Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! FUT BIRTHDAY GARETH BALE!!! Day 9 Vs Itani

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#Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Bale
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Runtime: 33:20


Aaditya Bangawala
Aaditya Bangawala - 2 måneder siden
Lav Kapoor
Lav Kapoor - 4 måneder siden
Irani how bad are you in Fifa I am sick due to you 🤮🤮🤮
The Goat
The Goat - 4 måneder siden
Ah yes, the birth of the Eriksen Delaney link
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 4 måneder siden
10:51 I checked my phones time it was exactly 12:20 🤯
Loki Din
Loki Din - 4 måneder siden
Itani is now missing for 3 months
PualyD Flocka
PualyD Flocka - 4 måneder siden
Get him.....the hell....out of here😂😂😂😂🔥
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV - 5 måneder siden
Itani's final stage was impressive, but Andy's defense was so predictable with the Belgian-French hybrid lmaoo
brutal kriss.
brutal kriss. - 5 måneder siden
xie hue piao piao bei fung shiao shiao
D P - 5 måneder siden
I enjoy these, but the "get him the hell outta here" is the cringiest thing I've ever heard in my life
Tahir Hussain
Tahir Hussain - 5 måneder siden
This guy is high and shit at fifa
Seb Littlewood
Seb Littlewood - 5 måneder siden
It’s pronounced Yonas Lersl not jonas lossl
Oliver West
Oliver West - 5 måneder siden
Itani is the funniest on SBSD 😂
Llama Phart
Llama Phart - 5 måneder siden
AJ3 talks to much ngl, like I wanna see the video not a 10 minute segment between each pick
Saunders_freddie - 5 måneder siden
GeT hIm ThE hElL oUtA hErE and make it quick
Rael Omar
Rael Omar - 5 måneder siden
Dan james mate
Legend Kenny
Legend Kenny - 5 måneder siden
Brooo why did you have to cut the sad mysic on itani
Hakaishin - 6 måneder siden
What squad builder showdown did Oakley Spell Nipple
Ben Charlton
Ben Charlton - 7 måneder siden
Katy Vaux
Katy Vaux - 7 måneder siden
Who needs Digne!🤣 Put respect on Baines name!!
Lil Mase
Lil Mase - 7 måneder siden
“Bales golf Madrid” ? 🤣🤦🏻
Ziggy - 7 måneder siden
I watched this video once and spent 2 weeks looking for this when I got bored
Jamie Sheard
Jamie Sheard - 7 måneder siden
Instead of putting the discards in sbcs min listing would be better
_tay.12 - 7 måneder siden
He’s from Liverpool but the first time he said cracking was a sick welsh accent
IllumFrosttt - 7 måneder siden
Andros I think you should have a rule for itani tou should have at least 3 leagues icon font count as a leauge.
shanebhoy1888 - 7 måneder siden
Itani is innocent!
BucKkK BucKkK
BucKkK BucKkK - 7 måneder siden
Hate the waffle
Callum Whitton
Callum Whitton - 7 måneder siden
Lossl was actually the best player on the pitch.
DJVIDEOS - Resumenes Deportivos
DJVIDEOS - Resumenes Deportivos - 7 måneder siden
what kind of bad player you have to be to lose against THAT team?
Santi Lamela
Santi Lamela - 7 måneder siden
Andy sounds more like Itani, then Itani himself
David Gruber
David Gruber - 7 måneder siden
Dvanáct? Tak to je pohoda xD
Eddie the Beagle
Eddie the Beagle - 7 måneder siden
Go get COViD
Jake Hellin
Jake Hellin - 7 måneder siden
You shouldn’t be allowed to put a player in an icon sbc because you get value for the player
Vasp3r_ Pulse
Vasp3r_ Pulse - 7 måneder siden
I’m waiting for squad builder showdown with fut birthday pope
JVI - 7 måneder siden
Get new people it's just the same old shit and people
Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner - 7 måneder siden
Andy when are you going to do another prank on someone you should do it on pie face as his reaction would be class
Ian T
Ian T - 7 måneder siden
AJ getting cocky the past few episodes and itanis guessing has been on point-- you love to see it
oscar czarnecki
oscar czarnecki - 7 måneder siden
instead of discarding you guys should list them as minimum on the market
Hkdzvkuedcbirdx RL
Hkdzvkuedcbirdx RL - 7 måneder siden
Dont really like AJ’s attitude towards Itani. Seems a bit arrogant, lots of cheap shots throughout the video, ik they’re friends and all but Aj seems pretty bitter everytime things go against him🤷🏼‍♂️
Apex_Gaming2000 - 7 måneder siden
Itani is still losing, he lost in F8TAL and lost now.
Eto FN
Eto FN - 7 måneder siden
Is it just me or when you think about it Andy looks like Harry Potter?
Jekuwu - 7 måneder siden
Poppin a like and a full watch just to give him some sort of money
Sahil Punwani
Sahil Punwani - 7 måneder siden
you should’ve sniped the bale :(
Smile Slimes Ecuador
Smile Slimes Ecuador - 7 måneder siden
The itani impressions kill me 😂
Dan 2002
Dan 2002 - 7 måneder siden
It’s so much bullshit as Itani always goes on league so it super hard for Andy
Alex Betolaza
Alex Betolaza - 7 måneder siden
Thank you for taking less time to pick. God bless
Bailey - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else feel like Andy bully’s itarni all the time
Rubinho 7
Rubinho 7 - 7 måneder siden
They are too funny😂😂
greek freak
greek freak - 8 måneder siden
Andy with his hybrid
itani with his full la liga team
greek freak
greek freak - 8 måneder siden
I think my dictionary
meaning of itani
itani= cheat
ShtaitzFortnite - 8 måneder siden
Itani is funny and all but i swear he has like one and a half brain cells
Sam Nenide
Sam Nenide - 8 måneder siden
Finally Andy gets his revenge lol
Benny T
Benny T - 8 måneder siden
Would you ever do a sbsd with a fan, the same concept and stuff?
Alan Moore
Alan Moore - 8 måneder siden
Where's the videos at Andy come on man!!!
Connor Hutchinson
Connor Hutchinson - 8 måneder siden
Wxmer 2003
Wxmer 2003 - 8 måneder siden
Where is the next one, missed it yesterday
viper4326 - 8 måneder siden
Saying he’s gonna speed up this episode.
Still half an hour
Luke Guest
Luke Guest - 8 måneder siden
Andy please to a sbsd with birdie94x.
Simon Zammit
Simon Zammit - 8 måneder siden
Whiteman 1 goal conceded only lmao... what a lad
LFC FOREVER - 8 måneder siden
Where’s day 11!!
Joshua Quaynor
Joshua Quaynor - 8 måneder siden
Do a sbs prank On James
Jimmy Obrien
Jimmy Obrien - 8 måneder siden
when i saw itani cause i was like YEEEAAAHHH THE BOYS ARE BACK
Lars Tummers
Lars Tummers - 8 måneder siden
Where is Lockdown next
ARIES FN - 8 måneder siden
Most expensive mid icon pack ever
Hamzy9320 - 8 måneder siden
Still waiting for the next episode!!!!!!!!
Clux Is Cracked
Clux Is Cracked - 8 måneder siden
Upload already the next episode!!!!
Dharma Muthalagappan
Dharma Muthalagappan - 8 måneder siden
Where’s the sbsd for today???
Ryan Melendez
Ryan Melendez - 8 måneder siden
wheres the new episode
Robert Jolly
Robert Jolly - 8 måneder siden
You guys bicker at each other like a married couple. I love it 😂
Stan Oliver
Stan Oliver - 8 måneder siden
itani gets a dirty double during picks and andy gets revenge in discards
Frankie - 8 måneder siden
Jesus itani is so fucking bad at fifa this year
Jack Mathieson
Jack Mathieson - 8 måneder siden
Andy could have just picked Digne and then if Itani guessed it he would shave had to give Andy Baines.
Nig Nig
Nig Nig - 8 måneder siden
This is indeed the greatest sbsd of all time.
Ahmad Alazzam
Ahmad Alazzam - 8 måneder siden
AJ do a sbsd series like last year (sbsd project)
Jay Cooper
Jay Cooper - 8 måneder siden
Hasn't a clue about fifa and is crap, let me take his place
Mario Luca
Mario Luca - 8 måneder siden
I can't believe andy didn't make itani min list bale
Briant814 - 8 måneder siden
Itani is literally so dumb he always picks such a shit goalkeeper that always costs him
William Drury-Smith
William Drury-Smith - 8 måneder siden
How was that such a good episode when the teams were actually terrible pahaha
Piotrek W19997
Piotrek W19997 - 8 måneder siden
I love sbs with Itani ❤️
Rayan Yaseen
Rayan Yaseen - 8 måneder siden
My favorite duo
Clara Ormsby
Clara Ormsby - 8 måneder siden
i like the talk
Tf77 1802
Tf77 1802 - 8 måneder siden
Where is the weel?
miked5580 - 8 måneder siden
There must be a lot of boys that watch andy
Fifa Nathan
Fifa Nathan - 8 måneder siden
Does Pereira not have a shapeshifter LB card?
rayyan khan
rayyan khan - 8 måneder siden
he didn't discard griezman at rs
Jared Rawlings
Jared Rawlings - 8 måneder siden
"Itani clearly cheats"

