Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! FUT BIRTHDAY RASHFORD!!! Day 5 Vs Matt

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1.8 MILLION COINS... 5 STAR SKILLS... 5 STAR WEAKFOOT... FUT Birthday Marcus Rashford is CRAZY!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Rashford
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Runtime: 33:27


Tom Hansen
Tom Hansen - 2 måneder siden
RIP schar
David Heaven
David Heaven - 2 måneder siden
Only reason why u hear Auba name is Coz that's our talisman literally one of the only guys who performed consistently
Gourav Singhal
Gourav Singhal - 3 måneder siden
You had Mbabu special sbc
Hbfootball150Plays - 3 måneder siden
the best save of iker cassillas' career??
think again
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - 4 måneder siden
Did matt really tell Andy the cb he wrote down was from Bayern lol
Ali Alsaraf
Ali Alsaraf - 4 måneder siden
Gnabry wasn’t on full chem
J Bro
J Bro - 4 måneder siden
Goes to get the ox says he geuses the ox puts him in the team anyway and then has to take him back out
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - 5 måneder siden
Andy u wass way too much at the start
eldoktore - 5 måneder siden
andy be like:
- i was so close to write/put him down
- hows that gone in? (if opponent scores)
- how could he miss that?? (if he smashes it over the bar)
- are u mental?
- are u taking the piss?
- hilarious
- fuuuming... absoluty fuuuuuming
ADD other andy proverbs as a comment :D
eldoktore - 5 måneder siden
- are u mugging me off?
Sitharth.s - 5 måneder siden
Defo hasn’t gone to many arsenal matches 😂😂
Teddy Hallin
Teddy Hallin - 6 måneder siden
Matt : this is a squadbuilder showdown guys Aj3 : Lets go MaTtHeW🍆🥳🐐🥳🥳😃🐐😃🐐
Riley KT
Riley KT - 6 måneder siden
The game where we beaten u 3-2 lol 😂
Alfie Dunn
Alfie Dunn - 6 måneder siden
Matt is a good guy but he just looks like a nerdy Oasis fan😂
Leo Guidi
Leo Guidi - 7 måneder siden
Matt: Oh god
Also Andy, we didn’t put out a good support cause it was against fucking Everton. A good team brings good atmosphere
Callum Kellyت
Callum Kellyت - 7 måneder siden
Djene has 5* skill moves 🤷🤦🏼‍♂️
ellynut14 - 7 måneder siden
I love the content please keep going
Manuel Arellano
Manuel Arellano - 7 måneder siden
9:47 good idea , they should discard them instead of not choosing them as a worst punishment and more exiting! Who's with me?
Ben Parry
Ben Parry - 7 måneder siden
Where is the wheel
Abid Miah
Abid Miah - 7 måneder siden
Why does AJ resemble Harry Potter?
Andy Ramsey
Andy Ramsey - 7 måneder siden
Charles Cinjaere
Charles Cinjaere - 7 måneder siden
17:30 look at the clock.
My Channel
My Channel - 7 måneder siden
CELTIC have really good creative songs
Essex_1998 HD
Essex_1998 HD - 7 måneder siden
Omg Matt is sooooo dead and boring fml
Jack Paterson
Jack Paterson - 7 måneder siden
My favourite footballer is Marcus Rashford
Bailey Westerman
Bailey Westerman - 7 måneder siden
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 7 måneder siden
What are all the songs playing in the background throughout the video?
Nathanael Kent
Nathanael Kent - 8 måneder siden
Wtf! He used two players from Reading, what a hero
Leon Harrison
Leon Harrison - 8 måneder siden
Matts suck a boring person man
George Crayton
George Crayton - 8 måneder siden
When I went to a Everton game all they chanted was Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton
Jack - 8 måneder siden
Pretty toxic about the Arsenal thing
Carl Hartmann
Carl Hartmann - 8 måneder siden
Everton is so dead Andy
I live in Fucking
I live in Fucking - 8 måneder siden
22:43 didn't Andy discard Sanchez
I live in Fucking
I live in Fucking - 8 måneder siden
I mean use him on sbc
The Bored Gamer
The Bored Gamer - 8 måneder siden
Andy : my centre backs are gonna be sweaty Matt: ok I've put that it might be from Bayern. Why he telling Andy he went for a Bayern centre back. Plus Matt woete his own formation of his his ipad when he asked for his formation. 😂
Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah
Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah - 8 måneder siden
Matt: “not great in real life btw” talking about the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the championship...
