Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! RULE BREAKER MERTENS!!!

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OUR FIRST RECORD BREAKER SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! This man is in my FUT Champs team and he is absolute AMAZING!!! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Mertens
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Runtime: 38:17


Emanuele Giorgietti
Emanuele Giorgietti - 11 timer siden
"Crisito"= one italian football boy died after this error. Thanks AJ for having corrected him
Big Boi Boris
Big Boi Boris - 4 dager siden
The osimhen martens dynamic image thing is reminding me last year of if bergwijn and otw promes😂
Stevie P
Stevie P - 5 dager siden
Andy be like, "get that out of here!!!"
Off_Try_Again -_-
Off_Try_Again -_- - 10 dager siden
34:30 nuer you good ?
Blade Scope
Blade Scope - 15 dager siden
Please do another prank video on squad builder showdown
George Smith
George Smith - 16 dager siden
Did he really call lukaku “belgian chocolate”
Six Times
Six Times - 18 dager siden
Di maria did not need a strong link at RB what were they on about
Ollie Webster
Ollie Webster - 18 dager siden
Would you recommend one to watch Mertens over standard Ronaldo?
Riley Crawford
Riley Crawford - 21 dag siden
is him saying belgian chocolate racist ?
Defel Shofoluwe
Defel Shofoluwe - 22 dager siden
Ayo lukaku Belgian chocolate
George Storey
George Storey - 23 dager siden
Why is Ed Woodward in the video
kevin lowe
kevin lowe - 24 dager siden
Where’s pieface
Ludvig Brandt
Ludvig Brandt - 24 dager siden
Why didnt Andy go for Capradossi when he guessed carrasco :(
Connor Irving
Connor Irving - 24 dager siden
Please do Harry Kane rulebraker
Vib3z | YT
Vib3z | YT - 25 dager siden
You become an instant fan fav if you guess andy’s formation
CharlieLock 7910
CharlieLock 7910 - 25 dager siden
Is this an all saints brand deal as well?😂
Macisins tv
Macisins tv - 25 dager siden
10:30 Andy went from 😁 to 😤
Kevin Duong
Kevin Duong - 25 dager siden
How do you mess up the hernandez brothers? Lucas plays for Bayern and Theo Milan
Jarvo18 - 25 dager siden
Chuff reminds me of Mr Tumble!😂
jack mckeever
jack mckeever - 25 dager siden
Giiirrrllllll 😂😂
blackkeiron - 25 dager siden
Imagine not doing mertens with itani
Oday Mazin
Oday Mazin - 25 dager siden
who else wants manny on this
Clynical Duo
Clynical Duo - 25 dager siden
Imagine thinking ur good coz u get elite 2 with PELE ST
TeamBallistic79 -
TeamBallistic79 - - 26 dager siden
Is it just me or did Andy call lukakou Belgian chocolate
Josh Bell
Josh Bell - 26 dager siden
Am I the only on that didnt like chuffsters but now hes my favourite guest lol
Lewis Whittaker
Lewis Whittaker - 26 dager siden
Andy was deffo try harding this game 😂😂😂
Daniel Shields
Daniel Shields - 26 dager siden
Surprised the snowflakes aren’t out trying to play the race card for 8:49
Afan Pasukan
Afan Pasukan - 26 dager siden
Andy fair play you are smashing it yet again, streaming SBSD's are amazing. Also chuff is one of my favourite guests
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson - 26 dager siden
22:51 you do love to see that, pop him in the Nani sbc
BruRio 09
BruRio 09 - 26 dager siden
Downloaded fut mob Andy
Liam Carsey
Liam Carsey - 26 dager siden
The dynamic image for mertens is the dance he did when he scored against barca in the first leg of the ucl round of 16 back in February 😂
Joshm - 26 dager siden
Probably get negative responses but has anyone stopped watching since he jumped over to Facebook?