Andy: Goal Keeper

KHARMA: is a B@@@H

What an episode to watch great laughs
Jules Burton
Jules Burton - 8 måneder siden
Episodes getting better and better, one of the best ever in my opinion. Unreal stuff.
MrMiks - 8 måneder siden
Can you stop putting down hybrids
Lucas 115
Lucas 115 - 8 måneder siden
The team itani put into his sbc at the end is the best and only hybrid he has ever made
abandonship - 8 måneder siden
You videos are great your comedy is awful.
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson - 8 måneder siden
Had to join the channel to support the charity and everything you're doing mate. Will be sticking around to support you after the charity run is over too. Keep it up!
Peter Maylor
Peter Maylor - 8 måneder siden
New idea for sbsd instead of when it’s a draw and you both get one pick do how many players get should be how many discards you would get
More Heijt
More Heijt - 8 måneder siden
I just love itani
Pedro Saraiva
Pedro Saraiva - 8 måneder siden
My, my, how the tables have turned…
milkchocolate - 8 måneder siden
Andy sounds like a bitch compared to Itani.
Ryan Atherton
Ryan Atherton - 8 måneder siden
I loled so hard when andy picked lloris and hernandez 😂
Harvey Rai
Harvey Rai - 8 måneder siden
I skip the waffling
Sumeet Khamba
Sumeet Khamba - 8 måneder siden
Very good vid and do more squad builder showdown with reev
LOT4 - 8 måneder siden
You’d think Andy would’ve learnt by now that Itani has the imagination of a glass of water. Like just keep your guesses in one league Andy
DhuN Music
DhuN Music - 8 måneder siden
finally itani!'
Alex Branaman
Alex Branaman - 8 måneder siden
Andy and itani instant click mate! Good video