Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! SHAPESHIFTERS RICHARLISON!!! 90 Rated CAM Richarlison

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YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!! 90 rated Richarlison and some CRAZY squads!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Richarlison
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Runtime: 44:00


AJ3 - 9 måneder siden
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Vinstar Playz
Vinstar Playz - 8 måneder siden
@cjcammy123 YASS
Mohammed Nour
Mohammed Nour - 9 måneder siden
Do future stars Fede valverde pls!!!
Daniel Reda
Daniel Reda - 9 måneder siden
@AJ3 do a squad builder showdown against Castro please
cjcammy123 - 9 måneder siden
hey aj3 can you do it on Gary Mackay Steven in a sbs
Luke Fielding
Luke Fielding - 9 måneder siden
no need, got Adblock lad x
Mr Monkey Gaming HD
Mr Monkey Gaming HD - 2 dager siden
whos watching this in december i am ;)
Mark Caldwell
Mark Caldwell - 10 dager siden
I could have watched a regular video instead of sit through that intro
100 miles Harls
100 miles Harls - 16 dager siden
I love you're videos but there to long if you cut the video down a bit more it'll be easier to watch big fan though keep it up
JiminyCricketGames - 19 dager siden
Bateson risk it for a chocolate biscuit
Just one... damn usually it’s the whole pack
Ahmed Almulhim
Ahmed Almulhim - 22 dager siden
Why would someone put CAM richarlison as there thumb nail
and in the video richarlison is striker
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu - Måned siden
You guys talk so much shut up and get on with your awesome show
Kieran Bishop
Kieran Bishop - 2 måneder siden
like and comment if you want to see bateson vs w2s in sbsd
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 2 måneder siden
B8son seems like a proper lad
V3nom gamer
V3nom gamer - 2 måneder siden
dont do sbsd against pay to wins
usha vitta
usha vitta - 3 måneder siden
Future stars Varane🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew YT
Andrew YT - 3 måneder siden
Bateson:he won’t get a better card. Me getting destroyed in fur champs by his totssf
LOST Galaxy
LOST Galaxy - 3 måneder siden
Amit Bhat
Amit Bhat - 4 måneder siden
I’m from Poland and Bułka is pronounced BUL-DER-LE-KA
Rasmus Flensted
Rasmus Flensted - 4 måneder siden
It begins 5:30 thank me later
Rasmus Flensted
Rasmus Flensted - 4 måneder siden
Nvm 8:00
GAMEPLAY TIME - 4 måneder siden
So you shifted the position of a shape shifter richarlison?......
Key Mystro
Key Mystro - 4 måneder siden
Any1 realised if bateson had switched marcello and mendy around every1 would still be on full chem and he could of picked any Brazilian lb???
Berk BODUR - 4 måneder siden
Who else skips until you see a board hanging up
Tómas Valur Þór Bjarkason
Tómas Valur Þór Bjarkason - 4 måneder siden
8 minute intro fun😂😂
stuart vickery
stuart vickery - 4 måneder siden
Ica Basic
Ica Basic - 5 måneder siden
Harry Deakin
Harry Deakin - 5 måneder siden
bate=14 million coin squad????? with a bronze aswell
Steven Holmes
Steven Holmes - 6 måneder siden
Saying Ossie isn’t good ?
Poor mans Mcjell
Poor mans Mcjell - 6 måneder siden
Andy: does sbsd on an Everton.
Also Andy: eVeRtOn ArE dOiNg So WeLl UnDeR aNcElOtTi. RiChArLiSoN aNd CaLvErT lEwIn ARE tHe BeSt StRiKeRs In ThE lEaGuE’
Jacob Abbott3
Jacob Abbott3 - 6 måneder siden
4:53 that aged well 😂
tony oliphant
tony oliphant - 6 måneder siden
NEW SERIES IDEA- ROCK PAPER SCISSORS DISCARD. You have 11 games of Rock Paper Scissors and how ever many games you win is how many chances you get at hitting a player that’s on the line.
tony oliphant
tony oliphant - 6 måneder siden
Just seen this was two months ago oops
Messi 1101
Messi 1101 - 6 måneder siden
This aged well Richarlison has a tots 😂
Skinny Boy Joe
Skinny Boy Joe - 6 måneder siden
Whenever you say: “Today I am joined by Mr Bateson or a Crippled Bateson, it’s really weird because my last name is Bateson lol
Zak Thompson
Zak Thompson - 6 måneder siden
The teams are so funny when he does squad builder showdown with bateson87
ghostsneverdie5 1
ghostsneverdie5 1 - 6 måneder siden
Andy is such a snake
SmashingBruce OffTheBridge
SmashingBruce OffTheBridge - 7 måneder siden
Bateson: it’s the best card he’s gonna get...
