BIG DISCARDS FOR THE LOSER!!! Retro Style Fifa 20 Guess Who

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The old school classic way of doing Guess Who is back... AND THERE IS A HUGE DISCARD ON THE LINE FOR THE LOSER!!! #Fifa20 #GuessWho #DiscardChallenge
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Runtime: 23:44


Micky Leeds
Micky Leeds - 6 måneder siden
He basically said the name that’s pretty fixed
Sergibonga - 7 måneder siden
Please stop making videos with this massive cheat
Eabhan de Barra
Eabhan de Barra - 8 måneder siden
They’re both so clueless lol
lozcore99 - 8 måneder siden
What mic/headset do you use for COD Andy given you wear glasses? Dunno what to buy
DaWrestlingKnowledge - 8 måneder siden
Did Oakley seriously choose that Argentine player at the end? Will do anything to win, biggest cheat out there!
stevepuk1 - 8 måneder siden
DaWrestlingKnowledge yes. If it’s a board/walkout then they have to take that one.
DaWrestlingKnowledge - 8 måneder siden
stevepuk1 Do you have to select that player? Is that the pack you have to stick with?
stevepuk1 - 8 måneder siden
DaWrestlingKnowledge was it the card that popped up from the pack, the exact same way Andy chose Rabiot?
Bendik Aass
Bendik Aass - 8 måneder siden
21:49 does anyone else notice that Vinicius and Alaba link?
Bendik Aass
Bendik Aass - 8 måneder siden
And look at 21:56 they swapped place without Andy swapping
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes - 8 måneder siden
How can oakley be so shit at his own game
Meme Head7898
Meme Head7898 - 8 måneder siden
ツMello - 8 måneder siden
21:50 why does Vinicius Jr. Link to alaba???????
Vlad Dobrea
Vlad Dobrea - 8 måneder siden
Do you guys play shooter games on PC or consoles?
Lewis Biggs
Lewis Biggs - 8 måneder siden
Do a sbsd on trez
XD KINGSLAYER - 8 måneder siden
Instead of putting the players in a gold upgrade list them for min price.
Ben Ward
Ben Ward - 8 måneder siden
Oh yes I forgot bonneventura is a board and plays for juve
Best Broz
Best Broz - 8 måneder siden
Since when did Oakley have his nose pierced....?.
Harrison Palk
Harrison Palk - 8 måneder siden
at 21:50 why have junior and alaba got a soft link
austin douglas
austin douglas - 8 måneder siden
At the end of the espisode, does someone wanna explain to me why junior links to alaba?
Ai - 8 måneder siden
So Andy has 1.5m subs if we can get 500K to pay 20$ each we will have 10m we can use them to take EA to court
Killian O'Brien
Killian O'Brien - 8 måneder siden
Sell CR7 and get mahres
o6 0Li
o6 0Li - 8 måneder siden
U forgot Cuardrado
Sip - 8 måneder siden
love the vids mate 💖
Will Pinkett
Will Pinkett - 8 måneder siden
Next episode: ‘has your player been diagnosed with covid-19
Tahy Maleh
Tahy Maleh - 8 måneder siden
Andy should play pes.
Haroldinio Tekkerz
Haroldinio Tekkerz - 8 måneder siden
Why do vinicious and Alaba have a link
f1igh - 8 måneder siden
AJ littrally just said his name and he said no like what
Charlie Murphy07
Charlie Murphy07 - 8 måneder siden
These people don’t know there fifa knowledge 😂
MAGS MILLY - 8 måneder siden
Fucking Andy uses Felipe every sbsdown and can’t name him
Harry Grabham
Harry Grabham - 8 måneder siden
do more regular uploads pls
Shrek Boi
Shrek Boi - 8 måneder siden
21.49 Vinícius links with alaba when alaba plays in Bundesliga and from canda and vinicius brazilain and la liga????
Shrek Boi
Shrek Boi - 7 måneder siden
Anthony Cortes my bad but still should not get a link
Anthony Cortes
Anthony Cortes - 7 måneder siden
Shrek Boi Hes Austrian not Canadian
Bendik Aass
Bendik Aass - 8 måneder siden
Just noticed myself, possibly some editing? Maybe oakelfish hit Vinicius and Andy just did some sick editing?
