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THE HARDEST PACK AND PLAY WE HAVE EVER DONE!!! 12 guaranteed 1 player packs, with a special marquee Road To The Final pick at the end... Can we even get a full team!?! #Fifa21 #PackAndPlay #UCL
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Runtime: 23:37


smithy - 9 dager siden
de roon de rooind his team
Ibrahim Alkhudari
Ibrahim Alkhudari - 10 dager siden
on the plus side you have a full blue team!!!!
Camerooney 1610
Camerooney 1610 - 13 dager siden
4:30 james sounded like the guy from ksi trolling fifa players in fifa 13
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 14 dager siden
It’s tecatito 😂😂, they call corona “tecatito” because there’s a beer called “Tecate” that sponsors a team that he played in a while ago. Corona is another beer brand, so it was weird to have corona on the back of his shirt under tecate’s sponsor.
Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane - 13 dager siden
Every character
Beamlazar - 18 dager siden
I was about to do a TikTok series on these packs but then packed ronaldo practice pack
Albertó Dé La Corté
Albertó Dé La Corté - 19 dager siden
he wrote fifa 20 in the description?
Benito Lozano
Benito Lozano - 20 dager siden
It’s tecatito 😂😂, they call corona “tecatito” because there’s a beer called “Tecate” that sponsors a team that he played in a while ago. Corona is another beer brand, so it was weird to have corona on the back of his shirt under tecate’s sponsor.
Dragon Destroyer
Dragon Destroyer - 21 dag siden
mad sentence 7:56
Your Mate Luke
Your Mate Luke - 21 dag siden
Andy when is the Declan Rice video coming out? Or was it a stream exclusive?
Caelan Harms
Caelan Harms - 21 dag siden
Done one in class at school and got Benzema, love the content 🙌💙
Freshpan 569
Freshpan 569 - 21 dag siden
I packed werner from one of these
Ishan Chanana
Ishan Chanana - 21 dag siden
I'm having oblak andy says
james: Interesting for my channel lmao
Danny Hancock
Danny Hancock - 21 dag siden
Help me out. What’s that celebration when they turn around
Josh Morrow
Josh Morrow - 21 dag siden
An interesting addition could be that you send each other your teams at the end before you add the "Special Any Player" and you each can write down three guesses of who the player the other person wants to buy to improve the team might be. If guessed correctly then they are replaced by a bronze
Cullig Nani
Cullig Nani - 22 dager siden
He bought rashford for him to not even touch the ball 😂
GameChangerRV - 22 dager siden
OMG I acctually got RED MESSI!!!!
Panda Wu
Panda Wu - 22 dager siden
Omg I managed to pack ucl mbappe out of the pack I went to school the next day and I one of friends packed mid gulliet I was well annoyed because he packed flippen gulliet but oh well
Pure SNiiPz
Pure SNiiPz - 20 dager siden
Shut up stop complaining you packed mbappe be grateful
James Robert
James Robert - 22 dager siden
1:58 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Rodrigo Pinheiro
Rodrigo Pinheiro - 22 dager siden
why was Andys face like that??? 18:10
Rodrigo Pinheiro
Rodrigo Pinheiro - 22 dager siden
I can't be the only one who thought James' eyes were closed @ 13:25 right???? 😂😂
Fook Chun
Fook Chun - 22 dager siden
Anyone else noticed there w/d/l records are so similar lol
Harsh Ajitsaria
Harsh Ajitsaria - 22 dager siden
Andy it was an UCLmorata..... So that was the best he could have done for you
Brady Maycock
Brady Maycock - 22 dager siden
Am I the only one who is annoyed by the fact that he says Atlanta instead of Atalanta
Fredrik Rolseth Westbye
Fredrik Rolseth Westbye - 22 dager siden
James you got my everyday packluck mate
Reid McEvoy
Reid McEvoy - 22 dager siden
Andy beat James better for real than James beat Andy in the prank 😂
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma - 22 dager siden
'Thus is how EA repays me'.
