Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! TEAM OF THE SEASON MOST CONSISTENT!!!

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TEAM OF THE SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!!! Well, Team Of The Season So Far... The community TOTS is almost upon us so it's time for some TOTS themed Squad Builder Showdown!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #TOTS
Lockdown Edition Playlist -
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Runtime: 40:27


Kayden McCloskey
Kayden McCloskey - 22 dager siden
Who's here when ps5$ are here ¥^^¥^¶{\{¥€√√•••••€¢¢¢¢£~
Aadhithya A
Aadhithya A - 3 måneder siden
Back when SIBIDE was not a meme
Familien aarstad
Familien aarstad - 3 måneder siden
James from 35 meters nettball ⚽️⚽️⚽️. 🥅🥅🥅 goalllllllllll
Familien aarstad
Familien aarstad - 3 måneder siden
Jack ruls be like: if you pick a god player you need to have a green pen oooooo Wait you writ whit a blue pen am starting 6-0 thats one of the ruls we had since FIFA 16
Jason Parker
Jason Parker - 3 måneder siden
They delayed the cash count by over a month
Weekly dose of Internet
Weekly dose of Internet - 3 måneder siden
Can someone subscribe to me if so that would be great. Thanks 😁
James Cullen
James Cullen - 6 måneder siden
Everyone hates on jacks rules because they struggle making proper hybrids themselves😂the rules ain't hard to understand, if anything it makes the teams better and more interesting
Kpackz Streaming
Kpackz Streaming - 6 måneder siden
wtf am 13 mins in the video and You are just bullying tom wtf hahah
Travis Sears
Travis Sears - 7 måneder siden
Andy is the true king of beating a dead horse
Stanley Gettens
Stanley Gettens - 7 måneder siden
It’s just banter boys
JOSHUA WOLMAN - 7 måneder siden
Do a Squad Builder Showdown with 2 players
Zombie _boi_99
Zombie _boi_99 - 7 måneder siden
Please bring pieface for a vid please
dansmusicproduction - 7 måneder siden
Felipe Anderson should be in it? Don't think so bang average season
Darius Xavier
Darius Xavier - 7 måneder siden
its Itani all over again
XxCorrupted_Fitchboyz xX
XxCorrupted_Fitchboyz xX - 7 måneder siden
@jammydodger is trash
Farhaan Moulvi
Farhaan Moulvi - 7 måneder siden
Hey Andy! Can you please do a SBSD with S2G as he is one of India's big fifa content creators and it will also be fun to have someone new on the channel
Love from India!!
LukeAG - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else notice Andy’s team name? 😂😂😂
Logan Z
Logan Z - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for wasting 12 minutes of my life complaining about not understanding rules that have been the same every time, instead of just getting into the video.
Stephen French
Stephen French - 7 måneder siden
They spend about 12 minutes talking
kayaleyla0811 - 7 måneder siden
Love this channel
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe - 7 måneder siden
Andy I used to rate you but asking kids for £5 for 1 video a month which is just extra waffle is really harsh, you make no unique or new content, never anything outside sbsd odd packs and a rtg you give up on, I mean you don’t even like FIFA, you have 2 other dead channels yet instead of working hard for more content or new series you ask for subs 99p fair enough but fiver come on have some respect for the kids that like you. Don’t act like you’re donating anything but THEYRE money. Really disgusting YouTube’s going this way especially ones I though we’re decent guys
Callum - 7 måneder siden
Can u do a squad builder showdown on totssf Ivan toney
Abiel Ramirez
Abiel Ramirez - 7 måneder siden
Andy should sell shirts that say “Why always Kanye”
Will Johnson
Will Johnson - 7 måneder siden
You talk way too much in the videos 🤦🏻‍♂️
MysteryPacks - 7 måneder siden
Can’t wait for the new sbsd on the totssf
Joel Okwong
Joel Okwong - 7 måneder siden
Joel Okwong
Joel Okwong - 7 måneder siden
Joe Cumiskey Vlogs
Joe Cumiskey Vlogs - 7 måneder siden
Does Anyone Like Call Of Duty Modern warfare if so subscribe to my channel
Cillian Maher
Cillian Maher - 7 måneder siden
When’s the next upload
Craig Tunstall
Craig Tunstall - 7 måneder siden
When's the next upload Andy? SBSD Is whats getting me through lockdown
Ryan SHEPHARD - 7 måneder siden
Tom is weird tbf man
E.WRIGHT7 - 7 måneder siden
Do a daramy one he’s an sbc he’s a really good card and it would be a hard one to link cause he danish and in the danish league
Conor Martin
Conor Martin - 7 måneder siden
Shane long doesn't get a hyper link to zaha they are different nations
Jai- Som
Jai- Som - 7 måneder siden
The fans watching this video of Andy just insulting us:🙁😢
Occy - 7 måneder siden
Try and get W2S on the series.