Jaelen Hounsell
Jaelen Hounsell - 26 dager siden
SBSD on Hiroto Nakagawa, the 5 ft 1in midget messiah, with Zweback?
Seb Stone
Seb Stone - 26 dager siden
Akinfenwa rulebreakrers op
Farhan Choudhry
Farhan Choudhry - 26 dager siden
Please do a video with manny
Kyle Saliba
Kyle Saliba - 26 dager siden
The real question is why did he use the otw version of arthur. He could have used the normal card and saved money on the discard
Finn Carroll
Finn Carroll - 26 dager siden
belgian waffle and belgain choclate a bit racict am i right
Finn Carroll
Finn Carroll - 26 dager siden
for de bruyne and lukaku
Tudgeyy - 26 dager siden
hang on, did he call Lukaku and KDB belgian waffle and Chocolate?
The Chosen One 2.0
The Chosen One 2.0 - 26 dager siden
That Dynamic Image is from his match against Barca
Ballestad Barnehage
Ballestad Barnehage - 26 dager siden
You should make a squad builder showdown on rulebreaker Opara
James 8104
James 8104 - 26 dager siden
we want pieface
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor - 26 dager siden
Where’s Itani videos??
Ty - 26 dager siden
Why is ed woodward playing fifa instead of signing players for man utd.
Sean Windsor
Sean Windsor - 26 dager siden
Chuffs looks like Ed Woodward
Pyry Terä
Pyry Terä - 26 dager siden
Where’s Itani?
ryan mcnair
ryan mcnair - 26 dager siden
Why does he look like man uniteds chairmen
Chuffsters - 26 dager siden
Cheers for having me mate, loved it
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy - 26 dager siden
Now 2Sync are on ps4 can you do one with them. That'd be fantastic 👌👌👌
Younes Hessani
Younes Hessani - 26 dager siden
Where is the declan rice squad builder showdown?
James Turner
James Turner - 26 dager siden
Your videos are sick but the background music is soooo annoying have to stop watching
joseph kelly
joseph kelly - 26 dager siden
Clear to see he’s only good because of his super team then
Ajp17 - 26 dager siden
8:49 my man called KDB Belgium waffle and lukaku Belgium Chocolate 🤦‍♂️ 😂
Rapid Instinct
Rapid Instinct - 26 dager siden
Do a SBS with zerkaa
riccardoBER - 26 dager siden
Are you mad should have been with ITANI
Pricey - 26 dager siden
I love this Andy! Being able to play with the real Ed Woodward
Martin - 26 dager siden
He definitely said I like your cut g
Danny Portillo
Danny Portillo - 26 dager siden
This was so trash!!
Dan Appleby
Dan Appleby - 26 dager siden
Invite manny
Thunder Head
Thunder Head - 26 dager siden
Criscito looks like chuffs
reubon146 - 26 dager siden
Sbsd on rule breaker lukaku with nepenthez!😀
Yikun Pan
Yikun Pan - 26 dager siden
Andy , quick question why dont u have a Charmander in ur collection ?
Jason Wood
Jason Wood - 27 dager siden
Andy: Don't use the 3412 formation in this FIFA
Me: Ok, thanks mate
Cassiel Blum
Cassiel Blum - 27 dager siden
Do something with nepenthez?
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor - 27 dager siden
Pls do one with Fuji
Streets_Goals MakaMan2472
Streets_Goals MakaMan2472 - 27 dager siden
Andy I. Know you love Everton so you should start an Everton career mode
Like so the legend can see
MAX91 - 27 dager siden
If i can suggest something for the future, is to start changing the in game songs you use. If i dont remember badly you're using it since FIFA 16
Hassan Zakaria
Hassan Zakaria - 27 dager siden
You should do an episode on Rulebreaker teixeira. He’s been broken for me
dekk - 27 dager siden
we all know fotmob is a btec onefootball
Chnh3mk Ss
Chnh3mk Ss - 27 dager siden
chuff looks like bayerns manager
Better Than You
Better Than You - 27 dager siden
Mertens’ signature dance is on his dynamic imagine, it’s also on his flashback but he does it like all the time and Victor Osimhen was doing it with him and they both got special cards
Marcus Gibbs
Marcus Gibbs - 27 dager siden
Stop picking strong links for the whole squad. Makes it so much less entertaining and Andy does this all the time.
