Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! INFORM STRIKER RASHFORD!!!

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His Royal Highness Sir Marcus Rashford MBE has got a STRIKER INFORM!!! Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown on this 600k position changed TOTW! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Rashford
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Runtime: 33:00


Simon Wardell
Simon Wardell - 5 dager siden
Bake off Andy true
JS91198 - 5 dager siden
Andre Andre is the portuguese one I can confirm
Dan Goodwin
Dan Goodwin - 6 dager siden
Four in a bed is the goat
XYZzZzZ - 6 dager siden
Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding is the most elite comedy partnership ever
Max Cooper
Max Cooper - 6 dager siden
any one else wondering how tf laura made it to final over ermine
Matthew King
Matthew King - 12 dager siden
Dinner date is a laugh!
MortYy 99
MortYy 99 - 14 dager siden
Andre andre is a portuguese midfielder mate. It’s not that guy😂
Charlie Hickey
Charlie Hickey - 15 dager siden
God TV show when it was here= jezza Kyle
The Teasdales
The Teasdales - 15 dager siden
Cobra Kai but it ain’t on Normal tv
WAVE000014 - 15 dager siden
Rashford is very good u bums
Dino Feartovic
Dino Feartovic - 16 dager siden
Why didnt he switch fekir when he guessed it right?
Antony Jefferis
Antony Jefferis - 16 dager siden
Liverpool Man city
ORIGIN ELECTRICZ - 16 dager siden
Prodigal son on sky one
Adyan Ahmed
Adyan Ahmed - 17 dager siden
Loved seeing Harry Maguire play with Andy. Absolute class from the Captain.
Jon born
Jon born - 18 dager siden
Thanks for having me on mate!
Callum5323 - 19 dager siden
friday night dinner
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster - 20 dager siden
Habers face is very puncheable
nath hallett
nath hallett - 20 dager siden
blacklist .. warrior ( on sky one ) .. blindspot
Man Like Marley
Man Like Marley - 21 dag siden
Hells Kitchen makes me Crease thats on the tele atm
matias verrone
matias verrone - 21 dag siden
Rashford is incredible in-game
Sumron - 21 dag siden
"Those Penalty united Strikers are absolutely useless" that why they only score penalty goals
Sumron - 21 dag siden
"Fekir is slow" has the same pace as Griezmann
Dylan Obrien
Dylan Obrien - 22 dager siden
does anyone actually watch the gameplay?
Charlie Jackson
Charlie Jackson - 22 dager siden
Cobra Kai Netflix it’s the way to go
Connie Brook
Connie Brook - 23 dager siden
Adore four in a bed & bake off😍
MOSOPE ADOJUTELEGAN - 23 dager siden
16:13 how about robertson
Nicht Ich
Nicht Ich - 23 dager siden
How could he buy a varane and put him into an sbc. That would mean, that he put an untradeable! Varane on the transfer list.
Jane Mantle
Jane Mantle - 23 dager siden
Bake off is god tier how dare he
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell - 23 dager siden
Goggle box is god tier
HollaRams - 24 dager siden
I swear this is some of the best content on YouTube
Josh Whittall
Josh Whittall - 24 dager siden
Talks too much
Nah Man
Nah Man - 24 dager siden
I agree with haber the only tv shows I watch is 4 in a bed and come dine with me
Kieran Willis
Kieran Willis - 24 dager siden
Four in a bed Over bake off any day
Kelvin Pringle
Kelvin Pringle - 24 dager siden
They’re totally disrespecting Homes Under The Hanmer
FLT 3 - 24 dager siden
Goretzka is not on full chem
Niall Kavanagh
Niall Kavanagh - 24 dager siden
It’s haber used to be the source of morgz views and subs
Kieran Barry
Kieran Barry - 24 dager siden
Lottie’s class, I want her to win and she’s pretty local to me tbf
willr7 gaming
willr7 gaming - 24 dager siden
Can’t pay we’ll take it away is god tier TV
YoUrLoCaLiNdIaNtEcHsUpPoRt Lol
mans made a fut champs team in SBSD feels bad duud.
Rob - 25 dager siden
packed him
Nathan Lovely
Nathan Lovely - 25 dager siden
You should play the rest of the game if yous are drawing
Dan Murf
Dan Murf - 25 dager siden
I was here for the squad builder showdown not the tv talk
Dom Armstrong
Dom Armstrong - 25 dager siden
Haber is a knob after what he did to vizeh
Dom Armstrong
Dom Armstrong - 23 dager siden
@Rob tried to get with vizeh girl then called her a snake and golddiger on stream and started saying vizeh is a bitch basically even though he was being horrible to vizeh and his Girlfriend
Rob - 24 dager siden
what did he do
DerMarkus 1202
DerMarkus 1202 - 25 dager siden
Notice the Difference:
-Benjamin Andre, French, 80 rated Rare CDM from Lille (Ligue1)
-Andre Andre, Portuguese, 75 rated Non-Rare CM from Vit.Guimaraes (Liga NOS)
-Andre Gomes, Portuguese, 79 rated Non-Rare CM from Everton (EPL)
technically the same player for Andy and Haber 😂
DerMarkus 1202
DerMarkus 1202 - 25 dager siden
Andy next time you make an SBSD against Haber you should make a Midfield of them 3, just for the bait 😅
Insaf - 25 dager siden
SQBS has become more lik a podcast lol
Henry Williams
Henry Williams - 25 dager siden
The Chase is god tier
Jake Bram
Jake Bram - 25 dager siden
haber is shit at this
Elijah Kent
Elijah Kent - 25 dager siden
I like both Loti and Peter so idrc
Lucy Kirwan
Lucy Kirwan - 25 dager siden
AFLAH ASHRAF - 25 dager siden
Do a squadBuilder show down with Simon miniminter
Harry Difelice
Harry Difelice - 25 dager siden
I guess Vizeh is never gonna be on Squad Builder Showdown then.
