Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! ROAD TO THE FINAL SALAH!!!

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1.6 MILLION COINS!!!! Oakley put's his money where his mouth is in our most expensive Squad Builder Showdown of Fifa 21... Champions League Road To The Final Mo Salah #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Salah
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Runtime: 32:49


Temperr Clapz09
Temperr Clapz09 - 47 minutter siden
Oakle is thinking that de brune is 90 de brune who do u think I am
Oliver Sharman
Oliver Sharman - 4 dager siden
Every Youtuber has improved at Fifa besides Oakley
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe - 6 dager siden
Literally no one thinks Oakley is good at fifa or sniping or is knowledgeable about guess who, same as jack’s bad at squad building yet both think they have a reputation 😂😂 clueless
maxenetti - 7 dager siden
This commenting is massive.
Erickson Mata
Erickson Mata - 7 dager siden
The fact you didn’t do this one with jack smh Andy🤦🏼‍♂️
AnimeGlasses Guy
AnimeGlasses Guy - 8 dager siden
oakley is hilarious
Dr4gonz YT
Dr4gonz YT - 8 dager siden
I watced the whole video just to see him forgot to edit at the end 😂
Gunner For life
Gunner For life - 9 dager siden
Uno it’s not a swuad builder show down with Oakley if he doesn’t push in his EarPods at least once
Philo Kamel
Philo Kamel - 9 dager siden
12:06 you should went for Fede valverde
Tboy munchen
Tboy munchen - 10 dager siden
U said right wing and he took out Kimmich instead of rw 🤣
josh Warren
josh Warren - 10 dager siden
Where’s the Declan rice SBSD?
Leonardo Naked
Leonardo Naked - 10 dager siden
Eman D'Angelo
Eman D'Angelo - 10 dager siden
Oakley is the worst fifa player I’ve ever seen😂 it’s his job and his hopeless plus so up himself bloke takes himself so serious
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez - 10 dager siden
crazy how Andy got oxlade-chamberlain on squad builder showdown
JFCI - 10 dager siden
Lorenzo Valdez
Lorenzo Valdez - 10 dager siden
I swear Oakley is such a melon haha
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez - 10 dager siden
bro u gotta inv nep or like aa9 to these
Haris Shahril
Haris Shahril - 10 dager siden
Oaklefish: There are some stinky card in there
Also Oaklefish: Proceed to pick Luiz Felipe and Bastos
Also Oaklefish: Proceed to lose the game because of the defender
MadBot - 10 dager siden
Guys buy the ps5 so his intro is shorter. I’m so big brain
OG_Lost - 10 dager siden
How do I do the celebration at 22:49
ZCIDE_ FN - 10 dager siden
He said rw
Dickinson Jay
Dickinson Jay - 10 dager siden
Why did they both use the same striker?
Emmanuel Ekundayo
Emmanuel Ekundayo - 10 dager siden
Just nearly discarding Kimmich huh
BD Covers
BD Covers - 10 dager siden
I remember watching you so long ago when the sbs were 15min long. Why make them half an hour + know
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 11 dager siden
You should do player of the month son next
Beletsky - 11 dager siden
Andy out here building hybrids
lukita - 11 dager siden
You dont say the u in Guerreiro, its just "gerreiro" :)
Bryan Gameplay57
Bryan Gameplay57 - 11 dager siden
Try hard 😂
TOBIAZO - 11 dager siden
Oakelfish looks so much like Alex Oxlade Chamberlain lol
M1Fifa 4K
M1Fifa 4K - 11 dager siden
Oakley has been boss on videos lately
Millan Minter
Millan Minter - 11 dager siden
Andy literally used my front 3
Binks Mania
Binks Mania - 11 dager siden
Oakley bitching about a 79 rated, put in a 76 and 77 what a RAT 😂😂😂
marc hardingham
marc hardingham - 11 dager siden
I enjoy these but you do waffle A LOT 😂
Valente Sanchez
Valente Sanchez - 11 dager siden
mate still waiting on that 11/10 sbsd where it at?
