Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! 99 RATE PRIME ICON MOMENTS PELE!!!

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IT'S TIME... 99 RATED, 15 MILLION COIN, PRIME ICON MOMENTS PELE SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! And yes, there is a Pele on the line... #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Pele
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Runtime: 40:38


Always talk Wrestling
Always talk Wrestling - Dag siden
big shaq fat man
big shaq fat man - 2 dager siden
Why evertime there is a icon they build a Premier league team like wtf there's so many leagues but no premier league
Yeabsira Chimmy
Yeabsira Chimmy - 5 dager siden
New rule if anyone says sebide you have to say SeBiDe back
george van wyk v
george van wyk v - 9 dager siden
get recked booooie
Joseph Keenan
Joseph Keenan - 11 dager siden
You genuinely just cheat lol
huzaifa faisal
huzaifa faisal - 12 dager siden
another 40 minutes and 37 seconds of him fan boying over richarlison
Peter Corcoran
Peter Corcoran - 15 dager siden
32:07 I’m offended
Peter Corcoran
Peter Corcoran - 15 dager siden
31:43 .me when I was born
Xander Montgomery-Sith
Xander Montgomery-Sith - 16 dager siden
29:41 He is F***ing 80
Animal - 17 dager siden
can someone buy me fifa 20 or fifa 21
NotShotzZonFN - 19 dager siden
just got a 20 sec unskipable ad
Ahmed Almulhim
Ahmed Almulhim - 22 dager siden
Andy I will just tell you I was making a fut draft and this pozuelo card came and I did pick him and mean while In a game I was playing with pozuelo card WAS OVER POWERD ITS TOO GOOD
Ben Walker
Ben Walker - Måned siden
But wrong about Leeds like
TheGrimReaper - Måned siden
FIFA 21 is out James is on 97k
Disappointment surrounds me
The Background gaming
The Background gaming - Måned siden
Who’s here after Leeds are smashing it in the premier league

Come on Leeds 👏
joel marlon
joel marlon - Måned siden
Pele ?
Hassan Abed
Hassan Abed - 2 måneder siden
pele is 79 year old
james foster
james foster - 2 måneder siden
Andy picked the dynamic duo at cam
Khalil Rahaman
Khalil Rahaman - 2 måneder siden
I'm so late I have seen James laugh at Andy's bad jokes 1000001 times
Main Account
Main Account - 2 måneder siden
I'm only hitting a thumbs up because of James. Shout out to all the people with real jobs and doing something positive.
Tony Dolan
Tony Dolan - 2 måneder siden
at 32.06 im irish so what does it mean he is irish its fine your saying irish cant play football its not funny andy
Lolly pop
Lolly pop - 3 måneder siden
The Chinese guy has corona virus
Blathnaid Doyle
Blathnaid Doyle - 3 måneder siden
Mr McGibbon
Mr McGibbon - 3 måneder siden
Andy's dreams were shattered when James wrote down Richarlison
Louie jim
Louie jim - 3 måneder siden
Fun Art Travel By Rahul Prasath
Fun Art Travel By Rahul Prasath - 3 måneder siden
Your my favorite FIFA youtuber
Cael Coventry
Cael Coventry - 3 måneder siden
If it is a draw, and not 0 - 0, they should discard the number of goals they each scored. So 2 - 2, they both discard 2 players.
Sander Visth Birkebekk
Sander Visth Birkebekk - 3 måneder siden
I was hopping for this video, but i wanted it to be whit Tekz
S _rlow
S _rlow - 3 måneder siden
Hes mad about 16 ping and im praying for 110
Seth Harvey
Seth Harvey - 3 måneder siden
jeremy zeitouni
jeremy zeitouni - 3 måneder siden
I don’t know why James is wearing a shirt
Jasper Daschot
Jasper Daschot - 3 måneder siden
Where is Itani from.
