Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! FUT PARTY BAG SBC SPECIAL!!! SBSD vs James

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A SPECIAL SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!!! We do an SBSD on WHATEVER WE GET IN THE SBC!!! Fifa 20 FUT Birthday Party Bag Squad Builder Showdown #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #PartyBag
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Runtime: 36:58


Obey Trashy
Obey Trashy - 26 dager siden
Why Do i love videos with james included, his voice is Comfortable?
Craig Leadbeater
Craig Leadbeater - Måned siden
Has anyone noticed he’s got two trump cards 25.50 one at cm and rb and you can only have one so trolled Andy lol 😂
Marcus Linnen
Marcus Linnen - Måned siden
K Lum
K Lum - Måned siden
People before 2000: back in my day we use to walk 3 hours throw snow to get to school
People in 2010:yes my fridge is running
People in 2020:
Rehaan World Travels
Rehaan World Travels - 3 måneder siden
Petition to find a cure for Coronavirusitis:
MrXbox - 3 måneder siden
I am late but i still showed up
Cactus Puppy
Cactus Puppy - 3 måneder siden
Bailey Sloane
Bailey Sloane - 3 måneder siden
He’s a fuckin gowl that james
mark emsley
mark emsley - 4 måneder siden
Not batson
CozzyB - 4 måneder siden
Andy cheating again, so if he said Pele you would have said that board was your guesses, if he didn't say Pele you say actually these are my guesses. Cheat
Elvin Olin
Elvin Olin - 4 måneder siden
James is sick
Ilman Vlogs
Ilman Vlogs - 4 måneder siden
Cause Andy said the comment impression, let me be the one to say it

Andy, you can't call everyone a snake cause YOU are the biggest snake!!!
George Goralski
George Goralski - 4 måneder siden
Start doing the bench for super subs
NvK_Aimz - 4 måneder siden
When you can't remember Christian Pulisic
Ahad Ali
Ahad Ali - 4 måneder siden
MattJE - 6 måneder siden
Normal person: *writes on front and back of the whiteboard
Andy: *buys as many whiteboards as possible
Ellis Allen
Ellis Allen - 6 måneder siden
What’s thus exclusive Toty shit
Kieron-louis Wright
Kieron-louis Wright - 7 måneder siden
Do pope with bateson87
George Henein
George Henein - 7 måneder siden
such a shit YouTuber takes him 10 mins to get to one damn point unsubscribed and never watching this tremendous shit again
Thibaut Maes
Thibaut Maes - 7 måneder siden
He would never have chosen alisson since there was no way to strong link either militao or diego carlos to him
Bertram Vincentz
Bertram Vincentz - 7 måneder siden
you mean Agger right?
Cdev Official
Cdev Official - 7 måneder siden
Is james a doctor?
Nikolay Stepov
Nikolay Stepov - 7 måneder siden
co0nner 123 yes
Rob Sapita
Rob Sapita - 7 måneder siden
10:00 Is there any chance he’s talking about Christian pulisic
Lil Autism Official
Lil Autism Official - 6 måneder siden
Rob Sapita no is he fucking danish
Hannah Owens
Hannah Owens - 7 måneder siden
Do the nick pope with bateson even tho he didnt have a whiteboard
YT Aqua
YT Aqua - 7 måneder siden
Remember that neon joke like it was yesterday 🤣
TSJAwesome 628
TSJAwesome 628 - 7 måneder siden
Should have gone Eggestein for the Easter reference
r0bbie _YT
r0bbie _YT - 7 måneder siden
So much for daily
Grasvein _
Grasvein _ - 7 måneder siden
Please do squad builder showdown with castro
I am everything
I am everything - 7 måneder siden
T.G. C.
T.G. C. - 7 måneder siden
i tryed to do it with my friend lol
Mini Pingi
Mini Pingi - 7 måneder siden
Bro Fist
Bro Fist - 7 måneder siden
Kyle walker has coronavirusitus
matzzlol - 7 måneder siden
I think you were thinking of Christian PULISIC
Adela Alberto
Adela Alberto - 7 måneder siden
At 32:23 I always do the same with penalties I take take too long worring about the perfect angle or something. Ending up just like andy.
Charlie Franklin
Charlie Franklin - 7 måneder siden
Do the sbs with tekkz so we can see him score solo goals with nick pope
Marcus Hewitson
Marcus Hewitson - 7 måneder siden
Zack Morris
Zack Morris - 7 måneder siden
Takes 5 minutes to get into the video FFS
Oliver Houghton
Oliver Houghton - 7 måneder siden
fut birthday pope with tekkz
Ben Sam25
Ben Sam25 - 7 måneder siden
Pieface please
Djlangan2007 - 7 måneder siden
Hi Andy great video
Guilherme Sacco
Guilherme Sacco - 7 måneder siden
Has no one seriously thought about Elasticoronavirus?
Daniel Heaven
Daniel Heaven - 7 måneder siden
You should do a vid with ITANI and completly destroy him with Pope
Jude Robinson
Jude Robinson - 7 måneder siden
U should do the nick pope sbsd with pie face😂😂
Logan Robinson
Logan Robinson - 7 måneder siden
Do pope with baitson87 llf
Alex Glover
Alex Glover - 7 måneder siden
Oliver Burns
Oliver Burns - 7 måneder siden
Do it with tekkz
Clips Cobby
Clips Cobby - 7 måneder siden
I got Erickson in my one too lol
Kian Lennon
Kian Lennon - 7 måneder siden
Christian egginson
spectre Football
spectre Football - 7 måneder siden
bye andy
Luke Vickers
Luke Vickers - 7 måneder siden
You have to be the most boring person on the planet!
Guilherme - 7 måneder siden
7:10 it starts
Avaan Rayamajhi
Avaan Rayamajhi - 7 måneder siden
Andreas Skovsted
Andreas Skovsted - 7 måneder siden
Andy: Scon (13:45)
Cricket Videos
Cricket Videos - 7 måneder siden
do pope with itani
KHcookie - 7 måneder siden
go against reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev
John Boy
John Boy - 7 måneder siden
Hudson Turner
Hudson Turner - 7 måneder siden
Do the sbsd pope and do it with tekks
Simon Butt
Simon Butt - 7 måneder siden
Nick Pope SBSD should be with Itani
Kieran John
Kieran John - 7 måneder siden
Record it with Bateson
Billy Wilde
Billy Wilde - 7 måneder siden
Christian pulasic
žiga cmon
žiga cmon - 7 måneder siden
Do pope with bateson!!!!
Stephen Bristow
Stephen Bristow - 7 måneder siden
Zwe would be a fun one if not bateson would be funny with pope or with Jack 54hd
Sam Marino
Sam Marino - 7 måneder siden
You make me laugh sooo many times really funny vid Andy
Storm Shock
Storm Shock - 7 måneder siden
To Nick Pope at striker with Tekkz
Khaled - 7 måneder siden
Surely Tikkz is the new competitor for the Nick Pope SBSD
Khaled - 7 måneder siden
Actually the fastest serie A player is a Ferrari 🥁
Banham37 - 7 måneder siden
Should do a budget sbsd
Archie Simpson
Archie Simpson - 7 måneder siden
The youtube algorithm
The youtube algorithm - 7 måneder siden
Do the futbirthday nick pope with Bateson
Daniel Julius
Daniel Julius - 7 måneder siden
Do the Pope SBSD with Itani
walter with extra walter
walter with extra walter - 7 måneder siden
No one:

James: massive blue headphones instead of AirPods
tom Howell
tom Howell - 7 måneder siden
Do sbsd with Chris md for charity
Max Reynolds
Max Reynolds - 7 måneder siden
reev pls
Bucket Bateman
Bucket Bateman - 7 måneder siden
We need a sbs with Neppo mate!
Oliver Colin Cuthill GIBSON
Oliver Colin Cuthill GIBSON - 7 måneder siden
manny or bateson for nick pope sbsd
Aron De Haas
Aron De Haas - 7 måneder siden
Couldn't even put allisson😂 wouldn't get full chem
Kev Boys
Kev Boys - 7 måneder siden
Bring back the wheel
Fabian Soto Muniz
Fabian Soto Muniz - 7 måneder siden
Simple james in the video than you know both teams will be boring
Dion Morley
Dion Morley - 7 måneder siden
do Pope with Bateson
HARRY O'SHEA - 7 måneder siden
You should do the Pope video with Bateson.
Ryanツ - 7 måneder siden
Nick Pope video with Bateson or Pieface pleasssssse
Haydn Ayliffe
Haydn Ayliffe - 7 måneder siden
James has doctors handwriting😂
Ethan Fallon
Ethan Fallon - 7 måneder siden
Josh the lad 17
Josh the lad 17 - 7 måneder siden
Whats james channel name?
king knight
king knight - 7 måneder siden
Can you please do flash back hulk 💓
Mazzive - 7 måneder siden
dont diss the danes there are only 5.6 mil in Denmark and they have such great players!!
TJLMR - 7 måneder siden
Do the nick pope sbsd with NerdFireYT
Nathaniel Staurland
Nathaniel Staurland - 7 måneder siden
Φώτης Μ.
Φώτης Μ. - 7 måneder siden
Why are you keeping all these ultimate packs? You explained in another video but I can't remember 😂
RyanCarbo96 - 7 måneder siden
Do it with bateson
iSweepy - 7 måneder siden
Shone Ajax legend, hè scores that insanse freekick angainst real Madrid laat year
jordan whitehead
jordan whitehead - 7 måneder siden
do pope with bateson
Dwayne Slater
Dwayne Slater - 7 måneder siden
Has to be PieFace!
Being Selfzz
Being Selfzz - 7 måneder siden
Do the Pope sbsd with zweback... cause you both are obsessed with skills... 😂
scruby LoL
scruby LoL - 7 måneder siden
Paul Newell
Paul Newell - 7 måneder siden
9:56 they were thinking of Christian pulisic
Ashley England
Ashley England - 7 måneder siden
That penalty hahaha
Dan Partridge
Dan Partridge - 7 måneder siden
Bateson for the pope sbsd
jack robinson-barr
jack robinson-barr - 7 måneder siden
Needs to be pieface
echofalls88 - 7 måneder siden
Disappointed you didn't use FB Eggestein.