Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! RTTF JOAO FELIX VS W2S!!!

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THE FUNNIEST SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN I'VE EVER EDITED!!! Fifa 20 Road To The Final Joao Felix vs WroeToShaw #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #W2S
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Runtime: 32:06


Lukemaha2010 - 3 dager siden
Harry: WOW WERE HALF WAY THERE..........

lil 7year olds: SQUIDWARD ON A CHAIR 🦑🪑
carol perone
carol perone - 4 dager siden
Harry the kind of guy to buy TOTS GKs to play in their team instead of the gold version so they will play 'better'
carol perone
carol perone - 4 dager siden
The best meme is Get him the hell out of here And make it quick And it ain't even close
carol perone
carol perone - 4 dager siden
People: you cant hear pictures
The picture when harry thinks who is sibide
Pacy_ Nights
Pacy_ Nights - 10 dager siden
Harry should do play another sbs bc hs is playing games now
Yusuf Rasul
Yusuf Rasul - 16 dager siden
Sorry but how has Koeman got 99 power,freekicks,curve and pens
huzaifa faisal
huzaifa faisal - 18 dager siden
7:15 is the best face ever
olav solvang
olav solvang - 20 dager siden
andy why the frikk did you go for gulacsi you abselute donut
Jon born
Jon born - 23 dager siden
Andy: my girlfriend is annoying me and asking for my money to buy stuff for her. Itani: GET HER THE HELL OUT OF THERE
Manjit Singh
Manjit Singh - 24 dager siden
I think aj3 said the a word
Noel Luchsinger
Noel Luchsinger - 24 dager siden
Why does Harry have 2 toty kante's
Kid socer
Kid socer - 26 dager siden
All 90+
mason kenny playz
mason kenny playz - Måned siden
They way Harry goes hhhhh shitttt
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu
Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu - Måned siden
Sibide hahahahahah
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts - Måned siden
Picks 94 Messi after transition 96 messi
Matthew Tangney
Matthew Tangney - Måned siden
Harry can sing????
Devin Solanki
Devin Solanki - Måned siden
man you don’t even know how bad i feel for harry
Sean the Game changer
Sean the Game changer - 2 måneder siden
He does
Veer Visal
Veer Visal - 2 måneder siden
Do a prank on Harry
Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui
Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui - 2 måneder siden
is like air conditioning not a thing in the UK cuz I swear every video they complain about how hot it is LMAOO
PGG-Veet _Yt Noob
PGG-Veet _Yt Noob - 2 måneder siden
Oh dear😂😂
senseixmartin - 2 måneder siden
That defending @23:46 was pure class
Timon Stoppe
Timon Stoppe - 2 måneder siden
Alistair Wilkinson Author
Alistair Wilkinson Author - 2 måneder siden
1:26 harry is high
WatchTower Gaming
WatchTower Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Andy: My girl friend wants me to buy her this ring
Harry: get sidibe for the same price
Capguntom: get the gold version shiny isn’t better
Tonči Odak
Tonči Odak - 2 måneder siden
Samuel Pålsson
Samuel Pålsson - 2 måneder siden
Harrys: Ohh Dear counter
FanNaf 2018
FanNaf 2018 - 2 måneder siden
Why did Andy chose gulacsi he didn’t link with any of Harry’s cbs
PEPPER - 2 måneder siden
Shows how much of a good bloke Harry is
15M subs joins my man Andy who has 1.5M
matthijs van zenderen
matthijs van zenderen - 3 måneder siden
How can i download transfer centre?? 11.15
J L - 3 måneder siden
Andy defo tried to get Harry’s R9 out his team but realised he already wrote Eusebio...can’t write more than one icon
Braydon Govender
Braydon Govender - 3 måneder siden
Maybe You say Ronaldo is really bad at this game it's because you dont know how to use him??
