Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! CONMEBOL VALENCIA!!! The Hardest SBSD EVER!!!

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IS THIS THE HARDEST SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN OF ALL TIME!?! Antonio Valencia Copa Libertadores special card, IN A LEAGUE THAT ISN'T EVEN ON THE GAME!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Valencia
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Runtime: 35:50


Charlie James
Charlie James - 2 måneder siden
Why did the clock go back when they did midfielders
reubon146 - 2 måneder siden
He doesn’t score many but he has just scored a worldie
Colin Thompson
Colin Thompson - 2 måneder siden
Coming back to watch older SBSDs and wow Andy is a cheat not Itani
slatertheboy - 3 måneder siden
Team of the season Godin
Cameron ATKINSON - 3 måneder siden
I love the chit chat it’s so funny 😂
Rhodri Lewis
Rhodri Lewis - 3 måneder siden
I’m a simple man, I see Itani, I dislike the video, then click off
Einar Bjellmo Halaas
Einar Bjellmo Halaas - 4 måneder siden
He used McJell’s favorite player. 😁😁😁😁👩‍🦲
Alright at Games
Alright at Games - 4 måneder siden
532 links to 1 cb
Dawood Hassen
Dawood Hassen - 4 måneder siden
You couldn’t go with Yerry Mina
Ali Alsaraf
Ali Alsaraf - 4 måneder siden
That sbc wasn’t even a punishment, he submitted and 84 rated player into an 83 rated team
Martin Bordon
Martin Bordon - 4 måneder siden
2 trump cards
Gx_Diego - 5 måneder siden
my ears when he said get em the hell out of here! sRfedkmDhju7ESDigbnfsihj nvhsijnvfd iujnsdzvfiuyjndz
The Jakeen
The Jakeen - 5 måneder siden
Im from ecuedor and it is a league
Owen Robertson
Owen Robertson - 5 måneder siden
Andy gave him 2 trump cards haha
porkyman001_ - 5 måneder siden
Worst team!? Itani made a hybrid
sam brown
sam brown - 5 måneder siden
I'd have played a 3 back formation and play him on the bench
LIL NUGGET - 6 måneder siden
17:05 that face
xXJoe Swanson69Xx
xXJoe Swanson69Xx - 6 måneder siden
Itanis Douglas costa was off chem
Blazekiller7 - 6 måneder siden
He used 2 coz he guess the position and had an option
James Comerford
James Comerford - 6 måneder siden
7.47 is it just me tht cant see musleras normal, just his ucl, totw, and fut champs
Greg Everett
Greg Everett - 6 måneder siden
Wait didn’t he give Itami 2 trump cards
AMS ExeQutioneR
AMS ExeQutioneR - 6 måneder siden
FlemingRL - 7 måneder siden
Song at 7:05 ?
_D3lusional _
_D3lusional _ - 7 måneder siden
Not even gonna bother watching this video bc the other guys accent annoys me
Yorkie137568 - 7 måneder siden
Its I is the best person on SBS
Ollie Taylor
Ollie Taylor - 7 måneder siden
Itani legit pick 4-1-3-2 every time
fin plays r6
fin plays r6 - 7 måneder siden
the cheat vs the cheat best vid
Vib3z | YT
Vib3z | YT - 7 måneder siden
Both ITANI and Andy gave each other 2 trump cards. Cheats.
simeon smashes
simeon smashes - 7 måneder siden
Andy is a cheat he used 2 trump cards
Blake Wilkins
Blake Wilkins - 7 måneder siden
please don’t do a sbs with this guy again, he pisses me off so much
Robert Hauksson
Robert Hauksson - 7 måneder siden
You are a cheat Andy haha
Sam Adams
Sam Adams - 7 måneder siden
Why did Andy get two trump cards
Michael Craig
Michael Craig - 8 måneder siden
6 minutes before the first player goes in lol
calum Macleod
calum Macleod - 8 måneder siden
Andy completely cheated into getting itani to have 2 trump cards and itani never noticed
City - 8 måneder siden
😂 2 trump cards
Footballman 8626
Footballman 8626 - 8 måneder siden
Andy guesses so many it felt like another prank
RobboHD - 8 måneder siden
Just me that thinks Itani looks like Jaffar out of the new Aladdin film?
Arav Sinha
Arav Sinha - 8 måneder siden
Andy? 2 trump cards
Beepboop 7
Beepboop 7 - 8 måneder siden
15:44 you sneaky snake *gives itani 2 trump cards*
Kuolemanlaakso - 8 måneder siden
I could become a member, alternatively I can just use an ad-blocker, and also not give you money to give to EA.
Alex scott
Alex scott - 8 måneder siden
he’s so big headed
Alex scott
Alex scott - 8 måneder siden
i hate itani so much
Ben Pilgrim
Ben Pilgrim - 8 måneder siden
RIP Headphone users
Kyrie Manny
Kyrie Manny - 8 måneder siden
keep the podcast intros, love the chit-chat
Zpeedz - 8 måneder siden
Who else loves the chit chat
Toby wilson
Toby wilson - 8 måneder siden
Didn’t know Benzema played fifa
ZipxSkit - 8 måneder siden
I’m getting over mars and gatusso
My team will be
Loris 88
Sanchez 88 varane 85
Bernat 85 semedo 82
De jong 87 gattuso 90
Overmars 92 raul 88
Quaresma 89 neymar 92
UmarKM 7
UmarKM 7 - 8 måneder siden
Bruh I had the video paused for like 2 mins thinking it’s lagging 😂😂
VxR_ Fire
VxR_ Fire - 8 måneder siden
I cant believe Itani didnt pick Cuadurado
swfc_ 1867_
