Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! TEAM OF THE SEASON VARANE!!!

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The new best centre back on Fifa 20!?! Team Of The Season So Far Rafael Varane Squad Builder Showdown!!! #Fifa20 #TOTS #Varane
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Runtime: 32:32


Katie Eagleton
Katie Eagleton - 7 dager siden
He could of just used muller cf in stead
Niels Letham
Niels Letham - 12 dager siden
Use blackman u should have given him Messi
Pacey Saunders
Pacey Saunders - 27 dager siden
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith - Måned siden
Almost went a whole vid without sayung corona
Sergeinnit - 2 måneder siden
Why was the fifa gameplay so laggy when u got ingame
At an end
At an end - 2 måneder siden
We want harry to do the uncut (W2S)
At an end
At an end - 2 måneder siden
W2S to do it
Kenneth Perez
Kenneth Perez - 2 måneder siden
You can actually say Coronas name bc no one calls him corona in mexico they call him Tecate or tecatito bc of the beer. His team was sponsored by Tecate so they couldn’t say his name Corona! @AJ3
El's life
El's life - 2 måneder siden
Who was eder m if not ederson
mert kozanyaz
mert kozanyaz - 3 måneder siden
I am New to the channel ehy are they calling Areola, The Nipple?
aruna david
aruna david - 3 måneder siden
Did oak guess your goal keeper
nikki holy
nikki holy - 3 måneder siden
“In the head of the Oaklefish”
GRKAchilles - 3 måneder siden
Oakley could've gone with Sergio olivieria to link with corona then put Bruno Fernandes on the left attacking mid and then Ronaldo up front
Milan Dijkstra
Milan Dijkstra - 3 måneder siden
Hahahaha who watched Varane against City?😮😂😂
AJGaming - 3 måneder siden
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - 4 måneder siden
Andy: the one person who can stop Ben Yedder
Tots ben Yedder: you thought
yaboigabo - 4 måneder siden
9:00 that Réguilon is not extinct it’s was an objective
yaboigabo - 4 måneder siden
8:10 did someone even realize that he guessed ederson, and he said “you can have them both”
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson - 4 måneder siden
Oakley is maddddd.
Drexy YT
Drexy YT - 4 måneder siden
Okle should do an asmr with his keyboard
Talha Entertainer
Talha Entertainer - 4 måneder siden
I guessed your 4 guesess players im good in squad bulider showdown do u wanna make squad bulider showdown with me mate
Oscar Faul
Oscar Faul - 4 måneder siden
I dirty doubled Andy at the start
Soren Matsuoka
Soren Matsuoka - 4 måneder siden
Why didn’t andy just put an icon striker
Daddy Finger Daddy Finger
Daddy Finger Daddy Finger - 4 måneder siden
20:00 rebic doesnt even play for frankfurt, hes on loan at AC milan
Ethan J Brown
Ethan J Brown - 4 måneder siden
I’m no 1 in the country for squash
Michael Hart
Michael Hart - 4 måneder siden
Man oakley was salty af ahahahahaha
Roberto Miranda
Roberto Miranda - 5 måneder siden
Reguilón was an objective
Trickster 08
Trickster 08 - 5 måneder siden
Everytime someone picks joaquin Oakley thinks are you Joaquin
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez - 5 måneder siden
Oaklefish: I promise you cant say it no for real you cant say it
5 minutes later
Andy: Corona
Isaac Holmes L.F.C
Isaac Holmes L.F.C - 5 måneder siden
I think you can say Corona
Jackthe12 - 5 måneder siden
Only everton fan i respect
suemakuubis XD
suemakuubis XD - 5 måneder siden
am i the only one who heard that his name is uglyfish?
Vytex Wolf
Vytex Wolf - 5 måneder siden
Challenge idea:you and someone open 5 packs and make a team and play match and whoever wins you have to send them your team or anything you want to do. Sorry if it is not a good idea
Mohd Najmi
Mohd Najmi - 5 måneder siden
Z Gamer
Z Gamer - 5 måneder siden
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts - 5 måneder siden
Your laugh turns my stomach mate
YMV Clips
YMV Clips - 5 måneder siden
i acc like oakley
naveen maharaj
naveen maharaj - 5 måneder siden
"dont say his name"
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Keep it up 🙏🙏🙏
Arellano Genaro
Arellano Genaro - 6 måneder siden
Just call corona, tecatito, its his actual nickname mate😂🙂
Jugi - 6 måneder siden
Rebic plays for milan anyways lol
Joey Nana
Joey Nana - 6 måneder siden
You should add a rule for guesses that is you guess it, there's the option to let them keep their player and you start with however many players you guessed in goals
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 6 måneder siden
Do one with itani or bateson pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee
TFD Yanato
TFD Yanato - 6 måneder siden
dude i tell you something nady these series are like THE BEST and i love them its like squad bilder then serch and discard love IT
Simon Zammit
Simon Zammit - 6 måneder siden
Wow geeeez Oakley is such a sweat 😂. Man even has a water bottle near him coz he sweats too much 😂😂
Matthew Das
Matthew Das - 6 måneder siden
We want w2s
james brown
james brown - 6 måneder siden
Are you on x box or PlayStation
Marco K.
Marco K. - 6 måneder siden
Bro where that 60fps at???
Crazytroller 101
Crazytroller 101 - 6 måneder siden
There’s a person called titi 😂😂
Olly todd
Olly todd - 6 måneder siden
didn't he guess Emerson
Ur mum
Ur mum - 6 måneder siden
I haven’t watched fifa videos for a few years but has oakelfish always seemed so posh??
