Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! MAN UNITED CRISTIANO RONALDO!!! Day 1 vs James

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Keeping you entertained in isolation with a MANCHESTER UNITED CR7 SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! A SBSD every day in lockdown to cure your boredom and raise money for charity #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #CR7
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Runtime: 41:34


Sheikh Safwan
Sheikh Safwan - 2 måneder siden
You did 2 of these lol
Tomás Tahta
Tomás Tahta - 2 måneder siden
I'm still on lockdown....
Jasper Kross
Jasper Kross - 2 måneder siden
TLovett07 29
TLovett07 29 - 3 måneder siden
What’s the point in watching a podcast when you can just watch sbsd.
Chaddy 74
Chaddy 74 - 3 måneder siden
Mate the lion king is the exact same why is he saying it’s bad when it’s the same it only because it’s a new animation
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe - 3 måneder siden
Is he actually a doctor
syeda matin
syeda matin - 3 måneder siden
Your are such a good youtube streamer at fifa with your amazing squads
andrew walker
andrew walker - 3 måneder siden
Liverpool are the best
Vishnu Rao
Vishnu Rao - 3 måneder siden
Hello Andy. I'm from India tho
Kid socer
Kid socer - 3 måneder siden
I’m dead
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright - 3 måneder siden
Y does James sound like he’s about to cry 😂😂
Brandon Henderson
Brandon Henderson - 3 måneder siden
man says he don't wanna speak about lockdown too much and speak about it for first 7 min 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Corey Whitworth
Corey Whitworth - 3 måneder siden
How did he actually get man United big Ron in fifa 20 like actually wtff
R.I.P XXXTENTACION - 3 måneder siden
10 mins in and only gettin started ffs
Liron W
Liron W - 3 måneder siden
How did u get man u rony??
Bill Bro
Bill Bro - 3 måneder siden
CHEDDAR BROWN - 3 måneder siden
Saying the lockdown would end April 30th. Hahahahaha
ADAM CAMPBELL - 4 måneder siden
You took 15 minutes to get the video started
GJC - 4 måneder siden
watching this in august while we still in quarantine still hurts
Vinson Polumati
Vinson Polumati - 4 måneder siden
22:49 AJ3 Getting bodied by James and himself
Man United
Man United - 4 måneder siden
The lion king was well good
Thetopdogs - 4 måneder siden
Yer Scottish accent is fucking dreadful
Berdan Ceviz
Berdan Ceviz - 4 måneder siden
How did you get that card on Fifa
asim a
asim a - 4 måneder siden
its not real dumbs
Harryyyyy! - 4 måneder siden
Andy to a doctor saving lives:
"Just know, we all hate you"
Matthew Beglin
Matthew Beglin - 4 måneder siden
I’m Scottish and Andy’s Scottish accent is actually pretty good 😂
Jackson Temple
Jackson Temple - 4 måneder siden
lol CR7 doesnt play for MUN
Maxi Lebedev
Maxi Lebedev - 4 måneder siden
Nobody fucking cared about your corona talk
Nebula 14
Nebula 14 - 4 måneder siden
Max M
Max M - 4 måneder siden
Stivo’s Channel
Stivo’s Channel - 4 måneder siden
22:50 is the best part of the video 😂
frozen fishy
frozen fishy - 5 måneder siden
Flash back
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster - 5 måneder siden
these are so long and boring just speed it up you don't have to give a bloody paragraph after every pick mate just get into it u sad bastard
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster - 5 måneder siden
lion king is sick stfu
Kit crew 123
Kit crew 123 - 5 måneder siden
Annabel Pisani
Annabel Pisani - 5 måneder siden
Player messi
Joe - 5 måneder siden
jr blinkz38
jr blinkz38 - 5 måneder siden
2 months later and were still in lockdown😞😞😩😩😩
Hulzie 3714
Hulzie 3714 - 5 måneder siden
Ontario Canada been on lockdown for awhile
Hashim - 6 måneder siden
Minimish 28.
Minimish 28. - 6 måneder siden
Believe it or not, the US is supposed to be on lockdown in most states, there just has been an abundance people in different states that are protesting because they’re dumb and don’t believe the virus is real. Living in Canada we hear about the stupid shit they’re doing. It’s so bad
Kobi Toft
Kobi Toft - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or is Andy just a dick and loves to (blue) waffle on
CR MC12 - 6 måneder siden
Hi fella Mella hella
Yours sincerely sand is my favourite
Ryan Gill
Ryan Gill - 6 måneder siden
Andy has been saying in this episode that hopefully it’s gonna only go on for a couple of weeks I’m watching this 6 to 7 weeks 😂
Derek Q
Derek Q - 7 måneder siden
How do you use concept squads against people?
Derek Q
Derek Q - 3 måneder siden
Tom Donnelly found that out trying to use 99 cr7 in squad battles
Tom Donnelly
Tom Donnelly - 3 måneder siden
You can’t
Zachary Levesque
Zachary Levesque - 7 måneder siden
This man talks to much
Fortnite Freak321
Fortnite Freak321 - 7 måneder siden
Banging video aj
Jayden Morgan
Jayden Morgan - 7 måneder siden
I fell asleep during lion king
Whitty - 7 måneder siden
U put me off this series because you rant on so much
Blake Shields
Blake Shields - 7 måneder siden
I can’t be the only one that thinks it looks like they’re wanking when they’re erasing their boards
Melissa Rassel
Melissa Rassel - 7 måneder siden
Andy thank you for making fifa videos
Shane Reynolds
Shane Reynolds - 7 måneder siden
Hi I'm from ROI
Jax McNicol
Jax McNicol - 7 måneder siden
8:30 when they start the actual pics
שגיא שי
שגיא שי - 7 måneder siden
Israel is on the map
Joe McCloy
Joe McCloy - 7 måneder siden
I’m Scottish and that’s not how we speak
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Asif - 7 måneder siden
James should have pick varane
Jon Power
Jon Power - 8 måneder siden
James CHEATED he can un quick sell Ruben Vezo on the app...........
Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell - 8 måneder siden
I’m Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
hasan sidat
hasan sidat - 8 måneder siden
I'm from the uk Prince Harry has the coronavirus and pm modhi
jake peever
jake peever - 8 måneder siden
Jesus Andy, you love the sound of your own voice 😂😂 just play SBSD don’t need 3 hours of waffle my friend
Elandro Rooiland
Elandro Rooiland - 8 måneder siden
I am from South Africa Andy mate
Joe White
Joe White - 8 måneder siden
How come sometimes they just discard the loan but sometimes they discard the real card.
Jack Chartres
Jack Chartres - 8 måneder siden
Wait is this a real card?
Ferrie 1872
Ferrie 1872 - 8 måneder siden
4:23 well that wis utter pish
Hawkeye & Vanilla’s Sport Talk
The picks start at 8:50
Nick Aldarelli
Nick Aldarelli - 8 måneder siden
Andy I am from New Jersey. In the USA. We have the second highest cases in the United states. I've been on lockdown for 3 weeks. Your vids make me happy mate, been watchin ye since fifa 15. Keep up the good work
Elias Bjørnstad
Elias Bjørnstad - 8 måneder siden
To be honest, the 5 minutes of chit chat in the beginning is the reason a stopped watching theese. And to all who say just skip it, there is at least 8 minutes of random chit chat in the video.
xd Ellis
xd Ellis - 8 måneder siden
When they said I love u at the same time I actually got the shivers😂
xd Ellis
xd Ellis - 8 måneder siden
Why are U making member only sbsd bc I’m not aloud to join. It and I rlly love sbsd’s
Free brazzers sub
Free brazzers sub - 8 måneder siden
No cap I like ur videos but I think u should get an xbox
gundy 202
gundy 202 - 8 måneder siden
38:03 . james got them controller skillz tho
e - 8 måneder siden
I live in belgium and watch all ur vids and we have lockdown aswell
ArvidLu04 - 8 måneder siden
22:47 im dead... LMAO
Max Hughes
Max Hughes - 8 måneder siden
He was from salford
Evertonian 1878
Evertonian 1878 - 8 måneder siden
I thought the lion king was amazing 😂
AngryGam3r - 8 måneder siden
the regular flu kills more people then corona. I like sweden, we don't really care, no lockdown or anything . Most of us still work as before, sure some is loosing there job but many of us can work from home. There is no law that we can't go outside or anything. Our goverment is just asking us to not be in groups and outside but all except the old one is still going on with there lives.
99ribes - 8 måneder siden
I’m from the U.S.A. and the state I live in is not in lockdown
Luca Milet
Luca Milet - 8 måneder siden
We have several cures for corona but it’s not ready for the general public because currently they are conducting tests on animals
atimgren - 8 måneder siden
James’s guess on Andy’s full backs has to be one of the best-thought guesses. Man wrote down two left backs and two right backs (let’s not forget that there’s a chelsea left back called Emerson ;))
Littleman_10 Littleman
Littleman_10 Littleman - 8 måneder siden
Guys remember tea cures corona virus 😂
hoffgamr - 8 måneder siden
AJ never ever gets to use Emerson 😂😂
game master
game master - 8 måneder siden
U talk alot stop it and get to business
Jonte Ross
Jonte Ross - 8 måneder siden
6:07 what is he doing lol
Stimply - 8 måneder siden
Get w2s again
BLKOPSTUBE _1231 - 8 måneder siden
Instead of squad builder showdown make it squad builder lockdown
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts - 8 måneder siden
How does Andy do his freekicks? theyre always so good
Cameron Riseborough
Cameron Riseborough - 8 måneder siden
Got to do one with Castro
Joe Joe
Joe Joe - 8 måneder siden
All subs play 5 chem😂😂😂
Comp Snaggur
Comp Snaggur - 8 måneder siden
Do moments van basten or gullit
Marty Ellison
Marty Ellison - 8 måneder siden
You talk to much just get into it 5 minutes man ur annoying af
S4 Alf13
S4 Alf13 - 8 måneder siden
You should do a squad builder showdown vs Castro he said he is waiting for you to invite him
Colm Treacy
Colm Treacy - 8 måneder siden
This was such a good idea, just what I needed
Dan Costello
Dan Costello - 8 måneder siden
How has everyone missed the Inbetweeners reference "you've got the receipt?"
Abhinav - 8 måneder siden
I packed Ronaldo today!!
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas - 8 måneder siden
the fact that you’re plugging your shitty monthly subscription to your fans that are probably very young to buy your shitty subscription for charity. You’re such an asswhole
Arron Dawsonleys
Arron Dawsonleys - 8 måneder siden
Nice Scottish accent m8 🤣🤣
Digsey - 8 måneder siden
Thank you for your content Andy. Your going to be busy 😂
trentbateman - 8 måneder siden
JournaIiste - 8 måneder siden
Michael King
Michael King - 8 måneder siden
I’m a paramedic in Florida and the county that I live in has seen the cases increase x10 in just the last week alone. We are having a nationwide shortage of proper personal protective equipment. We’re not on complete lockdown but have shut down a majority of businesses
Sander leirbekk
Sander leirbekk - 8 måneder siden
Can you du a sbsd with the norwegian fifayoutuber «Randulle»? Proper Nice bloke