91 RATED CAM HEUNG-MIN SON!!! Fifa 20 7 Minute Squads

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91 Rated TOTW Moments Heung-Min Son Seven Minute Squads!!! #Fifa20 #7MinuteSquads #Son
#Fifa20 #Areola #7MinuteSquads
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Runtime: 28:49


gehkooo - 6 måneder siden
I didn’t realise how stupid jack is
Zombie _boi_99
Zombie _boi_99 - 7 måneder siden
Please bring pieface for a vid please
MysteryPacks - 7 måneder siden
Nice video as always bro
unknown •
unknown • - 7 måneder siden
Jack was 4-1 up....
Zuka Bibichadze
Zuka Bibichadze - 7 måneder siden
This match went from 1-0 to 1-4 to 9-4 in a blink of an eye wtf!
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt - 7 måneder siden
That was ridiculous game, both had bronze gks just needed to shoot to score 😂😂😂😭😭😭
hannah innit
hannah innit - 7 måneder siden
This doesn't really have anything to do with this video, but Son REALLY needs to transfer clubs. He's in his prime and if he sticks it out with Tottenham he'll literally retire trophy-less (same goes to Harry Kane). I know his contract doesn't end till 2023 but kjasdhkasjdhaksjdh imagine if he was playing for Liverpool or something... I wish lol
Young Defenders
Young Defenders - 7 måneder siden
Jesus! have not heard either of your names in years... used to be good in the old days.
Crypto_Vide - 7 måneder siden
Andy is the funniest youtuber hands down
Thanos Veremis
Thanos Veremis - 7 måneder siden
Great video
94JReedy - 7 måneder siden
This 7ms would be so much better if it was another of andys series. I actually can't stand jack he thinks he's so funny and he's just annoying
Seif Elsayes
Seif Elsayes - 7 måneder siden
SPSD = sick players sick dudes
Gilbert Soyus
Gilbert Soyus - 7 måneder siden
The position in search is autoselected if you use square instead of triangle
Tre Wilson
Tre Wilson - 7 måneder siden
Lol jack picked Forrest over kent
Q2 zippy
Q2 zippy - 7 måneder siden
Do a bronze only sqaud builder showdow
dantheo95 - 7 måneder siden
You can press SQUARE to put in a player in that position!
alex lambo
alex lambo - 7 måneder siden
Press square on it
Oisin Noonan
Oisin Noonan - 7 måneder siden
DO an SBSD with Declan Rice that would be sick
Tob Ray
Tob Ray - 7 måneder siden
Imagine having to buy son
Shane Wakefield
Shane Wakefield - 7 måneder siden
I'm xbox but in terms of searching players, can you not press 'square. straight away to have GK loaded and then input league instead of triangle, league, backout, square??
collin8915 - 7 måneder siden
We're not gonna talk about how Andy went and scored 8 unanswered lol
Culum Annand
Culum Annand - 7 måneder siden
4-1 up to 9-4 down 😂 can tell that Andy quietly got annoyed with jacks shit
Tommi Solberg
Tommi Solberg - 7 måneder siden
Press square instead of triangle to add players. Then u have the correct position. The u can press triangle to search
Flavius Brincovan
Flavius Brincovan - 7 måneder siden
who else noticed that del pieros second goal was a the same goal as van bastens winning goal in world cup finals
Tim Lettiero
Tim Lettiero - 7 måneder siden
This used to be one of the better series but Jack has completely deaded it with all the new rules, just make a legit hybrid and call it a day so annoying
Kieran Raymond
Kieran Raymond - 7 måneder siden
If you just press square you don’t have to enter the position it auto searches for it
Tharish Ravin Ranjit
Tharish Ravin Ranjit - 7 måneder siden
I loved when Jack joined in in making up rules 👏🏾😂😂
Mitch T
Mitch T - 7 måneder siden
Andy to search fastest hit x then r1
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown - 7 måneder siden
So Jack did a prank and didn't even make Andy discard, the he legitimetly lost and had 5 discards ahahahah, Karma is such a bitch. You guys are by far the funniest collab!
