Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! FIFA 15 GERVINHO vs FIFA 13 ESSWEIN!!!

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THE TWO BIGGEST FIFA SWEAT ICONS GO HEAD TO HEAD!!! EA have dropped a player pick SBC and we are taking one each and doing Squad Builder Showdown on them! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Flashback
Lockdown Edition Playlist -
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Runtime: 26:11


AJ3 - 7 måneder siden
Tried to do a “quick-fire” Squad Builder Showdown, with no random chatter as people are always asking for it
Let me know if you like it or prefer the normal way
Jude Hill
Jude Hill - 7 måneder siden
normal is better
Zitro - 7 måneder siden
We need the chit chat!
Syno - 7 måneder siden
Chatter by far
Angry Sloth
Angry Sloth - 7 måneder siden
Definitely prefer the normal way as it the video is longer so I can listen whilst doing FIFA. Thanks for asking. You're my favourite NOburn by far now that I have started watching more of your Vida. 😁
Mc Smackag
Mc Smackag - 7 måneder siden
You should do a SBSD on Jesus Corona, it would be jokes haha
CHomab Cjabeb
CHomab Cjabeb - 13 dager siden
Wait a second. Has Andy purchased that 51 rated goalkeeper sometime before the episode? Why tho?
Cameron Mulcaster
Cameron Mulcaster - 5 måneder siden
Oaks’ first picks weren’t even the right positions 😂😂
gehkooo - 5 måneder siden
Set a mission to watch every single sbsd and oakly was so passionate about this game😂😂
Ginette Jackson
Ginette Jackson - 6 måneder siden
I m surprised he didn’t use drogba
Ciaran O’Connor
Ciaran O’Connor - 6 måneder siden
Andy: You’ve already guessed him you can’t put him down again.
Also Andy: Guesses Tekkz ødegaard 3 times.
Leo Guidi
Leo Guidi - 6 måneder siden
Esswein is by far the better card. Picked them both up in separate accounts, Gervinho is shit
lewis duke
lewis duke - 6 måneder siden
It’s a double a tap on Xbox or double x on PlayStation for the dink pass
Money maker Gaming
Money maker Gaming - 7 måneder siden
oakely is so pissed off every vid why lmao:)
Angad and Manav Hayre
Angad and Manav Hayre - 7 måneder siden
Sehr gut is very good
Thomas Bircher
Thomas Bircher - 7 måneder siden
Lets be honest oakley plays way to try hard, because he is while everyone else are chill
Keon Crampsie
Keon Crampsie - 7 måneder siden
They are my favourite fifa collabers
Callum Kellyت
Callum Kellyت - 7 måneder siden
Well I’m happy I packed Lozano in the party bag
Brendan Baxter
Brendan Baxter - 7 måneder siden
oakfish is a bitch hahahah
liam tuck
liam tuck - 7 måneder siden
Maybe youre not quite good enough of a creator for me to subscribe. Plus youre playing a dead game so i only watch half the video. The part where you make the team and then the discards.
Jonathon Duffy
Jonathon Duffy - 7 måneder siden
The absence of an upload in these times is almost heartbreaking
Mateo Preglej
Mateo Preglej - 7 måneder siden
do sqvad bilder shodowan whit Itani
Bald Messi
Bald Messi - 7 måneder siden
Please can u do a prank they r so good
VoydFTW - 7 måneder siden
Need to do a sbsd on pope
Alexander Foreman
Alexander Foreman - 7 måneder siden
Please can you do fut birthday Mpappé
Charlie Castlehouse
Charlie Castlehouse - 7 måneder siden
Ausgang is entry and ausfahrt is exit
Tom Inman
Tom Inman - 7 måneder siden
A SBSD where neither marquee player touched the ball all game lol
Uncle Bad Touch
Uncle Bad Touch - 7 måneder siden
Personally love Oakley... but i wouldn't wanna see him on sbsd again. Moped the whole time. Pretty much like CapgunTom sulks. Poor form
BEST SELL - 7 måneder siden
Ballack is achually a very goodicon
mr dudu 2010
mr dudu 2010 - 7 måneder siden
Andy Jack 54 and Fish are prank
Snorkis - 7 måneder siden
16:21 Andy's reaction is priceless 😂😂💚
Koornin Zia
Koornin Zia - 7 måneder siden
Andy u should do another squad builder project
Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner - 7 måneder siden
Get pie face on and prank him already we all love him and need a prank on him
Mozi sadiku
Mozi sadiku - 7 måneder siden
You should challenge AA9skillz on a squad builders show down
Calvert lewin is better than Salah
Thinking about joining toty members, how long are the uncut videos? Thank you
Lance TheGamers
Lance TheGamers - 7 måneder siden
Jack and Oakley are gonna try to prank you and leave you bankrupt
Rocket Gam3r
Rocket Gam3r - 7 måneder siden
Yoo! I also lost a card like your ramsey. It just disappeared and i was so mad because it took me ages to get him
