Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! SUMMER HEAT JOVIC!!!

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I'm hot... Might be too hot... Summer Heat Jovic is 5 STAR WEAKFOOT AND NOW WITH 4 STAR SKILLS!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Jovic
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Runtime: 24:30


Jamie Parry
Jamie Parry - 24 dager siden
Wxken_ Up
Wxken_ Up - 27 dager siden
Yoooooo hold on is nick pope qctually a 5 star skiller
Ashtxn07 - Måned siden
Quite late but you should use the frightful four
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu - Måned siden
Use a way if 4 picks then the other person gets four picks
Icy_ Blazeシ
Icy_ Blazeシ - Måned siden
Dont lie who has been his fan since 2016
Zac Nielsen
Zac Nielsen - 2 måneder siden
Quirky Quadruple
TSR_Inrulz - 2 måneder siden
Jovic is my favourite player he was amazing for Frankfurt
Mr Marvelous Mark
Mr Marvelous Mark - 2 måneder siden
Emil Johansson
Emil Johansson - 2 måneder siden
Has thiago silva signed for everton yet?😂
M2masey - 3 måneder siden
andy “i’m going to keep putting thiago silva in my squad until he signs for everton” 28th august “thiago silva signs for chelsea
Charlie James
Charlie James - 3 måneder siden
Who's here after thiago Silva joining Chelsea
Dharma Muthalagappan
Dharma Muthalagappan - 3 måneder siden
The Christmas quadruple or career ending quadruple ;)
Owen Pudner
Owen Pudner - 3 måneder siden
The quirky quad
ben higgs
ben higgs - 3 måneder siden
9:09 like wtf Tom u rubbed your hands after as well 🤢
Josh Eccleston
Josh Eccleston - 3 måneder siden
The fatal four
devil damo
devil damo - 3 måneder siden
Kante quad
Idk - 3 måneder siden
Tom what u doin at 8:56 😳🥴
Geovanny Villanueva
Geovanny Villanueva - 3 måneder siden
Quadruple for three at the back
Seán Arthur
Seán Arthur - 4 måneder siden
The quadruple collateral
Robert Gaming
Robert Gaming - 4 måneder siden
I love you videos
ItsOJT123 Mate
ItsOJT123 Mate - 4 måneder siden
Freaky foursoum
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson - 4 måneder siden
Tom looks like he is staring in Kevin and Perry, lol!
Elijah Hyde-Moore
Elijah Hyde-Moore - 4 måneder siden
Quadruple quad
Johan Verhoog
Johan Verhoog - 4 måneder siden
Ron weasley and Harry potter playing sbsd 😜😂
Liam Langridge
Liam Langridge - 4 måneder siden
Crazy quadrietrupal
Brandon Parrant
Brandon Parrant - 4 måneder siden
quality quad or fatal four
Johnathan Dixon
Johnathan Dixon - 4 måneder siden
Takes shot from outside box and gets fouled Andy: PEN REF
Kam Bahra
Kam Bahra - 4 måneder siden
This tom guys such a nerd haha wow
Erlend Daleng
Erlend Daleng - 4 måneder siden
The quadruple
Asif Omarzai
Asif Omarzai - 4 måneder siden
The quarantine quatre 😂
Sir Pork chop the 2nd
Sir Pork chop the 2nd - 4 måneder siden
Quirky quad
100 subs with no vids Challenge
100 subs with no vids Challenge - 4 måneder siden
Quirky quadruple
Harry Gregory
Harry Gregory - 4 måneder siden
The quick quad 😂
Jake Swan
Jake Swan - 4 måneder siden
Kent didn't win cos he's trash and plays for a dead team
Gurjit Natt
Gurjit Natt - 4 måneder siden
Filthy four
Curtis Giley
Curtis Giley - 4 måneder siden
Killer quad
Lachlan Woolnough
Lachlan Woolnough - 4 måneder siden
f*ckoff four
Huntah Edwards
Huntah Edwards - 4 måneder siden
Put Harry more on the show
Dale Clow
Dale Clow - 4 måneder siden
Dylan Johnston
Dylan Johnston - 4 måneder siden
A quick quintuple
David Radovanovic
David Radovanovic - 5 måneder siden
i think your the only english youtuber that pronounces jovic correctly ps i am from serbia
Tobbe Trubbel
Tobbe Trubbel - 5 måneder siden
The crispy quadruple
Tobbe Trubbel
Tobbe Trubbel - 5 måneder siden
The cringy quadruple
RaZe Clan
RaZe Clan - 5 måneder siden
Andy: I’m going to go for jordi alba
Tom:so you haven’t got Kamara
Andy: I dunno Jeff!
edgar jimenez
edgar jimenez - 5 måneder siden
Why does tom ALWAYS look like he just smelled a fart?
FireMadMax 11
FireMadMax 11 - 5 måneder siden
A quirky quadruple
DAN95GAMING - 5 måneder siden
‘The filthy four fold’
Harmann Bhasin
Harmann Bhasin - 5 måneder siden
Quandry Quad
Christian Halmrast
Christian Halmrast - 5 måneder siden
quarantine quad
kevartho - 5 måneder siden
The filty four
Marit Seim Ekeland
Marit Seim Ekeland - 5 måneder siden
fight me.