josh garcia
josh garcia - 7 måneder siden
can you please do one with aa9skillz
Oh No No
Oh No No - 7 måneder siden
Did he just say zaha will get a tots?
JORDAN HENRY - 7 måneder siden
PS5 apperently worse than Xbox anyway so everyone will be jumping back to xbox anyway
Andrea - 7 måneder siden
33:59 I felt that tackle
TOMTHEBOMB987 Official
TOMTHEBOMB987 Official - 7 måneder siden
Ea: I like money
Armaan Dakri
Armaan Dakri - 7 måneder siden
R u still doing the 2end player thing?
Andres Sequeira
Andres Sequeira - 7 måneder siden
I know you may not watch that spanish league but if you did you would know that casemiro had probably had the best season out of all the cdms in top 5 leagues
Keeran Swettenham
Keeran Swettenham - 7 måneder siden
Andy please bring back an idiots road to glory
2327Gemma - 7 måneder siden
can u do a sbsd with Kirbz
Jackieboy 08
Jackieboy 08 - 7 måneder siden
Can you do a squad builder showdown on team of the year k d b
Alfie Davies
Alfie Davies - 7 måneder siden
You should make squad builder showdowns better by maker it harder for opponents so if U pick a player they have to specify which card of that players they have on there white board for example if you put In inform neymar and they wrote down headliners neymar you would still get him
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas - 7 måneder siden
Ik ea like they’re money, but ever company needs to make money somehow.
Niall Teale
Niall Teale - 7 måneder siden
I do hope that Jack knows this is a joke as I get some are silly but this is his career you are taking the mick off...if you don't like how he runs it don't take part in it👀
Ross Cobbold
Ross Cobbold - 7 måneder siden
Probably not gunna see this but please bring REEV back for a squad builder please always a laugh with you two ✌️ ✌️ 😎😁
Stephen Fegan
Stephen Fegan - 7 måneder siden
@25.18 wtf was that😂😂
Hi There
Hi There - 7 måneder siden
we hate 7 minute
Hi There
Hi There - 7 måneder siden
Tom was funny
E3boss2003 - 7 måneder siden
Pierre emerick aubameyang needs to be in tots
E3boss2003 - 7 måneder siden
@Noah Alexander nah auba hes relentless he has the highest conversion rate in the epl
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander - 7 måneder siden
Nah aguero and vardy
KingMatthew1882 - 7 måneder siden
I think that you should make it easier to guess the goalkeeper by having those guesses separate to the CB
Toxic Asshole
Toxic Asshole - 7 måneder siden
Why does Tom's snake look more like a single sperm
Fosters FC
Fosters FC - 7 måneder siden
Poor Jack
Will Jones
Will Jones - 7 måneder siden
saint maximan
James maffin
James maffin - 7 måneder siden
It the nipple gets totssf like so andy does sbsd on him
Fabian Soto Muniz
Fabian Soto Muniz - 7 måneder siden
At 22:17 andys team is better tom is dumb his is more trash
UM GAMES - 7 måneder siden
Andy has got skillytus out thoughts and prayers are with him and his family 👏
Swervyy - Pixel Gun 3D
Swervyy - Pixel Gun 3D - 7 måneder siden
Why don’t you do a retro squad builder showdown
Ydorr - 7 måneder siden
Rip jack
Alfie Thorpe
Alfie Thorpe - 7 måneder siden
*Sidibé is the greatest*
Trollhovd - 7 måneder siden
Can you make a dobbel squad builder showdown again?
nickormond - 7 måneder siden
Imagine Tom making fun of Jack...... 😂 never seen a more dead channel then Tom’s!!
Media man Turkistani
Media man Turkistani - 7 måneder siden
What’s wrong with jo hart tho?
