 8 måneder siden
More packs just add one ultimate pack
josh - 8 måneder siden
Mad disrespectful to my boy Harvey Barnes aka the ginger messi, he should be at least an 80 ovr
ethanezr - 8 måneder siden
oakley is the worst guest
MASTER TRICKGAMING - 8 måneder siden
Oakley always cheats
Ryan - 8 måneder siden
why not just put the owen back into another mid icon pack?
Rafi Sacks
Rafi Sacks - 8 måneder siden
Do a pack and play from one 50/100k pack and that’s the only players. Just a thought
Liam Pearse
Liam Pearse - 8 måneder siden
I’m still trying to figure out what Andy was doing at 17:25
BobJrVI - 8 måneder siden
How does he have so many 125k packs?
Jake Leclerc
Jake Leclerc - 8 måneder siden
Does anyone know the song at 4:00 ?
A.T - 8 måneder siden
Should do 1 mega pack an build entire team around that
Jai Shepherd
Jai Shepherd - 8 måneder siden
Where is your clock from? That looks so cool!
Jas K
Jas K - 8 måneder siden
Why does everyone keep timed finishing on when you can turn it off
Tyler Everett
Tyler Everett - 8 måneder siden
Andy keep up the good work! I enjoy all of your videos! Please do the quarantine advent calendar!
Alfie Daniels
Alfie Daniels - 8 måneder siden
Please start a quarantine calendar series
Like so Andy sees it
Emad Mannan
Emad Mannan - 8 måneder siden
should have played 4-3-3 attack so rafael gets more chem
JJ Bleasdale
JJ Bleasdale - 8 måneder siden
Anyone think pack and plays are quite boring?
roi shoval
roi shoval - 8 måneder siden
Andy packed an 82 laliga goel kipper end didn't notice
Benjamin Johansen
Benjamin Johansen - 8 måneder siden
I love your videoes because they always help me fall asleep
Corrie Sproule
Corrie Sproule - 8 måneder siden
Doesn't Zagadou have an in-form?
Alan Martin
Alan Martin - 8 måneder siden
More packs
Timmy Games
Timmy Games - 8 måneder siden
Who else got mad when Andy didn't use that juan Soria at goal?
Ben Waters
Ben Waters - 8 måneder siden
This video didn’t do very well
Αλεξανδρος Δημητρατος
Andy you are the best
Arttu - 8 måneder siden
Don’t know why but Andy just seems to enjoy saying ”Harvey Barnes.”
S Patel
S Patel - 8 måneder siden
You should do a weekend league pack and play. So your red informs are the cards and your rival rewards and champ rewards are the extra packs that you get your team from
William Hagan
William Hagan - 8 måneder siden
"The lainer was a sbc so i dont have it"
*no andy he is in the bundesliga sbc set so you can still get him but your too lazy to get him*
Giggs - 8 måneder siden
@L he would if it was squad builder showdown with itani
L - 8 måneder siden
William Hagan Not too lazy - they take like an hour to complete and he doesnt have time for that during a video
Joe Garrod
Joe Garrod - 8 måneder siden
Fave series please do more
Chase Kirk
Chase Kirk - 8 måneder siden
Definitely more packs
Yeet468 - 8 måneder siden
andy could have made his formation the 433 with the cam and 2 cms for more chem
Sam Jenko
Sam Jenko - 8 måneder siden
Use to mega packs and 4 two player packs
Jack - 8 måneder siden
Andy packed an 82 rated goalkeeper that linked to felipe smh
TLFW 05 - 8 måneder siden
someone please comment how many times he said pack:
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson - 8 måneder siden
You didn't even make Rafael to a cm And Oakley didn't even get inform Sané
Callum - 8 måneder siden
I think there should be 7 minutes to open packs so how many packs in 7 minutes and if you want u can add players to your team if you pack someone useful and stop the timer
KING DARRY - 8 måneder siden
Who did u pack 😂
Cy Fawkes
Cy Fawkes - 8 måneder siden
Andy could have used inform zagadou instead of regular one.
Lufc Tyler
Lufc Tyler - 8 måneder siden
You’ll be eating your words in afew years when meslier becomes one of the best young keepers in the world😉
Lufc Tyler
Lufc Tyler - 8 måneder siden
Toby Woodman I missed the glory days mate, I’ve watched us in league one. I’m more than happy with the way it’s going now, I myself get a little annoyed at the moaners and groaners thinking we’ve got this big club entitlement, when I say stuff it’s just cos I know how much everyone hates us so I embrace it. As should you. Proud to be Leeds👍🏻MOT.
Depressed Chemist
Depressed Chemist - 8 måneder siden
@Lufc Tyler as a Leeds fan I think saying over optimistic is an understatement
Lufc Tyler
Lufc Tyler - 8 måneder siden
Just on wind up lads, we’re known for being ‘over optimistic’ let’s say, only way we will find out if he’s the real deal is if the season resumes, hopefully soon and he helps us get promoted🤞🏻
Depressed Chemist
Depressed Chemist - 8 måneder siden
@Tummas Johnsson Reinert hes actually a class keeper but yes the statement is slightly deluded
Depressed Chemist
Depressed Chemist - 8 måneder siden
Fingers crossed
Cam Smith
Cam Smith - 8 måneder siden
More packs next time pls
Bhavesh Singhal
Bhavesh Singhal - 8 måneder siden
Can see some weird whites streaks
Cam Smith
Cam Smith - 8 måneder siden
U packed a 76 French goalie in same pack as buffon
Lma MA
Lma MA - 8 måneder siden
This was my idea u liked my comment lol you welcome
Aussie Gooner
Aussie Gooner - 8 måneder siden
If i was Oakelfish i would have played Winter Refresh Van Ann Holt at RB and played Shapeshifters Trent in the middle and take out that Vazquez bloke.
Magicofy - 8 måneder siden
why is there a stupid filter making me think my monitor is broken?? talking about the spastic slashes across the screen
SAFCNP - 8 måneder siden
More of this with some better packs but still won’t get anyone good
Tyler Cady
Tyler Cady - 8 måneder siden
Stealing the idea from Nerdfire but I think you should have 11 packs and only be allowed two players from each to build the entire Squad from
Stuart Traynor
Stuart Traynor - 8 måneder siden
Just a idea pick 3 players you dont want the other person to use and if they put them in the starting 11 they get a bronze in that position.
Karlich6 - 8 måneder siden
Whare is FIFA BINGO!?
A R Y A N - 8 måneder siden
Lockdown Calendar pleaseeeeeee
jay chandler
jay chandler - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one who saw all the lagging lines at the bottom off the screen coz I thought my tv was broke thanks Andy bro😂
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater - 8 måneder siden
I absolutely gutted my club for my pack and got flipping Giggs
AJ3 - 8 måneder siden