Marcus Gibbs
Marcus Gibbs - 27 dager siden
Another video where Andy just picks strong links all over making the video boring as chuffs has no chance of guessing his players. I know it’s the aim of the game but Andy does this so much and makes it less entertaining knowing people have no chance
Simon Dam
Simon Dam - 27 dager siden
This is not theo it is Lucas
Kev Boys
Kev Boys - 27 dager siden
Dead jokes
bob - 27 dager siden
Andy is racist 😂😂😂Belgium chocolate lukaku
CityOfIce2 - 27 dager siden
You know Handanovic?
avfc 69
avfc 69 - 27 dager siden
Should’ve picked super jack he’s the best player in the premier league
Hunter 1213
Hunter 1213 - 27 dager siden
Skriniar was disgusting that game, he stonewalled Chuff every time he got in the box
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - 27 dager siden
Here for the algorithm
Hi There
Hi There - 27 dager siden
let's respect Andy and give him credit, he's given so many under the rader FIFA content creators more following due to the collabs ifs wholesome
Hi There
Hi There - 27 dager siden
love this video man put chuffs in more videos
Miguel Viana-Almeida
Miguel Viana-Almeida - 27 dager siden
get castro he said hes down just needs to be asked
Ruben - 27 dager siden
Andy do a video with David meyler again mate
Hxrris - 27 dager siden
Sholud update the description as it still says fifa 20
Nick Zara
Nick Zara - 27 dager siden
I got futmob cause of you
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis - 27 dager siden
i’m still waiting for someone to whip out the clinton mata, deli and mignolet triple strong link
Stevie P
Stevie P - 5 dager siden
Hey, just wanted to say I packed rashford in my pre orders 😂
Alan V
Alan V - 27 dager siden
Martens already has insane shooting I reckon put on an engine to boost pace passing and dribbling
Brage Skaanes
Brage Skaanes - 27 dager siden
How do u Get the green arrows to make the player run?
anthony Leon
anthony Leon - 27 dager siden
In need of something to motivate me I just got laid off cuz of covid and on my way home from my last day of work the motor went out in my car and I'm afraid I won't be able to support my kid please help nice words mean a lot
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 27 dager siden
Mertens dynamic image is his little dance celebration that he does.
Yung Iceyy
Yung Iceyy - 27 dager siden
Chuff is one of the most underrated Fifa content creator he is hilarious
Bryan Barraza
Bryan Barraza - 27 dager siden
Chuffs didnt even need a strong link at RB
Stxtic-fusion - 27 dager siden
Hey, just wanted to say I packed rashford in my pre orders 😂
Liam WM
Liam WM - 27 dager siden
How does Andy get those arrows showing where his run is could really do with that
TYPICAL WTASON - 27 dager siden
Newcastle 2 - 1 Everton
JAM x ninja
JAM x ninja - 27 dager siden
8:46 aannddyy😂
TYPICAL WTASON - 27 dager siden
TheDiamondDemon YT
TheDiamondDemon YT - 27 dager siden
If I had Andy's defence I would made it alderweireld, vvd and de vrij.and then lloris in goal
cino - 27 dager siden
His dynamic image is based on a celebration he had that he first did when he scored in the Champions League against Barca. The kitman for Napoli, who always makes the team coffee, wasn’t able to make the trip due to an accident. He often does a similar dance to that, and Mertens loves him, so he dedicated the goal to him. Now this is basically his go to celebration
A - 26 dager siden
iK1xn - 27 dager siden
It was nice of you to bring your dad on the series