Jérémie Lapointe
Jérémie Lapointe - 7 måneder siden
Ready for Pope striker builder showdown
FanNaf 2018
FanNaf 2018 - 7 måneder siden
Do futbirthday pope
dominator970 - 7 måneder siden
You should do an SBSD where you go into max chemistry but when building the teams you can pick any player in any position for example like a striker in midfield but when guessing you get 2 picks per position
Sahil Wagh
Sahil Wagh - 7 måneder siden
You are going to be pranked by Jack 54
Evolution strickzz
Evolution strickzz - 7 måneder siden
Surely nick pope sbc
Malen To glory
Malen To glory - 7 måneder siden
Can you do a squad builder showdown on fut birthday Nick Pope like if you want that
Adela Alberto
Adela Alberto - 7 måneder siden
I've nearly completed 91 sane like he's good
Archie Nan1
Archie Nan1 - 7 måneder siden
Oakley is so bad at fifa
Skaidz - 7 måneder siden
I just feel so bad for people who r not subbed aj3 they are not getting the good content first
AlexJ Airey
AlexJ Airey - 7 måneder siden
Say gg back to oakley
DanielThorpey 1121
DanielThorpey 1121 - 7 måneder siden
“But i’m a machine now” - Andy 2020
Tom Preston
Tom Preston - 7 måneder siden
please do fut birthday pope at striker
Sigmundur Hanusarson
Sigmundur Hanusarson - 7 måneder siden
Andy won just saying
Archie Jenkins
Archie Jenkins - 7 måneder siden
Oakley deserved it for naming the squad 7ms
JUSTIN SOK - 7 måneder siden
Can you do an sbsd with 5 star skills nick pope?
Eddiec1 N
Eddiec1 N - 7 måneder siden
Love seeing Oakley getting slapped and discarding big players haha he does be absolutely fuming! bit un-professional for the videos, he discards CR7 on the reverse fixture here folks worth a watch lol
Millionaire Shortbread
Millionaire Shortbread - 7 måneder siden
No one going to talk about the fifa 13 in the description of the video
Keiran Doyle
Keiran Doyle - 7 måneder siden
Got to be honest I have been watching your videos last couple years and never made a YouTube account ! I felt bad being one of them Un subscribed viewers and especially being from Liverpool we support are own 😂 how’s oacklefish doing after you hit ronaldo ?😳
Cooper Zent
Cooper Zent - 7 måneder siden
Andy really just a relies on bs. He complains about his CDM on the 2nd goal and it’s his CBs are the ones getting beat 😹 he sucks
Tiny Templar
Tiny Templar - 7 måneder siden
No list card just discard or put in SBC
Zak Wali
Zak Wali - 7 måneder siden
Do Nick Pope fut birthday at st please
Aaron Herr
Aaron Herr - 7 måneder siden
Can u do nick pope futbirthday
Oliver Husby
Oliver Husby - 7 måneder siden
Try Pope as striker😅
gearoid daly
gearoid daly - 7 måneder siden
There is a prank coming your way by jack and Oakley
العب واتكلم
العب واتكلم - 7 måneder siden
Jack wants to prank you also okly
Alex Langhorn
Alex Langhorn - 7 måneder siden
Oakley and jack are going to prank u
Jakub Havlíček
Jakub Havlíček - 7 måneder siden
Do a SBSD on 5* skils pope
ColTurner13 - 7 måneder siden
Deej - 7 måneder siden
Sehr gut
Tyler Pittaway
Tyler Pittaway - 7 måneder siden
Oakelfish is a bit salty! Wasn’t having any of it haha
Tm H
Tm H - 7 måneder siden
Oakleys beard is terrible 😂
Zachandreggie 1613
Zachandreggie 1613 - 7 måneder siden
Evan McGuire
Evan McGuire - 7 måneder siden
He didn’t even discard he short listed and that’s like 100 k
Freddie Martin
Freddie Martin - 7 måneder siden
Oakley has herpees
Proc 10
Proc 10 - 7 måneder siden
This wasn’t Esswien VS Gervinho it was Zlatan VS Rues
tom brown
tom brown - 7 måneder siden
hows andy becoming the worst at his own series he needs to start thinking out the box more being more unpredictable even boring, and using legends like the others...
Proc 10
Proc 10 - 7 måneder siden
Andy’s squad name lol FIVEHEAD
Emil . A
Emil . A - 7 måneder siden
Road 2 glory?
Max Chambers
Max Chambers - 7 måneder siden
Why doesn’t he put the other person name in the comments now makes it so much easier to go and find them
Ultimate Tekkerz CJ
Ultimate Tekkerz CJ - 7 måneder siden
Oakley was almost crying 😂
KID WITH TEKKERS - 7 måneder siden
mate oeklefish cant listcard him because he is getting so much money back from ballack.CHEAT.
Szpályki - 7 måneder siden
That face killed me 16:18
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson - 7 måneder siden
Do a squad builder show down with reev batson or f2tekks
Marcus_CBRO - 7 måneder siden
reus wearing the bayern munich kit lol
The Truth
The Truth - 7 måneder siden
ibrahimovic is a living legend