The Dally-Outlaw
The Dally-Outlaw - 25 dager siden
You can’t use griezmann at cam cause he’s a striker 😂
Trav TDS
Trav TDS - 26 dager siden
Griezman comes out as an ST so you shouldn’t have used him at CAM!! CHEAT
zainab sajjad
zainab sajjad - 26 dager siden
Ur not welcome
Tyler Butcher
Tyler Butcher - 26 dager siden
On netflix you should watch scorpion Andy, it's actually pretty good
BruRio 09
BruRio 09 - 26 dager siden
It got a be four in a bed
ankit tadanki
ankit tadanki - 26 dager siden
Salute him all you want and he is great, but ronaldo still makes him look like he has a lot to learn 🤦🏻‍♂️
Domen Bremec
Domen Bremec - 26 dager siden
Lennart Krikken
Lennart Krikken - 26 dager siden
Do one on Hero Traore from Ajax please
Kid socer
Kid socer - 26 dager siden
I am her when rashford socord a hatrick
Kid socer
Kid socer - 26 dager siden
Brocen Gaming
Brocen Gaming - 26 dager siden
Honestly, the best tv show is Peppa Pig
Conner Sanchez
Conner Sanchez - 26 dager siden
That watch is dope af, if anyone knows where to get it let me know.
Billy Carlton
Billy Carlton - 26 dager siden
Bake off is sick haber! What are you chatting
Taylor Bogle
Taylor Bogle - 26 dager siden
My go tier tv show is peppy pig
Millie Hood
Millie Hood - 26 dager siden
Did no one notice when havre guessed again after greizman and guessed fekir and that is that Andy guessed and didn’t say enythink
Xvibes_ Hedges
Xvibes_ Hedges - 26 dager siden
I’ve watched mandolorian on Disney plus
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nicola davis
nicola davis - 26 dager siden
Watch cuckoo in bbc iPlayer or Friday night dinner
Eesa Hussain
Eesa Hussain - 26 dager siden
Bake off in fireeeee
Xzjxck - 26 dager siden
When they were talking about elite television they didn’t talk about a league of their own
Ben Adams
Ben Adams - 26 dager siden
Andy plz do an SBSD with Castro
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 27 dager siden
Is Rashford Knited?
fifa bros
fifa bros - 27 dager siden
I'm not member and I'm watching🤣
Pablo - 27 dager siden
Haber looking like 2019 Neppo.
Trav TDS
Trav TDS - 27 dager siden
I’m watching this while having a poo
Newman 4
Newman 4 - 27 dager siden
Goretzka only 8 chem?
Aidan MORRISON - 27 dager siden
I just wanna also Andy love the vids
Aidan MORRISON - 27 dager siden
Can u do a squad builder showdown with miniminter or thogden
Milan Dijkstra
Milan Dijkstra - 27 dager siden
Try among us with REEV an Itani
Alex Collins
Alex Collins - 27 dager siden
Taskmaster is absolute god tier
Isaac Paxton
Isaac Paxton - 27 dager siden
Strictly come dancing? I hate it but it is a biggie for the brits 💁🏼‍♂️
thebiggeez - 27 dager siden
How you gonna talk about God tier TV and not mention Taskmaster?
Charalambos Xydas
Charalambos Xydas - 27 dager siden
Hey Andy since its a rulebreaker theme on fifa, why dont you make a special episode where each player is allowed to break ONE rule while building the squads, i.e player position or 2 trump cards, but no warning whatsoever????
Oliver West
Oliver West - 27 dager siden
What is Andys kit called?
hazzawillo - 27 dager siden
I would of got all 3 defenders of Andy’s
Joe Enoch
Joe Enoch - 27 dager siden
Great British Bake Off is the god tier of tele
Deadshot Clan
Deadshot Clan - 27 dager siden
God tier tv is my Xbox
YoinkMayster - 27 dager siden
Andre andre is the Portuguese guy from Porto Andy
Valc - 27 dager siden
Bake off is god tier tele ❌🧢
Attila Posta
Attila Posta - 27 dager siden
Isnt putting a striker griezmann into cam considered cheating andy?😏
camo80 - 27 dager siden
Love the bake off i always watch the Swedish, Danish and English version
Luke Harbud
Luke Harbud - 27 dager siden
U could of had Laporte at cb for the strong link
average warzone
average warzone - 27 dager siden
Andy I want to let you know I'm not a member but I can watch all member only videos
Perfection - 27 dager siden
Does anyone know what the white kit Andy using is ?
Fabian- plays0410
Fabian- plays0410 - 27 dager siden
i have rashford at Striker and he is insane and he never misses for me you guys just suck 😂
BenBlack Fifa
BenBlack Fifa - 27 dager siden
andy u should watch sons of anarchy its on netflix and its the best thing i have watched
Dbk. Uk
Dbk. Uk - 27 dager siden
I still watch 4 in a bed now it’s elite level tv
Lily Perrill
Lily Perrill - 27 dager siden
Just saying gogglebox is a god tier TV show
James Spink
James Spink - 27 dager siden
goretzka isn't on full chem...
gamer 101
gamer 101 - 27 dager siden
Marcus scored a hattrick the other day mate in the champions league, richarlison could never