Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! SUMMER HEAT VINICIUS JUNIOR!!!

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HE'S ABSOLUTELY UNREAL AND HE HASN'T EVEN BEEN UPGRADED YET!!! Summer Heat Showdown Vinicius Junior Squad Builder Showdown #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Vincius
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Runtime: 23:35


Kayden McCloskey
Kayden McCloskey - 15 dager siden
When he went for racharilson twice haas
Andrew Stiene
Andrew Stiene - 16 dager siden
He is just constantly complaining it’s kinda annoying
Ooming - Måned siden
IDK if its just me but I found it really satisfying how at 19:16 the beat in the music matches up with gerard morenos touches to the ball
UTF Tiskat
UTF Tiskat - 2 måneder siden
Oaks is the best guesser. in these series 😂
Vinson Polumati
Vinson Polumati - 2 måneder siden
7:08 I can’t stop my laugh.
RIP andy
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson - 3 måneder siden
‘Shapeshifters is a cam mate’ Hahahaha so cocky
Balaji Palaniappan
Balaji Palaniappan - 3 måneder siden
Just to point out the upgraded version of te vinicius jr is absolutely incredible this card is by far my favourite card with a marksman on him
nufc1892kl - 3 måneder siden
Posh bollocks cheating, and he’s still shite
Samyak thapa
Samyak thapa - 3 måneder siden
The competitor was totally shit
miked5580 - 4 måneder siden
Oakley is best guest by far. You should try to get Rob on more often.
Kongpro - 4 måneder siden
I'm from bulgaria
70_ parsa
70_ parsa - 4 måneder siden
The ref robbed oaks😂
Fahim Safar
Fahim Safar - 4 måneder siden
Oakelfish is now officially the shittest fifa player ever, any other guests would have obliterated Andy with that shit squad that he had
Zak Westbrook
Zak Westbrook - 4 måneder siden
Andy while making transition:
Delfin Castellino-Dominguez
Delfin Castellino-Dominguez - 4 måneder siden
1:08 turn on captions
Skillz1k - 4 måneder siden
Is Oakley really dyslexic?
Reece Caine
Reece Caine - 4 måneder siden
Seeing Andy with an actual headset on was off-putting and it took me the whole video to figure out that's what was doing it.
Tricky Temperz
Tricky Temperz - 4 måneder siden
Absolutely no one: Andy:IM STREAMING!!!
Jagadeesh Gowda
Jagadeesh Gowda - 4 måneder siden
Hey Andy can you pull a prank on Jack54
Fxllen_ Xabel
Fxllen_ Xabel - 4 måneder siden
Day3 of askig aj3 to SBSD with a fan
#JLS - 4 måneder siden
You should add an away goal rule if you draw the game and maybe play 2 legs
Hamza Wolasmal
Hamza Wolasmal - 4 måneder siden
Do summer heat ahmed musa
J Milne
J Milne - 4 måneder siden
Drink every time Andy mentions he streams or is currently streaming
fletcher doyle
fletcher doyle - 4 måneder siden
Do a video with manny please
Mateo Preglej
Mateo Preglej - 4 måneder siden
Andy when you gues give him morales hi is 5,2 tots 92 rated argetinien cm
AroAzzMorris - 4 måneder siden
I am years watching these vids from andy, oaks, tom, itani etc., and i never comment "in my comment section voice" about bad form but oh my god Andy you are an actual scumbag.. Such bad form, have a bit of pride and decency, its ridiculous.. Only human on YouTube thats luckier than you, but screams misfortune more, is Tom.. Mental. Oaks is you can forgive this level of scumbag "friend" than fair play mate, bigger man!
