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THE MOST EXCITING NEW FEATURE IN YEARS!!! Fifa 21 Ultimate Team has ONLINE CO-OP!!! Let's jump into a game with Reev both playing with my Ultimate Team #Fifa21 #UltimateTeam #CoOp
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Runtime: 17:38


Chiro Crack Addict
Chiro Crack Addict - 8 dager siden
I need a friend to play coop on Xbox one. 😩
Chase Sweats
Chase Sweats - 26 dager siden
How do you get the arrow in front of ur player and the arrow for the pass???
Richard Aarts
Richard Aarts - Måned siden
can somebody add me as a friend to get the early acces objecttive? Dr_Lectertje is my PSN.
Sreekar Reddy
Sreekar Reddy - Måned siden
im looking for friends to plAY FIFA 21 CO -OP ON PC
ahmed amazai
ahmed amazai - Måned siden
please share ur origin name , mine is "games1amazai" .. for co op games.. thanks
Alex - 2 måneder siden
Would of been good if you could combine your players you both own into a squad
Bad Boy
Bad Boy - 2 måneder siden
Fifa 21 nice gameplay
Sans - 2 måneder siden
is it possible for 4 players to play 2v2 where all 4 players are remote in a simple multiplayer mode? also in ultimate team co-op can you pick your opposition?
letaros - 2 måneder siden
"you can score long shots you can score headers" lmao, yeah FIFA 20 was that baaad. Few hopes for 21 from what i see
NBvlogs 4L
NBvlogs 4L - 2 måneder siden
You guys got popped around
hthought - 2 måneder siden
Fut coop is really dope, but isn't the same team owned by both people ? That would suck if not the case.
NSG RaPiiDZz - 2 måneder siden
Always great vids when it comes to aj🤘🏽
Garrett Leonard
Garrett Leonard - 2 måneder siden
Can you do whole game length this year? Like 45 min halfs
Cam Sutton
Cam Sutton - 2 måneder siden
Really want my exams cancelled so I can put focus into this 🤣
Bertie Lane
Bertie Lane - 2 måneder siden
Tall strikers meta next year ?
Faleye Olaoluwa
Faleye Olaoluwa - 2 måneder siden
So Andy gets to see his Football friend more often eh
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo - 2 måneder siden
You look like harry potter ha ha
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo - 2 måneder siden
U 2 r really crap at yhis
Claudefather - 2 måneder siden
I presume you can only play with gamers on your friends list? Is there any way to select quick matches to with randoms if your friends ain't around to play?
didi king
didi king - 2 måneder siden
I watched 10 videos before this one just to see a header and this is the first to have it
Xsfidget online
Xsfidget online - 2 måneder siden
LOL i scored 102 headers on fifa 20
Enzo Trump
Enzo Trump - 2 måneder siden
Please squad builder showdown with bfordlancer48 please
myotheraccount57 - 2 måneder siden
Just came here to comment that although I haven't been able to keep up with your vids for the past six months or so, I immediately thought of you when Allan signed for Everton
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Can u plz do a sbsd against pieface or batson
LewFewNew - 2 måneder siden
Hey Andy I've gone from OneFootball to Futmob and it is 10x better thank you for that
Jude Parkin
Jude Parkin - 2 måneder siden
What about a 2v2 sbsd
Finlay Taylor
Finlay Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Pace make better
Finlay Taylor
Finlay Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Make pace bstter
Danny boy
Danny boy - 2 måneder siden
Looks wank tbh
tom lakes
tom lakes - 2 måneder siden
how is this different to adding a guest? only difference is being able to play on different consoles.
Dean Trotter
Dean Trotter - 2 måneder siden
You know Andy was happy with himself with the kdb after editing it back in with effects😂
josh gk
josh gk - 2 måneder siden
So there’s more then just you guys who have fifa 21?
Adande - 2 måneder siden
You get anything in friendlies right?? So us people that don’t play Fifa for a living can do our own sbsd right??
Taylor Kingshott
Taylor Kingshott - 2 måneder siden
can you play cross platform?
Hugo - 2 måneder siden
2v2 squad builder showdown 👀
Callum Jocelyn
Callum Jocelyn - 2 måneder siden
The return of 2 guys 1 club?
Joe Pal
Joe Pal - 2 måneder siden
imagine blaming your terrible shot selection on the crossing option switch...sad
David Jones
David Jones - 2 måneder siden
FC Dallas Kits ftw
ultimateblaze23 - 2 måneder siden
"you can score headers now" amazing new feature??
Scuola Cavour
Scuola Cavour - 2 måneder siden
15:25 they said that they fixed that in the trailer but its fifa
Patrick J. Jensen
Patrick J. Jensen - 2 måneder siden
Can you plz try players like Lukaku, Kane and Lewandowski to see how those kind of strikers can perform and make a video about that?
Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins - 2 måneder siden
Did Andy curse?????
That Kyler
That Kyler - 2 måneder siden
You should do a squad builder showdown with only 90 + players
Mavia Khan
Mavia Khan - 2 måneder siden
1 month in when this game releases they gonna be moanin how dogshit the game is
أصيل الفيفاوي
أصيل الفيفاوي - 2 måneder siden
I can't wait for 2v2 SBSD
Sisu Out
Sisu Out - 2 måneder siden
Played the beta it’s fucking shit
Joe - 2 måneder siden
Andy is shocking
Lorcan Buggy
Lorcan Buggy - 2 måneder siden
I register as a non binary pan sexual gender fluid and I am offended by the intro
Rohman Khurum
Rohman Khurum - 2 måneder siden
I dont know how but I was able to watch a members only video and I havent joined the membership thing
Thomas Fleming
Thomas Fleming - 2 måneder siden
Reev is jealous of Irish accent . Reev accent is shit
Wizard_Winger *
Wizard_Winger * - 2 måneder siden
U could do a 2v2 sbsd that would be cool
REGHU MELERI - 2 måneder siden
Fam messi's beard lol
boss of me
boss of me - 2 måneder siden
Is this real???