-from the African jungle. He grew up with cheetahs
Mckenna Brauch
Mckenna Brauch - 3 måneder siden
Andrei 07
Andrei 07 - 3 måneder siden
Next squad builder if you guess a player and you can give them one make sure is Schweinsteiger as he is 76 rated Wörth 40 k 😂😂
Amex 76
Amex 76 - 3 måneder siden
Hey AJ3 big fan here I hope u see this comment. Just want to say ur videos are really good and always when I come back home and even if I have a bad day I watch u do squad builder showdown and it's my favourite series. Me and my friend always do squad builder showdown using concept players. I love it thanks you andy
Jim Bob
Jim Bob - 3 måneder siden
video starts 6:11
Colin Perfect
Colin Perfect - 3 måneder siden
Andy”the comments will blow up if I use another loan moments. James:loan Aubameyang at left striker😂
Michael Hart
Michael Hart - 3 måneder siden
Andys sense of humour is dry and needs some moisture
Tim - 3 måneder siden
bro andy’s face went 😃 to 😟 in 1 second
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards - 3 måneder siden
Imagine having to use a loan 99 moments pele LMAO
KJ10 - 3 måneder siden
I'd enjoy these videos more if it didn't take 3 weeks to do the first picks
Special Juan
Special Juan - 3 måneder siden
What video is netball this from?
cliff67 b
cliff67 b - 3 måneder siden
Deni Alves?
cliff67 b
cliff67 b - 3 måneder siden
31:27 nice moves mate 😂😂
Hayden Campbell
Hayden Campbell - 3 måneder siden
Do SBS on Moments Zidane with miniminter since he does a series about him with Zidane Zone
cliff67 b
cliff67 b - 3 måneder siden
2:32 pele = intani? 😂😂😂😂😂
Sonny Fella
Sonny Fella - 3 måneder siden
Now I don’t know how to pronounce sidibe sibide
Fiachra Lehane
Fiachra Lehane - 3 måneder siden
Andy: I could pick a championship defender but that would be stinky squads
Also Andy: picks 84 Felipe
Matt Jf10
Matt Jf10 - 3 måneder siden
I packed toty ronaldo in the 90+ player pick pack
Sallam Fankour
Sallam Fankour - 3 måneder siden
Andy you suck 😂😂
Barry Scott
Barry Scott - 3 måneder siden
To go against Andys point that “the majority of teams who go up go straight back down” I believe only 6 of the last 15 teams have gone down in the last 5 seasons who were promoted previously
Mathias Bjelland
Mathias Bjelland - 3 måneder siden
29:23 how do u do that flick?
LILTEE775 - 3 måneder siden
It's crazy when you look back and see the team's that used to be in the prem like Leeds, Coventry there's loads
sbc_wave - 3 måneder siden
Play the 424 on defensive and you get the best formation in the gameeeeeeee
Sayedur Rahman
Sayedur Rahman - 3 måneder siden
Why do i always want James to win
William Bailey
William Bailey - 3 måneder siden
No one:
James: (is gay)
William Bailey
William Bailey - 3 måneder siden
No one:
James: (gay)
1k subs with no vids Challenge
1k subs with no vids Challenge - 3 måneder siden
Make a squad builder showdown with sidibe
Boss Baba
Boss Baba - 3 måneder siden
Love the Sibide cut-ins
thom - 3 måneder siden
Give James some ratings for that Itani impression
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner - 3 måneder siden
Andy: I think Pele would be bad as a single striker
Also Andy: Picks 4231, a single striker formation
Frankie Johnson
Frankie Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Video 8 of me commenting until Andy responses to my comment 😃😉
joseph lucas
joseph lucas - 3 måneder siden
Was this a supporter only vid?
