Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown Lockdown Edition!!! 99 RATED TOTS LEWANDOWSKI!!! vs Iain Stirling

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MAKING HIS SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN DEBUT ON A 99 RATED TOTS!!! Iain has jumped in the deep end!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Lewandowski
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Runtime: 46:51


OBS 1 - 8 dager siden
Love this vid Ian is great content so good get him back on
Davit Shamiryan
Davit Shamiryan - 9 dager siden
Play with the sidemen lol jk 🤣😂
Francesca ayers
Francesca ayers - 10 dager siden
R4z0r Gr1nd3r
R4z0r Gr1nd3r - 14 dager siden
Others know him from Love Island. I know him from being with Hacker T Dog. Meaaaat prodddduuuuuuce!
And from Taskmaster.
Amoug us gaming
Amoug us gaming - 14 dager siden
Video kinda starts at 10:00
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma - 23 dager siden
ian should've gone davison sanchez and lloris
Butter Beanos
Butter Beanos - 24 dager siden
Takes 11 minutes to start😳
NFFC 4 Life
NFFC 4 Life - 26 dager siden
I packed this Lewandowski in a gold upgrade
Paulice - 29 dager siden
They just talked for 12 minutes and did nothing
Ibrahim Kail
Ibrahim Kail - 2 måneder siden
You talk too much when It start
NL Banjo
NL Banjo - 2 måneder siden
To see when they start playing 8:35
siv-anita vold
siv-anita vold - 2 måneder siden
On the mic it ses røde thats red in norwigien
NFFC 4 Life
NFFC 4 Life - 2 måneder siden
I got totssf Lewandowski in a gold upgrade
Ethan Scrutton
Ethan Scrutton - 2 måneder siden
Climbing gang 😎
Chaddy 74
Chaddy 74 - 2 måneder siden
Most famous player but I have never heard of him
janzi 98
janzi 98 - 3 måneder siden
Video actually starts after 10 min
Steezy Kyung
Steezy Kyung - 3 måneder siden
Takes about 10 minutes before a guess is actually made
Denilius123 - 3 måneder siden
You’re Welcome.
Marianne Johnston
Marianne Johnston - 3 måneder siden
I got tots haaland in a gold upgrade
Kristan Carter
Kristan Carter - 3 måneder siden
Tonight on love island Andys true love lewandowski gets discardeddd
Familien aarstad
Familien aarstad - 3 måneder siden
Am form norway and no 1 speaks about my contery sooo thx
Oran Wilson
Oran Wilson - 3 måneder siden
Commenting at 24:03 I smell a Glik link coming at left centre back 👌😂
shawaiz 6969
shawaiz 6969 - 3 måneder siden
Right st
Kuolemanlaakso - 3 måneder siden
I knew I recognised his voice, he was on Taskmaster
kayden - 3 måneder siden
andy do squad builder showdown with the sidemen quarter finals 8 people so one leg u vs simon ethan vs harry jj vs tobi vik vs josh
Naka Mishi
Naka Mishi - 3 måneder siden
*hes playing actual fifa sweaty*
Look at his hair!
Dane JA
Dane JA - 4 måneder siden
butra isn’t underrated in my opinion, he just gets shrugged off the ball like it’s nothing, his finishing isn’t great in game.. just saying
bszwejkowski - 4 måneder siden
He smokesssss rough
Christian Hayes
Christian Hayes - 4 måneder siden
It took 10 minutes to start the video that is ridiculous
Yuv Juneja
Yuv Juneja - 4 måneder siden
40:25 HEH
Jason Russell
Jason Russell - 4 måneder siden
Andy vs the eBay version of Liam Payne.
Lav Kapoor
Lav Kapoor - 4 måneder siden
Stop tallying to much butterpool fan
Mustafa Sadiq
Mustafa Sadiq - 4 måneder siden
At 12:40, the first player was picked. I hate the fact they talk so much
Loki Din
Loki Din - 4 måneder siden
Everyone: omg its iain stirling
Me who isnt from england: who is he and who is his gf
Harrison Wicks
Harrison Wicks - 4 måneder siden
Didnt andy cheat by having koulibaly on 7?
Jake Payne
Jake Payne - 4 måneder siden
And how many times have Everton won the CL??? :))))
Callum Proctor
Callum Proctor - 4 måneder siden
You did great
levi bowling
levi bowling - 4 måneder siden
Please have him back!
Louie g
Louie g - 4 måneder siden
I like how the first guess was 11 mins into the video
AC3_ LucA0066
AC3_ LucA0066 - 4 måneder siden
I am no joke, 50 meters away from Edvards Munch,s house where he painted the scream picture
Izzy Harvey
Izzy Harvey - 4 måneder siden
Wait ian 😂
xG3_Sebson - 4 måneder siden
Do more sbsd with this guy
Kristijan Car
Kristijan Car - 4 måneder siden
Jesus Christ stop waffling, you have't started and the vid is already 11 min long !!!!!!
Ross Butler
Ross Butler - 4 måneder siden
This is quality! Buzzing for you Andy to record with someone like Iain! He also seemed really cool and ‘normal’ as well being fairly knowledgable about fifa
Ali Alsaraf
Ali Alsaraf - 4 måneder siden
showdon starts at 8:38
Ali Alsaraf
Ali Alsaraf - 4 måneder siden
showdown starts at 7:388
Wxvy Liam
Wxvy Liam - 4 måneder siden
This guy is clueless does he even know what game he's on
Zxryo__ - 4 måneder siden
Man said 8 mins just to pick formation
Brandon Chlopecki
Brandon Chlopecki - 5 måneder siden
His voice kills me
EG 5
EG 5 - 5 måneder siden
Who is this guy?
