Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! INFORM BEN YEDDER!!!

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HE'S BACK... THE MOST OP CARD IN FIFA COULDN'T WAIT A SINGLE WEEK BEFORE GETTING AN INFORM!!! Fifa 21 is barely even out and we are already doing Squad Builder Showdown on an Inform Ben Yedder #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #BenYedder
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Runtime: 39:14


Toy Stop Motion and Video
Toy Stop Motion and Video - 5 dager siden
They'd be paying me $89763898567632542 to wear a D0rtMuNd Jersy
Taylor Bogle
Taylor Bogle - 5 dager siden
Can you do atal
D4RK SOLO - 5 dager siden
Would never wear a Sunderland kit
Draike Smith
Draike Smith - 6 dager siden
Anyone else ever wonder if Andy was in a club team as a kid and didn’t make it? Like Everton? Or Leeds or even Liverpool themselves?
XYZzZzZ - 6 dager siden
As a Leeds fan you would have to pay me £100,000 to wear a Galatasary kit as A. It’s a horrible kit. And B. I hate them more than Satan
Daniel Cassel
Daniel Cassel - 7 dager siden
Tbf if it's for charity I don't really care. But outside of that there's virtually nothing you could give me😹😹😹
Hopey Fc
Hopey Fc - 8 dager siden
Numbers don't go that high andy
Alan and Shaun reactions
Alan and Shaun reactions - 9 dager siden
55k probably
Mohammed Alobaidi
Mohammed Alobaidi - 14 dager siden
Bro y there’s to much talk make it short
Joseph Seddon
Joseph Seddon - 14 dager siden
I mil to were Man U kit
Trooperjoe - 14 dager siden
As a lfc fan I love your channel
Jedits - 20 dager siden
The Liverpool shirt won u the game AND helped u guess
Oskar Kammerton
Oskar Kammerton - 23 dager siden
First player chosen at 11:15
Andrew Mclaren
Andrew Mclaren - 23 dager siden
I would not wear my rivals kit for any amount of money I'm a rangers fan
Dexter Duckworth
Dexter Duckworth - 26 dager siden
Someone would have to be me a grand to wear my rivals kit (Nottingham forest)
Noah Thomas Parker
Noah Thomas Parker - 27 dager siden
A fing 8min intro Jesus Christ we don’t have all day
Valc - 27 dager siden
I’m Aston Villa and I HATE WBA so I’d have to get payed at least 100k
Jexyy - 28 dager siden
No money can ever make me wear a shitty scummy Liverpool top my dignity is worth more than money
Neville Wilson
Neville Wilson - 28 dager siden
6 mill for me 2 ware a Man U kit because im a Leeds fan
Jack Appleford
Jack Appleford - 29 dager siden
15,000 to wear a Tottenham kit
(I’m arsenal)
Leon Scott
Leon Scott - 29 dager siden
when andys team is worth more than mine before the formations is even done 😭😭😭😭
Leon Scott
Leon Scott - 29 dager siden
i’m not wearing a sunderland top unless the rice is my nana coming back to life
brenden ferguson
brenden ferguson - Måned siden
"how is this Mendy guy making so many saves" literally me watching the Manchester United game
Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts - Måned siden
Wear a rival kit I'd rather die than wear spurs kit🤢🤮
viggo olsen
viggo olsen - Måned siden
Ohhhh what a beautiful shirt YNWA
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler - Måned siden
as an everton fan there is no amount of money that would make me wear a liverpool kit
SpinCityCyrus - Måned siden
I did a squad builder showdown with my friend and i was destroying him 5-1 so he rage quit. It was also in ben yedder🤣🤣
SpinCityCyrus - Måned siden
@DB clxps stfu. But true🤣🖕🏾
DB clxps
DB clxps - Måned siden
So who cares he’s probably dog at the game.
