Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! GOALKEEPER TOTS INSIGNE!!!

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WELL THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS IDEA EVER... The Squad Builder Showdown meme of Insigne in goal, but using his Team Of The Season... #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Insigne
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Runtime: 32:44


moose man
moose man - 4 dager siden
“I dont know how long i took to decide my players but Itani has been crying about it for hours”
Well itani shouldnt have been because it was 12 minutes
schultz wolvertonka
schultz wolvertonka - 10 dager siden
Sooo... in this sbsd how’s andy gonna do his ULTRA CLEVER Delaney - Eriksen link?
Simon Dam
Simon Dam - 2 måneder siden
Toty insigne 😂
RNG_Annas _BTW
RNG_Annas _BTW - 2 måneder siden
How did he get insigne in goal (btw I am not a expert at this stuff)
Stealth Rift
Stealth Rift - 3 måneder siden
Don’t you love a team of the year insigne!
Jxsh _
Jxsh _ - 3 måneder siden
Tristan Larsen
Tristan Larsen - 3 måneder siden
I love your videos keep it up
mark emsley
mark emsley - 3 måneder siden
You buy the actual one you snake
Howitzer - 4 måneder siden
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh - 4 måneder siden
Everyone: Chiesa (pronounced Chi A sa)
Itani: Chasea
Scott Hoey
Scott Hoey - 4 måneder siden
7:06 did he say greek?
Dana Scoville
Dana Scoville - 4 måneder siden
Itani said he bought the insigne for 350 K but he bought it for 378 you can see it
ALBANIAN FOOTBALL - 4 måneder siden
tots not toty you sey toty
Rollyom - 4 måneder siden
Why’s their 2 dynamic images??
Noman Habibi
Noman Habibi - 5 måneder siden
There are times in life where you just look yourself in the mirror and say i am not cut out for this. Itani, your time was 2 fuckin years ago. how do you lose with a full squad and a GK as the opponents striker
Better Than You
Better Than You - 5 måneder siden
2 TOTY Kantes was worse
emaad - 5 måneder siden
Leon Walker
Leon Walker - 5 måneder siden
Since when can you use LM at LF and RM at RF I swear that’s 2 positions Itani the biggest cheat wow
Leon Walker
Leon Walker - 4 måneder siden
peikko 2 positions
peikko - 4 måneder siden
You can do that...
Enea Selmani
Enea Selmani - 5 måneder siden
I don't know why but Itani looks lika David Blaine(the magician)to me
Not_Danh - 5 måneder siden
I’m so confused, why is he on goal...
Kai_Fortin36 - 5 måneder siden
Anybody else hate when itani builds squads. Love squad builder showdown but it’s boring when your build a 2 league hybrid when one league is an icon
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - 5 måneder siden
Icons should be banned feom squadbuilder showdown
Morgan TC
Morgan TC - 5 måneder siden
Godin and Manolas are not Greek, they're Uruguayan
peikko - 4 måneder siden
It's a joke... And Manolas is Greek...
Boone Davis
Boone Davis - 5 måneder siden
How did they get him in the GK position on the card? You can't position modify a player to GK
Alphonse Thomson
Alphonse Thomson - 5 måneder siden
wait what insigne goalie??????? which timeline am i on
Ollie Ham
Ollie Ham - 5 måneder siden
25:28 the most Fifa gameplay in the world
Nitrouse - 5 måneder siden
Hi Meret!
Wilfred bony Boys
Wilfred bony Boys - 5 måneder siden
Zeeker again
Wilfred bony Boys
Wilfred bony Boys - 5 måneder siden
Do zerka again
BASTOW2 - 5 måneder siden
Kyle Walker in goal next
Luke Vlogs
Luke Vlogs - 5 måneder siden
The way he said Kastenmier
shul clem
shul clem - 5 måneder siden
Liked be friends
Amir Kdaiem
Amir Kdaiem - 5 måneder siden
Itani in goal Andy squad name hahaha
Zhang Zheng Xuan 34
Zhang Zheng Xuan 34 - 5 måneder siden
lol where is tots godin
bricktop - 5 måneder siden
@23:20 going full Scouse.
Tim van Amerom
Tim van Amerom - 5 måneder siden
Itani you can just press L2 to minimum list 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
John - FWH
John - FWH - 5 måneder siden
7:02 he says he’s going for a Greek cb then proceeds to pick 2 Uruguayan CBs
Rashid Alasmi
Rashid Alasmi - 5 måneder siden
You mean tots insinge not toty
Lewis Bruce
Lewis Bruce - 5 måneder siden
7:00 He says he is going for a greek strong link when they are from Uruaguay
Kieren Creaser
Kieren Creaser - 5 måneder siden
Andy called the centre backs Greek when they are Uruguayan 😂😂
TheOneEyed Warrior
TheOneEyed Warrior - 5 måneder siden
The MLS moralez is 5”2 We need a video on him in the goal haha
Remi Plaskow
Remi Plaskow - 5 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown with the new 96 pace American cb up front😂😂
Panagiotis Kakounis
Panagiotis Kakounis - 5 måneder siden
Itani cheated because he used a LM at LF
Mac man
Mac man - 5 måneder siden
Andy: I’m gonna pick a Greek
Also Andy: picks a Uruguayan
Miles Gudgeons
Miles Gudgeons - 5 måneder siden
Godin is uraguay.
Jeffrey Gonzalez
Jeffrey Gonzalez - 6 måneder siden
Itani used RM Cuadrado at RF, is that allowed since its two positions away?
94JReedy - 6 måneder siden
14 discards after 2 games that has to be a record. I've never seen someone still have a smile after all that money disappearing best video colab pair.