Steven Holmes
Steven Holmes - 3 måneder siden
You always had to let him have Ronaldo anyone because you obviously meant Cristiano seems as you wrote eusebio as well 😂
Anay Gokhale
Anay Gokhale - 3 måneder siden
Am I going mad or has Harry not uploaded his video yet?
Nick mag
Nick mag - 3 måneder siden
There’s more time wasting in this video than Atletico winning in the 70th minute
Man Mountain
Man Mountain - 3 måneder siden
Have Andy and pie fallen out?
Elizabeth The Great yay
Elizabeth The Great yay - 3 måneder siden
Aj3 seemed cocky on this idk why
Patch- rick
Patch- rick - 3 måneder siden
Sibide is the new Gulasic
Frank Shea
Frank Shea - 3 måneder siden
Andy giving the benefit of the doubt? He obviously meant CR7, given that he picked Eusebio, another icon. This was nearly Itani level cheating 🤣
Blinné Walsh
Blinné Walsh - 3 måneder siden
aa i wron g and grog oh day
VulconTV - 3 måneder siden
Harry is the funniest youtuber to ever come out of Fifa
VulconTV - 3 måneder siden
This vid is TRASHHHH watch my video if you want some real comedy gold
Your nan
Your nan - 3 måneder siden
Savan Soni
Savan Soni - 3 måneder siden
Video Idea Andy does a giveaway where the prize is to do an sbsd with him
Jacques Lorraine
Jacques Lorraine - 3 måneder siden
Harry is the CEO of oh dear
Jack Sheldon
Jack Sheldon - 3 måneder siden
Please stop complaining about everything all the time
Jeremy Davies
Jeremy Davies - 3 måneder siden
Harry has a YouTube channel with more subs and is more famous he's way better and my favourite YouTube
icy ayam
icy ayam - 3 måneder siden
When Harry is gonna post his mason greenwood Sbs ? Im waiting 🤨
Mac Boulden
Mac Boulden - 3 måneder siden
Harry: oh dear
Andrew Kassir
Andrew Kassir - 3 måneder siden
Harry defo meant to put R9 instead of R7
Harri Roberts
Harri Roberts - 3 måneder siden
Where’s this Greenwood SBSD??
Cvbndf Cb
Cvbndf Cb - 3 måneder siden
Aj why are you so sweaty you’re such an asshole poor harry mate he barely even plays
Joe Hart
Joe Hart - 3 måneder siden
Do one with NICK28T his club is mad
Lewis Nolan
Lewis Nolan - 3 måneder siden
BenBat - 3 måneder siden
You just know Andy had so much fun, editing all the Sibide clips in, during this video.
Noël Karreman
Noël Karreman - 3 måneder siden
7:01 that sounded kinda sus
Royal_PriZmA- - 3 måneder siden
Harry hasn’t uploaded his video or am I trippin’?!
Dylan Kitterman
Dylan Kitterman - 3 måneder siden
Harry still hasn't uploaded his video to his channel
Burgs Gaming
Burgs Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Can we just appreciate Harry singing
Kape Viral
Kape Viral - 3 måneder siden
feilex looks like a young garth bale
Harry Hillman
Harry Hillman - 3 måneder siden
Harry should have got Ronaldo regardless because Eusebio was written on the board too. Only 1 icon right?
Suhail Umar
Suhail Umar - 3 måneder siden
harry :ahhhhhhhhh
harry again: hes got one back
S1KN3SSxZ - 3 måneder siden
Since you had Eusebio as a guess and you're only allowed one Icon there's no way you can blag that you had R9 when you meant CR7 so you made the right decision letting him have it
Aiden Ononiwu
Aiden Ononiwu - 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo is amazing on fifa
Jenko_slt - 3 måneder siden
Your content is great that other guy would be good though
Hazona Zizou
Hazona Zizou - 3 måneder siden
Wow why so cheap bastard? Loan players and other shit players for the roullette. Never seen someone so chicken 😂👍
Avi Salim
Avi Salim - 3 måneder siden
I bet if harry started a channel he would become a meme cuz he would shoot his mum in the face
Benedek Matolcsi
Benedek Matolcsi - 3 måneder siden
Nice vid andy!