Scroor R6
Scroor R6 - 4 måneder siden
Andy: “become a member to watch sbsd uncut.” Me: *watches the stream* big brain plays
Fxllen_ Xabel
Fxllen_ Xabel - 4 måneder siden
Day two of asking aj3 to do SBSD with a fan
Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley - 4 måneder siden
Finally A Rotherham player on SBSD 👌🏻 nice Andy
Jac Webb
Jac Webb - 4 måneder siden
Why are the facecams soo big
Alex Giron
Alex Giron - 4 måneder siden
Yes Andy good just get into the vid instead of making a full speech in the intro 🤣
sam_chelseafc - 4 måneder siden
2:09 good thing Andy didn't say 4-3-3 (3), otherwise we would've had some controversy
Kyle Found
Kyle Found - 4 måneder siden
Did Andy not know there was an end of an era aduriz
Lav Kapoor
Lav Kapoor - 4 måneder siden
David the clown luiz from Bayern fan 🤣🤣🤣
liam lusted
liam lusted - 4 måneder siden
Watching Andy sweat it out and play up for the stream is pretty embarrassing I can’t even lie.
Ght007 MCgaming
Ght007 MCgaming - 4 måneder siden
I’ve been new on your channel for a month now. Wtched your RTg but it stopped at ep 13 or so? May I ask why?
szabika_yolo 2004
szabika_yolo 2004 - 4 måneder siden
Andy what is your camera setting in fifa pls anyone know tell
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn - 4 måneder siden
Can we get a GK Ocampos for his Game Domination, scoring and saving goals.
Devan Abbey
Devan Abbey - 4 måneder siden
Devan Abbey
Devan Abbey - 4 måneder siden
Arresss YT
Arresss YT - 4 måneder siden
Why do u still do it with Oakley he’s boring and builds awful teams
Mster - 4 måneder siden
do sbsd with castro 1021
Tom Williams
Tom Williams - 4 måneder siden
If I was Oakley I would’ve cried after that gameplay 😂😂😂
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris - 4 måneder siden
I have NEVER seen Andy not get guessed on Max Aarons, it kills me every time 🤣
Daniel Julius
Daniel Julius - 4 måneder siden
Andy’s transition: epilepsy warning
Ivan Cito Despacito
Ivan Cito Despacito - 4 måneder siden
where has your airpods gone?
Huzaifa Abbasi
Huzaifa Abbasi - 4 måneder siden
Please do it with an icon
Kyoma - 4 måneder siden
i would love to know the logic behind andy writing fernandinho, doesn't give aduriz chem and would make sense for the right side..
Alex L.
Alex L. - 4 måneder siden
Oakley bahaha!
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts - 4 måneder siden
Nice to see a video with The Ox
Cuboid Horizon96
Cuboid Horizon96 - 4 måneder siden
Plzz do a sbsd with Mcjell
David O'Connell
David O'Connell - 4 måneder siden
Only Oakley could ruin his opponents squad and lose
Fxllen_ Xabel
Fxllen_ Xabel - 4 måneder siden
Day1 of aj3 to do SBSD with a fan
Eerik Paltser
Eerik Paltser - 4 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown On summer heat Coman if you have him
R9 Production
R9 Production - 4 måneder siden
Oakley fish just shut up ur annoying and u always lose
Marty Shwaartz
Marty Shwaartz - 4 måneder siden
Lmao Oakley is clever he read ya mate
tangO_youtube - 4 måneder siden
I can’t believe he’s wearing a headset. Not AirPods
M Seedat
M Seedat - 4 måneder siden
This fish dude is always trash...jeeeez like
grob 1225
grob 1225 - 4 måneder siden
instead of showing what you wrote on your whiteboard straight away when on stream, you should show the back of the board to prove you aren't changing your answer the turn the board around after he says it.
ahto Märtin
ahto Märtin - 4 måneder siden
Anyone remember fifa 12 torres rewiew
CamWT - 4 måneder siden
What times do you stream?
Kieran John
Kieran John - 4 måneder siden
Double goals for trump cards and Bronzes should be a thing
Toby Smith
Toby Smith - 4 måneder siden
Do sbsd with aa9skillz
Dapster - 4 måneder siden
It's fine he's discarded....Puts him on the transfer list
Mr. X
Mr. X - 4 måneder siden
When you are soooo happy to see that Squad builder showdown is back.. but then you opened it and the fuckin guest is Oakley 😪
Y-Roken Jnr
Y-Roken Jnr - 4 måneder siden
Oakley has been in everybody's head especially yours recently 😂😂😂 If he was good at Fifa you Jack, Tom and everyone else would have discarded so much this year. Instead he has 😂😂😂
Adithya 09
Adithya 09 - 4 måneder siden
I didmt know Oakley was dyslexic feel bad about mocking his pronunciation now 😬
joy joy
joy joy - 4 måneder siden
Andy: BIG BRAIN ladies and gentlemen.