Will Parker
Will Parker - 7 måneder siden
Let’s just take a minute appreciate Andy was 4-1 down in this game 😂
Κωσταντίνος Στασινόπουλος
you only need 4 legaues though
ben fowle
ben fowle - 7 måneder siden
press square then triangle
Srihari Sai
Srihari Sai - 7 måneder siden
Man goes from winning 4-1 to posing 9-4😂😂😂 true spurs bottle job
N M - 7 måneder siden
Son 3 goals of the post
Keegan Wright
Keegan Wright - 7 måneder siden
Andy, press square then triangle, then you just have to put the league and concept
koysol Miah
koysol Miah - 7 måneder siden
4-1 up to losing 9-4 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kevin Ndoj
Kevin Ndoj - 7 måneder siden
Andy ,what i was screaming to do but ofc you cant read my thought when ypu put mendy at cdm , you should have gone : griezmann than thauvin , a league 1 rb with a cb same nation and conituned
cD x Ares
cD x Ares - 7 måneder siden
Lenglet Benjamin Mendy and lloris
Len Harvey
Len Harvey - 7 måneder siden
Andy use square to search and the position should be there
LASAGNA DIARRA - 7 måneder siden
FIFA 20 has been out a while and Andy still doesn't know to push square or x to add a player with the right position. Pushing y or triangle just makes you search for a player and not add him to your club. Very long way to do it
XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming
XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming - 7 måneder siden
The Baby icon thing pisses me off cus 95% of the icons "baby" cards arent actually from the start of their career for example Barnes baby card is from his latter stages
Hvghvh Jbhh
Hvghvh Jbhh - 7 måneder siden
Do you need 5 leagues ???
Matthew Aston-Brien
Matthew Aston-Brien - 7 måneder siden
benzema, thauvin?
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast - 7 måneder siden
U both r so fckin slow
It was so ez especially for andy
Gurkeiret Gill
Gurkeiret Gill - 7 måneder siden
I got son out of my 7,5k pack lol the 91
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Nice vid
Nathan Back
Nathan Back - 7 måneder siden
Yes aj love the videos
Magigi - 7 måneder siden
Deep in April, Andy has not still realized he has to press square instead of triangle to add a player right lol
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Magigi @smtn1 on NOburn is litterally 10subs away from 600 subs which is his goal and I would appreciate so much if you sub. Obviously if you aren’t interested in his content then don’t sub but He uploads helpful and interesting Fifa vids everyday!
Afonso Guimarães
Afonso Guimarães - 7 måneder siden
Oh andy all you needed was a french left center back from another league. A link to him him at left and then Arreola. It wasn't that hard
Nicolas Menger
Nicolas Menger - 7 måneder siden
Andy should have a pair of football glasses for each series.
lewis rooker
lewis rooker - 7 måneder siden
Jack picked Forrest over Kent?!?
Wayne - 7 måneder siden
They should add a rule if you score with the marquee player it equals an extra discard
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly - 7 måneder siden
Andy just completely ignores the timer and takes an age choosing each player until there is 30 seconds left, where he panics 🤣🤣🤣
Joshy - 7 måneder siden
That is a mystery ball score line
Kyron Hibbert
Kyron Hibbert - 7 måneder siden
I got untradeable 91 son from a sbc bruhhhhh
Tyrone Mings
Tyrone Mings - 7 måneder siden
I’ve never been a match before with so much bs leading to goals. Oh wait, yes I have. Every single match on this shit game
Blakey Vlogs!
Blakey Vlogs! - 6 måneder siden
@Sam Manton I know it's your channel and your tryna promote yourself lol this is 2nd comment by you
Tyrone Mings
Tyrone Mings - 7 måneder siden
Sam Manton I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Obe Zarathustra Jones @smtn1 on NOburn is litterally 10subs away from 600 subs which is his goal and I would appreciate so much if you sub. Obviously if you aren’t interested in his content then don’t sub but He uploads helpful and interesting Fifa vids everyday!
Tyrone Mings
Tyrone Mings - 7 måneder siden
This match just shows how broken the game is
Megan Aitken
Megan Aitken - 7 måneder siden
That's john barnes prime
Noam Muschinsky
Noam Muschinsky - 7 måneder siden
You can just press square from the start, if you would want the postion to be there from the start.
Callum Stephens
Callum Stephens - 7 måneder siden
Areola Mathieu and Acuna Andy 🤦‍♂️
Nik Jošt
Nik Jošt - 7 måneder siden
Andy could've put in the other hernadez at lb, soumaro or de maio at cb and areola in goal and he'd be good
xKGRegaLx - 7 måneder siden
I got him in my red rewards XD
K9R - 7 måneder siden
Andy: doesn’t do anything for the first 2 minutes
Also Andy: struggles to fill in his whole team
Emzy ツ
Emzy ツ - 7 måneder siden
Andy getting them views cause of lockdown 😂. Not complaining tho bc loving these vids 👏
Norrlands Republik
Norrlands Republik - 7 måneder siden
Alder virus
Kats_YT - 7 måneder siden
Andy you need to revenge prank jack
Jacob Beaudin
Jacob Beaudin - 7 måneder siden
Andy complaining about a perfect link with mendy and benzema right in front of him
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Jacob Beaudin @smtn1 on NOburn is litterally 10subs away from 600 subs which is his goal and I would appreciate so much if you sub. Obviously if you aren’t interested in his content then don’t sub but He uploads helpful and interesting Fifa vids everyday!