swfc_ 1867_ - 8 måneder siden
Andy gave Itani 2 trump cards
Goten 2.0 TV
Goten 2.0 TV - 8 måneder siden
Ler mais...
Shazia Shams
Shazia Shams - 8 måneder siden
Half of itani's players were guessed
Pewdipie V3
Pewdipie V3 - 8 måneder siden
Andy is a cheat he gave itani 2 trump cards
BIG JOHN - 8 måneder siden
OMG the shit andy gives Itani for being a cheat and blatantly pulls a sneaky extra trump card 😂😂😂
howardy boy25
howardy boy25 - 8 måneder siden
Itani wasnt the cheater this time andy put two trump cards lmao at 14:05
Etai Gal
Etai Gal - 8 måneder siden
Andy is the new cheat
Yungstaaa 09
Yungstaaa 09 - 8 måneder siden
Is the Pieface23 sbc gonna be released normally
Jacob Rettenberger
Jacob Rettenberger - 8 måneder siden
2 trump cards ?!?!?!?
E3 Jikoo
E3 Jikoo - 8 måneder siden
What did poor Itani do to get 2 trump cards
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - 8 måneder siden
Need a piss brb
jake Taylor
jake Taylor - 8 måneder siden
2 trump cards?
Andraste - 8 måneder siden
Imagine if itani was not on sbsd. He would be screaming get him the hell to subscribe to my channel.
Sebastian Alex
Sebastian Alex - 8 måneder siden
Nobody likes the "chit chat".
Daniel Manion
Daniel Manion - 8 måneder siden
Hi Andy your sick
Shae Bryant
Shae Bryant - 8 måneder siden
Oh are those AirPods? Please show us more. Ffs
Mohammad Shaikh
Mohammad Shaikh - 8 måneder siden
Every one : aNdY cHeAtEd
Me : they both used 2 trump cards if u look back
Alex Brack W
Alex Brack W - 8 måneder siden
Andy cheated 2 trump cards
Harry Nye
Harry Nye - 8 måneder siden
For those wanting future SBSD episodes to be uncut, just note that the guessing phase to this video took 1 hour and 15 minutes!!
Ryan Mullin
Ryan Mullin - 8 måneder siden
I need more squad builder showdowns Andy I enjoy them to much
SU KP - 8 måneder siden
A player gets 3 informs
No one:
Not even EA:
Andy: he's got 14 informs!
Zac Waterman 7
Zac Waterman 7 - 8 måneder siden
itani was supposed to put Mandes in gold upgrade not an 84-91 player upgrade
Joseph Mellor
Joseph Mellor - 8 måneder siden
Insinge is 5’4
Kirsty Bough
Kirsty Bough - 8 måneder siden
He gave its no two trump cards
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels - 8 måneder siden
Instead of talking too much nonsense , just play the F*ing game. Nobody is interested in your bullshit stories.
Smile Slimes Ecuador
Smile Slimes Ecuador - 8 måneder siden
Why didn’t iraní open the pack
Marcus Rosenvinge
Marcus Rosenvinge - 8 måneder siden
Why did’nt we ser the pack
JKShadedBlue - 8 måneder siden
Andy : breathes
Itani : WOW
The Truth
The Truth - 8 måneder siden
This video is better than the Rock Paper Scissors Competition Held By EA Underrated
Thicc_Drey - 8 måneder siden
I wonder how Andy managed to get that untreatable Munir.
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt - 8 måneder siden
RIP Messi
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson - 8 måneder siden
6:05 Andy: "half an hour later Itani's decided who he wants"
Clock says: 11 minutes later mate
Jonny Heslop
Jonny Heslop - 8 måneder siden
Think theres a slight chance it was a joke
Persian Lion
Persian Lion - 8 måneder siden
Less chit chat pls.
Yuzzy - 8 måneder siden
Itani would still probably build a prem team ⚽️
anonymous - 8 måneder siden
Itani didnt even realise he got cheated into using 2 trump cards😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robel Daniel
Robel Daniel - 8 måneder siden
Did no one realize Itani also gave Andy 2 trump cards
Kai Platt
Kai Platt - 8 måneder siden
AD blocker is amazing for these videos
MDTA playzz
MDTA playzz - 8 måneder siden
16:50 oddly I enjoy that
Korilla - 8 måneder siden
Itani does the best SBSD no🧢
Im Claw
Im Claw - 8 måneder siden
Andy u cheat u used two trump cards
John Sebastian Lervik
John Sebastian Lervik - 8 måneder siden
Do a lewandowski card pls
Dingle Dadda
Dingle Dadda - 8 måneder siden
Well it’s just a shame that I packed that Valencia in a 5k pack lol
BK Afroman
BK Afroman - 8 måneder siden
How do you become a member?

Plz reply
sultan ahmed
sultan ahmed - 8 måneder siden
Aint those silvers worth like 3k together
CTCK - 8 måneder siden
oh my god Andy just commented on my latest video
WSH - 8 måneder siden
I became a member and then my dad beat me
I used his card
Fawn Playz
Fawn Playz - 8 måneder siden
If itani hadn't guessed valverde Andy cudve got Neymar mbappe and dembele
Snorre Degn
Snorre Degn - 8 måneder siden
I dont know how, but I wished some of them picked Pickford in goal
Jake Hellin
Jake Hellin - 8 måneder siden
I’m not crazy Andy did give him 2 trump cards
LethalGunPlayz - 8 måneder siden
When the internet u check the comments
Like if u can relate👍👍
Zachary Dossantos
Zachary Dossantos - 8 måneder siden
Why does Itani look like benzema