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin - 4 måneder siden
Majestic Moore when things happen ingame with the people you use you say things you don’t mean lol 😂
Nathanael Kent
Nathanael Kent - 8 måneder siden
Champions leauge winner and AJ said best save of his career, swear some of these NOburnrs have no clue when it comes to any leauge but epl
TheCaptain - 8 måneder siden
Why don’t you go to penalties to decide who gets 1 discard when you draw?
Eddie the Beagle
Eddie the Beagle - 8 måneder siden
Get cancer please
J F - 8 måneder siden
We want our squad Builder showdown back!!!
Riley Swain
Riley Swain - 8 måneder siden
Challenge Idea
Hybrid Squads
Every time you do one of these switch the rules from not being allowed to use Players from the marquee players club to not chossing the marquee players nation you choose the same formation (spin the wheel for a formation) and start filling your squad WITHOUT ICONS try and make a team in ten minutes with atleast 4 leagues and Nations if you get one and your opponent doesn’t you replace a random one of your opponents players and so on but if you both get the same amount of leagues and nations stay with your teams and after the game do the discards.
Like so Andy can see
J F - 8 måneder siden
Riley Swain my name
Riley Swain
Riley Swain - 8 måneder siden
@J F so does your NOburn account
J F - 8 måneder siden
It sounds trash
Riley Swain
Riley Swain - 8 måneder siden
@J F it’s not like that the players for getting different leagues and nations give the opponent trump cards not extra goals and you spin the wheel for a formation and then both choose the formation and there are no guesses you just pick what you like and then they could do a random game Mode
J F - 8 måneder siden
Riley Swain that’s just 7 minute squads in 10 minutes
lodo edwards
lodo edwards - 8 måneder siden
Andy should call this series squad builder lockdown
Dylan Berry
Dylan Berry - 8 måneder siden
I swear Moore got a league SBC???
Brodie Laing
Brodie Laing - 8 måneder siden
Andy you’re only allowed one icon and you wrote down 2
J F - 8 måneder siden
Brodie Laing he put both so he could have neither
Spoggen _
Spoggen _ - 8 måneder siden
I met Dunkley a few years ago. He called me "pal" a few times. Turns out he wasn't Matt's pal
Adela Alberto
Adela Alberto - 8 måneder siden
I know you want to win but why didn't you pick rice
huxley largan
huxley largan - 8 måneder siden
There’s more chants than that at city Matt 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
FR3D_ B - 8 måneder siden
2:53 Andy what u on about he's a class player
Rajas Dua
Rajas Dua - 8 måneder siden
Do one with S2G great gamer
Tai Bekar
Tai Bekar - 8 måneder siden
Whats the song he always plays in the first half of the match?
M M14
M M14 - 8 måneder siden
please do a taarabt sbs!!
BrOd - 8 måneder siden
Can you make a video on taarabt he is a really easy sbc and his stats are really good
Harry Laker
Harry Laker - 8 måneder siden
Wolves are the best chants
Adan Magaña03
Adan Magaña03 - 8 måneder siden
Do fut birthday with Lozano and the youtuber should be Castro
Shiv patel
Shiv patel - 8 måneder siden
I want to see one of the Harry back on here
Jack JUMKA - 8 måneder siden
I’m a Reading fan and Matt goes for 2 reading players! Love that!!!
Pie Dog
Pie Dog - 8 måneder siden
I am nothing better then watch a video form aj3
Robert Jolly
Robert Jolly - 8 måneder siden
Matt you need to relax and stop being such a try hard. 73 silver guy? Really?
Sam Exell
Sam Exell - 8 måneder siden
As a life long arsenal fan going to every home game I can clarify that neither of those are arsenal chants.
Woody -
Woody - - 8 måneder siden
Yep city is really dead tbh
Im a specy 101
Im a specy 101 - 8 måneder siden
Of course liverpool fan disrespecting man city
karim yasser
karim yasser - 8 måneder siden
when would you open all this ultimate packs?
Conor Robert James MONCRIEFF
Conor Robert James MONCRIEFF - 8 måneder siden
go the gunners
Energy Drink
Energy Drink - 8 måneder siden
Rashford deserves the futmas and fut birthday card as they make up for his informs that he should’ve got
fifa gamer
fifa gamer - 8 måneder siden
Andy pls bring back the rtg
Benjamin Millar
Benjamin Millar - 8 måneder siden
Just signed up to your channel mate, love the content and you pledging this revenue for charity good for you bud!
Random Guy-Next-Door
Random Guy-Next-Door - 8 måneder siden
Why is Andy allowed to guess 2 legends @CB when only one Legend is allowed per squad?
