Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! ERLING HALAND!!!

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Dortmund WONDERKID Erling Braut Håland is today's Squad Builder Showdown marquee player!!! He's 84 rated, but is SUPER EXPENSIVE so lets hope he is worth it... #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Haland
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Runtime: 32:22


Jamison Bondison
Jamison Bondison - 2 dager siden
Karius did go to Bundesliga. He plays for Union Berlin.
Goalkeeper God
Goalkeeper God - 19 dager siden
Davies :(
Simen Krohn Sønseth
Simen Krohn Sønseth - 22 dager siden
He is 6 k now....
Sup Gamer
Sup Gamer - 26 dager siden
“You would think when loaning players out they would go down to a worse club for example... Man United” - AJ3
Man Utd 3-1 Everton
Jason Connolly
Jason Connolly - Måned siden
He didn't right down lewandoski
Veri Rp
Veri Rp - Måned siden
They were talking for 7 mins before even starting the squad builder dhowdown
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas - Måned siden
I support Man United that's definitely so rude
Ethan Jackson
Ethan Jackson - Måned siden
Did you know that Man City actually was looking at van dijk when he was at Southampton and also when you play squad battles I like the new way they show the players and also villa nearly signed rashica. Handballs in fifa 21 are o.p btw.
Kimeran Naidu
Kimeran Naidu - Måned siden
Honestly, I love the dig at United😂😂
aido torn4do
aido torn4do - Måned siden
"Best player in the world... Jordan Henderson" ........ I agree FROM MY AREA PLAYING FOR MY CLUB
Jason Connolly
Jason Connolly - Måned siden
You right
A basic Football
A basic Football - Måned siden
Jack has a very scouse accent
Jonathan Bruun Lie
Jonathan Bruun Lie - Måned siden
Can someone tell me how AJ makes that celebration?!
Trav TDS
Trav TDS - Måned siden
Rashica is right footed, don’t know where you found information of him being left footed
Patrick’s Hockey talks
Patrick’s Hockey talks - Måned siden
Do dominik Calvin lewin potm
Express Productions
Express Productions - Måned siden
Its not pronounced rashika its rashica as in the second C in cancer
tst_ethanbrookie - Måned siden
I wanna see zerkaa or w2s
Roll Up
Roll Up - Måned siden
Could you sbsd on Kai havertz or timo werner
AKA BUSH - Måned siden
How do u do that first celebration
Zachandreggie 1613
Zachandreggie 1613 - Måned siden
Do Zaha
Jake Dent
Jake Dent - Måned siden
all 3 at the back formations are lifting xD maybe use them next time
Charlie Parkinson
Charlie Parkinson - Måned siden
How do u do that celebration or what is it called?
Jace Griffin
Jace Griffin - Måned siden
How do you do that celebration?
nikos chocos
nikos chocos - Måned siden
its pronounced chimikas, ts in greek sounds like ch
Lavaflow - Måned siden
Can you do hwang hee
Kieran West
Kieran West - Måned siden
How many times jack sat back in dissbelieve from being so close 😂
Reece Hogg fitness
Reece Hogg fitness - Måned siden
i packed mbappe then one to watch bale on the 3rd pack and grizeman untradeable only 2 mill worth of players in 2 player packs they are broken :)
Goposamshy - Måned siden
It's pronounced chimikas
Jordan Newton
Jordan Newton - Måned siden
So using Rodrigo who plays for Leeds and Haaland who was born in Leeds, good day for us Leeds born and fans 💙💛💙💛
ryan diver
ryan diver - Måned siden
I wish Andy would stop saying itani”s phrase
Sarim Hussain
Sarim Hussain - Måned siden
Dont think united would want any of evertons crap loanees
Sultan Haider
Sultan Haider - Måned siden
skipping to 5 minutes cause thats when the video always starts
Addam Warnock
Addam Warnock - Måned siden
Nice to know that Harry Potter and Ron weisley have had a reunion
James Gamer
James Gamer - Måned siden
AJ3 I dare you to heart this comment plz
S1-E2 JORDAN WAH TINGZHI - Måned siden
Arnaldo García
Arnaldo García - Måned siden
Ruben - Måned siden
Honestly jack is such a good lad oakley and Tom would just be screaming at some of the goals Tom conceded to bs
Kal-El 87
Kal-El 87 - Måned siden
Funny u make this but yet eh got an inform lol lucky considering he crazy expensive
TheCaessar - Måned siden
maybe everton is better than psg and this is coming from a psg fan
Gediminas Valickis
Gediminas Valickis - Måned siden
Andy please bring back 'couple of intrestink picks there'please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcus Robertson
Marcus Robertson - Måned siden
Best player in the game
james c
james c - Måned siden
no one: .............
Jack : "I'll have a bit of........."
"We'll go for a bit of........"
Ollie YNWA
Ollie YNWA - Måned siden
Ollie YNWA
Ollie YNWA - Måned siden
Everton are like an elephant on top of a tree, you don’t quite understand how they’ve got there, but it won’t belong before they fall down
Charlie Hallam
Charlie Hallam - Måned siden
17th is when they will fall down
Matthew Tangney
Matthew Tangney - Måned siden
hasn't he?
Matthew Tangney
Matthew Tangney - Måned siden
Karius has gone to union berlin?
Rudis Ventura
Rudis Ventura - Måned siden
My first add was about erling bruat haaland
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh - Måned siden
why did you stop making videos with Nepenthez? love to see him on this series
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh - Måned siden
So what group are Everton in in the champions legue oh yeah they didn't make it but united did
YT Tiny tim
YT Tiny tim - Måned siden
Can’t wait for DCL SBSD
DanTheMan24 24 24
DanTheMan24 24 24 - Måned siden
No hate, but it’s a bit annoying how it took 7 mins to the video. Yes I could have skipped but come on 7 MINS. Still a good series tho
Kristian Urnes
Kristian Urnes - Måned siden
Theo M
Theo M - Måned siden
Jack just put down a cf for cms and a cdm for full backs🤦‍♂️
GeoPiglet2 - Måned siden
Everyone with their loan haalands in their team at the start. The comment section would be fuming if Andy used loan haaland.
Elijah Adams
Elijah Adams - Måned siden
One more united joke and I unsubscribe
William Sahlin
William Sahlin - Måned siden
The only reason Azpi handed the pen to Jorginho is because he has Jorginho in his fantasy team xD
Loki Din
Loki Din - Måned siden
Jack72HD im dead😂😂
Tom Bloemen
Tom Bloemen - Måned siden
How is this not with Zweback...
JARZ KN - Måned siden
Shit up AJ3
Aaryan Kandiah
Aaryan Kandiah - Måned siden
Love this series, but they seriously stretch a 5-7 minute squad building process into 20 minutes.
Judah Maxwell
Judah Maxwell - Måned siden
What headset are you using?
joe 90
joe 90 - Måned siden
the funny part when jack said I dislike you
Rishabh das
Rishabh das - Måned siden
Can u do more fifa volta bingo videos
Ethan Lewczyk
Ethan Lewczyk - Måned siden
Anyone know how to do the thumbs up celebration?😂😂
JMS SRRN - Måned siden
Andys intro are enough to make the 10min cut for ad revenues i swear
Myers Morgan
Myers Morgan - Måned siden
Haaland a goat 22 games for me 41 goals
Ryan Currie
Ryan Currie - Måned siden
im sorry did he actually guess cantona in CM, he's CF
Tom Spinks
Tom Spinks - Måned siden
Alex Oliva
Alex Oliva - Måned siden
how do u do the celebration the thumbs up one
M D - Måned siden
New mic ?! Andyy
Diamond - Måned siden
This year's game is way better than fifa20 right chat? Right???
Diamond - Måned siden
Why is he allowed to use a RM and LM in the RF and LF positions??
Can use a CDM in a CAM position or a CAM in a CDM position then???
EndlessTomahawks - Måned siden
anyone else think the "intros" on this channel are waaaay to long?
Geovanny Garcon
Geovanny Garcon - Måned siden
Videos are too long 30 mins + cmon now let’s make it 15-20
Mahmoud Abdel-Razik
Mahmoud Abdel-Razik - Måned siden
how do you do that celebration that andy has been doing please ?
Owen Smith
Owen Smith - Måned siden
Ginger guys on Xbox aj on ps?
Mr_Duck - Måned siden
Nathanael Song
Nathanael Song - Måned siden
pls do inform lewa when he comes
Cristian Iacob
Cristian Iacob - Måned siden
Salah Amar
Salah Amar - Måned siden
How are they playing each other on different consoles 🤷‍♂️
Sami Harb
Sami Harb - Måned siden
K9R - Måned siden
As soon as you say Jack7-2HD my iPad is 72% 😂🤣 what a coincidence
Joe Haworth
Joe Haworth - Måned siden
Do a sbs with birdiex94
Kade Walker
Kade Walker - Måned siden
Andy u should introduce a rule where if u guess the persons player that the same person you guessed should be one of the discards instead of what ever rubbish goal keeper is in that position 😂
Ben Welton
Ben Welton - Måned siden
andy: let's get into the swazy new transtion- 7:01

