Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! STRIKER MOMENTS GARETH BALE!!! TOTW Moments Bale

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Football is cancelled... BUT AT LEAST THAT MEANS EA CAN JUST INVENT INFORMS NOW!!! Striker TOTW Moments Gareth Bale as a throwback to when he played striker or something (idk they just give them out for anything) #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Bale
Theo -
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Runtime: 38:01


Dave Myers
Dave Myers - 2 måneder siden
Exactly half a year ago from this video Tottenham resign Bale and both discarded Bale here😂😂
Actually insane.
TEMPIST PLAYS - 2 måneder siden
Bet your glad you didn’t do it 5 months down the line😂😂
Andrew Li
Andrew Li - 3 måneder siden
“Hames” Rodriguez
Mason Burkinshaw
Mason Burkinshaw - 3 måneder siden
That was pretty 👋👋 jazzy
Tom B
Tom B - 3 måneder siden
That was nothing like Gavin and Stacey mate. Stick to scouse
Bertie Rice
Bertie Rice - 3 måneder siden
The wizard
Adolfo Plascencia
Adolfo Plascencia - 3 måneder siden
it's James Rodriguez not Hames
Imam Fadlan
Imam Fadlan - 5 måneder siden
chicken satay and rice its food from indonesian, i’m proud of u theo👏🏻
Hamish Vs Luke
Hamish Vs Luke - 6 måneder siden
Hames Rodriques
GG_ ZAWL - 7 måneder siden
Listen to the music when Theo scores the first goal, it lines up perfectly with the touches
Hayes Brownlee
Hayes Brownlee - 7 måneder siden
Theo is a absolute numty
Mohammed Mustaqeem
Mohammed Mustaqeem - 7 måneder siden
Yo andi u spelt week wrong
Ryan Schroeder
Ryan Schroeder - 7 måneder siden
Ishan mudaliar
Ishan mudaliar - 7 måneder siden
I am 12 and I can cook that stuff
Jakob Bryce
Jakob Bryce - 7 måneder siden
Hames? You mean James Andy.....
Fifaleg - 7 måneder siden
the said it was his road to glory and he had fifa points on his account
Taylor Hawkins
Taylor Hawkins - 7 måneder siden
On bales traits it says injury prone lol
Evertonian 1878
Evertonian 1878 - 7 måneder siden
Being welsh this was hilarious 😂
Devils Weekly
Devils Weekly - 7 måneder siden
The only thing worse than andys welsh accent is his gameplay 😂
Manchester Is red
Manchester Is red - 7 måneder siden
You should call it squad builder lockdown
Leatherfart `
Leatherfart ` - 7 måneder siden
Is anyone else here welsh
Young Fella
Young Fella - 8 måneder siden
its_tylxr - 8 måneder siden
jeez theos voice was cracking like mad
Ved PATHARKAR - 8 måneder siden
I love theo baker
Altaf Hoseini
Altaf Hoseini - 8 måneder siden
in norway we have home school iant it the same in england?
Ya Boi Beet
Ya Boi Beet - 8 måneder siden
who else is welsh and gettin annoyed by them saying crackin in a welsh accent
MrKirbstomp - 8 måneder siden
9:50 love a good inbetweeners reference 😂
Edit: 13:33 love a good gavin and Stacey reference 😂
Pablo Pena
Pablo Pena - 8 måneder siden
Love this...ea wya?
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez - 8 måneder siden
Do one with nick28t
Alecyang - 8 måneder siden
Llifon Evans
Llifon Evans - 8 måneder siden
I’m welsh by the way that is a bad welsh accent but good try tho bet you can’t say my name properly it is Llifon
Iuran Varela
Iuran Varela - 8 måneder siden
in spanish, "j" its pronounced "r"
Iuran Varela
Iuran Varela - 8 måneder siden
its james not hames
Charlie Plays
Charlie Plays - 8 måneder siden
Sub 2 Willie
Dj Games
Dj Games - 8 måneder siden
I would have payed money to see Theo’s reaction if u picked vvd
GGDRIFT - 8 måneder siden
anyone else realized he james with an h :)
fortnights on hotel wifi
fortnights on hotel wifi - 8 måneder siden
Could you do one on Filipino Inzaghi’s Prime Moments card? It’s only 400K, and it’s a really nice card.
nath hallett
nath hallett - 8 måneder siden
castro needs to come on ...
SBSD mini league ...
Upton Wheatley-Richardson
Upton Wheatley-Richardson - 8 måneder siden
0:48 keep looking at aj’s clock
despire - 8 måneder siden
Do totw moments Fraser squad builder
Vicky lail
Vicky lail - 8 måneder siden
Hala Madrid for life
Rickylee Eldridge
Rickylee Eldridge - 8 måneder siden
team of the week lucas from tottenham
FootballSkillz - 8 måneder siden
I packed totw moments walker in a gold upgrade
Pokeorge - 8 måneder siden
Hames Rodriguez LOL Andy (James that’s “Hames”)
andrew walker
andrew walker - 8 måneder siden
I’m a Liverpool fan
Saud Shidhani
Saud Shidhani - 8 måneder siden
Tbh you talk a lot
Rune Fowler
Rune Fowler - 8 måneder siden
Who saw the numbers on the clock move and double tapped back to see it again
Deacon Abela
Deacon Abela - 8 måneder siden
You talk much more than play dude
Pawel Skiba
Pawel Skiba - 8 måneder siden
Plz try and get Chris md on sbs
All Things Sports
All Things Sports - 8 måneder siden
So. I'm ready for the next three weeks
James Braddock
James Braddock - 8 måneder siden
Can u do another one with w2s
Liz Turnbull
Liz Turnbull - 8 måneder siden
do one to watch saint maximin
Oliver Drew
Oliver Drew - 8 måneder siden
Gareth Bale came and Gareth Bale went
Senid Golubovic
Senid Golubovic - 8 måneder siden
27:18 when your mom comes in your room from telling you 5 times to be quiet.
oscar flores Chavez
oscar flores Chavez - 8 måneder siden
Can you do totw moment de ligt please
killuas toes
killuas toes - 8 måneder siden
Big talk for a fortnite YouTuber
SjaaK VaaK
SjaaK VaaK - 8 måneder siden
Bruh why has theos bale played 0 games at the discrd
AngryGam3r - 8 måneder siden
i like that andy blames Zambrotta when he is the one controlling him :D Salty man
The Robinson’s
The Robinson’s - 8 måneder siden
Get Simon tobi and zerker
1872WATP - 8 måneder siden
Hames Rodrigues. Andy I think you mean James Rodriguez
Insta msk_tempss
Insta msk_tempss - 8 måneder siden
They said my second name Cartwright
Dante Moscatiello
Dante Moscatiello - 8 måneder siden
Do more of these during the lockdown and call it Squad Builder Lockdown :D
Christobal Stacks
Christobal Stacks - 8 måneder siden
Andy cant complain about how expensive his team is because of Theo’s
maisonbirch - 8 måneder siden
Can you do SBS with Tekks or bateson 👍🏼
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams - 8 måneder siden
Andy: We might do a Lockdown Countdown

