Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! TOTS RICHARLISON VS HASHTAG HARRY

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WELL THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA... 1.5 million coins Team of The Season Richarlison Squad Builder Showdown VS A PRO FIFA PLAYER... #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Richarlison
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Runtime: 37:20


Filip Hadnadjev
Filip Hadnadjev - 10 dager siden
You are like draco malfoy from harry potter
Screenz Shots
Screenz Shots - Måned siden
Bruh what a pussy putting the main player of the video in the bench
Harris Wing
Harris Wing - 2 måneder siden
Do an sbsd with bford
Joseph Alabi
Joseph Alabi - 2 måneder siden
richarlison is on the bench u cheat
GavinSaubert - 2 måneder siden
Harry isnt just better, he knows hes better
PGHEWrexham - 3 måneder siden
You swapped Richarlison with a bronze, cheat.
Elite Fn
Elite Fn - 3 måneder siden
Kimmoch didn’t have full Chem
Applepie_ 1021
Applepie_ 1021 - 3 måneder siden
Who’s here when Harry has joined fnatic
Robert Vassila
Robert Vassila - 4 måneder siden
10:54 didn’t Andy get it right??😂
Chadrack Basia
Chadrack Basia - 4 måneder siden
Zach Smart
Zach Smart - 4 måneder siden
Up the ev
Get Gud lol
Get Gud lol - 5 måneder siden
i hate harry he is such a cocky bitch
Sxiful_1 - 5 måneder siden
5:14 is just me that gets triggered everytime he speaks like that about the comments. His voice is hella annoying
zalamoka yeet
zalamoka yeet - 5 måneder siden
Bro he talks SOO MUCH
Austin Whitlock
Austin Whitlock - 5 måneder siden
Bro why did he cheat at the end
Austin Whitlock
Austin Whitlock - 5 måneder siden
Bro why did he cheat at the end
Yeet Pete
Yeet Pete - 5 måneder siden
Yeet Pete
Yeet Pete - 5 måneder siden
Ayaan Dingankar
Ayaan Dingankar - 5 måneder siden
Ik Harry is good but he is also so full of himself
KianBAzad - 5 måneder siden
Who else thought the Pele was Dele?🤣
Evøid Ółłèŷ
Evøid Ółłèŷ - 5 måneder siden
Andy ur kimich don’t have full chem
Edit: NM he has perfect link lmao
Cjay Adams
Cjay Adams - 5 måneder siden
Get wroetoshaw on, this is the wrong harry
Callum Guest
Callum Guest - 5 måneder siden
When was the last time in the interval it had a Everton badge on it 😂😂😂😂
CyroF1 - 6 måneder siden
why be a member when u have adblocker
Angela Watts
Angela Watts - 6 måneder siden
The 90's Time Machine
The 90's Time Machine - 6 måneder siden
Tots richarlison or 92 dalglish?
Liam WM
Liam WM - 6 måneder siden
So painful knowing everytime Andy will pick 433(2) and that no one ever does their research
KieanTheProGamer Mays
KieanTheProGamer Mays - 6 måneder siden
The song was astrionima
Maxwell Underwood
Maxwell Underwood - 6 måneder siden
Alex Aumen
Alex Aumen - 6 måneder siden
Andy swears that he rubbed out Nathan Ake
Lewis Marples
Lewis Marples - 6 måneder siden
Why did he take Andy take out richalson out when discarding
Big Dog
Big Dog - 6 måneder siden
It’s pronounced Ri Kar Liszon
GethinBoz_ - 6 måneder siden
Harry can get him back he discarded him ffs
Jacko Irvine
Jacko Irvine - 6 måneder siden
Kimmich is on 7 chem
Vibin Yt
Vibin Yt - 6 måneder siden
We want zerkaa we want zerkaa we want zerkaa pLz we beg you do it with him also love your vids 😎💙
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or does harry look like raul jimenez from wovles lol
Kieran Ward
Kieran Ward - 6 måneder siden
should bring in a rule where if ur attack has had no one guessed u get an attacking sub same rating as the lowest rating in the attack and same for midfield and defence
Conrad Evans
Conrad Evans - 6 måneder siden
Hah ah ha love the way u chat about gerrard ? Who has been ur best player ever no one coz everton r shite stfu Andy u jellous of Liverpool and the kid Harry
Oliver McKimmie
Oliver McKimmie - 6 måneder siden
I thought it said Pelé now I see Andy’s plan
Dara Browne
Dara Browne - 6 måneder siden
When he wrote pele I thought he wrote pele
Dara Browne
Dara Browne - 6 måneder siden
Dele sorry
Tyler Francisco
Tyler Francisco - 6 måneder siden
Someone from sidemen please
Lewis Wilson
Lewis Wilson - 6 måneder siden
Kimmich wasn’t on full chem
Alex C
Alex C - 6 måneder siden
up the fuckin ev
Proc 10
Proc 10 - 6 måneder siden
We love Harry but we want zerrka pls pls pls
plooie - 6 måneder siden
do a prank on harry where it’s normal except for when you play it’s actually against tekkz instead of you and try to beat him
Spaceboii - 6 måneder siden
Sbsd vs Boras
IceMan2630 - 6 måneder siden
Who would win Harry or tekz?
Jack Allen 2
Jack Allen 2 - 6 måneder siden
Make a sbs league so who scores the most goals and everything to make it more fun and see who is the ultimate sbs player
casperplayzz - 6 måneder siden
19:00 what song name?