The ChosenOne
The ChosenOne - 3 måneder siden
Why don’t u put Ronaldo in Cm or Cdm cause they wouldn’t expect it and then witch his position when the game start
mr catbiscuits
mr catbiscuits - 3 måneder siden
Any1 else just love vibing to the music at the start of kick off
Rodrigo lopez
Rodrigo lopez - 3 måneder siden
This is how many times harry said "oh dear"
Rodrigo lopez
Rodrigo lopez - 3 måneder siden
Andy: hey harry do you wan-
Harry: oh dear
Austin Graham
Austin Graham - 3 måneder siden
Ollie E
Ollie E - 3 måneder siden
Harry is so dopey why not just have degea
Shrimpy Hajdari
Shrimpy Hajdari - 3 måneder siden
Kieran Cooper brannon
Kieran Cooper brannon - 3 måneder siden
Is Harry ever going to post his sbsds?
Flip Alips
Flip Alips - 3 måneder siden
Harry is the guest
viper4326 - 3 måneder siden
Don’t diss Spanish 76 rated GK. Adrian’s compatriot Ruben Blanco is a force to be reckoned with
Frankie Johnson
Frankie Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Video 5 of me commenting till Andy answers, love the content
Tripper Tv Arabic
Tripper Tv Arabic - 3 måneder siden
👍👍👍 Bon courage ..
Lukas Orozco
Lukas Orozco - 3 måneder siden
Junior Morales
Junior Morales - 3 måneder siden
My respect for Andy went up when he left him keep prime Ronaldo 💯
Josh Miller
Josh Miller - 3 måneder siden
Love it keep It up
Dannycool15 - 3 måneder siden
Where is this mason greenwood SBS ? Can’t find it anywhere.?
Eskil Forstrønen
Eskil Forstrønen - 3 måneder siden
Andy memeing about Adran when Everton got Pickford in goal
Ben Goddard
Ben Goddard - 3 måneder siden
When andy thinks prime ronaldo is rubbish and doesnt care
Chris Regklis
Chris Regklis - 3 måneder siden
Harry should pick pele instead of greenwood
Liam Channon
Liam Channon - 3 måneder siden
Petition for W2S vs Bateson in a SBCD with Andy as the commentary guy
Luke Passmore
Luke Passmore - 3 måneder siden
Andy has 1.7 mil left to spend where Harry has 22 mil to spend
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar - 3 måneder siden
Why not quick sell 5 bronzes if you're going to quick sell the players so you can't get them back
Ethan Dunn
Ethan Dunn - 3 måneder siden
Did you autotune Harry’s voice
Vegar HH
Vegar HH - 3 måneder siden
Ur actually one of my fav youtubers, love your content!!
EIZ Kai - 3 måneder siden
ANDY! We need a sbsd on the man the myth the legend El Bahktoui on Fifa 18
XYZzZzZ - 3 måneder siden
Why did Andy write gulacsi
Cade Beck
Cade Beck - 3 måneder siden
Class move by Andy letting Harry keep R9. Sportsman of the year👏👏👏👏👏
Steffan Rosser
Steffan Rosser - 3 måneder siden
5 picks and its his 5 lowest rated players 😂
Jake Lewis
Jake Lewis - 3 måneder siden
Do a SBSD with Manny 🐐⚽️🎮
Universal James
Universal James - 3 måneder siden
R u stupid blad search up w2s
Hazza Hero7
Hazza Hero7 - 3 måneder siden
Do a sbsd with Harry on sibide
14t0m - 3 måneder siden
Who’s here after atletico lost😂
ThatFifaKid - 3 måneder siden
First comment after atm went out
Ali Shouzib
Ali Shouzib - 3 måneder siden