FishyfloppMC - 6 måneder siden
Which video was the 8-0
Stefano Giorgetti
Stefano Giorgetti - 6 måneder siden
itani is by far the best guest on sbs
T7 Gaming
T7 Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Is there actually a GK version of insigne
Jake Oriordan
Jake Oriordan - 6 måneder siden
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia - 6 måneder siden
25:35 when your watching sunday league football
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez - 6 måneder siden
“Greek stronglink” picks players from uruguay
Jamie Main
Jamie Main - 6 måneder siden
Itani “I got insigne for 350k”. When it clearly shows he bought him for 370k!! Pointless lies
lee mott
lee mott - 6 måneder siden
Should use angel Gomes as a trump card in goal as he’s only 5’3
Jude Hill
Jude Hill - 6 måneder siden
idea for an sbsd do one where u can have a max rating of 83 for ur players, but everyone gets +10 all attribute cards on
JRE - 6 måneder siden
Soccer! - 6 måneder siden
Jake Leibowitz
Jake Leibowitz - 6 måneder siden
*insert havertz only has one 5* weakfoot card and Andy didn't use him comment*
STG 7 - 6 måneder siden
LM and RM playing RF LF?? is that allowed
David Gallagher
David Gallagher - 6 måneder siden
Prefer itani, Andy a bit all about him
Conor Palmer
Conor Palmer - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else hates how Andy presses multi swap then inserts his player instead of just inserting it
Hayden Redmill
Hayden Redmill - 6 måneder siden
Itani so boring
Nota Botta
Nota Botta - 6 måneder siden
LM and RM shouldn’t be allowed at LF and RF because they’re only on 7 chem max. It should be LW and RW only in addition to the correct positions.
Giovanni Oddone
Giovanni Oddone - 6 måneder siden
you should have played on max chem so that insigne could have done somethubg
The_Maestro - 6 måneder siden
"Havertz has 5* WF" *picks the one with 4* 😂
Dan Roy
Dan Roy - 6 måneder siden
dropping by to add a like after watching members sbsd… don't mind me xD
albin salomonsson
albin salomonsson - 6 måneder siden
Grizzlybear KB
Grizzlybear KB - 6 måneder siden
I think Andy should do something where his fans have a chance to play SBS against him. It would be so good
impetuous - 6 måneder siden
Itani getting battered by Andy again. THIS IS TO FUNNY😅
_M3rcury _
_M3rcury _ - 6 måneder siden
Godin isnt greek😂he is Uruguayan
Nvm i just saw the next minute saying it was an inside joke
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Keep the content coming 👀 Goodluck!
Harry Saunders
Harry Saunders - 6 måneder siden
Why is Itani so shit😂
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas - 6 måneder siden
JVI - 6 måneder siden
Get new faces man why dont u listen to fans no wonder this series is dying its always the same people
Luke Culham
Luke Culham - 6 måneder siden
Itani is so bad at this game it’s ridiculous... how is he a fifa you tuber?
Ken Monologues
Ken Monologues - 6 måneder siden
better than the curtis episode by 100000000 times. Itani's really a main stay.
danny 14
danny 14 - 6 måneder siden
i feel bad for itani now😂 he seems so nice
Ahmed Almahmood
Ahmed Almahmood - 6 måneder siden
“Lovely Greek strong link”
Lazarbeam the not real one U
Lazarbeam the not real one U - 6 måneder siden
Just me or Andes third goal remind you of loris karius in 2018 vs Real Madrid
Musmi - 6 måneder siden
Itani built an awful team.
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez - 6 måneder siden
So Godin is Greek huh? 7:06
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez - 6 måneder siden
Btw I know he was joking
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes - 6 måneder siden
How is Itani this bad hahahha
Wesley Simpson-Roberts
Wesley Simpson-Roberts - 6 måneder siden
I think it has to be kante because Andy then made a whole series building up a team to beat itani and discard kante for him to discard it again, I laughed so hard I cried
Andy Williams
Andy Williams - 6 måneder siden
Totssf lukaku or we riot
mason simpson
mason simpson - 6 måneder siden
Goal with Trump card = extra discard ?
Hope everyone's safe ❤️
Conor Mchenry
Conor Mchenry - 6 måneder siden
I love sbsd and it is the best series no cap!
trentbateman - 6 måneder siden
Entertainment Unlimited
Entertainment Unlimited - 6 måneder siden
Packed a tradeable PRIME MOMENTS R9. No idea what to do. And where to share lol.
Andy if you need the clip or anything, would be happy to give it.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly - 6 måneder siden
Anyone gonna talk about how havertz definitely does not have a 5* star weak foot? That was fifa 19
Callum Nisbet
Callum Nisbet - 6 måneder siden
When he says Greek lol
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle - 6 måneder siden
Andy messes up like 5 times in the first 3 mins😂
Carl - 6 måneder siden
its got to be itanis fut birthday bale, tots martinez and ronaldinho. Cuz he also lost 8-0. Never forget
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell - 6 måneder siden
I remember the days when Itani dominated Andy but that ship has well and truly sailed
Matthew Downward
Matthew Downward - 6 måneder siden
havertz doesnt even havge 5* weak foot, he got downgraded to 4
Sony Singh
Sony Singh - 6 måneder siden
"You buy the actual card" mate wtf? You have been discarding loanees all year hahah
Matt Rigby
Matt Rigby - 6 måneder siden
Just to say, Godin isn’t Greek Andy.. he’s from Uruguay
Slurpy gwak Gwak
Slurpy gwak Gwak - 6 måneder siden
I mean i got kinda mad when andy put havertz at top i mean u serious? Why did he not put lewa???
Eoin Hickey
Eoin Hickey - 6 måneder siden
Godin and nandez are Uruguayan not Greek 😂
Matt Wright
Matt Wright - 6 måneder siden
Btw Andy it's tots insigne not toty