Theo: Lockdown Count-UP?


Theo: 2:03
Claire Hindley
Claire Hindley - 8 måneder siden
Do potm fernandes
Ross Hennessy
Ross Hennessy - 8 måneder siden
Isolation station
Edmac - 8 måneder siden
Do it with nepenthez
Joseph Phillpotts
Joseph Phillpotts - 8 måneder siden
Mini inter would be a good squad builder showdown player
Lankz - 8 måneder siden
Wana see zerka here
Harry Mason
Harry Mason - 8 måneder siden
Lockdown showdown
Elias Løksa
Elias Løksa - 8 måneder siden
You have to do a sbs on corona Because og the corona virus
Blaze. - 8 måneder siden
W2S again
MaZe_Clan - 8 måneder siden
Do one with W2S
FanNaf 2018
FanNaf 2018 - 8 måneder siden
Do the opara sbc
Jack O'Brien
Jack O'Brien - 8 måneder siden
You should call it squad builder lockdown instead of squad builder showdown
Jack Davies
Jack Davies - 8 måneder siden
Theo looks stoned
Plesh - 8 måneder siden
What camera settings does he have can someone answer and tell me
Krzzers - 8 måneder siden
man I was literally going to watch some of your recent vids... but cant because its in members only . I cant afford this but would like to watch .... really annoyed ive been into your videos recently as I'm getting more into fifa . just was asking if you take the videos out of members only would make my day pleaseee
Walter Clements
Walter Clements - 8 måneder siden
Did man just call him winiskus jr
SpectrumHenz - 8 måneder siden
Whose watching this on Saturday
Ben Levy
Ben Levy - 8 måneder siden
2:01 me hearing GCSEs are cancelled

2:03: me realising my predicted grades are shit
xDannyIsco7x - 8 måneder siden
You Should Totally try to get Mitch Austin, Aymeric Laporte or some other footballer that plays FIFA for a Squad Builder Showdown
supermex 187
supermex 187 - 8 måneder siden
You should get Castro,Simon, Josh, Tobi for SBSD
Ryan Gallon
Ryan Gallon - 8 måneder siden
Sbsd aiden mcgeady
paul gilroy
paul gilroy - 8 måneder siden
What trait is injury prone????
Christer Fuglestad
Christer Fuglestad - 8 måneder siden
Get Castro in a squad builder showdown
Margaret Ippolito
Margaret Ippolito - 8 måneder siden
Do a SBSD where you have to guess the player and exact version of the card the person is going to use. Champions league base cards are the same as normal cards.
Big Man Kenwyne Jones
Big Man Kenwyne Jones - 8 måneder siden
Never do a Welsh accent ever again. Doesn't sound it at all. Also Ramsey from Cardiff and has a strong Diff accent pls do not butcher it again 😂
TeamTryhardHD - 8 måneder siden
If your doing 30 day upload, you have to do it with definately three of the best squad builders / fifa youtubers; Aa9skillz, Nepenthez & W2S
Harry Difelice
Harry Difelice - 8 måneder siden
4:07 facts !!!!! Man I just try and watch the 1v1 going on in the middle and then some twat just comes in and punches me for no reason whatsoever.
Peruna Jäbä
Peruna Jäbä - 8 måneder siden
This guy tries to look like Harry Potter
thomas green
thomas green - 8 måneder siden
Can you please not discard the players, just give back to the community and list them for minimum buy now price.
Tj12 - 8 måneder siden
Hey Andy love sbsd but you could do a past and present sbsd with a limited amount of icons. Think this would be a sick idea
Bryan - 8 måneder siden
Adrian Mello
Adrian Mello - 8 måneder siden
Pls do the lockdown series. I’m loosing my mind!!!
Sam Gharanfoli
Sam Gharanfoli - 8 måneder siden
Theo: This is my RTG account. backs out to the menus and we can see that he loaded on fifa points before because he has 350 FP
HaidnDinostar 07
HaidnDinostar 07 - 8 måneder siden
Do one with reev
Timo1211 - 8 måneder siden
Theo: It's my RTG Account.
And has 350 Fifa Points :D
Sam Burn
Sam Burn - 8 måneder siden
For one sbsd u should do the mid icon pack then whoever u get out of it that's who u do it around.