Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! PLAYER OF THE MONTH CALVERT-LEWIN!!!

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The first Premier League Player Of The Month is AN EVERTON PLAYER!!!! If I lose this Squad Builder Showdown and have to discard POTM DCL... #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #POTM
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Runtime: 39:43


Kayden McCloskey
Kayden McCloskey - 12 dager siden
The 7 2 part tho
Max Hall
Max Hall - 19 dager siden
He should do jack grealish
Christian Hazelrig
Christian Hazelrig - 21 dag siden
bayern are the best team in the worls
Cameron Eskins
Cameron Eskins - 28 dager siden
You had 1 more pick
Callum Lucas
Callum Lucas - Måned siden
Finnegan Dobbels
Finnegan Dobbels - Måned siden
I think when they use a untradeabel player as the star, they shouldn’t discard him just the whole other team
Diden Salahi
Diden Salahi - Måned siden
How are you doing the thumbs up celebration
Reagan G
Reagan G - Måned siden
How can he win player of the month when he's a manager
Glynn Mulcahy
Glynn Mulcahy - Måned siden
What camera angle is that
Glynn Mulcahy
Glynn Mulcahy - Måned siden
In game
Luis Diego Arévalo
Luis Diego Arévalo - Måned siden
Where’s Harry at????? This was supposed to be w Harry
Vanzh / Tom
Vanzh / Tom - Måned siden
Why does Callum Rowe look like Joe Calzaghe in game 😂😂
RyZe Official
RyZe Official - Måned siden
I need to know how to do that thumbs up celebration🤣🤣
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - Måned siden
I hate the blue champions league cards, they just look so depressing
Blessed Boy SPLASH
Blessed Boy SPLASH - Måned siden
Do a ands on dest
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed - Måned siden
Get la5ty on
C0mpleX -
C0mpleX - - Måned siden
Why did he only do 3 discards when there was a goal difference of 4
Bradley Wortley
Bradley Wortley - Måned siden
He might have lost a phone and his DCL but at least he demonetised the video for Andy lol. Wash your mouth out Curtis!
Charlie Parkinson
Charlie Parkinson - Måned siden
How do u do that celebration Andy keeps doing?
Only1Micah - Måned siden
hE cAn'T wIn pLaYeR oF tHe mOnTh iF hE iS aCtUaLlY
Ikarus 04
Ikarus 04 - Måned siden
The worst player review on YouTube
J Bobb
J Bobb - Måned siden
Andy called it
Jack Burnard
Jack Burnard - Måned siden
This guy bare annoying never again please and thank you
Sam Stubbs
Sam Stubbs - Måned siden
How much did Facebook pay you
Ben Brookes
Ben Brookes - Måned siden
The way he said lo celso, low chelso made me angry
Abdullah M. Haque
Abdullah M. Haque - Måned siden
Nobody :
Andy : Penref! 😂
Jason Burke
Jason Burke - Måned siden
What are your camera settings
Marcus Linnen
Marcus Linnen - Måned siden
Hey Andy if you have shares would I be lower to feature in an SBSD episode around suares please
Tyler Owen
Tyler Owen - Måned siden
Missed a discard. You won by 4 goals. Only 3 picks
S1-E2 JORDAN WAH TINGZHI - Måned siden
Sibide squad builder showdown
Ricky Triana
Ricky Triana - Måned siden
this was very painful to watch
Noah Berg Espejord
Noah Berg Espejord - Måned siden
He Said Liverpool is the best team in the world im thinking now Who bayern München is
Thicc ness
Thicc ness - Måned siden
39 minutes is so fucking long u may as well not bother do any montage lol
M.J. Wynn
M.J. Wynn - Måned siden
bro can that Curtis dude not scream at the top of his lungs every 30 seconds
Charlie Lintott
Charlie Lintott - Måned siden
Dominic Calvert-Lewindowski in the house here
bryan mooi
bryan mooi - Måned siden
Andy you should play brandon on squad builder showdown would be awesome
Luke Duris
Luke Duris - Måned siden
Curtis should have used trump card for RB
TheMoneyTeamAngel - Måned siden
The death stone a soul for a soul he discarded this guys so jack discards his
Dio is a power bottom
Dio is a power bottom - Måned siden
Andy if its a tradeable player how about list-carding them, it helps the subs and stops people using the quick sell recovery
mooly gettingpro
mooly gettingpro - Måned siden
curtis: brags about his average goal per game being 5.5 and thinks he can score 11-0 against andy
reality: 33:50
JBKShadow09 - Måned siden
I rate Curtis highly on here, he's a really good sport even when he loses unlike some other people...
Also please stop it with that stupid thumbs up celebration lol, or it's gonna turn into some form of PTSD.
Ethan Warren
Ethan Warren - Måned siden
Am I the only one who wanted to see that 2 rare gold players pack at the end 😂
Sebastian Tickleberry
Sebastian Tickleberry - Måned siden
Give the people what the want in the form of the oldest player that's ever been on a FIFA game in the form of 52 year old CF kazuyoshi miura 🇯🇵
SIREN HEAD 1219 - Måned siden
Andy with the comment section voice lmfao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ryan diver
ryan diver - Måned siden
I hate when Andy says Itanis phrase
Julio Casasola
Julio Casasola - Måned siden
pukki p2
Marianne Johnston
Marianne Johnston - Måned siden
Big up Andy I am an EVERTON FAN and yes our team is sick😀😃 And DCL and richalason and James and Allan and our team is like a 99 rated Liverpool is going down on the 17th of October
Matthew Wilkie
Matthew Wilkie - Måned siden
It’s Lo Celso not Lo Chelso you idiot pronounce it properly
Giordany Loffredo
Giordany Loffredo - Måned siden
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
David Beirne
David Beirne - Måned siden
Rip headphone users when Curtis screams
rio burso griffiths
rio burso griffiths - Måned siden
anyone else want to know how to do that thumbs up celebration?