Simeon . H
Simeon . H - 5 måneder siden
and in two weeks they did
TallPengu - 5 måneder siden
My dad went to school with ian
hamid a
hamid a - 5 måneder siden
vid starts at 9:20
Khalid Fakhro
Khalid Fakhro - 5 måneder siden
1:00 he called it
trying to get 1k subs with no content
who likes the vids but there so long
Noman Habibi
Noman Habibi - 5 måneder siden
these vids are way too fucking long
MWbro - 5 måneder siden
The vid starts at 12:20 thank me later
Callum Henderson
Callum Henderson - 5 måneder siden
Well he did guess that Liverpool would of won the league by this point 🔴⚪🔴
Banele Mbetse
Banele Mbetse - 5 måneder siden
Who’s here after Iain predicted Liverpool would win the league
Andreas Din mor er en ok person
Andreas Din mor er en ok person - 5 måneder siden
12:17 is when the video starts
Cuck Squad
Cuck Squad - 5 måneder siden
the fact that i’m 11 mins in and ur still chatting shit is astounding
Chris Cox
Chris Cox - 5 måneder siden
Onk I’m a pig
Joseph Machin
Joseph Machin - 5 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown with Theo Baker.
Sarang sunil
Sarang sunil - 5 måneder siden
Try to make your videos shorter.many new people will not see your vids because of that
Ashish Bista
Ashish Bista - 5 måneder siden
I skipped 11 minutes to get to the action, These mans just picked their formations
Vibrant - 5 måneder siden
I like how you used 8 minutes to start
Juliana Pienkos
Juliana Pienkos - 5 måneder siden
Everyone had to wait until nine minutes and 12 seconds to finally do something
David Stander
David Stander - 5 måneder siden
11min until first picks.......
New record😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 - 5 måneder siden
I love his dog ate my homework show on Cbbc XD
Jack Stuart
Jack Stuart - 5 måneder siden
All he had to do was put naingolan and witsel two CM
Aaron Hansekowitsch
Aaron Hansekowitsch - 5 måneder siden
How was Kolarov already in the gold upgrade sbc?
Callum Thornalley
Callum Thornalley - 5 måneder siden
Absolutely loved this video Andy, definitely bring Ian back he’s such a fan of this series and so hyped about his team
M R R - 5 måneder siden
I feel like I’ve heard him from somewhere
Thomas Smailes
Thomas Smailes - 5 måneder siden
viking lad
LNEW gladiator
LNEW gladiator - 5 måneder siden
Please make your intros shorter cos they take 9 mins
WejVL - 5 måneder siden
There’s gonna be a 12 day tournament in Lisbon to finish the champs final
Omar Elbadry
Omar Elbadry - 5 måneder siden
TOTY Messi
Side - 5 måneder siden
scottish pewdiepie is doing bits
Aruna - 5 måneder siden
As a Belgian, Iain's pronunciation of Mertens pleases me.
Joe Lawrence
Joe Lawrence - 5 måneder siden
Subtitle 23:38 is what I heard
Mikey Healy
Mikey Healy - 5 måneder siden
Can u make a video with w2s
JeppeGamer - fut 21 traiding tips and tricks.
He look like a 25 years old Peter crouch
Vision Taji
Vision Taji - 5 måneder siden
Ben yedder TOTS
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming - 5 måneder siden
This is a nice video 👀👀👀🙏🙏🙏
Ryan Dewey
Ryan Dewey - 5 måneder siden
Iain should have gone for Theo Hernandez at LB
Philip Birden
Philip Birden - 5 måneder siden
Sic vid but the intro was about 10 mins!!
RE_ Quix
RE_ Quix - 5 måneder siden
10 mins just to finish the formations
Simon Zammit
Simon Zammit - 5 måneder siden
Mate he actually takes a vape 41:00
itzhayden - 5 måneder siden
No offence but the guy on the right looks like he's homeless
Alan Buenos
Alan Buenos - 5 måneder siden
I was so sure AJ was gonna go Donk, Juan Jesus, Muslera
Alan Buenos
Alan Buenos - 5 måneder siden
Wow I just watched his naingolan episode and now im more sure than ever that if he hadnt done it a few days before that he wouldve done it
Tommy W
Tommy W - 5 måneder siden
Unpopular opinion, Iain sterling looks like Ricky Wilson from Kaiser chiefs
Isak Oliasson
Isak Oliasson - 5 måneder siden
The only thing I’ve learned during quarantine is guessing Andys squads. Literally dirty doubled him while playing along... Mariano and Kolarov.... “get the hell out of here”
chode chaps
chode chaps - 5 måneder siden
The dog ate my homework was an elite show
thom - 5 måneder siden
45 minutes in and they are just picking the first player
TimianPlayz - 5 måneder siden
Is Iain from norway? Because His mic is from norway. Røde
Cuz_Maksym - 5 måneder siden
Pls next time tell him to say the whole line “tonight on love island “
Petter Baastad
Petter Baastad - 5 måneder siden
Starting at 10:35
oh dlight
oh dlight - 5 måneder siden
Please do one with cjnovo992
Aingeyboy 17
Aingeyboy 17 - 5 måneder siden
Those who know him from cbbc with Hacker T Doge are real ones
Adam Lambden
Adam Lambden - 5 måneder siden
20:40 apart from using naingolan and witsel then yh 🤣🤣🤣