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Runtime: 23:33


Kai Bunyard
Kai Bunyard - 19 dager siden
Don’t ask why I’m so late.
Robbie Wykes 67
Robbie Wykes 67 - 4 måneder siden
Ooooo oooo Oakley is a Fifa yootoober and dint no artur was a player moments objectiv
Voxzy On Tiktok
Voxzy On Tiktok - 4 måneder siden
Packed Roberto Carlos prime from a 45k pack
Martim Pires
Martim Pires - 4 måneder siden
Arthur is sbc😂😂
KING NM83 - 5 måneder siden
I got mertons
KSM_Sharkhunter - 5 måneder siden
I opened that pack I got 96 modric
Edgar Jr Escoto
Edgar Jr Escoto - 5 måneder siden
Tarabert 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Toby Napier
Toby Napier - 5 måneder siden
I got martens from this
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker - 5 måneder siden
I got 91 Allan
Freddie Pritchett
Freddie Pritchett - 5 måneder siden
I got mertens
jj fut gaming
jj fut gaming - 5 måneder siden
Boring af
StevoFN - 5 måneder siden
yo yo so sick init
StevoFN - 5 måneder siden
oh no forgot to switch accs
StevoFN - 5 måneder siden
StevoFN yes very cool
Lucas Boden
Lucas Boden - 5 måneder siden
I got 91 cyprien
Ash Clarke
Ash Clarke - 5 måneder siden
Can't have a video with Oakley in it with out him saying Taarabutt
2OLEGEND - 5 måneder siden
Can you do a challenge with miniminter?
An anonymous Person
An anonymous Person - 5 måneder siden
Could we have a squad builder showdown with mcjell. That'd be so lit.
Murray Newlands
Murray Newlands - 5 måneder siden
I packed mertens
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - 5 måneder siden
pls bring manny on sbsd pls
North stand agro
North stand agro - 5 måneder siden
Andy video idea where you randomly pick a word and you must build your full team around that word I e Silva Tiago Silva
Salami Games
Salami Games - 5 måneder siden
Andy has 14 shots, 5 went in and yet apparently Consigli made 13 saves? 😂
MultiGamer _HD
MultiGamer _HD - 3 måneder siden
Catching crosses, through balls, passes etc counts as a save
ItsJamieDodgr - 5 måneder siden
I got Marcos Alonso and didnt spend a single coin on the sbc lmao. Save myself 300k
Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher - 5 måneder siden
All I wanted was Juan mata got freakin mascherano 😢😢
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 5 måneder siden
I got cyprien flashback from my pack, should I be happy? He is a really good player all around
Thomas McLoughlin
Thomas McLoughlin - 5 måneder siden
Do one where you buy an icon and do a prime icon abc as the second player
Ya_boi_larry 123
Ya_boi_larry 123 - 5 måneder siden
Andy: dissing the comment section every vid
Darragh Larkin
Darragh Larkin - 5 måneder siden
I got fuchs
Eoin Currie
Eoin Currie - 5 måneder siden
I opened it and packed mertens and went wild
Sayeed Shahir
Sayeed Shahir - 5 måneder siden
I packed modric premium I was gassed I even broke a chair
LewisCW 7
LewisCW 7 - 5 måneder siden
Never seen someone so happy about packing malcuit
Max Huizer
Max Huizer - 5 måneder siden
Andy: Let's switch all my tradeable players for tradeable players❤️
Blahblahblah123 Brawl Stars
Blahblahblah123 Brawl Stars - 5 måneder siden
You could say this is peak and play 😂🤣
Dadof2 84
Dadof2 84 - 5 måneder siden
Stop enticing kids to spend money on this casino game
__ - 5 måneder siden
Liam Snowball
Liam Snowball - 5 måneder siden
I got the Alexander Arnold ad on this video ahahaha
Angelos Vlahos
Angelos Vlahos - 5 måneder siden
Oakley's team was so much better and he still got hammered lmao
Tobiah Marletta
Tobiah Marletta - 5 måneder siden
I am I the only one who heard the doorbell ring
Zach Bradshaw
Zach Bradshaw - 5 måneder siden
I got boateng, W or L??
