Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! ONES TO WATCH GARETH BALE!!!

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GARETH BALE RETURNS TO SPURS!!! Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown on the OTW Gareth Bale!!! #Fifa21 #SqaudBuilderShowdown #Bale
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Runtime: 37:33


Random Guy
Random Guy - 7 dager siden
Im still waiting on rodrigos inform card
carol perone
carol perone - 11 dager siden
Here before James laughed at a terrible Andy joke
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 11 dager siden
Literally just sat down with a cup of tea let’s go
Maisie Gifford
Maisie Gifford - 13 dager siden
Do another video on Craprodossi he's back in the game pls like so he sees
Llifon Evans
Llifon Evans - 15 dager siden
I’m welsh and it’s a decant accent
WAVE000014 - 15 dager siden
Allan is better than Kante LOOOOOOL. Kante smashes Allan
Euanm 21
Euanm 21 - 21 dag siden
And Neymar out of a gold upgrade
Euanm 21
Euanm 21 - 21 dag siden
Ha I got messi out of the 500 goal thing
Niko257z - 21 dag siden
The fact he managed to pronounced 'bach' correctly is impressive.
Jonathon Whiting
Jonathon Whiting - Måned siden
Yes the table looks very good.
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams - 23 dager siden
@Kid socer so you like liverpool
Kid socer
Kid socer - 24 dager siden
No I am Man U fan
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright - Måned siden
SBBDSM sounds like a laugh get Itani in hes always needs a new vid for the youtoobs 0.o
Josh Parry
Josh Parry - Måned siden
‘Get wrecked idiot’ - he says after losing 4-0😂😂😂
Marcus Rosenvinge
Marcus Rosenvinge - Måned siden
In the 100 k packs i Got gulacsi and manolas🥵🥵🥵
Blake Watson
Blake Watson - Måned siden
For your next squad builder showdown do Ferran Torres
Harvey Gibbons
Harvey Gibbons - Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I know Allan is sooooo goood
Kanine - Måned siden
it’s funny coz i did the 100k pack and got paulinho
Ollie is a Bndr
Ollie is a Bndr - Måned siden
3:05 I got an 82 :(
Brett Lodge
Brett Lodge - Måned siden
I did 500 goals and got Moutino I'm fuminggggg
BobbyDazzler 321
BobbyDazzler 321 - Måned siden
josh williams
josh williams - Måned siden
Worst Welsh impression ever seen
Monster JB
Monster JB - Måned siden
Jesus knows I've tried to like Andy, I really have, but I can't get over the cockiness and the arrogance he oozes every single video. I can't stand Andy in the least. He's the type that gets beat up whenever he leaves his house. Please do NOT procreate, the world doesn't need another little asshole with a God complex running around. Good luck James, please get the win.
Ruth Hughes
Ruth Hughes - Måned siden
I’ve got KDB untradeable aswell
grampa john
grampa john - Måned siden
I did both of them and packed kepa twice
Wenyen Gabriel
Wenyen Gabriel - Måned siden
Drinking game: Drink whenever a fifa youtuber says "meta"
Wenyen Gabriel
Wenyen Gabriel - Måned siden
Did the 500 goals and assists for 2 100k packs and got a discard inform, 2 84s, and 2 83s...
Jacob Grant
Jacob Grant - Måned siden
He has the deadest jokes so bad that in gringe
Tony O'Brien
Tony O'Brien - Måned siden
i hate richarlison his sooo bad and anue fates to hard for andy
Sam Hodge
Sam Hodge - Måned siden
Funny u should say about doing all the goals and packing nothing. Didn't even get a board in both
Kaneki - Måned siden
I got Sadio mane out that pack
Niraj Ganatra
Niraj Ganatra - Måned siden
it was a decent welsh accent
Alex Ellams
Alex Ellams - Måned siden
Richarlison isn’t great on this fifa
Ethan Jackson
Ethan Jackson - Måned siden
Grealish didn’t go to a party.