Xxojbsnipez Xx
Xxojbsnipez Xx - 3 måneder siden
Uhhhhhh why did u guys not do one on Kent
Hello There
Hello There - 3 måneder siden
James sounds so much like Itani it’s very scary
tom knowles
tom knowles - 3 måneder siden
Do a squad builder showdown on Wilfred Bony
Cdev Official
Cdev Official - 3 måneder siden
Im 13 and ur inbetweeners references make me laugh sometimes
Ludvig Elmedal
Ludvig Elmedal - 3 måneder siden
Do a sibide sbsd
Liam Is smart
Liam Is smart - 3 måneder siden
Andy- this isn’t stinky squads. Also Andy picks Richards and Felipe
Penguij - 3 måneder siden
Congrats #23 on trending
Human Being
Human Being - 3 måneder siden
Crapradossi is back in the serie a his team got promoted
Charlie Ochs
Charlie Ochs - 3 måneder siden
Andy: I rEcKon PelE wOulDnT be GOod On hIs Own uPfrOnt

Also Andy: iMmA haVe a 4-2-3-1
Nadir Jamal
Nadir Jamal - 3 måneder siden
Try doing squad builder showdown with blanco its a really good card
J L - 3 måneder siden
Where tf is Harry’s sbsd on greenwood
Evan Campbell
Evan Campbell - 3 måneder siden
I wish they went back too discarding the marquee player like if you agree and comment if you dont
Nt_WaffleZ 27
Nt_WaffleZ 27 - 3 måneder siden
I'm 11 and I understand the "I love you I love you"
Lucas Murtagh
Lucas Murtagh - 3 måneder siden
What you on about Leeds tried to bottle it😂, lost one game since February 🖕🏻
shockwavettv - 3 måneder siden
petition to make derby teams like nld, el clasico , and etc. get no chem when put next to each other in fifa 21
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Andy remember... Fire is an element.. It MUST be respected 😂
TheLionSaidMeow - 3 måneder siden
Itani was right all throughout: Uses a Moments Pele and asks to discard regular Pele.
Certified cheat! 😂😂
MYTH1C _42
MYTH1C _42 - 3 måneder siden
What happens if Andy shaves his head would we see his mastermind head
Ilija Jerinic
Ilija Jerinic - 3 måneder siden
Hey Andy
Topi Engblom
Topi Engblom - 3 måneder siden
i honestly dont care if u guys use loan players its still very good content just have fun and i think everyone will enjoy
Jude Sym0
Jude Sym0 - 3 måneder siden
AJ: uploads a video
Comments: so you’ve chosen death
Jayden - 3 måneder siden
I’m 13 n I get the inbetweeners joke
Sarah Ellingworth
Sarah Ellingworth - 3 måneder siden
Netflix: are you still watching
Someone's daughter: 24:27
Tom: Safety
Sander Wold
Sander Wold - 3 måneder siden
do Elio capradossi
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt - 3 måneder siden
What's everyone's favourite sbsd memes.
Mine are probably
1. Get him the hell outta here and make it quick
2. Sibide
3. Crapradossi (A classic)
Th-omas - 3 måneder siden
the sibide meme is
Noa Galic
Noa Galic - 3 måneder siden
Is this the last squad builder showdown of fifa 2020?
Luke Hoolan
Luke Hoolan - 3 måneder siden
Mate I’m 14 in flipping Finland and I now hallison
Yo It you bestie po
Yo It you bestie po - 3 måneder siden
Andy: pele wouldn’t be as good as an alone striker
also Andy: *gives James a fortmation with 2 strikers and gives himself a formation with only 1 striker*
Krish Lambah
Krish Lambah - 3 måneder siden
5:06 omg James laughed at his own bad joke
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed - 3 måneder siden
Stop the Alisson thing please
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson - 3 måneder siden
why do you want leeds to stay up they are fouling idiots
matthew - 3 måneder siden
yer ma
DannyFozzy 123
DannyFozzy 123 - 3 måneder siden
Andy: HeLlO mY nAmE iS jUaN, wElCoMe To My YoUTUbE cHaNnEl
Tom: Safety
Express Ajmal
Express Ajmal - 3 måneder siden
netball this
Ben Goddard
Ben Goddard - 3 måneder siden
Me Just waiting for James’s other pele
Ben Goddard
Ben Goddard - 3 måneder siden
Andys forehead is more interesting than his jokes
Namit Rustagi
Namit Rustagi - 3 måneder siden
Why are your intros 15 mins long pls make the video short like under 20 min