Richarlison: hold my beer
Lukeyboy - 7 måneder siden
Unlucky Andy rich didn’t get tots
iDzR - 7 måneder siden
Ah he wouldnt get a tots says bateson
Mannix M.
Mannix M. - 7 måneder siden
Bateson: how much is he worth?
Andy: a Mill
Bateson: wow that’s a lot
Bateson thinking: I got 60 mill in the club, what’s a mill
MarkTingzYaknowThat - 7 måneder siden
Aha Andy Everton are shite
2ZeK - 7 måneder siden
jack ryan
jack ryan - 7 måneder siden
that Gullit is 12 mil
Mike Murph
Mike Murph - 7 måneder siden
It took them over 8 minutes to start 😂😂
Fxck_Itz_ Me
Fxck_Itz_ Me - 7 måneder siden
Come On Everton. I'm An Everton Fan As Well
Ishan mudaliar
Ishan mudaliar - 7 måneder siden
That happens to me a bunch to me
Tode Vanja
Tode Vanja - 7 måneder siden
Bateson you cheating you put basicly one of the best players in the game you are realy noob you only win with 1 goal diffrence. YOU ARE REALY NOOOB PLAYER PLAY WITH TEAM THST COST 50K AND YOU GONNA GET 3 WIN IN FUT CHAMPS
a swedish sausage
a swedish sausage - 7 måneder siden
bruh Bulka means bread in lithuanian lmao¨
football and fortnite gameplay 4697
Best accent ever Maacerlo
cnrgames s
cnrgames s - 7 måneder siden
We when is team of the season
Swaga tron
Swaga tron - 8 måneder siden
I saw him write benat and when he said he didn’t write him I believed him
Swaga tron
Swaga tron - 8 måneder siden
Bateson deserves the world
Shahel - 8 måneder siden
Just realised you got more subs than Bateson 🤯 killin it Andy
William Wasnidge
William Wasnidge - 8 måneder siden
skip 10 mins to start
Phoebe Jones
Phoebe Jones - 8 måneder siden
Douw Hanekom
Douw Hanekom - 8 måneder siden
You took 8minutes to start man. Really
lee gledhill
lee gledhill - 8 måneder siden
Bateson should have linked neymar and marcelo so he wouldnt have to get neymar the strong link
Jack Mcmurray
Jack Mcmurray - 8 måneder siden
Around 9mins is when they start the picks
Fletcher ‘
Fletcher ‘ - 8 måneder siden
Paul_mitch19 - 8 måneder siden
Batesons club is stacked damn
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 8 måneder siden
Dude seriously.. nearly 8 minutes until the squad building starts. Leave a time stamp or something sheesh
Johnny O'Brien
Johnny O'Brien - 8 måneder siden
They should've made a shapeshifter Kyle Walker, RB -----> GK
Bernie Blunnie
Bernie Blunnie - 8 måneder siden
Do headliner aubaeyang with REEV
Aidan Lew
Aidan Lew - 8 måneder siden
every single player in batesons team could be used as the main player for any sbsd
Villans Zone
Villans Zone - 8 måneder siden
imagine buying a shape shifter card, but then changing its position
George Thomson
George Thomson - 8 måneder siden
By any chance are you an everton fan
Lorraine Nolan
Lorraine Nolan - 8 måneder siden
Spend less time talking you spend most of the time talking in your vids
Clash of Alex
Clash of Alex - 8 måneder siden
Checkfins - 9 måneder siden
Icons shouldn't be allowed. It makes squad building too easy and they're impossible to guess
Dudu - 9 måneder siden
44 min.... wtf
Daniel Khaliq
Daniel Khaliq - 9 måneder siden
Bald guy is so rich
Daniel Khaliq
Daniel Khaliq - 9 måneder siden
Bald guy is so rich
Tyler Fortier
Tyler Fortier - 9 måneder siden
It’s sad how Bateson need to use most of the best players
YngProdigy 17
YngProdigy 17 - 9 måneder siden
Add a rule to where if you guess a player u can put them on the bench and use them as a super sub after 60 minutes
Cloud Bomb
Cloud Bomb - 9 måneder siden
Use the Damn Bigger card for an SBC MAKE HIM USEFUL AT LEAST MAN
Ikeepslumping - 9 måneder siden
10 minutes then u start whyyy tho
Jackson Arno
Jackson Arno - 9 måneder siden
Why not go prime icon Kaka and still get the full Brazilian on left side
zach bond
zach bond - 9 måneder siden
I think Andy has started faking the games and discards bc someone always only wins by 1 and never discard anything expensive
FakeSOAS - 9 måneder siden
8:09 is when they actually start.