Hamish Johnson
Hamish Johnson - 6 måneder siden
U should have put halland and odergard at ST
Joey RBX
Joey RBX - 6 måneder siden
Packed varane and cazorla totssf in the same pack lol
zain hussain
zain hussain - 6 måneder siden
My man really said aboobakar 😂😂😂😂 itani knows what i mean 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryan Williamson
Ryan Williamson - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or does andy look like the guy that runs 442oons with that hairstyle? Haha 😂😂 (personally i think it looks quite cool but anyhoo haha)
Rhys Plater
Rhys Plater - 6 måneder siden
U dont even play football and now got one of the rarest boots🤭
94JReedy - 6 måneder siden
I hope my membership covers the costs of you eventually saying corona 🙏
Max Henzell
Max Henzell - 6 måneder siden
Andy do a SBS with Declan Rice
anonymous - 6 måneder siden
why didnt andy go for a lw rather than that stinky lm???
Kallum Mckenzie
Kallum Mckenzie - 6 måneder siden
Andy please do a sbsd with nick RUNTHEFUTMARKET would be sooo sick
Tyler Phillips Football
Tyler Phillips Football - 6 måneder siden
Bring back form from last year
Arjuna Rao
Arjuna Rao - 6 måneder siden
That Reguilon is an objective
Rhys Dann
Rhys Dann - 6 måneder siden
Like for zerkaa
george valodims
george valodims - 6 måneder siden
Imagine a three way version of this like legit or a 2 v 2 imagine
nas x big L
nas x big L - 6 måneder siden
32 minutes for 2 people to pick 10 cards each and play a game that they cut out 75% of wtf is this
Eoin Cooper
Eoin Cooper - 6 måneder siden
andy ur even more of a numpty bc rodrigo dosent expire lmao
Bobman - 6 måneder siden
Andy please do a rtg!
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas - 6 måneder siden
crazy how you promote your shitty member shit and still can’t deliver rip😂😂😂
Rone - 6 måneder siden
Imagine the video getting demonitized because Andy said Corona
Ismail C.
Ismail C. - 6 måneder siden
Play against w2s
Shiv HD
Shiv HD - 6 måneder siden
What happened to your second channel
Alex Betolaza
Alex Betolaza - 6 måneder siden
How are u so bad at fifa
North stand agro
North stand agro - 6 måneder siden
Andy have you forgot about your wheel
Abdul - 6 måneder siden
It's so jokes when aj thought rebic still played in the bundesliga
Nixus Golan
Nixus Golan - 6 måneder siden
your an idiot for not using sbc rodrigo when hes forever there and hes like 250k and hes op
Jack O'Riordan
Jack O'Riordan - 6 måneder siden
Andy you should defo do an animal crossing series on your second channel :)
Cameron Rogers
Cameron Rogers - 6 måneder siden
do an uncut with pieface
- Spinkseey x
- Spinkseey x - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else violated at the way oakley pronounced taarabt
DARK MONSTA - 6 måneder siden
rip fishes dignity
Kabir and Samir play
Kabir and Samir play - 6 måneder siden
AJ3 you should make a diss track on Oakley because of the beef on Oakley’s channel
Skeppy Shop
Skeppy Shop - 6 måneder siden
DO A SBSD WITH Aa9skills like so Andy can see
Aiden Bartlett
Aiden Bartlett - 6 måneder siden
Oakley: Andy I can't believe you brought a guy (forward on a gk) your worse than 54.
Also Oakley: Plays FUT Champs gets Gold 2 so he doesn't get beaten easily in series
Erqzyy - 6 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown with one of the sidemen
Lee Rowe
Lee Rowe - 6 måneder siden
Oakl is saltyyyy
Braiden - 6 måneder siden
Itani when he can do it
Ewan Luke
Ewan Luke - 6 måneder siden
Feel like Oakley has sort of cheated Andy a bit by saying he needs a Valencia player in goal which meant Andy couldn’t give him the tiniest la liga player
IZZOTON IX - 6 måneder siden
Foket is a player
Seb Walsh
Seb Walsh - 6 måneder siden
The pronunciation of Joaquin is awful ffs poor football knowledge
Mo A
Mo A - 6 måneder siden
Their lack of football knowledge is amazing 😂 Rebic doesn’t even play for eintracht anymore
Big Dog Gaming 13
Big Dog Gaming 13 - 6 måneder siden
think this series is going downhill
Pigeon Productions
Pigeon Productions - 6 måneder siden
If your bored just check my Fifa videos out it will only take a few minutes :)
TOMTHEBOMB987 Official
TOMTHEBOMB987 Official - 6 måneder siden
Well actually Andy the rodrigo was an unlimited player sbc so you are wrong. 😂😂😂😂
Oscar Molinero
Oscar Molinero - 6 måneder siden
Andy, you need to do a SBS vs Tobiass the originator of the dirty double
Majella McGovern
Majella McGovern - 6 måneder siden
Hi andy can you please bring back squad roulette
Rampage Kester
Rampage Kester - 6 måneder siden
Love sbs but not bothering this episode Andy only invites him on for a win
Lisa harker
Lisa harker - 6 måneder siden
Remember when Andy was doing Fifa bingo and shouted I packed corona! Like if u remember
AM11 - 6 måneder siden
Who also thought their video stopped at 4:32 😂
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest - 6 måneder siden
Why is it dirty to mark the pass to the defender from the goal kick? Or is Oakley just moaning over absolutely nothing as usual?
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark - 6 måneder siden
But fut birthday rodrigo is a not expirey date player
Motta Saab
Motta Saab - 6 måneder siden
Honestly shit at fifa you are
Jamie Jjoneser
Jamie Jjoneser - 6 måneder siden
Could do RM CM RAM with LM LAM ST with LCM LM and LST, RCM RM RST