70 - 5 måneder siden
This is such a good series but fifa just puts me to sleep
Joe White
Joe White - 5 måneder siden
Oakley saying "you must do better" every time he's on the channel sounds like a teacher.
Craig Goss
Craig Goss - 5 måneder siden
I got 91 allan
Thodoris Fragkakis
Thodoris Fragkakis - 5 måneder siden
I got fcking pisckzek
Jacks-cracked - 5 måneder siden
I got Fabio 😭
Alex Dry
Alex Dry - 5 måneder siden
Just a comment for the youtube algorithm
herra - 5 måneder siden
Oakley has every single flashback in his club but still desides it's a good idea to do the pack
Ica Basic
Ica Basic - 5 måneder siden
James Fraser
James Fraser - 5 måneder siden
I have 95 flashback mertains and he is ridiculous
Rob Sluimer
Rob Sluimer - 5 måneder siden
could you please stop playing this with Oakley, he isn't very entertaining...
Luke Casey
Luke Casey - 5 måneder siden
Andys stats 5 goals and consigli made 13 saves so how is it that Andy has 13 shots on target and still scored 5 but consigli made 13 a saves so Andy should have 18 shots on target
Kunu CSGO - 5 måneder siden
' it's 1 o clock in the morning mate it's so early ' as I'm sat in my office since 7am sipping my coffee
Alessandro Tassan Din
Alessandro Tassan Din - 5 måneder siden
my man has zaha n uses his normal car
J.J The Mythical Gamer
J.J The Mythical Gamer - 5 måneder siden
I got Balotelli

But in the player moments sbc I got sane 91
Ekrillics - 5 måneder siden
Aj3 looks like a specky hotdog 😂😂😂
K9R - 5 måneder siden
They could've pretended it was a suqad builder showdown around Balotelli and Diego Costa and Oakley told Andy where his Diego Costa is so Oakley ends up discarding Costa
Omar Aly
Omar Aly - 5 måneder siden
"I'm concerned about your level of autism."- Andy
Darae Le Roux
Darae Le Roux - 5 måneder siden
I got Mertens and Prime Zidane in my icon and flashback packs.. finally some good packs
Callan McMillan
Callan McMillan - 5 måneder siden
I got 90 Vidal but idk if he is any good
Justas And
Justas And - 5 måneder siden
Hey Andy, I always wondered how do you do your special (and only) skillmove flicky flick where roll the ball and then chip it up?
Justas And
Justas And - 5 måneder siden
Thank you!!!
Rohan Fuller
Rohan Fuller - 5 måneder siden
Push the right stick to either the right or left and then push the right stick in
RPV_Beatbox! - 5 måneder siden
u should do a pack and play with aa9skillz!!
Chigley - 5 måneder siden
Do a pack and play prank. You could just lie about what players you’ve packed and have a premade squad
Charlie McLaughlin
Charlie McLaughlin - 5 måneder siden
I got Mertens out of the sbc
Jamesy95R -
Jamesy95R - - 5 måneder siden
I packed militao in mine, more than happy with it
joshua etheridge
joshua etheridge - 5 måneder siden
should add a new rule. If you get a player sent off you have to discard him
alessandro - 5 måneder siden
* oakley just casually 'listcarding' non-rares *
Lazarbeam the not real one U
Lazarbeam the not real one U - 5 måneder siden
I got miltao me
Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson - 5 måneder siden
I got mertens 😁😁😁
Cole Logan
Cole Logan - 5 måneder siden
No one:
Oakley: Tarabert
AmiroKin - 5 måneder siden
Goalkeeper diff lmao
Luke Bowles
Luke Bowles - 5 måneder siden
Do an SBSD around the summer heat ibrahimovic sorry I can’t spell 😐
ETPlaysGames - 5 måneder siden
I packed modric
Nikola Bezbradica
Nikola Bezbradica - 5 måneder siden
Is that Chiellini? Oh its Diego Costa
Conor Hallas
Conor Hallas - 5 måneder siden
I just wanted rooney the rooster and it hurt when I got mata 😔
zachary ramsey
zachary ramsey - 5 måneder siden
10:16 the memories of when I used ham as my begging game super sub
StevenO_0820 - 5 måneder siden
I got a player worth 350k called ogbonna
Cal Ludwig
Cal Ludwig - 5 måneder siden
I didn't realise how lucky i was getting Modric from the flashback pack lmao
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 5 måneder siden
2nd episode of stinky squads and Andy has 3 non rare in his starting 11
Seán O'Braonain
Seán O'Braonain - 5 måneder siden
Can this man just not be in another video again please he’s a clown
Alan Roxs
Alan Roxs - 5 måneder siden
Andy has good chemistry with every Fifa youtuber he collabs with, but these two together have the best chemistry in my opinion
miked5580 - 4 måneder siden
Andy is literally the least likeable youtuber in the community. He is so annoying and bland. What an idiot.