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements - Måned siden
Andy looks amazing in a Liverpool kit 😂😂😂
Luke John123
Luke John123 - Måned siden
I think he doesn’t like Liverpool
FissionMaster Overlord
FissionMaster Overlord - Måned siden
I'd say £50k+ for cancer research would persuade me to wear a sunderland shirt
TTV. Joeflyn
TTV. Joeflyn - Måned siden
Can we remember the real legend crapradosi
RJPD_Official - Måned siden
The pain of the Liverpool kit. 🤦🏼‍♂️
John Auglend
John Auglend - Måned siden
22:27 Odegaard played for Real Sociedad last season, not Real Betis
Dazz - Måned siden
'U picking non rare ? '😂
Tristan Bryant
Tristan Bryant - Måned siden
1000000000000000000000000000 pounds I would never wear an Ipswich shirt
Alfie Finemore
Alfie Finemore - Måned siden
No amount of money will make me wear a Exciter city top
Alfie Finemore
Alfie Finemore - Måned siden
I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan BTW
messi ESK
messi ESK - Måned siden
How do you do that celebration Andy does
Merson Ruck
Merson Ruck - Måned siden
15k raised to wear a Southampton kit 🤢🤢
Cesar Salazar
Cesar Salazar - Måned siden
I won all my placements games and I got 135k but I’ve lost 8 straight games in div 2 I’m already in div 3
Daaim Shafique
Daaim Shafique - Måned siden
Andy why u wearing a liverpool shirt when ur an everton fan, hes a plastic looooooooooooool
Duckyツ - Måned siden
Me watching the thumbnail and just Andy have u won a lottery?
Joe Hilton
Joe Hilton - Måned siden
I’m sorry but I’d rather the charity not get the money
Louis Johnston
Louis Johnston - Måned siden
Is it just me or does itani look like neal maupay
Soccer Maniac07
Soccer Maniac07 - Måned siden
Louis Johnston
Louis Johnston - Måned siden
The strange and weird thing is that it actually kinda suits him
max gaming op
max gaming op - Måned siden
To wear a Birmingham kit sum1 would have to give me 100k to give to charity
james c
james c - Måned siden
Only watch these videos for itani
AddictivePlayz 906!
AddictivePlayz 906! - Måned siden
Andy looking amazing in that fire red kit😍
Harry Moss
Harry Moss - Måned siden
Vid starts at 8:30
Memes09 - Måned siden
I'm a Liverpool fan and I don't even have that kit yet :-D
Tom Fitzpatrick
Tom Fitzpatrick - Måned siden
Andy should have worn his Everton shirt under that horrible LiVErPOoL shirt. haha
Rayhan Bux
Rayhan Bux - Måned siden
3 million pounds
Jamie MY G
Jamie MY G - Måned siden
5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pounds
PurgeCyclops426 _
PurgeCyclops426 _ - Måned siden
Stanley Hassay-Martin
Stanley Hassay-Martin - Måned siden
Andy should have done a sbsd on fifa 15 to say goodbye
Jxyd3n07 - Måned siden
@AJ3 Can you please do SBSD Allan - Saint Maximin inform
Cal G
Cal G - Måned siden
Looks nice in you mate 😂
nxsso - Måned siden
5000 pound for me to wear a city kit for a day
Harry Gates
Harry Gates - Måned siden
9 minutes in not started
Lewis RFC
Lewis RFC - Måned siden
I’m a rangers fan so I would never wear a Celtic top
Billy Esdale
Billy Esdale - Måned siden
I'm a bayern fan so just need to wear all black dortmund kit from last season boom
MerkyY - Måned siden
you should’ve done it with jack and made him wear an everton kit
YUP STENO - Måned siden
50000 k on fifa
RedGlove Gamer
RedGlove Gamer - Måned siden
15million to wear a United kit and 20bucks for an Everton kit
Viktooor - Måned siden
Now i dont wanna watcc u anymore :(
LBattersby Gaming
LBattersby Gaming - Måned siden
What's that celebration called? Need that level of toxicity in my game 😂
Toby Marsh
Toby Marsh - Måned siden
@LBattersby Gaming oh right got you, cheers mate
LBattersby Gaming
LBattersby Gaming - Måned siden
@Toby Marsh yeah pal but it's just on transfer market
Toby Marsh
Toby Marsh - Måned siden
@LBattersby Gaming they removed the catalogue didn’t they?