Luke Evans
Luke Evans - Måned siden
remember the old days when curtis used to get slapped every time
jijonn koiki
jijonn koiki - Måned siden
Get nick 28t in the series plz !
James Stapleton
James Stapleton - Måned siden
6:50 nice save Curtis nice save 😂😂😂
Ben Morris
Ben Morris - Måned siden
Fuming you didn't show the pack
James Dickinson
James Dickinson - Måned siden
Emile Smith-Rowe, Leeds united legend
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown - Måned siden
Tom wouldn’t have chalked that goal off .....
Zayan 2901
Zayan 2901 - Måned siden
DCL> Firmino any day of the week!
Nikolai Bartholdsen
Nikolai Bartholdsen - Måned siden
Love the videos when it means something to win, keep it up👍🏻
Enzombie - Måned siden
That was actually really smart from Curtis to guess three midfielders from different leagues, I think he's the first one I seen that actually is clever with his picks and guesses in SBS, besides Andy of course.
VIDEO GAMING HD - Måned siden
I discarded my Calvert Lewin to pay tribute for Curtis.... (it actually happened)
Abdulla Nasir
Abdulla Nasir - Måned siden
curtis with the troy and abed mug is awesome
matheus felipe
matheus felipe - Måned siden
I'm Alone 😍😥
Jamie Riccardo
Jamie Riccardo - Måned siden
Im tempted to subscribe to Curtis purely for the Troy and Abed mug 👏 👏
zeko hardan
zeko hardan - Måned siden
Calvert lewin-dawski
Adam Hansford
Adam Hansford - Måned siden
Aye I ain’t no snitch but Curtis said he had only played 15 games, 39:07 says otherwise
Saqeezy - Måned siden
Andy you had 4 discards
Sean Sumners
Sean Sumners - Måned siden
His 84 is shite, his 79 regular card plays better
Number 10
Number 10 - Måned siden
Andy probably has a chronic fear of gingers every time he uses an Everton card
Zain Zain
Zain Zain - Måned siden
we want to see manny on sbsd!!!
Lucas 115
Lucas 115 - Måned siden
I hate when this guy comes on SBSD Jesus can he stop screaming like this is too early to get annoyed with fifa
Tharish Ravin Ranjit
Tharish Ravin Ranjit - Måned siden
Jack54 entered the chat 👀
Alfie Reeves
Alfie Reeves - Måned siden
I just unsubed cause they roasting Liverpool
Its Crabi
Its Crabi - Måned siden
Instant karma lol
Daniel Spurr
Daniel Spurr - Måned siden
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Alan burnage
Alan burnage - Måned siden
why is this guys mic so shut that his sound just fucks up when he shouts don't have him on again please
Arham Mehta
Arham Mehta - Måned siden
Massive respect to @Curtis for buying Zaha and bellerin AGAIN for the sbc discard even though he didn't have to
SG_ Melts
SG_ Melts - Måned siden
Pollito BryanT
Pollito BryanT - Måned siden
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Bene_bokor 11
Bene_bokor 11 - Måned siden
Didn't he lose 5 1 why only 3 picks?
Traian Hantig
Traian Hantig - Måned siden
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Joseph Galdamez
Joseph Galdamez - Måned siden
I packed mbappe 2 times this week
MH Gaming Cod
MH Gaming Cod - Måned siden
Hello Andy I watched the sbsd on Facebook but I watched it again cause it is so entertaining
Holly Gloudemans
Holly Gloudemans - Måned siden
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
EKEZY - Måned siden
I have a suggestion for this series, its only small but i think it will make a difference, if you make your face cams smaller so we can see the game better
E10Skillz - Måned siden
Make a squad builder show down with djmario bro use google translate to communicate
Maksudul Haque
Maksudul Haque - Måned siden
you just could use katy perry xD
actual name perry 55 rated cm from wolves
Leo The Goat
Leo The Goat - Måned siden
Shoulda said sergino has not arrived at his DESTination 😂😂😂
Ethan Mundt
Ethan Mundt - Måned siden
the phone was probably the worst discard tbh :'(
Alan V
Alan V - Måned siden
Saint maximum is basically zaha with less shooting and French links so about even but more than double price
Baxter Felsch
Baxter Felsch - Måned siden
Everton is gonna beat Liverpool
gerardo camacho 98
gerardo camacho 98 - Måned siden
That f bomb around the 33 mark lmao
Jarron Livingston
Jarron Livingston - Måned siden
anyone else hear that at 33:45
francesca holland
francesca holland - Måned siden
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Barney Towne
Barney Towne - Måned siden
I'm a liverpool fan, and it pains me to say but calvert-lewin is the most inform player in the prem at the moment
Haris Shahril
Haris Shahril - Måned siden
I love Squad Builder Showdown soooo much. But I cant enjoy it much everytime Curtis is on because I will need to lower my volume to save my speaker.
Martin Jones
Martin Jones - Måned siden
How Does And doe that celebration ? Does anybody Know ?
Léo Franck
Léo Franck - Måned siden
This is the definition of karma
jimmy 147
jimmy 147 - Måned siden
Good to see Callum Chambers back on SBSD
Shivani Arora
Shivani Arora - Måned siden
Andy so what if you discarded DCL? When he gets another POTM You can still get him a few weeks later
Cellsz O
Cellsz O - Måned siden
How comes Andy didn’t discard anything? And wasn’t Curtis supposed to have 4 discards?