Mazter Chaz
Mazter Chaz - Måned siden
I did the same as James and got OTW Arthur Bruno and laporte
Kyle Watt
Kyle Watt - Måned siden
Gavin and Stacey is amazing tbf, apart from Gavin supporting tottenham
KingOfKetchup 13
KingOfKetchup 13 - Måned siden
I did the 500 goals and assist and i packed baby puskas so it was so worth it
Kristers Zigalovs
Kristers Zigalovs - Måned siden
Get DHTekkz back on foe a sbsd
Essa JW
Essa JW - Måned siden
My wife loves it.
back of the net
back of the net - Måned siden
Who's been here at sbsd since fifa 16
Taylor Morris
Taylor Morris - Måned siden
8 mins in and they’ve only just started putting players in lol
Evan Holmes
Evan Holmes - Måned siden
I love listening to the conversation before the video never would I click off the video
beccapea04 - Måned siden
Welcome to the pidcast
Tony G
Tony G - Måned siden
Ffs these videos always longer than they should be. Took 8 mins to start. Bloody hell
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard - Måned siden
I've done them both and my packs was awful
Freezy - Måned siden
Lucas or Bale?
Kirky K
Kirky K - Måned siden
@aj3 I’m from Wales and I sound nothing like that I’m not from the north that’s how
KJ Wooddell
KJ Wooddell - Måned siden
not best youtber but good
Max Beverley
Max Beverley - Måned siden
Should his Gk discard not of been DCL??
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - Måned siden
I feel sad for James that he did that 500 goals objective😂
The Stig
The Stig - Måned siden
Why did andy have york city fixtures on the fotmob ad?
Dylan Base
Dylan Base - Måned siden
Hey Andy what do you think about Jordan Pickford shattering Van dijks legs it’s a discrace 10 game ban Liverpool for life YNWA jaaaa
Franky Mehmet
Franky Mehmet - Måned siden
Charlie Grech
Charlie Grech - Måned siden
I didn’t know Kane had a player of the month
Morgan hale
Morgan hale - Måned siden
I got salah,vardy,Fabinho,Henderson,OTW ake in the 2 100 k packs
Saif Abdullah
Saif Abdullah - Måned siden
Just to say in my opinion I love the KDB card and I think he is worth the money but it’s only my opinion 😁
2K Gang
2K Gang - Måned siden
Can you do a Jamie Macralen sbsd silver in the Australian league fun and can use the inbewteeners line in the episode
WarzoneBros WarzoneBros
WarzoneBros WarzoneBros - Måned siden
Casually just watching this
During a science test
Liam Booth
Liam Booth - Måned siden
I got Werner OTW from a two rare gold players pack. Anyone else?
KinkyMongoloid - Måned siden
Andy I loved the vid. Next time can you please tell them to put the cards into an SBC rather than quickselling the cards, that way I know that there is no way they can get the card back and I get to see a pack at the end, Cheers.
Jonathan T
Jonathan T - Måned siden
That gnanon joke...... too good
FaZe_potatocake -YT
FaZe_potatocake -YT - Måned siden
Andy when he said trouble I said oh dear we are in trouble at the exact same time as you
oscar rowley
oscar rowley - Måned siden
Calvert lewin on corners on fifa 21 is disgusting, he never loses a header 😍😍
Elliott Henry
Elliott Henry - Måned siden
I git busquets as my only player worth mentioning in both the 100ks
CreativeCity - Måned siden
Is anyone else having trouble with passing this fifa. Like I move my stick to wear I want it and it either gets cut out really easy or it passes to the harder option then the easier and better option that I’m telling it to go to.
Ethan Fallon
Ethan Fallon - Måned siden
Imagine if he packs Pelé again
Koh Tiak Howe
Koh Tiak Howe - Måned siden
When will Andy make a SBSD with Miniminter? Especially since Miniminter just started a series on Fifa 21
hawkeyzi - Måned siden
Andy: I wonder whether anyone is watching after that Wales impression...