Zeiad Mohamed
Zeiad Mohamed - 5 måneder siden
new game you make a marque player and open 5 packs and the price of each packs combined is your budget to build the team around it
liek for andy to see it
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 5 måneder siden
Oliver Ramsay
Oliver Ramsay - 5 måneder siden
I got Wayne Rooney from mine
Nat da Fish
Nat da Fish - 5 måneder siden
Andy: So who would you like?
Tom: Safety
Jack: Unfortunately you need to have built a 7 league hybrid with all the players that have played for Real Zaragoza and a player with a triple stat and 5 star skill moves and 5 star weak foot.
Andy: Oh no he's an SBC
Matt: What a special day
Random Guy
Random Guy - 4 måneder siden
Jonathan Freund
Jonathan Freund - 5 måneder siden
Made my day
Shalom My Friends
Shalom My Friends - 5 måneder siden
It’s a yes from me
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed - 5 måneder siden
so funny but random
D3A_TomHGaming - 5 måneder siden
I got mascherano why just why 😭
Fj Montana
Fj Montana - 5 måneder siden
We all know oaks has normal ZAHA
AidenB 1188 ‘
AidenB 1188 ‘ - 5 måneder siden
I got balliteli as well
Will Hillier
Will Hillier - 5 måneder siden
Love the vids 👌👌
Shadow_ Beastly
Shadow_ Beastly - 5 måneder siden
i got Allan
Deirdre Gowran
Deirdre Gowran - 5 måneder siden
It's so funny watching Oakley 'rage'
Rob Lafortune
Rob Lafortune - 5 måneder siden
You should do some warzone videos
Kaiser349 - 5 måneder siden
Im new whats the rules for pack and play
JLPr - 5 måneder siden
18:21 that just shows how bad of game this is. It's unreal. How is this game out. How did EA dare to even put out a game this broken.
JLPr - 5 måneder siden
@Josh Wheatley No, no it's not. He has the same workrates as Messi who is held to be the best NIF in the game. It's about the game being broken. Look at every player. Look at those runs. They're jogging. The RM isn't even moving. The game is broken beyond belief. No good runs, no runs to make space, no players finding open spots, nothing but jogging lazy runs. FIFA used to have those, imagine, FIFA had something realistic and something that made the game fun. Not anymore.
Josh Wheatley
Josh Wheatley - 5 måneder siden
JLPr it’s because of his work rates
Kyle Denny
Kyle Denny - 5 måneder siden
My guy Oakley called him 'Taarabutt'
SamB - 5 måneder siden
Aaron Tragen
Aaron Tragen - 5 måneder siden
Balotelli should be low/low work rates ngl
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - 5 måneder siden
would oakley of got more them with iwobi at left back and davies at LM?
Cameron Mccusker
Cameron Mccusker - 5 måneder siden
I got the normal Militao
George Bailey
George Bailey - 5 måneder siden
I’d love to see a squad builder showdown on these types of packs, you could do one on the party bag SBC
bhow - osu!
bhow - osu! - 5 måneder siden
i got allen what did everyone else get
Hamzy9320 - 5 måneder siden
I got Fabregas...put him into a prime icon to get Nesta...and I put Nesta into another icon sbc to get Hierro 😂😂😂
Ultimatezeny - 5 måneder siden
9:00 thought Oakley was gonna leave out zaha for a second 😂🤣😰🙏🤞
John David Taylor
John David Taylor - 5 måneder siden
Idea for rules the person with the most chem and rating gets to put 2 players in the squad of their choice and for example if Andy gets better chem but his opponent has better rating they both get 1 player to put in of their choice