Lorenz Smits
Lorenz Smits - 9 måneder siden
Possible new rule: The player that is all about, needs to be the HIGHEST RATED
card of your squad
Mtr dynamo
Mtr dynamo - 9 måneder siden
do tevis or mess
Mtr dynamo
Mtr dynamo - 9 måneder siden
don pm jo
Clarzane 49
Clarzane 49 - 9 måneder siden
For that link to neymar did Bateson forget about roberto carlos
Jamie Cotterill
Jamie Cotterill - 9 måneder siden
Bateson has an 89 untradeable varane in his club 😉
harrison holt
harrison holt - 9 måneder siden
Andy should of listed min buy now
Harry Klass
Harry Klass - 9 måneder siden
Me n my friends do squad builder showdowns but we have to use concept players and then just play because our clubs aren’t good enough 🤣
Sam Towle
Sam Towle - 9 måneder siden
Not even full chem on romagnoli
Tommy Gunn
Tommy Gunn - 9 måneder siden
At least when Bateson is on you see some half decent players hahaha what a guy
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee - 9 måneder siden
Bateson does so well because of his teams lul want to see him use a basic team!
EJTGaming24 - 9 måneder siden
Does anybody do squad builder showdowns between friends? If so can I join in because I used to play this with my brother but he’s in Australia now so no way of playing the match anymore but if your EU servers hit me up PSN is EPiC-CHUNKY
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly - 9 måneder siden
STOP waffling
Kenneth NSB
Kenneth NSB - 9 måneder siden
Keano’s fucking magic
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy - 9 måneder siden
Like if Andy should do a shapeshifter richarlison to glory
Abdulaziz Elayah
Abdulaziz Elayah - 9 måneder siden
This is just an example of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer 😂😂😂 43:2
Zain - 9 måneder siden
Remove the icons it's harder to guess with the icons
Josh Wray
Josh Wray - 9 måneder siden
can u please do the idiots rtg again because yours is actually fun and it’s what made me start watching you
TheBcater - 9 måneder siden
Podol55 - 9 måneder siden
Andy your pronunciation of "Bułka" was great, this word in Polish means roll btw 😂
Greetings from Poland!
mikerous - 9 måneder siden
This guy absolutely loves himself. It’s sickening.
Ticker 345
Ticker 345 - 9 måneder siden
why is there a 91 Marcelo bottom right at 14:45
Born 2 Kill
Born 2 Kill - 9 måneder siden
Do a sbsd with Castro it would be the funniest vid ever
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater - 9 måneder siden
Absolutely in love with your videos, really enjoy the mini podcast vibe to them - you just seem like such a great and likeable guy, keep up the good work and hope the members club grows! Thanks so much for the entertainment you bring!
You ever think of doing League videos?
AJ3 - 9 måneder siden
Thanks mate, no plan to do League videos though, it's my "get away from making videos" game
JJ Jones
JJ Jones - 9 måneder siden
Add new rules such as a hat trick you get an extra discard and a freekick goal - another discard
Ben Crone
Ben Crone - 9 måneder siden
If bateson swapped Marcelo and mendy then he could have picked any Brazil or ligue 1 left back
Martin McElwee
Martin McElwee - 9 måneder siden
Aw that discard 😂. Keano’s ducking Magic, he wears the magic hat
Daniel Martinsen
Daniel Martinsen - 9 måneder siden
lets not talk about baetsons face 39 minute