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THE MOMENTS CARD WE ALL WANTED!!! Kyle Walker as a GOALKEEPER!!! Fifa 20 Team Takedown #Fifa20 #TeamTakedown #KyleWalker
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Runtime: 33:02


Max X1
Max X1 - 3 måneder siden
For squads ☺️
Rishabh Baral
Rishabh Baral - 4 måneder siden
when's crapradossi coming back?
70 - 7 måneder siden
Very original
BluessJack - 8 måneder siden
I dont get why people are Mocking totw moments, its great for all they can do as footy isnt on...
Chaddyツ - 8 måneder siden
Tom hasn't aged well...
King_K - 8 måneder siden
Toms hairline said it’s a wrap and left the chat
Broke Baoldy
Broke Baoldy - 8 måneder siden
Team takedown with Mac demarco
Norway gaming
Norway gaming - 8 måneder siden
Please do a video on the new kai havertz card
fuad elmi
fuad elmi - 8 måneder siden
Any1 else think he farted when he said safety
Kristian Henriksen
Kristian Henriksen - 8 måneder siden
Make more SBSD! Seamus Coleman has a special card now, so I expected a video with him
hostile hen
hostile hen - 8 måneder siden
Comment on my new vid and like for a shout out
hostile hen
hostile hen - 8 måneder siden
Comment on my new vid 7 times and like it for a shout out
Spider Juan
Spider Juan - 8 måneder siden
How about you do an fan special of squad builder showdown
Sathya Gopalakrishnan
Sathya Gopalakrishnan - 8 måneder siden
You should do a prank on reev where u play a normal guessing part, maybe take out a couple of his players, but before u start the game, u should put in the players that he guessed, or anyone u want, and then play.
sahil shiva
sahil shiva - 8 måneder siden
Andy! there is both funes mori in team of the week moments (new week). We got to have a sbsd or something including one of them or both!
Joel Ambrose
Joel Ambrose - 8 måneder siden
He’s got my second name 😂
Lewis edgerley
Lewis edgerley - 8 måneder siden
Ive not watched capgun tom in years his eyes look different
Xtreme MTB
Xtreme MTB - 8 måneder siden
Do mid hagi
Mishel Serin
Mishel Serin - 8 måneder siden
kyle walker just showed why he needs a fut birthday pos change to gk
prodv808 - 8 måneder siden
i really don’t like this orange guy🥴
Julian Reyes
Julian Reyes - 8 måneder siden
DO INFORM MOMENTS FUNES MORI(only true AJ fans will understand)
Dan Gough
Dan Gough - 8 måneder siden
Tom’s logic to go to the championship is absolute trash.
boshyn - 8 måneder siden
TOTW moments is a TOTW or special card that thay got in previous FIFA’s
Elias Rajala
Elias Rajala - 8 måneder siden
wtf happened to capguntom
Jb P.O.I
Jb P.O.I - 8 måneder siden
Tom looks like a old nan who smokes cigarettes every hour
Tom Gorvin
Tom Gorvin - 8 måneder siden
Imagine moving your keeper in a friendly.... Noncey and Virgin behaviour from Tom.....
Hate to see it
Smile Slimes Ecuador
Smile Slimes Ecuador - 8 måneder siden
Make a quarantine squad builder showdown advent calendar
Magnum on Combat pro
Magnum on Combat pro - 8 måneder siden
1:19 I got so BAMBOOZZALED when they changed it from a GK card to a CB card pls say other ppl noticed it as well 😂👍
Viperz HD
Viperz HD - 8 måneder siden
Since when has Tom aged like that? I remember he used to have a baby face only a few years ago😭😂
Duncan Mcglone
Duncan Mcglone - 8 måneder siden
I thought yous 2 had fell out because yous never done videos together for ages
William Snashall
William Snashall - 8 måneder siden
When you play player out of position like a goalkeeper out field. If you go on player in game stats on pause menu it shows all the stats
Mxttcoll 12
Mxttcoll 12 - 8 måneder siden
Love Andy going for wba players 🤪🤪🔵❤️
Felix Elgar
Felix Elgar - 8 måneder siden
Hi andy love your vids
bruh - 8 måneder siden
Wait do you actually have photographic memory or am i dumb
Aria ZiaShakeri
Aria ZiaShakeri - 8 måneder siden
I'm convinced Tom is just Ninja with a British accent
Josh Ramsden
Josh Ramsden - 8 måneder siden
I swear Tom discarded Ferdinand in a challenge on his channel to keep him
X_K1LLS_X YT - 8 måneder siden
How do they get that card
George Wise
George Wise - 8 måneder siden
For sbsd can there be a new rule as in how many goals u score is how much discard there r for u and same for opponent
Martin Henstock
Martin Henstock - 8 måneder siden
Andy are you 5'7 ir something i just fell like you are because of your headsize
EG 5
EG 5 - 6 måneder siden
Bob Hill
Bob Hill - 8 måneder siden
AJ3 upload : Get in ...... With capguntom :ah ffs
Max Ding
Max Ding - 8 måneder siden
Here are some Zhou Ting stats in real life: 458 apps in league games, 19 goals.