Aaron Benson
Aaron Benson - 8 måneder siden
Shrek Boi that was legit going to be comment. It looks weird as
Jarred Brinton
Jarred Brinton - 8 måneder siden
Do a search and discard
kyle delaney
kyle delaney - 8 måneder siden
Anyone notice that andy said bonaventura plays for Juventus
Kalvin Ramesh
Kalvin Ramesh - 8 måneder siden
Cheat okallll
Ali Haider
Ali Haider - 8 måneder siden
Andy should know Torsiglieri because he guessed it for ITANI in the last SBSD
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 8 måneder siden
You should make a rule where if a player makes a stab in the dark and gets it right on the First go the other player should discard their club
Semin Radoncic
Semin Radoncic - 8 måneder siden
Andy: is he Argentinian or Brazilian?
fish: yes
Andy: is he Argentinian?
fish: no
me: NO HES BLOODY North Korean!!
lmaooo love ya Andy
Semin Radoncic
Semin Radoncic - 8 måneder siden
Sulaiman Muhammad yeah your right, i misheard it i thought he asked it differently.. salaam btw
Sulaiman Muhammad
Sulaiman Muhammad - 8 måneder siden
He didn't ask if he's Argentinian
Luca Harris
Luca Harris - 8 måneder siden
Can you show us the upgrade pack as an outro at the end of the vid please
Zane Connolly
Zane Connolly - 8 måneder siden
No ones name begins with Z?? I’m offended Andy please apologise 😂😂
Kieran Mcshane
Kieran Mcshane - 8 måneder siden
Andy: have you got a shapeshifter
well considering theyre out of packs I think not
S R - 8 måneder siden
Paulista is 82
zach bond
zach bond - 8 måneder siden
I swear that they always get the one person they can’t think of
S R - 8 måneder siden
Cuadrado is also board
BadGFred - 8 måneder siden
21:50 why does Vinicius jr link to Alaba?
1000 subs with no Videos
1000 subs with no Videos - 8 måneder siden
Jeff Jeff alabas Nigerian but ok and anyway its just a joke
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff - 8 måneder siden
@1000 subs with no Videos neither of them are from Africa
Kneegah 00
Kneegah 00 - 8 måneder siden
It IS a glitch
sagi alex
sagi alex - 8 måneder siden
Ah nice catch! You can see later that thats rashinca linking with alaba. The st in cb getting a green position also looked funny. I guess its just some edited trickery
1000 subs with no Videos
1000 subs with no Videos - 8 måneder siden
Freddie Saunders they are both black from africa
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson - 8 måneder siden
How many times do you wanna ask is he a striker or keeper Oakley????
WILL ROMERO - 8 måneder siden
In one of 433 post there is a picture of Andy or look a like when atlético won
Alexander Lied
Alexander Lied - 8 måneder siden
Oakley is defo cheating, "oh did you say paulista?"
Δημήτρης Σαχανίδης
But he asked what rating paulista is
// A E S T H E T I C //
// A E S T H E T I C // - 8 måneder siden
How is that cheating?
midget - 8 måneder siden
Why'd u say all piemonte players play for juve?
Spider Ashton
Spider Ashton - 8 måneder siden
Andy can I play cod with you my ps name is SpiderAshton please add me
Max Björkander
Max Björkander - 8 måneder siden
Normal people: actually focusing on the video
Me: Why is Andy not recording at 11:30 like he always does??
Max Björkander
Max Björkander - 8 måneder siden
AOR How is that hard to understand?
aaa - 8 måneder siden
Max Björkander what?
The Melvin Show
The Melvin Show - 8 måneder siden
Doing a SBSD on moments Trezeguet?