Ibrahimovic made you win this game Andy

Ibrahimovic icon cards Baby(90) mid(92) prime (94) prime moments(95)

also EA icons like Drogba, Zidane are rated too highly.

While icons like Cruyff, Stoichkov and Rivaldo are rated too low
Random Account
Random Account - 7 måneder siden
When oakley said get down he sounded like arnold Schwarzenegger
Joe Green
Joe Green - 7 måneder siden
Oakleyfish needs to chill out and just enjoy the game more
Asger Vang
Asger Vang - 7 måneder siden
I am one of the 40%
Joseph Skinner
Joseph Skinner - 7 måneder siden
Any chance of some retro squad builder showdown? Was always pretty fun to watch and might help mix it up a bit?
Shalbaba Tshabalaba
Shalbaba Tshabalaba - 7 måneder siden
Love how Tryhard Oakley goes
Christopher Drysdale
Christopher Drysdale - 7 måneder siden
I was waiting for Andy to go matuidi and rabiot then go sissoko at Cdm
James McGrath
James McGrath - 7 måneder siden
Bout time that smug look was taken off Oakleys face
FaZeQuickscope654 - 7 måneder siden
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly - 7 måneder siden
The chat is what makes andy, andy. Without it he’s just another average youtuber like (no offence) jack54hd or reev
aryan parikh
aryan parikh - 7 måneder siden
Hey AJ3 I know this might be too much to ask but could you please do a squad builder showdown on toty Cr7 if would be very helpful.
Gustav Lindrum Pedersen
Gustav Lindrum Pedersen - 7 måneder siden
If u tell me oakley isn’t Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, u are mad
Aaron Pennock
Aaron Pennock - 7 måneder siden
I’m guessing Oakley got confused with his first guesses. He picked 2 players who each have a ST and LM card.
Vithunan Easwaran
Vithunan Easwaran - 7 måneder siden
Ronaldo has rw card
96jamiewinter - 7 måneder siden
Oakley is such a sore loser from his reaction at the end😂😂
SASHTv - 7 måneder siden
"It looks a little bit red and a bit angry"

Jon Askham
Jon Askham - 7 måneder siden
Why doesnt Andy change the rule to if you score with the 'main' player it is 2 discards for every goal
Vetle Aastrøm Hynne
Vetle Aastrøm Hynne - 7 måneder siden
Do a pro clubs series
walter with extra walter
walter with extra walter - 7 måneder siden
Andy: I tried to make a speedy sbsd
Also Andy: CRACKIN
Pan _ Gian
Pan _ Gian - 7 måneder siden
I had a rash as well, maybe oakley got it from me

Oh wait i live in greece
yAcez YT
yAcez YT - 7 måneder siden
1kk with dalglish 90 and del piero 90(you can put some sbc and objectives players,i have a lot,and if i don’t have,i can do)
ZipxSkit - 7 måneder siden
To do a little dink double tap A for Xbox And double tap X for PS4
Alexander Foreman
Alexander Foreman - 7 måneder siden
Put pele and maradona in the middle
CianC07 - 7 måneder siden
Andy can you please do a SBSD Lockdown with Rob 👍
RazorzZ - 7 måneder siden
Andy is the man, you are so inspiring and you always make my day better, i love all your content and you even inspired me to make my own channel which i have just posted a new video!