Joshua Lumsden
Joshua Lumsden - 7 måneder siden
Me looking for Jack54 in comments
- Asterick
- Asterick - 7 måneder siden
TOTS Joe Gomez would be smack
Joedapro2009 Gaming
Joedapro2009 Gaming - 7 måneder siden
Hey andy how is lockdown going for you? Love watching your vids they make me forget all about the dark times we're living in. Keep working hard and brightening up my day.
Ethan’s Taxi service
Ethan’s Taxi service - 7 måneder siden
Poor tom
Ismorgzz - 7 måneder siden
Shite episode
Fe4rr Sub to Fe4rr
Fe4rr Sub to Fe4rr - 7 måneder siden
Calvert Lewin will get like a 90 rated quality play who agrees ?
Pete_3105 - 7 måneder siden
Its not Gullit Club its Gullit Gang
Cathal Watters
Cathal Watters - 7 måneder siden
Tom: chuckles I'm in trouble
Learti IM.
Learti IM. - 7 måneder siden
Hey AJ why don't you start a career mode series
Lisa - 7 måneder siden
Lisa - 7 måneder siden
Hayes Daugherty
Hayes Daugherty - 7 måneder siden
Tom is my least favorite fifa youtuber
Yazan Topaji
Yazan Topaji - 7 måneder siden
4:36 just saying
pvpplazdk yeah
pvpplazdk yeah - 7 måneder siden
you should do a squad builder showdown on Mohamed Daramy plz
Like so andy can see
Big Divock Origi
Big Divock Origi - 7 måneder siden
Over 13 fucking minutes to get into the player guessing jfc
James McCullough
James McCullough - 7 måneder siden
If you could punch one YouTuber in the face, who would it be and why would you pick CapGunTom?
Dante Moscatiello
Dante Moscatiello - 7 måneder siden
If Perry Ng somehow gets the tots card you should do an episode on him at striker and get Cutzy on the episode, he is a career mode YouTuber and Perry Ng is a bit of a meme on his channel so I'm sure he'd be down to do it :)
Adela Alberto
Adela Alberto - 7 måneder siden
Does Jack have to be in 7 minutes squad?
If not get Itani to do 7 minute squad it would be a joke scince he can't do hybrids especially with all the "rules."
Paedophile Hunter Wales
Paedophile Hunter Wales - 7 måneder siden
35 seconds in and Andy whips out a Simpsons movie reference. Take me back to my childhood please
signinplays - 7 måneder siden
OMG, imagine Itani playing 7MS
Jack be like: for a three leagues you have to have 333333333333222222127756
Itani: whats a hybrid
Leo Hughes
Leo Hughes - 7 måneder siden
Felipe Anderson has been consistently shite this season
Jacob Woods
Jacob Woods - 7 måneder siden
I have a series idea:u can have the same player or different but u have to build a team with the player u have however the player u have must have played a football match with the rest of the team
Alepp TV
Alepp TV - 7 måneder siden
Omg!!!😱😱😱 i didnt realize that was Tom . I thought it was different person .
TheBuj - 7 måneder siden
Poor Jack lol getting absolutely roasted!
Callum Pirie
Callum Pirie - 7 måneder siden
Tots edouard!
Ryan d3016
Ryan d3016 - 7 måneder siden
Please tell me his joke was the flag is the same but turned backwards for when he said perfect link to IRISH shane long haha
Creative Lemon
Creative Lemon - 7 måneder siden
Totssf Brandt!!
Gareth J
Gareth J - 7 måneder siden
you spoke like the comment section without using the comment section voice!
zap kinetic
zap kinetic - 7 måneder siden
I don't know why is no one excited for totssf simon
Dan Costello
Dan Costello - 7 måneder siden
I swear Andy's squad names are criminally underrated - they're the first things I look at every video 🤣
Dean Kerins
Dean Kerins - 7 måneder siden
How was Shane Long a hyper link
He’s Italian not Ivory Coast
Connor.Blackmore Xx
Connor.Blackmore Xx - 7 måneder siden
Tom: moves to Burnley
Everyone in existence: he’s going to pick fut birthday pope
Tom: picks hart
Everyone: 🙄
Andy: picks pope
Everyone: 👏👏
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson - 7 måneder siden
Andy is the biggest snake. Moans about jack making up rules and does what he wants if he benefits him with the discards.
William Munday
William Munday - 7 måneder siden
What tf happened to ur 6 mil😂😂