me: gets 6 second axe spray commerical
Rasmus Hopland
Rasmus Hopland - Måned siden
Liam Dunn
Liam Dunn - Måned siden
New fifa, same shit performance by jack54hd
SNXKEZ - Måned siden
You just had to throw in a united dis😭
J F - Måned siden
I thought the cb was on loan
Ryan Brigham
Ryan Brigham - Måned siden
I reckon 5-2-2-1 is pretty stinky if u want to give people that if u guess their formation
Noa Schill
Noa Schill - Måned siden
I am sorry but don't hate on gomez for the second goal against villa. Yes he was not good in that game but the second goal wasn't much he could do. Didn't get any support in a 1 v 1. Just my opinion
Tharish Ravin Ranjit
Tharish Ravin Ranjit - Måned siden
I like videos with Jack. He always gives us an interesting squad
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu - Måned siden
Hey bro
Toby - Måned siden
Jack was just selling them in the transfer list not quick sell there was no objective
Aadhithya A
Aadhithya A - Måned siden
I mean this is good too but the old music just comes into mind automatically
ADarlinG - Måned siden
Ill tell you whats boring, Andy saying after every single guess " i was so close to putting him "
The DigBick
The DigBick - Måned siden
Do rashford sbs
Chrle Pdn
Chrle Pdn - Måned siden
Definitely for a chairman
Cameron Toner
Cameron Toner - Måned siden
Can you do a cavani sbsd when his card drops
thomasimon - Måned siden
Neuer? No problem. Reus? No problem. Neuhaus? ... Knee-haus?
L0po - Måned siden
wait what is there crossplay on Fifa 21?