T M - 8 måneder siden
Feel like Oakley is such a snake in this game, puts a timer on andy even though he said in previous episodes that he'd stopped doing that, it was just cause he figured it out and didnt want andy to, then when he asked a stupid question (top 4 leagues, no, then asks prem or serie a) andy corrects him and has another go, but when andy asks him if it was a shapeshifter (are out of packs) and you can see oakley knows its a dumb question, just lets him carry on... just feels snakey
Vinny Jefferson
Vinny Jefferson - 8 måneder siden
I cba when people overreact. At least he didn’t send them to club and refused discard because they were sbcs or some shit like a similar guest before.
YUNG IZEAK - 8 måneder siden
Kieran Mcshane he’s looking at his whiteboard
owen Manning
owen Manning - 8 måneder siden
This is mad ur arguing over a NOburn video which doesn’t involve you in anyway 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ mad🤣
Rohan Dhand
Rohan Dhand - 8 måneder siden
Relax it’s a jokey vid 😂😂
Just Beebo
Just Beebo - 8 måneder siden
@Kieran Mcshane How do you know he was looking at his phone? Do you live in his house or something?
XJokermanX - 8 måneder siden
Do you have a shape shifter
Cesar Almonte
Cesar Almonte - 8 måneder siden
Paulista is 82
Cesar Almonte
Cesar Almonte - 8 måneder siden
Paulista is 82
Odd Harald Auglend
Odd Harald Auglend - 8 måneder siden
Why is this retro style?
alby_mailon - 8 måneder siden
Can someone tell oakley to keep the whiteboard high so we can se.... wait wrong video
Champagne - 8 måneder siden
I have shapeshifter vinicious untradable and hes🔥🔥 but not worth Half a mil
Champagne - 8 måneder siden
@Janxc Lacho ye that seems fair I would have sold him if he wasn't untradable😂
Janxc Lacho
Janxc Lacho - 8 måneder siden
Pierce O Dwyer not worth 500k but not worth 80k should be around 250 to 350
Pogba Fernandes Santos
Pogba Fernandes Santos - 8 måneder siden
Jamie Hollis he’s not worth 500k though I’d have him at 80k
Janxc Lacho
Janxc Lacho - 8 måneder siden
Champagne I have him and he’s a god
Pogba Fernandes Santos
Pogba Fernandes Santos - 8 måneder siden
I used his loan he’s trash
Dwayne Slater
Dwayne Slater - 8 måneder siden
As long as you don’t cheat like u did against Itani
Brett Lodge
Brett Lodge - 8 måneder siden
Love your content Andy
Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman - 8 måneder siden
Way back old school
louis myers
louis myers - 8 måneder siden
Surely old rules means Andy should have been able to use the 82 inform??
Booky da beast
Booky da beast - 8 måneder siden
First thing I do is like the vid
Finn Markham
Finn Markham - 8 måneder siden
Mustafa Alhilfi
Mustafa Alhilfi - 8 måneder siden
It’s crazy when u realise how many years it’s been where you’ve been watching Andy, this YouTube has been on my screen for like 4 years 😂
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt - 8 måneder siden
All the kante discards 😂😂😂
matthew lewis
matthew lewis - 8 måneder siden
Mustafa Alhilfi I remember him discarding Crespo on fifa 16. Mental
XJokermanX - 8 måneder siden
Rowan Keyte
Rowan Keyte - 8 måneder siden
gd vid androos rly enjoyed it!
Deano_ - 8 måneder siden
Been watching for 5 years
Cool Beanz
Cool Beanz - 8 måneder siden
The video's only 23 mins!!
Rage - 8 måneder siden
Bingin 15
Bingin 15 - 8 måneder siden
Hazza Trickett
Hazza Trickett - 8 måneder siden
Like comment if it still says No views
Eskil Dahlgren
Eskil Dahlgren - 8 måneder siden
U got a new sub
Darren Bart O'Sullivan
Darren Bart O'Sullivan - 8 måneder siden
Great video
Melvin Krusberg
Melvin Krusberg - 8 måneder siden
AJ3 : lets play some Old school guess who... Also AJ3 : Doesnt know the new rules
60 FPS Intempo and fines
60 FPS Intempo and fines - 8 måneder siden
Tips on fifa 20 ultimate team
Arcadesic - 8 måneder siden
Everton must be happy yesterday.