They are EA, they don't repay anything
Arrow - 22 dager siden
This video is literally so funny! Love it haha
Arrow - 14 dager siden
@schultz wolvertonka couldn't agree more mate haha
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 14 dager siden
James’ raw, genuine emotion in videos is hilarious
Salvador Vieyra
Salvador Vieyra - 22 dager siden
YouTube is finally back up😃
Jamie Moffat
Jamie Moffat - 22 dager siden
Would prefer if these were played on max chem
Mickail Cristea
Mickail Cristea - 22 dager siden
Youtube is broken won t let me watch
Ali Dashty
Ali Dashty - 22 dager siden
Fun fact if james didnt change the players positions he wouldve discarded the same players LMAO
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith - 22 dager siden
James - that was a pieface Reus and brandy moment! 😂😂😂
Omar Walid
Omar Walid - 22 dager siden
Why didn't andy just play 4-2-2-2??!
Finn Cottingham
Finn Cottingham - 22 dager siden
7:56 hahahahaha omfg crying legit tears
Ali Barq
Ali Barq - 22 dager siden
Is this before or after Everton vs manu
Joel Metcalfe
Joel Metcalfe - 22 dager siden
Didn’t even see rashford 😂
T3cha Toxic
T3cha Toxic - 22 dager siden
Jesse Luimes
Jesse Luimes - 22 dager siden
Did 2 kost me 3k in total and got myself a Timo werner
Søren Hartner Terp
Søren Hartner Terp - 22 dager siden
But we still know James is a cheat after that prank...
Per for YouTube
Per for YouTube - 22 dager siden
James: plays a rm at cb on 2 chem
Also James: complains when his cb can’t defend
Mcguinness av
Mcguinness av - 22 dager siden
Must of been before the prank 🤔 🤣
MegaZord - 22 dager siden
Respect for James knowing his nickname is tecatito
Jack Morris
Jack Morris - 22 dager siden
Please can someone just make a ten hour video of James laughing at Ruben Dias in goal
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell - 22 dager siden
Love your vids keep up the cracking work
Holden kamm
Holden kamm - 22 dager siden
Muriel being a 78 in a 81+ Andy the big brain
Luca Ratta
Luca Ratta - 22 dager siden
Pack and play doesn’t work this year with this pack luck.
Aabid N27
Aabid N27 - 23 dager siden
James and Andy are basically the son, Kane and bale of YouTube
Orson Doggart
Orson Doggart - 23 dager siden
Every time Andy says a joke, James be like 18:38 lmao
F A D E T E M P E R - 23 dager siden
Andy why didn't you pick reus to add to your team
Eric R
Eric R - 23 dager siden
James’ raw, genuine emotion in videos is hilarious
Riley Wallace
Riley Wallace - 23 dager siden
What is everyone’s best player pull from the 81+ ucl upgrade pack. I’ll start Paul pogba🤩
Callum Jocelyn
Callum Jocelyn - 23 dager siden
James - Oh I packed Zidane.
Andy - your pranking me again
James - nope actually got him
Still Andy - No
Robin den Boer
Robin den Boer - 23 dager siden
Surprised that James didn't pack Oblak and Kimmich Kappa
Vaki - 23 dager siden
There are 3 things that Andy always does:
1. Calls Lautaro Martinez Inigo
2. Kicks the ball in goal out when he tries to cross
3. And last... Cancellho
GalaxyPotato9 - 23 dager siden
Lol. I got 93 messi in one. I can prove it
MAF - 23 dager siden
I packed messi, aguero and immobile from these packs😁
manolist190 - 23 dager siden
how can you pack players when they are not in packs?
Connor R
Connor R - 23 dager siden
You could say this is karma for the prank..
Oski Funny
Oski Funny - 23 dager siden
The zapata pack reminds me of “ reus that’s class”
Trey Douglas
Trey Douglas - 8 dager siden
KinG AliRezA
KinG AliRezA - 23 dager siden
Go for totw messi
Dave Myers
Dave Myers - 23 dager siden
James got pack n karma😂
Reshirex - 23 dager siden
DannyFozzy 123
DannyFozzy 123 - 23 dager siden
Bit random but.... NeTbAlL tHiS
Arjun Gopal
Arjun Gopal - 23 dager siden
Are we still in the 'mood' 😂👌after today's pack ND play ANDY?? 😁😁😁😁😅
Tino Stewart
Tino Stewart - 16 dager siden
Chase Ingram
Chase Ingram - 23 dager siden
"good teams only play champions league" lmao Everton aren't good i guess
Brady Maycock
Brady Maycock - 22 dager siden
They really aren’t tho, early season hype made them overrated. They aren’t bad they just aren’t champions league quality
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - 23 dager siden
This is kinda karma for James for pranking you 😂
Zenex - 23 dager siden
Andy: Can we put our players in a squad after this pack and laugh at yours?