LiamHM - 8 måneder siden
27:02 Did anyone else find that a bit creepy?
Sirius - 8 måneder siden
Please do more impersonations of the comment section.
Stuart Hart
Stuart Hart - 8 måneder siden
Ffs. I thought this was SBSD not this shitty thing with this ginger virgin
Celticfanpage1967_ - 8 måneder siden
Andy please do Sancho SBC SBSD, great video 👍🏻
liverpoolnfinity - 8 måneder siden
4:42 orgasm alert
ßélv - 8 måneder siden
ada iklan mber mber 😂
Final Spoon
Final Spoon - 8 måneder siden
Tom strangely looks like emperor palpotien
R O - 8 måneder siden
For Andy to only lose 1-0 is good fair play
Nicolas Menger
Nicolas Menger - 8 måneder siden
AJ3 I have got a challenge for you. Try to play the game try to fall asleep
Odhrán McMeel
Odhrán McMeel - 8 måneder siden
Max chem does transfer stats to other positions cos once I had neto at striker and he was unreal
Adriano - 8 måneder siden
I want everyone to know I found out that 3 cups of tea a day helps prevent catching the coronavirus anyone with an average immune system, just thought I would mention it incase anyone hasn’t heard, the doctor who got into trouble and died soon after for bringing up the coronavirus (may he Rest In Peace) had found out the cure for this coronavirus is in tea, that is why a lot of people in China are getting better because the hospital was serving them tea 3 times a day
Billy Donaly
Billy Donaly - 8 måneder siden
@Adriano shut up with your stupid theories go watch its james talk about corona virus myths
Adriano - 8 måneder siden
I'd like to know if you know because I don't know myself if it's true or not that's why I'm asking how did you find out it isn't true?
Adriano - 8 måneder siden
How do you know it’s not true
AJ3 - 8 måneder siden
Adriano this is absolute nonsense mate My aunty was sharing this on WhatsApp, it’s not true at all
idk - 8 måneder siden
banging channel keep up the good work
Sushil Varadharajan
Sushil Varadharajan - 8 måneder siden
CTB Kyraan
CTB Kyraan - 8 måneder siden
SUB to my channel
Sian Chelsea Azarcon
Sian Chelsea Azarcon - 8 måneder siden
You shouldve made his speed 93 and made his stats realistic
K9R - 8 måneder siden
Max Tomoinson
Max Tomoinson - 8 måneder siden
K9R he’s prem
Lewis - 8 måneder siden
Play warzone
Ali Rageh
Ali Rageh - 8 måneder siden
What’s the name of that funny background music ?
Tally Ho
Tally Ho - 8 måneder siden
Did you know hes the only keeper to not concede a goal against atlanta on the champions league this season? 😂
LOL I DON'T KNOW - 8 måneder siden
This is the TOTWM we all waited for
Andre Aoun
Andre Aoun - 8 måneder siden
“this fella” is kieran gibbs mate cmon
N M - 8 måneder siden
I was so trigerred
Muath 7
Muath 7 - 8 måneder siden
Zain - 8 måneder siden
When he doesn't know the player so he starts waffling
Noah Hall
Noah Hall - 3 måneder siden
Zain Mohammad who? Andy or Tom?
Zain - 8 måneder siden
This fifa is kind of broken some people can do 30-0 with a bronze team. What's the point of buying these expensive players
Footballwaleed1233 098ewq
Footballwaleed1233 098ewq - 8 måneder siden
more of these challenges, this was so fun to watch
Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Yo yo brought back Tom from the dead!