Oak: 2000 IQ.
Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Stop getting Oakelfish on he gets to grumpy and it’s bad to watch
Stian Sundet
Stian Sundet - 4 måneder siden
You could see that andy havent won i a while so thats why Oakley is here
Camasanio Kray
Camasanio Kray - 4 måneder siden
Play Sbsd with fifa manny
Marley Pienaar
Marley Pienaar - 4 måneder siden
Should make a rule that if you can't get full chem on a marquee player you can be given an icon keeper so it's fine
Marley Pienaar
Marley Pienaar - 4 måneder siden
I miss seeing andys ears
Awesome Ayers
Awesome Ayers - 4 måneder siden
Andy is in as much form as Tottenham are since they came back
BostonBun - 4 måneder siden
Wait. Why is Oakely good at SBSD now?
JohnZfifa HD
JohnZfifa HD - 4 måneder siden
Oakley looked fuming after that game he did not look happy
Jeff Jospehine
Jeff Jospehine - 4 måneder siden
new video idea: squad builder showdown biggest discards
Keegan Wright
Keegan Wright - 4 måneder siden
Definitely a few questionable decisions from the ref that game.
Angielski Lad
Angielski Lad - 4 måneder siden
Do one with simon miniminter
How not to play
How not to play - 4 måneder siden
Aj3 paying fifa for that penalty
Φώτης Τζανέτος
Φώτης Τζανέτος - 4 måneder siden
In 19:17 Gerard Moreno's touches are perfectly synced to the beat and i can't stop watching it
genji - 3 måneder siden
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson - 3 måneder siden
Lol,how did you notice?😂
X GAMING - 4 måneder siden
Barry is a legend
Millz FN
Millz FN - 4 måneder siden
Sick card
gozdni tek
gozdni tek - 4 måneder siden
Vinicius is sick
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW - 4 måneder siden
This is not the first time that Heurelho Gomes has done a good job outfield in sbs
Harsh Ajitsaria
Harsh Ajitsaria - 4 måneder siden
Just got my birthday gift😄
David Cheek
David Cheek - 4 måneder siden
New drinking game: drink every time Andy mentions that he’s streaming
VNM - 4 måneder siden
I was waiting for this vid for so long
VNM - 4 måneder siden
Vinicius is awesome I have all my fodder for him he is a legend with perisic
Dec Anderson
Dec Anderson - 4 måneder siden
That’s penalty was bullshit tbh you slid and get away with it, people like you make the game annoying getting away with stupid shit
Andrew Shore
Andrew Shore - 4 måneder siden
Feel for oakley
Morgan Hayes
Morgan Hayes - 4 måneder siden
Oakley hat have super glue inside asking for a friend?
shyam krishna
shyam krishna - 4 måneder siden
from the stream
fluffy curtis
fluffy curtis - 4 måneder siden
Who watched live
Tactic 16
Tactic 16 - 4 måneder siden
I swear Oakley has done this 100 times but he's always so confused, love it! 😂
Eugene Omoifo
Eugene Omoifo - 4 måneder siden
I love Andy's high squeaky voice
SJ808 - 4 måneder siden
Safe for getting me through lockdown with sbs. Quality
Ghadi Habib
Ghadi Habib - 4 måneder siden
You need to do 93 dembele sbs
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell - 4 måneder siden
I’m looking through the comments and I respect the fact that Andy actually likes and comments on other people’s comments. What a legend
Ebaad Madridista
Ebaad Madridista - 4 måneder siden
Oakley - plays horribly in the final third
Also him - I can’t believe this
Yes the pen was bs but he played so bad