Niraj Ganatra
Niraj Ganatra - 11 dager siden
andy complains about itani making a prem team with 78 and 81 players then does it himself
Ryan Jetten élève
Ryan Jetten élève - 11 dager siden
Tsimikas is a hidden gem as he could link with prem CB or with Manolas to build a serie A defense. He’s 76 rated but very very good
Connor R
Connor R - 11 dager siden
Its so obvious that Andy let's Oakley come back into it cos he doesn't want to feel bad.
Why Tea
Why Tea - 11 dager siden
Only og’s will rember when Andy pranked reeve on squad builder showdown
Tom - 11 dager siden
Why did oakley go for a monster squad and then a defence that wouldn’t get picked for a 5 a side !!?
Cade Koehler
Cade Koehler - 12 dager siden
"I think it's a flip of the dice"-Oakelfish"
Dadof2 84
Dadof2 84 - 12 dager siden
Should add a minimum team spend. Apart from the main player.
Hero 1
Hero 1 - 12 dager siden
You think your cool but your a fool
Ahmad Sabbah
Ahmad Sabbah - 12 dager siden
No offence towards fish but he complains about his defence when he picks bastos and felipe. Like what do u expect?
Ahmad Sabbah
Ahmad Sabbah - 12 dager siden
Also picks gereiro and weiser like common
The GOAT - 12 dager siden
SALAH centre cb, hurts listening too
Deez Memes
Deez Memes - 12 dager siden
Can you do it on grismen pls
Oisín Brady
Oisín Brady - 12 dager siden
Oakley discarded kimmich for no reason he said RW not LW lol
Dylan 2413
Dylan 2413 - 12 dager siden
Can u do a sbsd with miniminter
Steven Tickle
Steven Tickle - 12 dager siden
What's the name of Andy goal celeb
Steve Nash
Steve Nash - 12 dager siden
Imagine being able to afford to put up RTTF Salah 😂
J'maani Jarris
J'maani Jarris - 12 dager siden
Andy do a squad builder showdown with a sidemen member pls
Melanie Carey
Melanie Carey - 12 dager siden
Oakly is terrible at Fifa dk why he’s being big headed and making sly disses
Scott Farrell
Scott Farrell - 12 dager siden
As much as I love Oakley, I love when his smugness is wiped away from him more 😂
Sam H
Sam H - 12 dager siden
Where’s the Declan Rice SBSD?
Anaru Patrick
Anaru Patrick - 12 dager siden
Full Prem team is disgusting
Brooky_ Uth
Brooky_ Uth - 12 dager siden
Let’s Be Honest Andy Is So Good On This Fifa
badgalbenji - 12 dager siden
Love the mind games from oak lol
Grant Simpson
Grant Simpson - 12 dager siden
More videos with Oaks, legend👍
Sudsy - 12 dager siden
Is Oakely any better at Fifa yet? Hes a nice bloak but I dont really like watching Andy being a sweat vs his casual friends.
The Gaming Ace
The Gaming Ace - 12 dager siden
Where’s the Declan rice squad builder showdown andy
Strawbry Jamz
Strawbry Jamz - 12 dager siden
The best Squad Builder Showdown for a long while, credit to Andy and Oaklefish.