Pranjal nayak
Pranjal nayak - 7 måneder siden
Andy you chatter box it's a time based series and you keep on making us laugh in the 7 minutes and then Jack laughs the whole game😂😂😂
P.S. not about this game only
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Pranjal nayak @smtn1 on NOburn is litterally 10subs away from 600 subs which is his goal and I would appreciate so much if you sub. Obviously if you aren’t interested in his content then don’t sub but He uploads helpful and interesting Fifa vids everyday!
Barny Does stuff
Barny Does stuff - 7 måneder siden
I know this isn’t related to the video but who should I get shapeshifter Richarlison or fit birthday rashford please tell me I don’t know who to choose
BigRob - 7 måneder siden
When you click triangle u are searching for a player not adding the. U need to click square and the position will be filtered
Cam Smith
Cam Smith - 7 måneder siden
I actually kinda hate Jack with his cheating, made up wack rules, and the u cant have gk stuff. He legit worse than Itani
Kyle young
Kyle young - 7 måneder siden
They should have a Chen style wish gives them like pace and +1 week foot or skill move etc
Brendan Deeds
Brendan Deeds - 7 måneder siden
Andy when searching for a player, press square and then triangle and the position is auto selected and you can search for the league there. Much quicker
Cooper Allen
Cooper Allen - 7 måneder siden
andy having know clue what to so funny
Cooper Allen
Cooper Allen - 7 måneder siden
hit the like button if u agree
Nilesh Shah
Nilesh Shah - 7 måneder siden
Hey dp you guys know anout the insane market crash?
John Paul
John Paul - 7 måneder siden
Play mcjelly
Luis Arguelles
Luis Arguelles - 7 måneder siden
we want sbsd
Anthony Joyce
Anthony Joyce - 7 måneder siden
Ngl Andy trying to be funny with 7ms is just getting boring and repetitive it was funny the first time
The_Maestro - 7 måneder siden
Goal number 8 for Andy was a joke! 😂
Zachary Accetta
Zachary Accetta - 7 måneder siden
4:44 no jack it’s Barnes not Wright🤦‍♂️
Kabir and Samir play
Kabir and Samir play - 7 måneder siden
Nice on sonny nice one son nice one sonny let’s have another one
Liam Tomlinson
Liam Tomlinson - 7 måneder siden
For having a game with a gagilion rules
Liam Tomlinson
Liam Tomlinson - 7 måneder siden
Jack finally gets what he deserves
alessandro - 7 måneder siden
jack blew a 4-1 lead
jf c
jf c - 7 måneder siden
i think aj3 will be better at the series if he stops complaining. but he will say its not entertaining, catch yourself out mate
Smile Slimes Ecuador
Smile Slimes Ecuador - 7 måneder siden
16:14 you press x then triangle
jf c
jf c - 7 måneder siden
andy talks too much, i think he will be whiny old dude next time, complaining abt his diapers or sth
Mr_Acquiesce - 7 måneder siden
Andy mate. Press Square to add a player from the position you select and it will search that position.
You don't press Triangle. It literally says 'Add Player' beside the icon for Square.
Nathan Landing
Nathan Landing - 7 måneder siden
Just press X then triangle it moves it over to search in the position you choose
Eden Sch
Eden Sch - 7 måneder siden
Genuinely Andy should be on a register for his way of pronouncing Tavernier
IIIIXtremeIIII - 7 måneder siden
The only way I can see of making that 5 leagues is Areola GK De Maio LCB Hernandez LB, but that'd be soooo much french
Bruce Winless
Bruce Winless - 7 måneder siden
Seven Billion Stupid Decisions.
Robbie Murray
Robbie Murray - 7 måneder siden
If Andy put areola malcuit and Theo hernanadez in he would have 5league and full team
Curtis Metcalf
Curtis Metcalf - 7 måneder siden
Areola plus another league french cb with any lb from that other league gets 5 leagues
Isiah Sarne
Isiah Sarne - 7 måneder siden
When adding in a player on a position you can press x/square to auto select the player
Sam Manton
Sam Manton - 7 måneder siden
Isiah Sarne @smtn1 on NOburn is litterally 10subs away from 600 subs which is his goal and I would appreciate so much if you sub. Obviously if you aren’t interested in his content then don’t sub but He uploads helpful and interesting Fifa vids everyday!
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell - 7 måneder siden
Packed him
Bmo7FC - 7 måneder siden
SBS= Series Bull Shit.
CPATRYK 123 - 7 måneder siden
What’s his camera angle
Ethan Booth
Ethan Booth - 7 måneder siden
Maybe press "square" next time then it will change the position to whatever you are on, because clicking triangle just searches random players
Djordymans - 7 måneder siden
Im 100% certain that having a Shit gk in goal makes it so you score insane goals. As in if you both had good gks all those shots would’ve gone straight to the gk instead of top bins.