Joel Cox
Joel Cox - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else think that Andy wrote Dele on his board but it was really Pele?😂
Aron De Haas
Aron De Haas - 6 måneder siden
I thought he went with dele (alli) instead of pele
liam tuck
liam tuck - 6 måneder siden
Andy the Fraud saying hes not discarding Richarlison even of he guesses him. Whats your name? Nepenthez
John Price
John Price - 6 måneder siden
Harry's too cocky
shane cotter6
shane cotter6 - 6 måneder siden
DREAM LEAGUE LEGEND - 6 måneder siden
W2s recently said on his stream he wants to play a SBSD
Big Red
Big Red - 6 måneder siden
I don’t understand why goalies let in so much at the near post. Like as a goalie you cover the near post more than anything
Zain K
Zain K - 6 måneder siden
10:19 I thought that said "Dele"
Lemon akai
Lemon akai - 6 måneder siden
I wanted to see moise kean and richarlison upfront but still a bangin sbsd
the osem channel
the osem channel - 6 måneder siden
andy is a cheat. he doesn't follow his own rules. He gave Jack and some others 2 trump cards when he wasn't supposed to. follow your own rules bro.
Arran Robertson
Arran Robertson - 6 måneder siden
Please get CJnovo992 on for one
Jacob Jenner
Jacob Jenner - 6 måneder siden
4 minute intro...
Shrxdyy FN
Shrxdyy FN - 6 måneder siden
That intro would have been class!!!!! 😂
Jake 01
Jake 01 - 6 måneder siden
That guy is an asshole
mantej singh
mantej singh - 6 måneder siden
Harry quicksold the Gerrard, he could still get it back
pupovac 14
pupovac 14 - 6 måneder siden
You should invite buck army on the show once
S B - 6 måneder siden
I packed tots Richarlison
Hungryleo101 - 6 måneder siden
I thought he wrote dele not pele
A A - 6 måneder siden
When Andy starts mocking jack Harry is there like 😅
Sam Ridge
Sam Ridge - 6 måneder siden
Richarlison wasn’t even in ur squad for the discard but Andy.... cheat
Dylxn qt
Dylxn qt - 6 måneder siden
I put my entire team into the guaranteed EPL Tots and for Richarlison. His cards an absolute beauty but I now don’t have a team 😂
FutZoneTV - 6 måneder siden
I MADE A VIDEO WITH *RICHARLISON'S* PLAYS *Go on my channel to watch!*
Alfie Westland
Alfie Westland - 6 måneder siden
Get some new jokes
TommoPalmer20 - 6 måneder siden
Me:telling my dog who AJ3 is idk why.
My dog:snores 😂
Christopher Biro Jr
Christopher Biro Jr - 6 måneder siden
Honestly surprisingly that Harry didn’t go for Ayoze Perez
LembkeHD - 6 måneder siden
Petition to make harry pick a trash team and try to win against andy.
Jestan12345 - 6 måneder siden
I got some weird lines through your whole video (on the height of your midfielders). Checked other ones and those are fine.
Zack Driver
Zack Driver - 6 måneder siden
We all know Liverpool are better than Everton
ryan murphy
ryan murphy - 6 måneder siden
Liam Maddison
Liam Maddison - 6 måneder siden
Stop going on about jack54 Jesus Christ
Not Fin
Not Fin - 6 måneder siden
quick sell recovery?!
Allen.t - 6 måneder siden
andy needs to stop talking so much, the video gets boring after about 5 mins
Adel Habouchi
Adel Habouchi - 6 måneder siden
i got richarlison from the prem TOTSSF sbc
RSO - 6 måneder siden
Do a SBSD with haber on Maguire TOTS
Sam Back
Sam Back - 6 måneder siden
I thought he put Dele as in alli but it was pele 😂
J Milne
J Milne - 6 måneder siden
Got this bad boy card in my Red picks today, can't wait for him to miss an open goal this weekend 🤔
Dan Beasley
Dan Beasley - 6 måneder siden
Richarlison didn't cost 15 mill 😂😂
A.C - 6 måneder siden
Will there ever be a video where Andy doesn’t choose the 4-3-3(2)
James Doherty
James Doherty - 6 måneder siden
Do one with harru
Eoghan McArdle
Eoghan McArdle - 6 måneder siden
Have you ever considered doing a retro squid builder showdown on like fifa 18 or something
Luke Staniforth
Luke Staniforth - 6 måneder siden
He discarded Richarlison
Asger Vang
Asger Vang - 6 måneder siden
Could be fun if you were not allowed to pick any of the same players to make it harder now there is so many good cards out.
Charlie Piggott
Charlie Piggott - 6 måneder siden
You can’t defend at all😭
Jw.740 - 6 måneder siden
I don’t actually enjoy sbd with Harry or Matt. In contrast videos with Jack, Tekkz, Pieface, Itani, Tom and legit everyone else are actually brilliant. Just my opinion
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10 - 6 måneder siden
Harry’s intro now is him saying still not got an intro
bekfast - 6 måneder siden
Andy didnt even have richarlison in the starting 11
HRSS 14 - 6 måneder siden
Why was Luke Shaw keeping up with Adama
REAL HAM - 6 måneder siden
Who else thought that it said "Dele" and not "Pelé" on andy's whiteboard
Jared Dean
Jared Dean - 6 måneder siden
Well played Andy but it did seem like Harry could score when he wanted.
Lillian Ferrari
Lillian Ferrari - 6 måneder siden
I packed tots richarlison today
Calvin Andi
Calvin Andi - 6 måneder siden
That first ad placement 👏👏