James: *scrunches face* yeeaaaaahhhh
(Side note Morata is so bad!)
techdude477 - 23 dager siden
Felt like another prank the way andys packs went
Viktor Schlatte
Viktor Schlatte - 23 dager siden
AtAlanta James, not Atlanta
Tordenelgen - 23 dager siden
Trigger me a little too!
Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens - 23 dager siden
Hit James up on the WhatsApp with a picture of you fuming
eemeli parjanen
eemeli parjanen - 23 dager siden
I packed zakarian
Ryangers - 23 dager siden
James’s team is just pure karma for pranking Andy 😂
Jack Baines
Jack Baines - 23 dager siden
That Lamar miss had me in stitches
player history
player history - 23 dager siden
Dan G
Dan G - 23 dager siden
Big up james
Matthew Mcdowell
Matthew Mcdowell - 23 dager siden
Valente Sanchez
Valente Sanchez - 23 dager siden
where is the sbsd with rice at?
Mauro Van Ruysseveldt
Mauro Van Ruysseveldt - 23 dager siden
I just packed 89 socrates
Tanya Baldwin
Tanya Baldwin - 23 dager siden
James is probably still laughing at Lemar kicking it out
FuSiOn Shadow
FuSiOn Shadow - 23 dager siden
12 mins
Manucho The Sample
Manucho The Sample - 23 dager siden
Why didn’t you use the picture of you with a “fuming face” that you sent to James for the thumbnail lmao
Leo Rec
Leo Rec - 23 dager siden
mad about trains
mad about trains - 23 dager siden
Who is here after Andy got pranked
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 23 dager siden
Everyone unless you watched this video yesterday
Jason Wood
Jason Wood - 23 dager siden
Come on Andy, I saw what James did to you in his video
You've got to get him back
I Am Nobody
I Am Nobody - 23 dager siden
andy loses on purpose
PochongoJ - 23 dager siden
Sniped Rulesbreaker Reus for 100k Andy you should do an episode around him
Cormac Mc nally
Cormac Mc nally - 23 dager siden
Ronaldo or messi
Sophie - 23 dager siden
I did only 2 of these and got Messi and Sczezny!!! 😂😂😂
Kris Wizz Ultraz
Kris Wizz Ultraz - 23 dager siden
..... Oooolongjohnson...... Oooolongjohnson...
Patrick Claxton
Patrick Claxton - 23 dager siden
James got touched in these packs
Sir Manager-Fifa Career Mode
Sir Manager-Fifa Career Mode - 23 dager siden
The best youtuber is back 🔥💪
FAHAD ALSABAH - 23 dager siden
Yes sirr
Dylan4711 - 23 dager siden
Packed cr7 from my second one of these
Dave Crow
Dave Crow - 23 dager siden
Mason Herron
Mason Herron - 23 dager siden
SAme i am the actual og
Muhammad Faez Hateem Mohammad Ghazali
Unknown Man
Unknown Man - 23 dager siden
When is the pro football player sbsd going on YouTube (Not trying to spoil it 😉) but I haven’t finished this one but I know it’s going to be a banger
Shocks2k - 23 dager siden
Do a squad builder showdown with ksi
Josip Vrbat
Josip Vrbat - 23 dager siden
You see that video Andy? Get him the hell outta here... And make it quick
And he did
Ruben - 23 dager siden
if your backs ever hurting, remember james’ 23 most viewed vids all have andy in, your back isn’t hurting, andys is from carrying james’ channel ... joking big up james
Ruben - 22 dager siden
@Andres Castillo less about the series and more about andros mate
Andres Castillo
Andres Castillo - 22 dager siden
Thats due to ssbd being the most fun series, I'm not trying to be disrepectful but series like 7 minutes squads are just not as entertaining to watch
Dylan Goodwin
Dylan Goodwin - 23 dager siden
Oh my god it’s true that’s mad
Memeyguy - 23 dager siden
Who’s here after watching Andy get pranked on Jame’s channel?
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 23 dager siden
Everyone unless you are watching this video yesterday