Triwoitnb H
Triwoitnb H - 8 måneder siden
Being from Manchester I feel hurt
oxllie gaming
oxllie gaming - 8 måneder siden
I am a reading fan and I a respect Matt 🙌
Tayloe morues
Tayloe morues - 8 måneder siden
Wayy up the reading
James Hardy
James Hardy - 8 måneder siden
I reckon you start a rtg would be so good
Ham - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else had league sbc Moore on like fifa 17 or fifa 18?
dzlfc - 8 måneder siden
Andy: Guesses Matt's Ox
Matt: Puts Ox in his team
Henrik - 8 måneder siden
17:00 Perfect timing for this classic: Ooooo friend football friend
Fifa Nathan
Fifa Nathan - 8 måneder siden
Idea: you should call sbsd lockdown squad builder lockdown
Alex Chambo
Alex Chambo - 8 måneder siden
4-2 andy 4-2
Callum Ward
Callum Ward - 8 måneder siden
Matt hasn't uploaded yet on his channel
FIFA Faisal
FIFA Faisal - 8 måneder siden
Matt didn’t post the vid yet
OMAR RUI - 8 måneder siden
andy plz do a prank on someone
Tommy Gale
Tommy Gale - 8 måneder siden
@AJ3 got a mint sqaud for u to use message me
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith - 8 måneder siden
man utd:

good in FIFA, rubbish in reality
Lazar Peshevski
Lazar Peshevski - 8 måneder siden
Andy where is the sbsd for today?
Danny Lennon
Danny Lennon - 8 måneder siden
Ha ironic that one says we dont sing and then the other lists a song they robbed from us. "Hes Brazilian..." the Oasis tune shes electric.
Michael Sireci
Michael Sireci - 8 måneder siden
MattHDGamer touched me
エゼイインムハンマド - 8 måneder siden
who agrees that Robert Lewandowski should be more than Neymar he is the
most underrated player in the history of football and I think he is
better than Neymar and should have a higher rating than him . in my
opinion he skill level and intelligence is almost like Ronaldo's level
Robert is the best striker in the world
エゼイインムハンマド - 8 måneder siden
who agrees that Robert Lewandowski should be more than Neymar he is the
most underrated player in the history of football and I think he is
better than Neymar and should have a higher rating than him . in my
opinion he skill level and intelligence is almost like Ronaldo's level
Robert is the best striker in the world
Brad - 8 måneder siden
arsenal atmosphere is similar to chelseas lol, 'chelsea chelsea chelseaaaa' literally all game so boring
Mrweasel195 - 8 måneder siden
Andy should do squad builder show down best bits over the years like the biggest discards, funny moments, OG players would be quality to watch while we are all in lockdown 💪🔥
spidersean - 8 måneder siden
13:56-12:02 made me so happy because he uses to play for my favourite team afc wimbledon sadly he wasn't on the market
redhand 345
redhand 345 - 8 måneder siden
Can you plz play squad builder showdown vs W2S
Travis Scheppele
Travis Scheppele - 8 måneder siden
You need to do SBSD like you did in fifa 16. Whoever has the highest average *stat* gets to take away an extra player. With a twist, make a wheel with all 6 stats on it and spin it after or before you pick players and whatever it lands on will be that stat to beat.
Ezaf Games
Ezaf Games - 8 måneder siden
everton fans 😂😂smh
Random Guy-Next-Door
Random Guy-Next-Door - 8 måneder siden
Andy please link your music in the description! Or someone ask him lol. The music @ 10:00 comes every video
VI SG - 8 måneder siden
Oh come on Andy you missed the good ones
The torreira song is great, and the Arsenal chant is:
'And it's Arsenal, Arsenal FC, we're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen'
not crazily original but way better than 'come on you spurs', 'chelsea chelsea chelsea',
Claire Challinor
Claire Challinor - 8 måneder siden
matt is the worst guest so far ngl
Mahdi Awada
Mahdi Awada - 8 måneder siden
How does Andy still have Sanchez !!! Unless this vid is planned before
Oliver lundström
Oliver lundström - 8 måneder siden
no one going to point out andy putting a inform in the sbc?
Miguel Malveiro
Miguel Malveiro - 8 måneder siden
Do the wheel every episode
S7lencz - 8 måneder siden
Id rather repeat the same thing then being a shit team for the past 5 years even more
Rishi 11
Rishi 11 - 8 måneder siden
Do more squad builder with matthdgamer
Don’t Read My Profile Picture
Don’t Read My Profile Picture - 8 måneder siden
“Don’t lie who’s a fan of AJ3”
Harvey Rai
Harvey Rai - 8 måneder siden
Why dont you discard the price of the sbc card schar if you cant get it back
Freddie Pritchett
Freddie Pritchett - 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry to be rude but Matt looks like a druggy. Lockdown is breaking people