Robert Wissen
Robert Wissen - 8 måneder siden
100% needed this card
Editez77 77
Editez77 77 - 8 måneder siden
Can we not have tom on plz
Office Verse
Office Verse - 8 måneder siden
would love to see a dual squad builder showdown, like u & ITANI Vs Tom & Jack .
Ashrey Jain
Ashrey Jain - 8 måneder siden
Tom is such a fucking tryhard
Will Harrison
Will Harrison - 8 måneder siden
i hate this ranga prick
Hector - 8 måneder siden
The 3 question rule is way too op
NBA Youngboy
NBA Youngboy - 8 måneder siden
im not hating so dont get my comment wrong but i find it unfair that u told jack he cuddnt use the cam at st and your using to icons thats really messed up its looking like your bending the rules in your favour 😕😕😕😕
NBA Youngboy
NBA Youngboy - 8 måneder siden
really didnt enjoy this episode just because if tom bending the rules
NBA Youngboy
NBA Youngboy - 8 måneder siden
NBA Youngboy
NBA Youngboy - 8 måneder siden
don daniel
don daniel - 8 måneder siden
That 93 diving make sense
Aaron Rutz
Aaron Rutz - 8 måneder siden
*packs prime icon moment*.... guess I’ll just use higuain then...
Ignas GerasBičas
Ignas GerasBičas - 8 måneder siden
Why does Tom look like a lesbian
Liam Smith
Liam Smith - 8 måneder siden
Im that one guy: Unumualeruyloyunu
Denis de Lange
Denis de Lange - 8 måneder siden
* Tom packs Pires*
Also: *Toms head turns into a tomato*
Rory Reynolds
Rory Reynolds - 8 måneder siden
George McVeigh
George McVeigh - 8 måneder siden
The max Chem theory is true, I had Ben Hamer in st and he was insane so checked and he had 99 shot power, vision and other mad stats 😂
Ezaf Games
Ezaf Games - 8 måneder siden
aj did do well so respect cos his team was trash 🤣
rankzfn - 8 måneder siden
i packed walker and i let my mate play on ny account to get me a higher rank cos im shit. he discarded him im pissedd
rankzfn - 8 måneder siden
yhh i jus logged on and did it thanks bro
AM AT - 8 måneder siden
Get him back off the companion
sultan ahmed
sultan ahmed - 8 måneder siden
Swear gibbs is like 5k
Khalimba Music
Khalimba Music - 8 måneder siden
18:50 was anyone else thinking Jorginho then Fabinho or Fernandinho?
B6o6 - 8 måneder siden
Dont bring that ginger fuckweed here again. No one likes him
Vlad Dobrea
Vlad Dobrea - 8 måneder siden
I really thought that he was given a GK card...
HLW - 8 måneder siden
Shouldn't be allowed to check players whilst guessing. Should be based on knowledge considering you live and breath this game.
L B - 8 måneder siden
Tom is boring
James Birkett
James Birkett - 8 måneder siden
Jesus andy let tom speak interrupted all video lol
Dangamepro 123
Dangamepro 123 - 8 måneder siden
Cap gun Tom looks like he’s 70 when he smiles
CapgunTom - 8 måneder siden
Crows feet. Got them from my Dad haha fml
Zander Pennie
Zander Pennie - 8 måneder siden
just want to smack him
TommoPalmer20 - 8 måneder siden
Dangamepro 123 soooooo true
Jack Porter
Jack Porter - 8 måneder siden
Everyone who has contributed to this Tom guy having loads of money and fame, shame on you. What an irritant.
X-X parascooc
X-X parascooc - 8 måneder siden
Beter than sbs(squad builder showdown)
Boyan Hot
Boyan Hot - 8 måneder siden
Im disappointed not 1 joke about zhou ting his name is literally shouting thats perfect for you andy
James Roberts
James Roberts - 8 måneder siden
I swear everything about Tom, from his airpod pros to his scummy play style, just pisses me off so much
SolarTV - 8 måneder siden
Love you Andy. the goat of FIFA YouTubers!
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Kyle Walker is the only goalkeeper that didn’t concede to Atalanta in the champions league this season
alex reehill
alex reehill - 8 måneder siden
18:07 TOM-does ur player play for seriea Andy-No TOM-is ur player de Rosie
Pablo Castillo (Student)
Pablo Castillo (Student) - 8 måneder siden
Tom is so fucking annoying he moves his fucking goalkeeper vs a guy who has no defense.
f1igh - 8 måneder siden
Is it 3 questions for each card ohhh I see