Tom looks a bit like robert maudsley
Pratish Parswani
Pratish Parswani - 5 måneder siden
MrJanssN - 5 måneder siden
Do Kubo!!
Munched - 5 måneder siden
Name picking all 4 the “Foul foursome”
AidanWilkin05 - 5 måneder siden
Just quit quadruple
Zack Stylianou
Zack Stylianou - 5 måneder siden
Questionable Quadruple plz use it
myles boslem
myles boslem - 5 måneder siden
When you guess all four it should be called not so fantastic four
lilkakas - 5 måneder siden
The final 4
RJPD_Official - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thinks fifa should make perfect links a darker green color to differentiate them from strong links.
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson - 5 måneder siden
Fantastic 4
EpiiKHD - 5 måneder siden
The freaky four If u guess 4 players
Giffers01vlogs Giffin
Giffers01vlogs Giffin - 5 måneder siden
For all 4 call it a crazy quad
Giffers01vlogs Giffin
Giffers01vlogs Giffin - 5 måneder siden
The reason Kent didn’t win is because the casuals heavily outweigh the sweats. Casuals have no idea who Kent is
Gibi _Monk3yz
Gibi _Monk3yz - 5 måneder siden
Quintessential quadruple
Josh Elderfield
Josh Elderfield - 5 måneder siden
Quirky quad...🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️
Test Account
Test Account - 5 måneder siden
The quarantine esc quadruple (because quarantine is awful like getting four bronzes)
Alexander Bille Rolin
Alexander Bille Rolin - 5 måneder siden
You should call it “the fantastic four”
Kyle Crozier
Kyle Crozier - 5 måneder siden
Tom did not hit puberty
Naka Mishi
Naka Mishi - 5 måneder siden
Filthy four
harry MÅNSSON - 5 måneder siden
A squad wipe
Aidan Schell
Aidan Schell - 5 måneder siden
Rage quit quad
Nikhil Lowe
Nikhil Lowe - 5 måneder siden
crazy quadruple
Ethan Fallon
Ethan Fallon - 5 måneder siden
Do one on the new ibra like so aj3 fifa sees
Matthew Seidl
Matthew Seidl - 5 måneder siden
Fatal four
Callum Jones
Callum Jones - 5 måneder siden
When I see a SBSD with Capgum Tom I click off.
Spaghetti betti
Spaghetti betti - 5 måneder siden
The filthy foursome
Charlie Hay
Charlie Hay - 5 måneder siden
Filthy four
Zuka Bibichadze
Zuka Bibichadze - 5 måneder siden
Id call it an unfantastic four
Doudou Mouri
Doudou Mouri - 5 måneder siden
Quirky Quadruple
e - 5 måneder siden
Quarantine quatro
Nathan DelRio
Nathan DelRio - 5 måneder siden
Mr.Andy, can you please do more sbsd with Bateson and Nepo
Luke footy boy
Luke footy boy - 5 måneder siden
can you do sqaurd builder showdown on 90 rateds special card thiago silva
Ammaar Tateeya
Ammaar Tateeya - 5 måneder siden
Andy,one new rule should be that if a player was to get red carded then he should be discarded even if the person won
Callum Hargreaves
Callum Hargreaves - 5 måneder siden
Should do a budget for the rest players you pick
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds - 5 måneder siden
Gotta be “awesome foursome” my guy
Niklas Wendenburg
Niklas Wendenburg - 5 måneder siden
Filthy foursome
Shaked Bogen
Shaked Bogen - 5 måneder siden
Tom just aint givin andy the time of day😂
Becky Connell
Becky Connell - 5 måneder siden
The QUAKING quadruple
العب واتكلم
العب واتكلم - 5 måneder siden
Hey this jovic is so good i played 13 games and scored 24 goals and 15 assist in div rivals
Ashley Blackford
Ashley Blackford - 5 måneder siden
Do the new summer heat Sarr, he has just came out! 94 phys, 91 def, 87 pace😨🔥🔥 and do it with W2S
Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones - 5 måneder siden
Oi surely it has to be a FILTHY FOUR
Primal Dimitrov
Primal Dimitrov - 5 måneder siden
The quivering quad
Alexgzz - 5 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown with Chris MD
JEDGamez - 5 måneder siden
Bro you inspired me to make a youtube channel dedicated to my love for FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM and to my make content that people enjoy watching!! I started making videos about 2 weeks ago and have posted 21 videos since then. If you guys want to follow along with my story and give me feedback I would really appreciate it!
one love guys!
Alhan - 5 måneder siden
Qurkie quad
Carson Kehoe
Carson Kehoe - 5 måneder siden
When u guess 4 players call it the filthy four
ian beale
ian beale - 5 måneder siden
qualiteeeeee quadrupole
Regret - 5 måneder siden
Quarantine quad
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey - 5 måneder siden
Is Capgun Tom high or something
Benedetto ZAPPIA
Benedetto ZAPPIA - 5 måneder siden
Do multi madness