Unownsource - 2 måneder siden
Is the semi assisted stuff new or am I too bad to have known about it
Finn McNamara
Finn McNamara - 2 måneder siden
Is there going to be co-op draft? that would be insanely good
Jimmy Blanco
Jimmy Blanco - 2 måneder siden
Daniel Radcliffe should do shitty movies and not playin FIFA 21
Stealth Rift
Stealth Rift - 2 måneder siden
Yooooooo what was Messi’s beard??
Hassan Beydoun
Hassan Beydoun - 2 måneder siden
Can u please open packs
Hector Macias
Hector Macias - 2 måneder siden
I see the same shit game 😂
harshit gupta
harshit gupta - 2 måneder siden
Bro will u play pes 2021 also
ahmadooov97 - 2 måneder siden
i can already see that crosses will be broken like fifa 19
Haydn Sparkes
Haydn Sparkes - 2 måneder siden
I played the beta and the whole time I couldn’t even find 1 opponent on anything or find coop opponents with my friend it was so bad
James Pryde
James Pryde - 2 måneder siden
2v2 Squad Builder Showdowns?!
LacroQuetacheat 96
LacroQuetacheat 96 - 2 måneder siden
Pes co op better
NRX REZ - 2 måneder siden
Make a sbs for berni that bold inter Milan gk that never playt a game and has 2 red cards because he is retired
Ryan Hartigan
Ryan Hartigan - 2 måneder siden
They should make it like you can both manage the club at different times like one person can be using the squad in a game while the other person build sbc’s and stuff
Domain Games
Domain Games - 2 måneder siden
2V2 SBSD would be good
Mark Davies
Mark Davies - 2 måneder siden
Anyone wanna play ps4 FIFA with me I’m in canda
hec magana
hec magana - 2 måneder siden
You guys should do 2 vs 2 squad builder showdown if possible
Benjamin Sears
Benjamin Sears - 2 måneder siden
who controls the keeper movement in Co-op
Culmer M
Culmer M - 2 måneder siden
does this work on the same play station/ xbox
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - 2 måneder siden
They need to let reev do something other then just look at 3 players while he waits
ken the king
ken the king - 2 måneder siden
Aj has a huge ego that lost was all his fault you can tell rev was so annoyed.
Lolly Ayoola
Lolly Ayoola - 2 måneder siden
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar - 2 måneder siden
1:38 why does Messi look like Arda Turan
John Lacroix
John Lacroix - 2 måneder siden
wAiT tIlL tHurSdAy; holy cow now I see why
DontTryItScoob - 2 måneder siden
How they playing Fifa 21?
Artur-_- TFC
Artur-_- TFC - 2 måneder siden
Double sbs?
Saleem Najmeddine
Saleem Najmeddine - 2 måneder siden
Reev is hilarious the whole video he was just like we haven’t got a left back
Ciaran FUT
Ciaran FUT - 2 måneder siden
Reev is the worst NOburnr out there, I hate the guy.
Ashy Grewal
Ashy Grewal - 2 måneder siden
Can u not combine ur squad with ur friend and play?
Louis & Sam
Louis & Sam - 2 måneder siden
How do u move someone’s run
Ralston Bodhi
Ralston Bodhi - 2 måneder siden
Will u do rtg in Fifa 21
Fee fester Hughes
Fee fester Hughes - 2 måneder siden
Is there co op fut champs
Haaris Simari
Haaris Simari - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely nobody:
Andy:I have it on auto assisted
Ivan - 2 måneder siden
Literally the same as fifa 20
Ewan Luke
Ewan Luke - 2 måneder siden
No Chance I’m playing co op
Arda Baykara
Arda Baykara - 2 måneder siden
Reev carried Andy
zebadi22 - 2 måneder siden
could you do a SBC Chiellini squad builder showdown
Sarah Dawn
Sarah Dawn - 2 måneder siden
How are they playing Fifa 21 it’s not even out yet
Mahib-Ul Haque
Mahib-Ul Haque - 2 måneder siden
How do they get the game
Solar43 - 2 måneder siden
Wen they scored 2nd did anyone else hear Andy swear? Lol
Solar43 - 2 måneder siden
How u play it?
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 2 måneder siden
REEV is so funny 😂 instead of mohamed salah,he said mohamed salaar
emi_ BEAST
emi_ BEAST - 2 måneder siden
the game looks shite we wanted some new things but now it looks to complicated
TLB M9 - 2 måneder siden
2v2 squad builder showdowns gonna be so lit
Rhys Waggitt
Rhys Waggitt - 2 måneder siden
We need an RTG on this when it is officially out
Abraham Mansuroglu
Abraham Mansuroglu - 2 måneder siden
AJ3:Spills a cup of water while trying to drink it
Seconds later....
AJ3:You know what, I had just turned on semi-assisted drinking
Thomas Mc
Thomas Mc - 2 måneder siden
FIFA is trash. Don't be suckered in by this ad.
isabel - 2 måneder siden
Can you play FIFA 21 ultimate team now
Bradley Jobling
Bradley Jobling - 2 måneder siden
In fifa 21 do a 2v2 squad builder showdown where both of u build and play the teams
Malachi Griggs-Taylor
Malachi Griggs-Taylor - 2 måneder siden
You can have both mav and wolfie in the advent calebder
mini master786
mini master786 - 2 måneder siden