LBattersby Gaming
LBattersby Gaming - Måned siden
It's the "thumbs up" celebration, you can buy it on market
Toby Marsh
Toby Marsh - Måned siden
I’m also wondering, did you find out?
Brooklyn Garton
Brooklyn Garton - Måned siden
whats the celebration called?
Trusty Lemming
Trusty Lemming - Måned siden
@Aj3, I'll wear a Everton Shirt if you buy me a Everton shirt and a PC. Cuz I am a Liverpool fan
nathan hewitt
nathan hewitt - Måned siden
No one on earth has enough money to make me where a spurs kit
Ned McCarthy
Ned McCarthy - Måned siden
kit looks nice
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - Måned siden
Julio500100 - Måned siden
bruno guimarães is a baller
Anas Murtaza
Anas Murtaza - Måned siden
I can finally watch an episode since he is wearing something intrusting
Next GenGamerz
Next GenGamerz - Måned siden
8:37 video begins
Sammyc Presents
Sammyc Presents - Måned siden
I’d have to get 2355334545454546677867544545454545444776687768766667667 pence in one box to wear a Tottenham kit
Burrettl - Måned siden
😂😂 Fair play for the Liverpool kit great effort all round 👏🏽, keep up the great work andy
robwazza - Måned siden
Waiting until the 11th minute before you start guessing the players is a bit ridiculous 😐
Liam Jenkins
Liam Jenkins - Måned siden
Henry Plays
Henry Plays - Måned siden
It would have to be 857 mil for me to wear a Sunderland shirt
Ryxx 11
Ryxx 11 - Måned siden
100k SUbs to wear a arsenal shirt would never happen so I am safe
T3cha Toxic
T3cha Toxic - Måned siden
U have to do a sbs on James Rodriguez totw
Max Bregozzo
Max Bregozzo - Måned siden
thx AJ
BLG BEAST - Måned siden
Logan Jarvis
Logan Jarvis - Måned siden
you should use the bronze blackburn defender with 89 pace
ASAP ROBBIE - Måned siden
The videos doesn't start until like fucking 11 minutes in.
shush65 - Måned siden
I would never wear a tottneham kit cause im an arsenal fan.. But i still hate Liverpool more than Tottenham tbh
Arthur Mckeever
Arthur Mckeever - Måned siden
Description says FIFA 20
Rael Omar Rivera Arzuaga
Rael Omar Rivera Arzuaga - Måned siden
Andy should be happy that everton are unbetable and that they are 1st in the premier
Bradley Temple
Bradley Temple - Måned siden
How do you do that celebration that Andy was doing???
The Doctor
The Doctor - Måned siden
There's not enough money in the world for me to wear my teams rivals shirt 😂😂😂
Purple Persona
Purple Persona - Måned siden
There’s a 53 year old player on FIFA 21 his name is Kazuhoshi Miura use him!
William Snashall
William Snashall - Måned siden
As an arsenal fan. No amount of money would make me wear spurs shirt. I’d rather go fully naked
Monster JB
Monster JB - Måned siden
This shit is rigged!!!! I can't even watch it now...
megamelvin2k - Måned siden
Itani is great. It’s even funnier how much he winds Andy up just by being Itani.
Benhill1372 Yooo
Benhill1372 Yooo - Måned siden
The Liverpool kit looks good on you andy
Mr Woo
Mr Woo - Måned siden
You'd never get me to wear a Spurs shirt. No amount of money is worth that amount of humiliation.
Enigma - Måned siden
Man you timed this video phenomenally