Atharv Wadadekar
Atharv Wadadekar - 8 måneder siden
@Hamzy9320 yes we are
Arcadesic - 8 måneder siden
Hamza Khan yes 😆
Hamzy9320 - 8 måneder siden
Everyone is 😃
alongreenberg123 - 8 måneder siden
No views 103 likes lol
flowers flowers
flowers flowers - 8 måneder siden
Love the vids bro
XxSw1ftyxX YT
XxSw1ftyxX YT - 8 måneder siden
Aj3 love you man you Cheer me up and keep up the quality vids👍
Irrelevant Channel
Irrelevant Channel - 8 måneder siden
Keep up the good work 👌
nigel Taylor
nigel Taylor - 8 måneder siden
Whos here before no veiws
Filip Zuzia
Filip Zuzia - 8 måneder siden
nigel Taylor literally no one because if you’ve clicked on the video and commented, the views are not 0
Péter Babos
Péter Babos - 8 måneder siden
Andy you are my superhero i am bored at work now you saved me 😂🤙
A FlexibleGamer
A FlexibleGamer - 8 måneder siden
AJ3 still plays fifa, respect bro.
Jack Leafe
Jack Leafe - 8 måneder siden
Hi Andy u are a very inspirational person when I’m down u make me happy just watching your videos thank you for everything and have a good week 👍
George Mccrudden
George Mccrudden - 8 måneder siden
X Uzair X
X Uzair X - 8 måneder siden
Andy is in a good mood because Liverpool lost 🤣
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes - 8 måneder siden
Fatfitgamer 69
Fatfitgamer 69 - 8 måneder siden
Hamza Khan still cheated and u shouldn’t be allowed anyways
Fatfitgamer 69
Fatfitgamer 69 - 8 måneder siden
Sean Cotter and?
TLFW 05 - 8 måneder siden
this was probably made before that game mate
Hamzy9320 - 8 måneder siden
Volume Prey might get overturned
Oisin Maloy
Oisin Maloy - 8 måneder siden
Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke - 8 måneder siden
Will Morris
Will Morris - 8 måneder siden
No where near
Shahzad King
Shahzad King - 8 måneder siden
Will Andy reply ?
Luke Carleton
Luke Carleton - 8 måneder siden
Hi aj3 loving the videos keep it up
jack preston
jack preston - 8 måneder siden
love to see it
Redtombomb10 1
Redtombomb10 1 - 8 måneder siden
Who’s here before 15k views
Daryan_aa - 8 måneder siden
09:57 16 k😢😢
oskar hall
oskar hall - 8 måneder siden
14,999 people
flowers flowers
flowers flowers - 8 måneder siden
Jack Schimanski
Jack Schimanski - 8 måneder siden
Trenton Martin
Trenton Martin - 8 måneder siden
Redtombomb10 1 4.2k
X Uzair X
X Uzair X - 8 måneder siden
Who else hates how corona virus is ruining football 🙁
X Uzair X
X Uzair X - 8 måneder siden
Keei J 😂
J F - 8 måneder siden
X Uzair X nice priorities
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous - 8 måneder siden
It canceled our football now and we were gonna start the league on Sunday
Morgan Gladney
Morgan Gladney - 8 måneder siden
Hi I dont know what to say
Harry Provan
Harry Provan - 8 måneder siden
Theo 7k
Theo 7k - 8 måneder siden
Notification for AJ3 vid another good day
Izzy Fabbri
Izzy Fabbri - 8 måneder siden
Enio Franić
Enio Franić - 8 måneder siden
weehypno_sniper7 7
weehypno_sniper7 7 - 8 måneder siden
littlemanchaz - 8 måneder siden
RSriztricks - 8 måneder siden
No views noice
Mag 8
Mag 8 - 8 måneder siden
Will Morris
Will Morris - 8 måneder siden
Oskar Puskarevic
Oskar Puskarevic - 8 måneder siden
Benjamin Allcock
Benjamin Allcock - 8 måneder siden
I missed these vids