Welly Camo14
Welly Camo14 - 12 dager siden
Rw takes out his left wing 😂😂
Harry To
Harry To - 12 dager siden
Oakley talks so much waffle for a guy who puts dead cbs in his team, rightio mate
Liam DOLECKI - 12 dager siden
Like watching a Sweaty Fut Champs game
Zoomy7 - 12 dager siden
Salah ruined his hair :(
catalyst 123
catalyst 123 - 12 dager siden
Oklfish goes Aj3 your a woosy Aj3 wins 6-2😂😂😂
Hamza Ibra Khoudharry
Hamza Ibra Khoudharry - 12 dager siden
I swear Oakley Fish looks like Alex Oxlade Chamberlain
Finlay Anderson
Finlay Anderson - 12 dager siden
Random Reaver
Random Reaver - 12 dager siden
Fun Fact. CAM is Apparently the Central CB Position
Alex Khatisashvili
Alex Khatisashvili - 12 dager siden
Do it witch w2s again
footy brayden
footy brayden - 12 dager siden
Why does oakley look a bit like oxlade chamberlain
SuperRonnie - 12 dager siden
Oakley? Always looks like he doesnt want to win
Ben Clare
Ben Clare - 12 dager siden
Does Oakley know his left from rights😂😂
Enzombie - 12 dager siden
I thought that choosing old untransfered cards was against the rules
jimmytipsTV - 12 dager siden
Oak - “I’m gonna guess all your players I’ve studied you”
Picks zero
Sajt - 12 dager siden
30:36 "Salah was central centerback "
Cillian Boyle
Cillian Boyle - 12 dager siden
23:09 am I the only one that seen the guy in the ground twerking
Jordan Hinchcliffe
Jordan Hinchcliffe - 12 dager siden
Oakel he said RW not LW? Why did you get rid of kimmich....
HamiV Plays
HamiV Plays - 12 dager siden
I know I’m not going to get a reply or a sub but pls @AJ3
liam lusted
liam lusted - 12 dager siden
Strange how you can say you don’t think you played to badly and yet still not have a shot after half time? Defenders are important but if you don’t know how to defend then you’re always going to concede.
Issaac Hansen
Issaac Hansen - 12 dager siden
If somehow you can give someone this player if you guess you won’t regret it. Christian Gauseth.
aahan gautam
aahan gautam - 12 dager siden
Not the best day for salah i think he is positive for the virus and i feel bad (awesome vid aj3)
Hannu Torrekens
Hannu Torrekens - 12 dager siden
Guessing players in the prem is too hard, there's just too many.
Desch 22
Desch 22 - 12 dager siden
And Andy ain’t playing around either 💀💀💀
Desch 22
Desch 22 - 12 dager siden
Let’s pause to say Oaklfish has all strong links 👀🙆🏽
Vimal Venkat
Vimal Venkat - 12 dager siden
Do with Bateson
KYLE PATRICK VINYARD - 12 dager siden
Versatility - 12 dager siden
Of course he does a big one against the oak man and not Tom or someone he knows will beat him
Arthur Pearson
Arthur Pearson - 12 dager siden
oakley do you wanna cry anymore
Rafael Velez Hervas
Rafael Velez Hervas - 12 dager siden
I hate al that boring intro talk
Matthew Omega
Matthew Omega - 12 dager siden
Oakleys cockyness went out the video very quick lol
erik0kyle0stan0kenny - 12 dager siden
Adrian Laurent 25
Adrian Laurent 25 - 12 dager siden
where does he stream?
K51olajitobit HD
K51olajitobit HD - 12 dager siden
Call the Christmas sbsd series squad builder snowdown plz 🤞🏼
Like so Andy sees
Rahil Tahkker
Rahil Tahkker - 12 dager siden
Andy u hv succha a punchable face
Joshua Rossette
Joshua Rossette - 12 dager siden
oakelfish is so deaf i swear lol
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar - 12 dager siden
Andy slowly turning into itani building full prem teams and using stinky cards
the dawg
the dawg - 12 dager siden
Your RW
Takes out LW
Fish been smokin to much 🍁
S U iB x
S U iB x - 12 dager siden
Hoping everyone else was praying for a good result for OakelFish too. Man turned up with balls this episode.
P0WII - 12 dager siden
I swear Oakley always discards the wrong position and it always tends to be the better position he discards lol
Robert Verwijs
Robert Verwijs - 12 dager siden
Omfg i cant stand that oakley loser.