Me: mate its sbsd no ones goin anywhere mate shut up and get on with entertaining us 🤣🤣
durge12 - Måned siden
i take no joy in being an "erm actually" person but in fifa 17, everton had a POTM lukaku
Soccer! - Måned siden
*Guest: Mentions any footballer.*
Andy: "Oh, did you know, I packed this guy the other day."
Crust? - Måned siden
The repeated clip of one to watch ake at the start fried my brain
Jiberaldo - Måned siden
Allan is definitely not better than Kante in this game. No way
legend jey
legend jey - Måned siden
Bro kante is the best SDM on this game
Ben mctavish
Ben mctavish - Måned siden
OTW James is class
Owen Assink
Owen Assink - Måned siden
Watching this SBSD and they are talking about the 500goal/assist 100k pack and packing mouthinho, and then get flashbacks from your aitor and strakosha 😭😭
vrejouhi vartanian
vrejouhi vartanian - Måned siden
Hbfootball150Plays - Måned siden
Gotta say I’m addicted to this series
Joshua Heneke
Joshua Heneke - Måned siden
Clicks on sees James, leaves
Finn Harris
Finn Harris - Måned siden
hi Andy, when you showed fotmob it showed Hereford, That is my home town.
SplashyFN - Måned siden
im dissapointed im welsh and that accent was poor lmfao
All Thread
All Thread - Måned siden
Next opponent you should meet boraslegend
Erwin van dijk
Erwin van dijk - Måned siden
''there are a lot of french CB in LaLiga'' picks a 76 rated
Diego Driesens
Diego Driesens - Måned siden
Ah finally. The golf master is here,
Finley Bryant
Finley Bryant - Måned siden
Lol I did the 500 goals and assists and I got Gomez and gnabry
Jee Jee
Jee Jee - Måned siden
I still can't believe that Andy complained about Tom's way to play like sweaty... Look at this 🤣🤣🤣
James Cairn
James Cairn - Måned siden
Nothing creeper than when the guest says a name on his white board
swagstar40 97
swagstar40 97 - Måned siden
i got OTW james and he is really good
Two A Side
Two A Side - Måned siden
packed 3 neymars this week on my rtg,all on my channel
Lewis Dyson
Lewis Dyson - Måned siden
I did the goals got thiago Silva feelsbad
Alison Smith
Alison Smith - Måned siden
First time watching one in fifa 21, buzzing👍🏻
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia - Måned siden
Hey AJ3 you should do a compilation of you making fun of comment with the funny voice that would be funny 😂
Hypr. - Måned siden
love the clock in the background, does anyone know where he got it from?
Tiqz - Måned siden
i did the 500 Goals challenge opened my pack and got Rui Patricio, i havent played Fifa 21 since...
Hypr. - Måned siden
just got messi in of the 100k packs from the 500-objective. now im shaking everytime i open an untradeable pack. ah and btw there is no fucking suitable rb to link messi. so annoying that barca sucks nowadays - except for messi obv and the complete left hand side
Arthur Mckeever
Arthur Mckeever - Måned siden
wgsBSDSM... Looks very close to something else...
DillanH7 - Måned siden
I did the 500 goals/assists packs and got cr7 💪
FANTOM_SNIPEZ12 3 - Måned siden
For aj cb and gk I would of had diego Carlos thiago silva and ederson
ronan mcauley
ronan mcauley - Måned siden
His leng let is off Chem
Pierre Kißling
Pierre Kißling - Måned siden
Whats the name of that high five Alone Celebration?
Kieren Wallace
Kieren Wallace - Måned siden
I got mbappe in 2player pack
Lol Fluidz
Lol Fluidz - Måned siden
How the hell is 1-0 battering the best team spurs
Tyrone Schutt
Tyrone Schutt - Måned siden
What camera angle do you use Andy???